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September 2, 2011

The DC Folly Trolley-09/01/11

Standard $ Poor’s is considering giving a AAA rating to bundled subprime mortgages issued by something called Springleaf Mortgage Loan Trust. Ever wonder what’s in it for S $ P – the folks who brought us the Enron debacle and the AAA subprime collateralized debt obligation. Just asking.

***File:At The Stock Exchange.jpg

I wonder if they’re discussing ways to lie, cheat and steal their way to ever more riches.  Can there be any doubt?  (At The Stock Exchange by Edgar Degas).


The best thing that could happen for Obama:  Texas governor Perry’s smoke blowing event that registered a 10 on the Rickster Scale.


I propose a Constitutional amendment that requires a state to pay an equal amount in Federal taxes as it receives in Federal aid. Call it a balanced budget amendment and what tea party extremist could possibly oppose that.


Teachers in Wisconsin are retiring in droves to avoid retirement under the new laws passed by Gov. Scott Walker – laws that are sure to become more draconian as time passes.

One benefit is reduced salary levels for new teachers. Paying these teachers rock bottom salaries will allow the state government to give much needed tax breaks to rich people.

So why should anyone care about the welfare of Wisconsin students if the residents of Wisconsin don’t seem too? Nobody will.

What’s the matter with Wisconsin?


Here’s a Texas tidbit you might be interested in. The state spends more Medicaid funds on orthodontia than all other states combined. Yes, that’s right, combined. Either lots of crooked teeth in Texas or a bunch of crooked dentists.


Obama’s advisers have long held that the president can win reelection by appealing to Independent voters – those voters who hold the key in presidential elections. The theory goes that liberals, progressive and Democrats will vote for the president because they have nowhere else to go (The Rahm Doctrine). So the president can safely turn his back on his base but must, in order to win, appeal to the independent voter – the so called mythical middle.

And how does the president accomplish this feat of political legerdemain? Why by surrendering to Republican demands in negotiations, that’s how.

Guess whaaaat? There is now a poll out that suggests among Dem leaning independents – a group critical to Obama’s reelection chances – a majority favors a stronger challenge from Obama to his GOP nemeses.

Are we witnessing yet another screw up by the president’s advisers? Can there be any doubt?


Get out and vote. But vote for liberals if you can find them. Abstain from voting for president if you do not support the views of either candidate. There is nothing wrong with abstaining and a benefit that might accrue from a large abstention vote is that it might actually gain some attention and represent a form of protest.

If you vote for Obama as the lesser evil, the result will be a lesser evil that grows worse with every election. You will also be falling victim to the Rahm Doctrine: Liberals will vote for Obama because they have no place else to go; therefore their views can be safely ignored.