The DC Folly Trolley-09/04/11

John Boehner orders Obama to change date of presidential speech before Congress. Obama complies.

File:Obama Boehner State of the Union 2011.jpg

Check back with me a little later, Barack. I’m busy right now. Sincerely, John.

President Obama is still learning what it’s like to take a ride on the DC folly trolley.  You wouldn’t think for all his learning that would be the case. But clearly it is.  The Republicans score a first round knockout against Obama every time. In fact they know before Obama ever steps into the ring that he will throw the fight.


The GOP doesn’t worry about its poll numbers. As Election Day draws near the propaganda and the lies will permeate the air waves and they’ll win a unanimous decision.

The GOP is concerned only about Obama’s poll numbers. When his are in the dumpster, Republicans are having a good day. So far they’re having a good year.


When you’re forced to play with spoiled brats its a good idea to get down on the floor with them and take their toys away. They may howl at the punishment but they’ll howl anyway. And on a positive note, there’s a lesson to be learned in that sort of treatment. Unfortunately for America, Obama gives the spoiled brats more toys to play with..


Here’s a dandy from a management consulting firm called Booz $ Company (no joke). The firm has a report out that advises U S corporations to dump their high seniority, loyal workers because they’re making too much money. That’s right. Work for a company for twenty years, gain a lot of experience, remain loyal and get pay raises along the way and guess what. You outstrip your market value. So if you’re earning twenty bucks an hour and the company can hire someone for twelve, you’re dumpster material. After all the only thing that matters to a corporation is profit. It’s the American way. So long, chump.


Rick Perry is at it again. Another one of his statements just hit a 10 on the Rickster Scale. Not satisfied with calling for a national sales tax of 30%, Perry is now declaring Social Security and Medicare unconstitutional. He has advocated eliminating both programs. We know Republican candidates are forced to go right wing wacko to appeal to the nineteenth century base but this is beyond the pale. Frightfully, this man means what he is saying.


Richard Nixon once famously said that when seeking the nod from the GOP convention a candidate has to run to the right. Once he wins the nomination he must make a mad dash back to the center and hope nobody notices the flip-flop. But how does a candidate back away from nut job views when he’s campaigning for the presidency when most everyone has been alerted to the extremism the candidate must now disavow.

I can’t imagine any candidate winning a presidential election on a platform that would destroy Social Security and Medicare and eliminate all forms of taxation and substitute a 30% sales tax on the middle and working classes. Not even Obama has suggested a 30% sales tax. Not yet anyway.

On the other hand this is America and all a 19th century candidate really has to do is appeal to fundie Christians, support Creationism, oppose homosexuality and abortion and suck up to rich people. That gets him at least halfway to election night victory and here Perry scores another 10.


In view of his harebrained views, I hereby declare Rick Perry unconstitutional. His entire persona is in violation the Ninth Amendment, which states “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people”. In short, the people tell Rick Perry what their rights are and not the other way around”. Motion carried: Rick Perry is unconstitutional.


Michelle Bachmann said that the United States is the “king daddy dog” of natural energy resources. She pointed out the the U S has an abundance of shale oil, natural gas and coal. She blamed “radical environmentalists” for blocking the exploration and extraction of these energy sources.

Here’s a thought: Perhaps it is Robber Baron oil executives who are preventing the extraction of many of these resources. After all the energy companies have hundreds of government contracts that already permit exploration and drilling.

Could there be some reason that the Robber Barons of the industry prefer to leave the resources in the ground? Well, yes, there is a very good reason. If these resources were developed the supply of all forms of energy would increase. Now these Barons are not only greedy and conniving, they are educated as well and are aware of one of the basic tenets of economic theory: As supply increases, price decreases. Let’s do that one more time. As supply increases, price decreases.

Of course, the opposite is also true. Limit supply and price will increase.

And limiting supply is a rather simple matter. Don’t drill. And just in case you were wondering, profits and bonuses increase along with price. Also, just in case you haven’t realized it, you’re being jerked around. By the Robber Barons of the oil industry. And every time you go to a gas pump a crime is being committed. By the Robber Barons of the oil industry and it’s to be expected in any rigged market scenario.

When you add OPEC, which operates a monopoly market, to this equation it is easy to understand that a rigged market is far better at squeezing profits from a captive consumer base than a free market could ever be.

In any case, Michelle is sure to cash in on campaign bounty from these industry captains.


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