Limerick Madness

Limericks recently posted to Mad Kane’s Political Madness Blog. ( ).

Try it. You’ll like it.

A fellow was trying to dine

In a restaurant rated sublime

He ordered fine wine

But it turned into brine

And rendered him quickly supine.


A woman was trying to dine

In a restaurant that closes at nine.

She appealed to the cook

With skirt raised to her nook

Stay open and have a good time.


A woman who felt she’d been had

Rode a carpet to ancient Baghdad

When she woke from her dreams

Disappointed it seems

She was clutching her mouse and the pad.


A fellow who always seemed game

Had a perfectly awful first name.

When he started computin’

He discovered Rasputin

Whose name of ill fame was the same.


Telecommuting is gratefully cheap.

And a handsome profit we’re sure to reap.

With the price of gas so stubbornly steep

Sales will slow to a skimpy creep

Making oil companies certain to weep.


A fellow who loved fine cuisine

Used recipes from a chef’s magazine

To improve on the taste

He used spices to baste

And a sauce he called beef almondine.


A fellow was hatching a plot

To quickly tie the knot

With a girl he adored

Who he little explored

But who came with a dowry and yacht.


A fellow who always felt free

Managed a 4 AM tee

Though his wife would complain

And offered disdain

To the tee so free our fellow would flee.


One Comment to “Limerick Madness”

  1. I’ve been enjoying your limericks and appreciate your regular participation in my Limerick-Offs. I just wanted to point out, though, that you’re pointing to my political blog, but I host my Limerick-Offs at my other blog: Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

    Thanks again for the plug and for your limerick contributions!

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