Obama: Failed Chief Executive

We’ve read a number of websites and posts that praise President Obama for doing his job.

Some of Obama’s accomplishments are listed below. But before we heap praise upon him let us remember that he proclaims himself a Democrat. Many of his accomplishments are what is to be expected of a Democratic president simply because he is a Democrat doing what he is supposed to do, in other words, just doing his job.

Now when was the last time you received praise for doing your job. Has your boss ever come to you and thanked you because you did what you were supposed to, you did what you are paid to do, you did your job. I would venture to say that such a thing never, ever happens anywhere, anytime in the real world.

So why would we praise Obama for just doing his job? A Democratic president is expected to:

  • Help the unemployed by supporting extended benefits.
  • Support higher ed by extending the tax credit by two years.
  • Support stimulus spending to reverse the Great Recession.
  • Sign into law other pieces of legislation of concern mostly to narrow special interests but nevertheless useful.

The president did his job. No special thanks required.

Now here are some of the president’s major failings and they are major:

  • Health insurance reform still needed as the issue approaches crisis proportions.
  • Wheeled and dealed with pharmaceuticals to gain support for deeply flawed health insurance bill.
  • Reneged on job creation to support deficit reduction.
  • Abandoned home owners faced with foreclosure even knowing many were fraudulent.
  • Supported Wall Street banks knowing behavior was crooked to the core.
  • Supported deeply flawed financial regulation.
  • Hot footed away from support for labor protests.
  • Supports job destroying trade agreements.
  • The wars go on and on.

It has to be clear to anyone who wants to be honest about the president’s accomplishments that the magnitude of his failings greatly outweighs his achievements.


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