Wanted: Attempted Robbery

Obama Proposes to Rob Medicare of More Funds.

File:Official portrait of Barack Obama.jpg

Wanted: Attempted Robbery 2009-2011. Person seeks to steal huge sums from Social Security and Medicare to continue upward redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich.

Obama continued his attack on the social safety net by including in his politically motivated jobs plan more cuts to Medicare – even deeper than the cuts he is already attempting to steal from the program and in the face of his increased spending on war entitlements.

Moreover this phony Democratic president offered to Republican Speaker John Boehner as far back as their deficit talks on the golf course – where else – the same Medicare scam, that is, raising the eligibility age from 65 to 67.

Add this attempted robbery to Obama’s sellout on Social Security – changing the COLA in order to steal from that program – and the result is a classic maneuver by a member of the aristocratic class to lay the foundations for the destruction of both programs.

Of even more concern is that Obama’s attempted robbery gives further validation to Gov. Rick Perry’s claim that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and lays the foundation for the destruction of both programs.

Here is how Obama’s sneak attack on Medicare could well play out. The president you will recall advocated deep cuts to the senior plan in the debt negotiations and the aristocrats on the Senate’s illegal Super Committee have been tasked with implementing those cuts. In the phony jobs plan Obama called for even deeper cuts to Medicare.

Now these cuts will occur on the provider side and are in addition to cuts already offered by the president and to the cuts that occur by raising the eligibility age.

At some point doctors and hospitals will simply refuse to treat the elderly because the reimbursement rates are inadequate. Not only will seniors not be able to choose a doctor. There may be few if any doctors to choose from! The president’s plan therefore represents a sneaky way to destroy Medicare.  He, along with his accessories to the crime in Congress, is conspiring to commit one of the greatest heists in history – the theft of funds contributed by the American people to Medicare and Social Security.

Will this nefarious scheme save the Federal Government money? Yes of course it will.  That’s the whole point of the crime.  But it’s no secret that denying health care to seniors will save money. It’s a self-evident fact.

It is clear by now that Obama is a bona fide member of America’s new aristocratic class.  He is as much a Robber Baron as the crooks of Wall Street. 

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