Are We Ready To Say Wall Street Crooks?

Are we ready to say Wall Street crooks? How about the Welfare Queens of Wall Street? We know that the crooks cashed in on taxpayer funds. Now this shocking news!


You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.  It’s the American way.

And a truly astonishing revelation it is.

Well not really. Actually just another day of normal flimflaming on the Street.

Now don’t faint from shock now when I tell you this. Bankers took kickbacks from insurance companies that wrote policies for subprime mortgages.

Oh my word. Whatever is this world coming to?

And believe it or not that practice is still illegal. Somebody ought to go to jail that. Not because it’s illegal of course. But because somebody, somewhere forgot to cajole Congress into making the crime legal.

If the Welfare Queens of Wall Street ever discover who that inept lobbyist is, his ass is grass. 

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