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September 17, 2011

The DC Folly Trolley-09/17/11

Go jump in the ocean!

Not only did Obama refuse to enforce tighter environmental regulations, he turned his back on whales. Yep, that;s right.  No protection for you, big fella.  Not even whales can depend on Obama.

File:Obama thinking.jpg

Woe is me.

Conclusion: There must be a big time whale lobbyist sending payoff money to the White House. No voter group is too small to pander to if they can come up with enough campaign scratch. It’s the American way.


Look for a Romney-Perry ticket in 2012. It’s certainly a possibility. Perry would be Romney’s perfect Cheney substitute. And there have been stranger matches: Kennedy-Johnson, Reagan-Bush.


Have you heard? The president proposed a jobs plan. It was all over TV the other day.

The plan contains elements the GOP will never accept. But it has a few items the GOP will approve. So the GOP will reject what it does not want, like most everything that will be useful. And approve all the worthless items like tax cuts.

Prediction: Obama accepts the tax cuts, makes a little noise about what was rejected and when the plan fails as it is designed to by the GOP, Obama takes the hit.

Does anyone else think Obama set himself up again?

Is it possible for a person to blackmail himself?

Just asking.


A better approach for the president would have been to leave the tax cuts out of the proposal. One thing you can depend on is the Republicans proposing tax cuts. It is at that point that the negotiations begin. The president then accepts the tax cuts and the Republicans offer stimulus money in exchange. By withholding cuts the president forces the Republican’s hands.

When the president included the cuts in the original proposal however it placed the GOP in the enviable position of accepting them and rejecting everything else. Now the president is forced to accept the cuts or reject his own proposal.

No question about it. Obama once again set himself up for a GOP hit.


Excuses, excuses, excuses, If the Democratic Party excels at anything it’s making excuses. Like the ones they’re making of the smashing defeat a Democrat just suffered in the special election in New York City. You know, the one to fill the seat vacated by Anthony “Facebook Flasher” Weiner. Yep, the dumb Dems blew it big time.

But wait. Here comes the spin, by the shovel full. That district isn’t really a bellwether after all. It’s permeated with conservatives. Like, ya know, Orthodox Jews. Oh well, any port in a storm.

Actually, the vote in the Democratic stronghold of New York City has revealed a number of extremely disturbing portents. Among them is the fact that many Democratic voters no longer trust Obama to do the right thing by them and at least some may actually vote to oust the president. In New York City no less. That has to be at least as disturbing as the loss of Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat in Massachusetts.


Massachusetts, New York City!!! Time to press the panic button. Gee, the president might even take Social Security cuts off the table. Social Security cuts?  Yep, that’s right.  Undoubtedly the most spectacularly inept proposal a Dem president ever made. Well, fear not. After New York City wopped the pres up the side of the head, he’s come to the realization that some Democratic voters may be unhappy with the way his running the country.


Now here are a few examples of why Democrats might be unhappy with a right wing Democratic president. If the majority want to end Social Security as it is now structured it doesn’t need Obama to do it. If the majority wants to end Medicare, it doesn’t need Obama to do it. If the majority wants to continue entitlements to the war industry, it doesn’t need Obama to do it. The Republicans are perfectly capable of accomplishing all of those things all by themselves.

So who needs Obama.


Surrender you can believe in.

So Obama served up an ultimatum to Congress: pass his jobs bill as is or he would reject any other proposal. A couple of days later he relented. Yes, he would accept portions of it. Reality once again struck after it was too late. It’s really getting hard to be angry with this guy. Sooner or later you just have to feel sorry for him. He’s that pathetic. With his jobs plan he had set himself up in such a way that not to accept portions of it would be political suicide. So much for Obama and ultimatums


During the campaign Obama misrepresented just about everything he stands for. Yes he fooled a lot of voters big time, including me. So when voting now why not screw them that screwed you. Al least you get a good feeling from the payback. Hey, Rahm. Did you ever think about that?

Face it already. This guy is awful. Nice smile. No substance.

If the Dems don’t dump him they are going to get creamed in 2012.