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October 2, 2011

Job Creators

Some of history’s most famous job creators. There are many more.

Alexander the Great:  He employed hundreds of thousands in his drive to conquer much of the known world.

File:Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh.jpg

Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh in this painting by Benjamin West. The pharaohs have long been known as job creators.

The Caesars:  Too many to mention, but during their conquests over centuries they employed millions and made the Roman legionnaire the most famous and feared soldier of the day.

Attila the Hun:  Attila brought employment to hundreds of thousands of members of the Asia steppes thereby ending food insecurity, also know as starvation, and relieving poverty for his people.

Napoleon:  He employed soldiers in one of the largest armies the world had known up to that time. He also forced European countries to raise large armies. He just doesn’t receive enough credit for being a job creator.

The Fast Food Industry:  This industry – you know all the brands – has created millions of low wage jobs that have helped poor people rise from the lowly status of welfare recipient and move up into poverty.  The fast food business – and the retail industry as a whole – is proof positive that the United States is an upwardly mobile society.

The War Industry:  Government entitlements to this industry have enabled the employment of millions in the deadliest war machine known to man. This machine, with its war industry support, has helped to create a new American aristocracy composed of U.S. corporations and Wall Street investors, by encouraging and protecting the interests of a wealthy elite across the globe.  A truly remarkable feat of the U.S. war industry is the development of murderous technology. Particularly noteworthy is the so-called drone. Unmanned so as to reduce American casualties, the drone only kills innocent people in the land of its enemies.  Sometimes it actually kills an enemy.

File:Joseph Overseer of the Pharoahs Granaries.jpg

Joseph is depicted giving an accounting to pharaoh of his granaries in this painting by Lawrence Alma Tadema. The pharaohs, like today’s CEOs, realized that people must at the very least be fed in order to be kept alive to toil at wealth creating labor.