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October 7, 2011

CNN Hires Really Pretty Face As Bank Spokesperson

News Network Hires Erin Burnett to Defend Banks and Wall Street.  Enters pretty face competition with Fox News.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost about Burnett’s engagement to a Citibank Veep.

New CNN pretty face and OutFront anchor Erin Burnett, formerly of CNBC, has been hired to stick up for banks and the Street.

No need to go over what the pretty little girl said you can Google it or link it. Or you can view her mockingly childish ridicule of the Occupy Wall Street protest movement below. Her dismissive attitude positively wreaks of perfumed love for her former working girl digs. She worked for Goldman-Sachs as an analyst and later became vice-president at Citigroup. She was recently engaged to a vice president of Citibank.

Video – Breaking News Videos from

Kudos must be pouring in from Wall Street execs and CEOs congratulating her on her smug reporting and thanking her for her hardly concealed support of Wall Street jailbird shoulda beens.

Does anyone think we can expect impartial, unbiased reporting from a former Goldman-Sachs employee, former Citigroup employee and former Citibank employee who is about to marry a Citibank VP???  Yeah, right.  

The best that can be said of this little cutie right now is that she is an improvement over the droopy, dreary faces and half bald heads of the males who usually appear on biz entertainment shows.

Cenk Uyger says it best on her obviously biased story about the protest against the execs on the Street who, by all that is just and holy, should right now be jailbirds.