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October 15, 2011

NC Gov Passes On Amendment Veto

Perdue Evades Politically Fatal Decision.

Gov. Bev Perdue of North Carolina has stated repeatedly that she opposes a constitutional amendment proposing a ban on gay marriage.

The issue is no doubt a political time bomb.. However, one reason for her decision not to veto the amendment legislation is that it faces an almost certain override in the Republican dominated legislature.

Perdue has repeatedly vetoed bills passed by the Repubs and at least one has been overridden. A veto requires the vote of a minimum of five right wing Democrats. And this bill should be able to garner many more than that. A veto would be futile and no doubt be fatal to her political career.

The governor has demonstrated many times that she is a brave woman in a fundie red state. Unfortunately for her and the state, North Carolina voters forced her to work with a politically driven Republican legislature – for the first time in a hundred years.

One example of the unscrupulous behavior of this legislature is the rejection of incentives for a Continental Tire factory that would eventually employ 1700 workers.

The location of the tire factory would represent a huge political victory for the governor and the legislature acted out of pure political motivation and unmitigated malice – in much the same way as Republicans in the US Congress. 

October 15, 2011

Protection Money Pays Off

Protection money traveling through the pipeline from Wall Street to Follyland DC keeps execs from jailbird rank.

So you still think you’re not being jerked around by the banks and their government in Follyland, DC. If so, here’s something to chew on.

The Federales, i.e. the United States Government, gifted Wall Street jailbirds with $14.7 trillion in welfare payments. As the Reuters chart shows that charity to the big shots on the Street nearly equals the entire Federal debt and the entire output for the economy in 2010. Check out the comparison of money spent on the general welfare to the trillions in welfare frittered away on the banks.

The protection money the Street gives to its compares in Congress and the White House pays dividends in trillions:  They not only get to stay out of jail; they write their own laws!!!.  And these sums of payoff money that pay off Congress critters pale next to the pittance the mob gave to bad cops and dirty judges.