Dangerous Medical Advice!!!

Panel recommends some of the most dangerous medical advice ever.

In case you haven’t heard, the Preventive Services Task Force has come up with some more medical advice. I imagine that the committee is composed of “deficit goons” like so many of our “elected” officials, that is, those among us who would save something as trivial as a little money to eliminate as much life saving testing as possible.  Yep.  Can you believe it!!!  Do away with life saving testing.

File:Lassa witch doctors.jpgI wonder what medical advice this panel would recommend?

Here’s the dope for some dopes who recently issued recommendations for PSA testing for prostate cancer: If you have an aggressive form of prostate cancer you’re a dead man walking without early detection and treatment.

While prostate cancer is a slow spreading disease for the most part, all forms – even the agressive types –  are treatable and success rates are high with early detection. The key is early detection and immediate treatment. And the PSA test is an excellent and critical diagnostic tool.

Some time ago this task force also recommended eliminating mammograms in women (in their 40s). While the disease may be rare in young women – perhaps one in a million – if you happen to be that one person, the panel’s advice could well be consigning you to an early death. In other words, the chances of getting the disease don’t really matter if you’re the one who gets it, needs radical breast surgery and dies from spread simply because you followed this panel’s awful advice. Want some better advice:  Get the damn test.

Here’s a message for the task force: If the technology is there, use it or it’s worthless.

This unmitigated nonsense is being propagated to save a few bucks. And we know that those most likely to die from such advice, are the indigent and the uninsured working class and maybe a few unlucky rich people. In any case, the advice is bad, pure and simple.

Hey task force. Want to save some real money. How about advocating for Medicare for All.

I’ve tried to think of a response to the advice spewing forth from the task force.  Best I could come up with is “stuff it.”

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