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October 20, 2011

Occupy Democracy Resources & Wolf Pac

Occupy Democracy Resources.

How To Regain Our Democracy | The Smirking Chimp.

Charlie Chaplin stands on Douglas Fairbanks' s...

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Combined with OWS, Cenk Uygur’s new Wolf Pac and FB groups might bring to pass a new awakening, sorely needed in America.

We are living under corrupt government.  Wall Street banks and US corporations pay millions of dollars a year in protection money to the mobsters in Washington we euphemistically call government.  In exchange for the protection money the money changers then get to write the laws that protect them and when they break the law the mob looks the other way.

The banksters rely on the exchange of soiled money to keep them from being prosecuted.  Else they would surely be common jailbirds and deservedly so.

  • Protection Money Pays Off (
  • Photo – Charlie Chaplin stands on Douglas Fairbanks shoulders during 1918 Wall Street protest.