Libertarian Ideas: The Phony Philosophy

The 1% would never permit truly limited government or a free market to exist.  It would mean the elimination of NAFTA, CAFTA and all the other trade agreements as well as the downsizing of the War Entitlement Complex.  Wall Street would have a collective fainting spell.

Carlos Salinas (left), George H.W. Bush and Br...

Prusumably under a Libertarian system trade agreements such as NAFTA would not exist. A so called "free" trade agreement is signed into law. Image via Wikipedia

Because there would be far fewer laws, such as those that offer patent and copyright protection, judicial protection would be minimized.  The judiciary itself would shrink.

 Transportation would suffer as rail and air facilities became “free market enterprises.”

Police and fire protection would be profitized and would be available only to those who could afford to pay for it.  Education would be profitized and “free market” corporations would be free to educate their own workforces.

Oh, wait.  You mean libertarians would retain all of the above government benefits –those  that protect the !% and permit the !% to achieve that status in the first place?

Could it be that the only government regulations libertarians would eliminate are those that protect the 99%?

Perhaps we could summarize the regulations libertarians would apply to the 99% in a very short statement:  “Shut up and keep working, fella.”  Now wouldn’t that make Wall Street happy.  Think the powers that be would never let it come to that?  Think Asia.

Outcome of union elections based on threats to...

A lot of the factories moved anyway and more are going. Image via Wikipedia

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