The DC Folly Trolley

War industry lobbyists would have us believe if we reduce the war budget by even a small amount we could be killed in a terrorist attack. Not a pleasant thought of course and a good reason to keep spending at a level soon to reach a trillion dollars a year. Gots ta have all that war stuff to protect us.

File:Pentagon satellite image.jpg

So what does a trillion dollars a year spent here protect you from?

Let us ask this question however: Would you rather be killed in a terrorist attack or an automobile accident?

If those were the only two choices it would be preferable to be killed in a terrorist attack because it is far more likely that you can be killed in an auto accident.

So maybe we should be spending trillions improving safety on the highways.

Nah. No way. The war industry lavishes enormous amounts of protection money on countless government officials. And not one dime ever comes from the highways.

So if you have the choice on how you want to be killed, pick the terrorist attack.  Your’re chances of being killed in one are about the same as being hit by a meteor. So you’ll be a lot safer.


Corporations are persons. But unlike the living, they shit everywhere on the planet and never cleanup after themselves – unless of course they are forced by government regulation to do so. And then they bitch like a bunch of spoiled brats.


Here’s a bulletin from Fox News: Pepper spray is a condiment.

All the world used to be a stage. Now it’s a video on Youtube. Someone should inform the police. Such knowledge might cause them to use good judgment and common sense for a change. On the other hand, why waste everybody’s time.


If marijuana was legalized who would the police arrest?

Do you think they might investigate real crime and pursue real criminals? I’m not so sure. After all that could be dangerous. I suspect the number of speeding tickets they write would rise exponentially though.

Hmmm. Maybe keeping MJ illegal isn’t such a bad idea. It does tend to keep the police out of everybody’s hair.


Max Baucus, U.S. Senator from Montana.

Hey, cut me some slack. I'm just trying to make a fast buck like everyone else in Follyland. Image via Wikipedia

Activists marched in front of the Bozeman office of Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT). They were protesting the Senator’s role in defeating the public option and supporting the mangled Obamacare instead. A spokesman for the senator said he’s just a simple, modest man whose trying to make a few million bucks from his position just like everyone else in DC.


Firms contracted by the government to provide torture services were charging $500 to attach nipple clamps to victims.

When the subjects began having orgasms, the government demanded refunds.

While orgasms may be fun, $500 a pop is a bit much.

File:Nipple Clamps in Use.png


originally posted to Flickr as Strawberry Love by Tracie.

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