The DC Folly Trolley

According to Bloomberg News, Bank of America has dumped an additional $75 trillion dollars in derivatives onto the FDIC.

Additional you say? You mean they’ve done it before?

Ah, yes, as a matter of fact they have. To the tune of some $53 trillion dollars.

Something to think about. A trillion here, a trillion there and pretty soon you’re talkin” real money.

But hey, what’s the taxpayer for anyway.


And now back to America’s favorite TV reality show “Dumbing Down with the GOP.”

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John Boehner has reportedly referred to the extension of the payroll tax cut that expires at the end of the year as “chicken shit.”

And maybe he’s not too far off the mark. There are some very serious drawbacks to the cut. First, it reduces everybody’s Social Security benefit at retirement since the amount is based on contributions. Second, the money lost to SS has to be replaced from the general tax fund associating SS to the deficit. Deficit mongers will surely launch an even greater assault on the program when the money comes due.

So in effect the payroll tax cut results in a reduction of future benefits and represents a stealth attack on the program.

Something else to think about is that those who earn the most will receive the greater tax reduction. So this tax too is skewed to the well-to-do as are all others.

Since there are far better ways to cut taxes to the middle class, maybe this Obama scheme is indeed chicken shit.

Boehner will however consider the tax cut by attaching to the bill an easing of environmental regulations and revisiting the Keystone XL pipeline issue.

Boehner Loses Vote On Amendment

GoAnimate – Payroll Tax Cut – Watch animation:


Newton Leroy Gingrich said today that the poor are using food stamps to finance vacations in Hawaii.

Well, what’s wrong with that. After all Hawaii’s economy relies heavily on tourism and using food stamps to pay for airfare and hotel rooms would give the state’s economy just the boost it needs.

The state government has also alerted its funeral directors to prepare for a huge uptick in business since it expects many of the new tourists to starve to death before they leave the islands. The state will make use of emergency funds it receives from the federal government to pay for the funerals adding yet another boost to the economy

A spokesman for the Gingrich campaign stated that the former Speaker objected to the use of federals funds to pay for funerals. The spokesman said the corpses should be wrapped in sheets purchased at Walmart and dumped into the ocean. Of course, the Lord’s Prayer would be recited prior to the dumping.

Reports are also coming out of the campaign that welfare recipients are using their food stamp cards to purchase diamond jewelery at Tiffany.

Gingrich said as president he would order an FBI investigation into the misuse of food stamp funds. The statement was immediately withdrawn however when a spokesman for Tiffany said the jeweler welcomed all paying customers regardless of the source of the funds.


There’s been a lot of fuss lately about a bunch of Black Friday shoppers stepping over a corpse in the aisle of a Target store. So what’s the big deal. I mean, it’s not like they stepped on the dead body and crushed it or anything. They were really quite respectful and it’s the Christian thing to do. I mean, let’s face it, the guy was dead anyway. What would expect them to do? Stop and say a prayer. I mean it was goddamn Black Friday for Chrissakes.


What a way to celebrate the birth of Christ! Talk about a war on Christmas. Take a long look at the photo.

Now there’s the war on Christmas.

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I guess if the cashier says “Merry Christmas” instead of “Have a nice holiday” everything will be honky dory.

At least no one has been crushed to death this year. I don’t think. Although at least one corpse has been stepped over.

But there’s still lottsa time.


Black Friday set another record for sales. Wall Street is ecstatic; Chinese officials are elated.

Wage slaves in China may even receive a salary increase from 25 cents to 26 cents an hour.

Well, maybe not that ecstatic.

Boehner Loses Vote on Balanced Budget Amendment

GoAnimate – Wage Slaves in Asia – Watch animation:


Here is how Obama’s veto threat shapes up on the latest defense appropriations bill. If he follows through and vetoes the thing, he will embarrass his secretary of defense with a vote of no confidence. Under the circumstances Panetta would be forced to resign and do so during an election year.

More likely the two schemers orchestrated the entire stratagem.

So, on the advice of his secretary of defense, Obama will be forced to abandon the veto and accept the Republican alternative with minimum, if any, war budget cuts.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

The last time Obama took a firm stand on an issue was regarding the White House puppy.

Then he gave in and let the girls have one.

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  1. Still laughing at your puppy-related punchline. 🙂

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