Creationists Creating Curriculum

Bible proselytizers are at it again. They’re proposing a creationist curriculum that would force teachers in Indiana public schools to instruct students in the Bible version of the beginning of time.

These folks never quit even though their beliefs are utterly preposterous.

Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden

Image via Wikipedia

Nice painting of some naked people but where’s all the dinosaurs?

According to some creationists, for example, men and dinosaurs co-existed. So if Adam and Eve were not expelled from the Garden of Eden, presumably we could all have a pet T-rex.

I’ve often wondered if a T-rex could be house broken. If so where would he mess and who would clean up after him.

Would you have to curb your dinosaur? How big would a pooper scooper be.? Would you need an 18-wheeler to deliver vittles for your pet? Would supermarkets sell dino treats? Would it need rabies shots and a license? Could you attach a leash to his collar and take him for a walk? What would happen if he spied a female T-rex in the park?

eaten by creationism

Image by reallyboring via Flickr

You’ve already had your snack today Fido.

Just a thought.

One Comment to “Creationists Creating Curriculum”

  1. Thanks for this article! How those benighted ones don’t fathom the tributaries of their nonsense; how it contradicts reality and has weird implications!

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