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January 29, 2012

Scientists Discover New Species

Archeologists at the Sardo Institute have discovered a new species of dinosaur. Laboring under harsh winter conditions in London, Ontario, the scientists at the Institute excavated a huge site and found largely intact skeletal remains. The scientists described the beast they found at the dig as one of the most vicious ever to roam the earth. They named the newly discovered creature Tyrannosaurus Caterpillar after the CEOs of a nearby manufacturing plant who are demanding that workers accept large reductions in pay and a sharp decline in living standards so the executives can pad their own greedy pockets.


First restoration of a Tyrannosaurus skeleton ...

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A vicious beast scientists believe was responsible for its own extinction. The discoverers of the species have named it the T-Cat.

According to skeletal evidence, the T-Cat was so voracious that it allowed its own young to starve while it consumed the local supply chain so quickly during an extended period internecine conflict that it eventually caused its own extinction. Only about one percent of the violent beasts survived for a short period after the inter-species rivalry caused its annihilation.


English: Intersection along the Veterans Memor...

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A section of the Veterans’ Memorial Parkway in London, Ontario. It’s OK to name a road after the men and women who served their country but as far as giving them good paying jobs with good benefits, the message from greedy CEOs is pretty much “screw you.”


January 29, 2012

Prayer in Public Schools

Three things kids pray for in school:

  1. That a good majawanna crop comes in. “But officer I was only growing it to make rope.”
  1. Free condoms in the cafeteria. “I’ll take two dozen.” “Are you sure that will be enough, Mary?”
  2. Sex education labs. Well, hell, if they’re going to give away free condoms, why waste a good thing.

    English: sex education

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    This is what an unused condom looks like. They come in several designer colors.

English: sex education. Condom with studs

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This condom comes with a stud. Something I would definitely look into, ladies.

January 29, 2012

Atheist Threatened for Prayer Ban

A student atheist has been receiving threats because she demanded a flag containing a prayer be removed from school grounds.

Mary Magdalene, in a dramatic 19th-century pop...

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Mary Magdalene pictured praying for repentance. This poor woman, most probably the wife of Jesus Christ and possibly the mother of his child, has been maligned by the Church as a prostitute. 

Prayer belongs in church and in the home and not on public property.

Actually, students can prayer any where they want, any time they want, by simply bowing their heads and praying. They can pray while changing classrooms, or on the bus to and from school. They can pray in the car along with their parents if they are driven to school. They can even rise an hour early and go to church every morning and pray before leaving for school.

Moreover, anyone can go to a public courtroom everyday of the week and sit quietly in the rear and pray.

I often wonder how many people actually practice these activities. My guess is absolutely zero.

What praying folks really want to do is to get up in front of a classroom or a courtroom and force everybody to pray the way they want them to.

If that’s the case, I really don’t object to praying on public property so long as everybody says the prayers I tell them to. Any one have a problem with that? If I had to take a guess, I suspect most people would have a very big problem with that.

On another thread, when I was dating I would often pray that I would get laid. Sometimes it worked. That’s as good a reason as any to keep prayer out of schools. Who really knows what the damn kids are praying for.

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