The DC Folly Trolley

Judge Andrew Napolitano, yet another Fox News rocket scientist, said that the contraception mandate in the Obama Affordable Care Act requiring employers to pay for birth control for women was like forcing “forcing Jewish girls to eat pork.”

Fox Business

Judge Andrew Napolitano, Canceled Fox Host, Tells His Fans To Stop Angry Emails

I was wondering: Does that mean Jewish girls could become pregnant if they eat pizza with sausage on top?

I do know that Christian girls don’t. And I’m grateful. God knows how many kids I have by now.


Vatican Announces College of Cardinals to Accept Student Loans

Will the College of Cardinals accept student loans? Sounds like a real opportunit­y for kids if it does.. And unemployed people too.  The only requirement is that you have to be at least 60 years old. OK for older folks who can’t find work.  But for the young, what the hell, give it try.  Ya never know.

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College of Cardinals

College of Cardinals (Photo credit: MattBritt00)


We all heard of Foster Friess’s preferred method of birth control. That is, the gals should hold an aspirin between their knees. But what are the gals who are allergic to acetylsalicylic acid to do. Suppose one absorbed a tiny bit and fell ill afterword. Would her health insurance cover such a eventually?


Mitch McConnell is trying his damnedest to turn the requirement under the Affordable Care Act that employers provide free birth control to employees into an issue of religious freedom.

It’s actually an issue of religious discrimination against non-Catholic women employed by Catholic institutions and an attempt to force these women to abide by Catholic doctrine or fend for themselves.

According to polls, the issue is turning into a big loser for the GOP.

That smirk you see on McConnell’s face was gone by mid-week.

Maybe, just maybe, he’s beginning to wish his mother held the aspirin between her knees a little more tightly.


Unfortunately for us all, this guy’s mother dropped the aspirin.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

One Comment to “The DC Folly Trolley”

  1. It’s also very funny … while also very sad.

    Thanks for your fun contributions to my Limericks-Offs!

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