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February 19, 2012

Random Musings

Breaking News: Just off the wires of Unreliable Press Worldwide. An administration official announced today that Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo, four of the largest banks in the world, have engineered a leveraged buyout of the White House. The banks now officially own the most famous landmark in Washington and are planning to offer an IPO sometime within the next month. The initial offering will be set at $10,000.00 per share.

File:White House and the National Christmas Tree in Washington, D.C., Dec. 16, 2009.jpg

The owner of 1,000 shares will purchase the right to submit a lobbyist prepared piece of legislation to the president for his approval and submission to Congress for an up or down vote.

A billionaire hedge fund owner, who spoke under conditions of anonymity, remarked “I’ve been doing this all my life. Now I gotta pay for it.”


Whatever is this world coming to? Mail order condoms for free. And to think I had to pay for them. Now that really pisses me off.

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Until we stop admiring and praising the wage slavers on Wall Street and in the corporations (and the anointed Steve Jobs was one of the slavers) there won’t be a real improvement in wages for the American worker. Need two thousand slavers to switch plastic to glass. One herd coming right up. Only takes a minute. Cheap too.

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Only when the labor/management turmoil of the 20th century returns with the support of a least one of the existing political parties, will conditions for working people begin to improve. Until then the lot of the middle class will continue to deteriorate.

What will the US economy look like for the next 100 years.? My guess: About half of us will be doing OK – teetering on the edges of a middle class existence. The other half will be waiting on tables and cleaning up after.

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Someone once said there is no such thing as a stupid question; only stupid answers. So if you’re a student, ask. Hopefully, you’ll get an intelligent answer. But I wouldn’t count on it.


Should we call Romney the “fallback” kid. MN, MO and now maybe even Michigan. Could these states be the Bain of his political life?

People who fire people aren’t the luckiest people in the world. At least not always. Rich maybe, but not lucky.


The payroll tax cut is a bad deal in more ways than one. First it isn’t funded and will contribute to the deficit. Adding SS to the nation’s debt, as this deal does, gives to SS haters yet another excuse to cut, gut and profitize the program for the benefit of Wall Street tyrannosaurs – those profit monsters who have been salivating at the idea of profitizing the program as yet another means of feeding their voracious greed.

Then it raises the suspicion that Obama is in on the profitizing scheme – he of the Cat Food Commission to cut the program and who has put the program on the surgical table in several failed negotiations with Republicans. – still supports cuts to Social Security. In any case, not funding the payroll tax cut makes the program more vulnerable to profitizing schemes regardless of who the next president is.

Moreover, the payroll cut is so small for many workers that some never realized they received a tax cut from Obama in the first place.

There were better ways to offer a cut – for example, a $200.00 check per quarter to all working people. At the very least, they would be aware of the fact that they received a cut.

An unfunded payroll tax cut could well open the floodgates to vast changes in the Social Security in the very near future. The 1% want to get their greedy hands on it and they may well succeed after the next election. A sure wet dream for a Wall Street T-Rex.

As for Obama, when he finally leaves the White House, how does president of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation with a multimillion dollar salary sound. If Obama continues to be a good little puppy he’s sure to receive a pat on the head from Peterson – who of course is the billionaire hedge fund operator and Hater in Chief of all safety net programs.


There is some truth to believing that the president acted in the best interests of the US economy when he signed the stimulus bill. But Obama naively tried to compromise with the GOP even when one of its leaders declared that his job was to make the president a one termer.

Obama should have demanded much more from Republicans, fought harder for his demands and, quite possibly, would have won a greater stimulus. And yes the recovery would be farther along than it is.

However, he badly miscalculated the resistance of the Republicans and received horrible economic advice from a handful of the advisers he appointed. Although the stimulus achieved a measure of success – several million jobs were created and millions more were saved – only about one third of the package went to actual job creation. About one third saved existing jobs. And the last portion was tossed away in meaningless tax cuts.

As for the advice from his Ivy League trained mentors, he may well yet pay a bitter price for their incompetence.

These high priced, hot shot economists were outfoxed by a clever little lady sitting unnoticed on the Senate’s Finance Committee. The lady of Maine, Sen. Olympia Snowe was principally responsible for whittling the bill down to make it minimally effective. It was her interminable haggling that now permits Republicans to claim the stimulus was a failure.


The shrewd ladies of Maine. What a pair! Susan Collins with Snowe on the right.

In any case, Obama has shown beyond a shadow of doubt that he is not to be trusted. He’s a member of the 1% and wants desperately to move up the ladder to the .1%; who knows, if he plays his cards right, maybe even the.01%

Where do you fit into this picture: Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012. Be sure to get out and vote for Obama. Then fuck off.


Einstein once said something to the effect that faith was human but proof was a gift of God and, therefore it is derived from natural law. Perhaps to avoid controversy he ended his statement at that point.

But it has been clear for thousands of years that the faith of religion and the truth of natural law do not always coincide and often collide with devastating results.


The most famous equation in the world. And perhaps in the entire universe.


Atheism is not a belief system as some claim. Therefore it is not a religion in any sense of the word. It is merely a statement that no god exists. Until the statement can be proven false, it must be true.

Proof of existence is a task of those who believe in a god and not of those who ask for the evidence.


Most Christians believe in the existence of a soul. It is this mythical spirit that supposedly is immortal and, upon the death of the body, will journey to a place called heaven where it will reside for eternity. The question I ask is: What does it do when it gets there?

Also, is it the task of atheists to prove that a soul does not exist?