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June 2, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley

Bill Clinton says companies such as Bain Capital do good work. Yeah, right. They also contribute boatloads of payola to political campaigns.

I suspect it’s not the so-called “good work” the right wing Dems are so thrilled about.  Rather it’s all that payola both in office and when they leave that’s got them so excited.  And let’s not forget companies like Bain are a good way to make a fast buck.

Mr. Fat Cat himself.

Romney made a fortune. Of course, he was born sitting on top of his father’s pile of cash.

But not the little boy from Arkansas.  He started from scratch and look at him now.  Talk about scratch, I’ve read estimates of his wealth that range from $38 to $80 million. Even if the estimates are exaggerated, the guy did right well for himself. All he had to do was sell out the New Deal and he was blessed by those who do the blessing in the world of Follyland DC.

And if Obama loses? He has to be drooling at the prospects of his post-presidency years. He’s gonna get rich beyond his wildest dreams.

So if you aren’t already super rich, the presidency is little more than a stepping stone to untold wealth.

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John Edwards is nothing more than a corrupt politician.

You gotta problem with corrupt politicians?

No one in government does.

Says he wants to do public service. What the hell is that supposed to mean?

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Jay Townsend, a GOP reactionary, advocated throwing acid into the eyes of Democratic female senators. Stupid remark? Of course, he’s a Republican. What would you expect?

Proves beyond doubt that many Republicans are only recently emerged from the Neander Valley in Germany, the site where the remains of a tribe of Neanderthals, once thought to be extinct, were discovered.

English: First reconstruction of Neanderthal m...

Neandertal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jay Townsend before shaving in the morning.

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Dear Mitt, some are feeling concerned

When you stand with D. Trump and get burned

The Donald’s a huge gambler

Who knows squat of the Nash Rambler

Yet so rich he cannot be spurned

1959 Rambler American 2-door compact sedan by ...

The car that made the Romneys famous, produced while George Romney was CEO.  1959 Rambler American 2-door compact sedan by American Motors Corporation (AMC) — the first generation design. Painted in optional factory two-tone blue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sign seen in front of the office of the American Psychiatric Association:

New Patients Accepted

We have a diagnosis just for you.

See your local psychiatrist and get yours today.

Psychiatrists have teamed up with Big Pharma in an all out effort to convince the American people that they really are crazy. According to an article in Dissident Voice the psychiatric group has “reaffirmed its resolve to pathologize healthy people.”

Nice too see this group so willing to help the sanity challenged.

Of course, when you can define sanity challenged, the profession becomes just another way to make a fast buck.


It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled. Mark Twain.


Scott Walker may be a douche bag, but according to polls, it’s a douche a majority of Wisconsin’s voters can’t wait to get – for a second time around.


Sounds like the Bush family is still hoping for a Jeb pick.

File:Alberto Gonzales - official DoJ photograph.jpg

Smilin’ Al. Is he still carrying water for the Bushes?

Alberto Gonzalez, Bush’s Attorney General, told CNN’s John King that Marco Rubio (R-FL) is not qualified to be vice president. Sounds like the Bush family is still hoping for a Jeb pick despite the fact that the former Florida governor keeps insisting he doesn’t want the job. In politics, however, no, no, no, too often means please, please, please!!!

If the Bushes want Jeb, and Romney knows what’s good for him, it’ll be Jeb for VP all the way.

The only reason Romney might not want Jeb is that he could be too powerful an influence over White House affairs and might overshadow Mitt’s presidency.