The DC Folly Trolley – 8/05/12

Politics in Follyland, DC.

Put up or shut up”.

No. You put up or shut up”.

No. You put up or shut up”.

Only in America.

Mitt Romney - Caricature

The first plank in the GOP platform: Put up or shut up.

And I suppose Romney believes he did it all by his little ole self.

OK, then “put up or shut up.”

Reid has latched on to a valid issue.

The mystery: Where are all the other Democrats who should be shouting from the rooftops for Romney to release his tax returns? Slithering under a rock no doubt like the frightened little insects they are.



Farmers whose cornfields have perished in the drought are appealing to the huge agricultural corporations to stop processing corn crops into ethanol.

Big Agri companies responded that ethanol can be used as a substitute for corn syrup in food products. Just add sugar.

Probably healthier too.


According to the Tax Policy Center Mighty Mitt’s tax plan would raise taxes for the middle and lower classes and cut them for the rich and super rich – a plan straight out of the Ronald Reagan trickle down playbook.


Tax (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

Brought to you by Mitt Romney and the GOP. The 1% are excused.

And so, as you would expect from the ignorant among the American voting public, lotsa poor and soon to be poor folks cheer for the plan and for Romney himself. They just love our rich people and are earer to hand their meager possessions to the wealthy who are all to eager to seize it.

Oh, and if you happen to have something less than a million dollars in assets, you can consider yourself to be among the soon to be poor. Yours is the money they’re coming after and they will get it.

A vote for Romney is a vote to strip from the 99% whatever wealth they may still own, regardless of how little it may be.

And you can take that to the bank.


According to a report from Truthout, you Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer are paying private profit making prisons as much as $166 a night to incarcerate inmates, many of whom are illegal immigrants who committed relatively minor offenses.

And no microwaves, TVs or internet in the cells; not even a heated swimming pool. Brrrrrrr.

Come to think of it, I had to pay extra for all of those amenities at a Marriott.


I really have to admit

Calling Romney a twit

Is a bit unfair

When au contraire

A better name to wit

Is the loveable Mighty Mitt.


From The Raw Story comes the story that former porn star extraordinaire Jenna Jameson supports Mitt Romney for president. When you’re rich, she supposedly said, you have to support Republicans.

I guess you have to call her what Romney would consider an entrepreneur. She made millions in the only business where laying on your back is considered work.

If you’re not too prudish, you can read in Wikipedia about this pretty lady’s sad childhood and extraordinary rise to fame and fortune.

Well, maybe not the only business. I can think of at least one other. But no one in the “oldest profession” ever made millions.


The Fed is still sitting with its collective thumb up its ass. The Board once again refused to take action to fulfill its mandate to pursue full employment. The members are leaning on the feeble excuse that its primary mandate is to control inflation. 15% real unemployment and these hacks are worried about inflation that barely exists.

Ben Bernanke is a Republican party loyalist who refuses take any action for fear it might effect the outcome of the election in Obama’s favor.

He was of course reappointed to the post by President Obama, a move that remains a mystery, and is just one more in a long list of tragic mistakes by the president – one that may yet doom his reelection chances.

One thing in Obama’s favor: Mitt Romney.


Mitt had tussles with the folks in Brussels

Exercising his foreign policy muscles

But the more he talked

The more folks balked

His words they knew were high class hustles.

Oh wait. It wasn’t in Brussels

Where he played his many hustles

It was the land of the queen

Where he made a scene

A land once famed for Bertrand Russells


Actually, Mighty Mitt didn’t go to Brussels, but only because his GPS broke and he couldn’t find Belgium.

A campaign spokesman said the candidate has heard of the place, he just can’t find it on a map.

According to my sources, the above information isn’t bullshit. That comes from Romney.


According to an adviser in McCain’s 2008 campaign, Mitt Romney wasn’t eliminated from consideration for the VP slot because of flawed tax returns.

The reason Romney lost the race and McCain selected Sarah Palin instead is that the former Alaska governor won the evening gown and swimsuit competitions leaving Romney trailing far behind in the voting.


When the Supeme Court declared corporations are persons, NASA at last discovered life on Earth. The space agency just distributed hundreds of millions of dollars in contract to defense cororations.

If we can ever get our foolish War Department budget cut, the funds NASA is spending on a new shuttle program will be devoted to something worthwhile like space exploration – and without loss of jobs.

By reducing the War Department funds and devoting the money to the civilian sector, many more jobs would be created than lost. And the money would be spent on useful projects.

File:Atlas missile launch.jpg

Weapons contractors are among the most inefficient in the entire world. Cost overruns – an outrage to begin with – are simply a way of doing business for these wasteful corporations.

Add to the extravagance of these taxpayer money vultures, the inefficiencies of the health insurance industry and the greed of the banking, oil and pharmaceutical industries and it becomes hard to understand how government receives the blame for waste and incompetence rather than free market, free enterprise companies where the fault truly rests.

Hopefully, the corporations that have been awarded the shuttle contracts can deliver the product without cost overruns and the waste of taxpayer dollars normally associated with these projects.


Kinda gets under the skin when business owners brag that they built it all by themselves. That attitude is symptomatic of the rankest arrogance – pomposity beyond the pale. Sorta like Mitt Romney, come to think of it.

There are so many ways business owners receive help it would take a volume to list them all.

Most egregious was the attitude on display by a group of owners who placed a sign with the words “We did build it” and took a photo of themselves holding the sign in front of their store.

Such unmitigated nonsense has to leave you speechless.

Here are just a few of the means by which these sleazes receive assistance from the government.

They did it all no doubt by paying poverty wages for their help. Oh, sorry. They had no help. I guess you call them wage slavers nowadays. So government is forced to distribute food stamps so wage slavers and their kids receive proper nourishment.

Do these business geniuses pay for employees’ medical benefits? Or do cheerfully allow the help – oh, sorry again, they have no help – fall back on the taxpayer who provides medical care through Medicaid?

These programs – food stamps and Medicaid – are subsidies for small businesses as much as they are for the employees who are forced to work for poverty wages. Without the programs, many businesses could not exist despite the owners insistence they did it by themselves.

Besides these programs there are taxpayer supported schools, roads, police and fire protection; zoning laws and building codes; safety inspections of restaurants and meat processors. All of which keep the public safe from hazards and diseases and make businesses possible in the first place.

So built it by yourself, huh? Well, here’s a word for you that applies a hundred fold: Baloney!!!

Now I have no problem with success. Successful people deserve a pat on the back. But bragging that you did it by your lonesome is pompous and downright sleazy.

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