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August 19, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 08/18/12

Ryan Knows Where The Nose Goes.

Paul Ryan’s classmates voted him the school brown noser. Since graduation he’s gone on to perfect his technique.

He’s spent a lifetime perfecting the technique.

And that boys and girls is how he acquired that shit eating grin.

Paul Ryan Voted “Biggest-brown Noser” by His Senior Class: Nothing’s Changed

By Mark Karlin at Buzzflash.


Paul Ryan who was voted brown noser

Went on to become a slick  poser.

His mates took him down

They knew him a clown.

And now he’s the Medicare disposer.


His plan should be called VoucherCare.

To dispute it the pundits don’t dare.

They’ll idolize Ryan

Who’ll have seniors cryin’

By leaving their cupboards all bare.


His plan will take Medicare down.

Leaving us all with a frown

But profits will soar

As he laughs with a roar

While with cronies his nose remains brown.


What Democratic Congress critters call congeniality, Ryan’s classmates recognized as brown nosing.

He’s just sharpening the knife.

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It’s should be obvious by now that this guy is a purely political animal tainted by vast amounts of hypocrisy.

His VoucherCare, for example, will further impoverish seniors (which all of us will be one day). The issue was one he dared not mess with during a Republican presidency.

By the way, Paul, is dry cat food healthier than canned?

Sure, just add water. Then, skip lunch and have a beef flavored doggie bone for dinner.

Thanks, Paulie.


Romney Supports Ryan’s VoucherCare.

This Dangerous Duo’s VoucherCare will doom us all to a sick, painful and shortened retirement. That’s a by product of the plan.

Shhhhhh. ‘Cause it’s a secret. Don’t repeat it to a soul.

Sadly, enough people may do just that.

In any case, here’s hoping each and every one of you become seniors some day and can live your younger years knowing that the covenant between the generations will be honored by our government and that you are comforted by the fact the benefit you have been paying for all of your working life will be there for you when you need it during retirement.

Incidently, Medicare, just like Social Security, is not an “entitlement”. It’s a benefit you paid for. You earned it. It’s yours. And you must not allow some greedy government bureaucrats in Congress and the White House to cheat you out of it.


Post Calls Romney “Tax Plan” Garbage.


That’s two for two for the Dangerous Duo: Ryan’s VoucherCare and Romney’s Tax Scare. Both are frightening and rightly called “garbage.”

That’s how the Washington Post referred to Romney’s tax mythology.

It’s becoming more apparent every day that the GOP is depending for victory on the vote from those whom they refer to as the “greedy geezers.” These are the folks the Dangerous Duo believe their ideas coincide as in “I got mine; screw everybody else.”

File:Duchovní cvičení.jpg

 Greedy geezers??? The GOP thinks so. Are the seniors across the U.S. aware of this fact. If they are not and vote for the Dangerous Duo they will be heaping on to their children and grandchildren an enormous amount of suffering.

I simply can’t believe the GOP’s “greedy geezers” could be as cruel and insensitive as Republicans seem to think they are.


You’ve heard, I’m sure, that egg yolks are bad for your health. Those little bubbles of jiggling yellow contain excessive amounts of artery clogging cholesterol. Block an artery with enough of that stuff and you can suffer a myocardial infarction or cerebral ischemia.

Now if that doesn’t scare the shit out of you how about an arteriosclerotic aneurysm.

And all that just from eating a couple of goddam eggs a week.

But the good news is, I’m starting a campaign among friends, neighbors and relatives urging them to send a dozen eggs to each of their Congress critters.

That’s one sure way of getting them out of office. Certainly a lot quicker than elections.


So smoking’s as bad as egg yolks

Especially for elderly folks

Now be a good fellow

And stick all that yellow

In the trash and avoid all those strokes.

3 egg yolks

3 egg yolks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By the way, oral sex lowers bad cholesterol.  My LDL has always been great.  So stop eating those nasty ole egg yolks.

Thank God beer is still OK. And wine. And Scotch.  Or, if you prefer, tequila.

I’ve heard that downing a couple of alcoholic beverages every night is good for your heart.

So, if you have twice as many drinks could you still eat egg yolks? Probably not, but you wouldn’t care as much for sure. In any case, na zdorovye.


A tattoo on the anus.  This practice could give the expression “kiss my ass” a whole new meaning.

Maria Louise Del Rosario.

Uh, careful around the tattoo please.”

Gives me an idea for a Christmas gift.


Rumor has it that this young lady had her boyfriend’s name tattoed in that very private place. His name: Alessandro Baldasarre Piazzalugga.

Two things come to mine: Either a very talented tattoo artist or a huge….


I once knew a girl named Louise

Whose skirt flew up in a breeze

When to my surprise

Before my shocked eyes

Her tat read “free lunch but I’m really a tease.”


A girl who had a tattoo

Completely hidden from view

Would show her sweet prize

To all of her guys

Then winked and left them to stew.

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Take your adviser’s advice Mr. Ryan: Don’t campaign on specifics. But especially when you don’t know what they are.

Ryan faulted President Obama for closing a GM plant in Janesville, WI. The plant actually shut down during the Bush administration.  So who knew?

The episode raises a question however: Is Ryan just plain dumb; or was he lying?

What did he know and when did he know it???

Personally, I’m convinced of the former. Anyone who could concoct a budget as full of balderdash as that Ryan catastrophe has to be short a zero on the IQ scale.

Message for Paul Ryan:  “How do you like your eggs, sir.”

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