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December 30, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 12/30/12

In a magnificent display of seasonal bipartisanship, Sen. Mike Crappo (R – ID ) got drunk. Getting plastered is about the only bipartisan activity that remains in that once laudable legislative body we refer to as The Senate.


Teetotaler (sorta) Mike Crapo (R-WY).


According to Unreliable Press Worldwide Most Honorable Senior Correspondent Marcy Popindick, Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) is preparing legislation requiring senators to appear on the floor intoxicated at least twice a week while votes are being held.

The effort by Baucus is said to be a means of increasing bipartisanship in the upper chamber.


Republicans aren’t the only demons in the Senate. Pictured is the Honorable Max Baucus (D-MT) at one of his Senate office parties..

Since many are drunk more than twice a week, the measure is garnering widespread agreement among senators.

However, a small group of Democrats is withholding support. According to an exclusive received from a highly placed anonymous source, Ms. Popindick reports that the wavering senators believe Republican obstruction will continue even when they are hammered.


What do Christians do on Christmas?

A turkey in the oven roasting
Guests arrive whom we are hosting
Pour the drinks for holiday toasting
Then off for skiing and downhill coasting.
Open gifts with pretty wrappings
Save the bows for next years trappings
From gifts the kids shred pretty paper
Only once a year this noisome caper.
Some may actually go to church
After leaving religion in the lurch
For all the year’s days previous
Hypocrisy revealed so devious
What do Christians do on Christmas
Invoke a god whose word they dismiss
Till next year when they wait in lines
Fight crowds and traffic for bargain finds.


Here are a few things Christians can do every day of the year. Who needs Christmas? And you don’t have to be Christian.


A fellow was sipping some port
For a holiday treat of a sort
He finished with disdain
Said this is insane
To the scotch and soda he’d resort.
A woman was sipping some port
So much did her actions distort
She arrived at a party
Kissed the fellows too hearty
And in bed she went down like a real good sport.

File:Glass of wine.png

Great stuff. But it sneaks up on you.


President Barack Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi are reportedly preparing a cookbook filled with recipes that offer cat food as the main ingredient.

The book will be entitled Feline Cuisine: 365 Ways To Prepare Dry Cat Food.

The joint effort will include daily menus that seniors can follow in order to savor the tempting treats for an entire day.

For the elderly who can no longer afford to buy ground coffee, one item describes how to prepare a tasty substitute from dandelion leaves seniors can pick in their back yards.

The book will also include instructions on how to steal powdered milk and sugar from the grocery store.

The president and Ms. Pelosi are said to be excited about the publication of their joint writing effort.


I can’t find a single media source – blog, TV station or newspaper – that reported the world did not end on Dec. 21. Therefore it must have ended.

If the corporate media omits reporting crucial information, chances are it’s extremely important for the economic well being of the nation. So what could be more important than the end of the world?

What does it take to convince people that we aren’t here anymore!


Paul Krugman has something to say about prophets of doom in his New York Times column. Alan Greenspan, the failed former Federal Reserve chairman, for example, prophesied in 2009 impending economic doom if large budget deficits continued.

As we know, the impending doom never impended and the Alan later went on to say that it was regrettable that his doom didn’t impend on the schedule he predicted it would because it “fostered a sense of complacency.”


Alan Greenspan on one of his bad days. We have since learned that he had many such days. But the joke’s on us.

The Alan, by the way, played a major role in the destruction of the economy and decimation of the middle class with his loose Fed policies and his muscle constricting explanations about why it would never happen. He was also incompre-hensively oblivious to the multi-trillion dollar housing bubble that burst shortly after he left Follyland for good.

Well, maybe not for good after all. Alan is now a prime player in billionaire Peter Peterson’s Fix The Debt Coalition. That’s Peterson’s cut, cut and cut some more everything in the economy that’s crucial to the well-being of working people.

Anyway, His Lordship the Alan, the chief architect of the debt, is now lecturing us on how to fix his boondoggle before we all come to an unhappy economic demise. Follyland just can’t get any follier than that. Fa la la la la la la la la.

And then there’s right wing aristocrat Erskine Bowles, inveterate Social Security cutter and potential Obama Treasury secretary. Another Follyland fiscal doomsayer, His Lordship the Erskine confidently predicted that the empire would decline and fall with two years if we didn’t get our fiscal house in the order he ordered. Actually, the Erskine began predicting these predictions about three years ago.

Oh, well. Just because in didn’t happen doesn’t mean it won’t. Mayan doomsayers take heart!

You can read Krugman’s column in The New York Times twice a week, Mondays and Fridays. Don’t miss it.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


The worst Democratic presidents in history:

Bill Clinton – his zipper malfunctions aside, he must answer for NAFTA and deregulation.

Barack Obama – will probably become the worst before he’s done. His policies could well open the floodgates to vast changes in the social safety net. Keep in mind he’s not finished negotiating and that’s a frightening prospect.

James Buchanan – history’s worst before Clinton and Obama. He dawdled while the nation teetered on the precipice of a war between the states. It went over shortly after Buchanan left office.

Lyndon Johnson – New Deal warrior hoisted on the Vietnam petard of his own making.

Jimmy Carter – decent man but a casualty of circumstances he never seemed able to manage. And evidence is mounting that he was the victim of treasonable acts by Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush involving trading weapons to Iran in exchange for detaining American embassy prisoners until after the 1980 election.

Woodrow Wilson – a dreamer who failed at every turn to realize his vision for world peace. Also, a Southern racist.


There are sharp distinctions between liberals and Democrats. Some Democrats are liberals; some are right wing conservatives, particularly on economic issues.

All liberals are liberal.


Republicans hold a veto over all actions in the Senate. It’s called the filibuster but it’s a veto power unparalleled in the history of that pathetic legislative body.


Republicans think they’re all quite nerdy.
They’re not they just play extremely dirty.
Projecting their far right wing wiles.
Covering dark deeds with cynical smiles.
In the cloakrooms they all cluster
To plan their next filibuster.
The nation’s progress they willfully deny
The will of the people with joy they defy.
We’re sinking into the GOP mire
So tax cuts all must soon expire.
The recklessness of their spending
Barack Obama will soon be ending.
He must only hold their toes to the fire.

December 22, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 12/22/12

White House Desperate to Save GOP

Fearful that he might otherwise be forced to accept a liberal agenda, President Obama is said to be searching for ways to keep John Boehner’s chestnuts from roasting on an open fire.

It seems to me I’ve heard that song before.

English: U.S. President Barack Obama meets wit...

English: U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Speaker of the House John Boehner during the debt ceiling increase negotiations. The official White House caption says “President Barack Obama meets with Speaker of the House John Boehner on the patio near the Oval Office, Sunday, July 3, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s like old times.


Here’s the skinny and if you haven’t heard about it you need to tear up your Mayan calendar, come up out of the shelter and read the newspapers – if you can still find one.

Boehner proposed what he called “Plan B”, a scheme which would raise taxes only on incomes over $1,000,000, and then sent it to the House for a vote. He soon realized nobody gives a shit what he thinks anymore and was unable to corral enough Republican votes to pass the plan. So he tucked tail, withdrew the bill and slinked away.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, the president is said to be fearful that Democrats might win the House in the 2014 elections if he can’t find a way to rescue Boehner from the black hole of GOP political shenanigans.

Should the GOP go down to utter defeat, the president reasons, he might be compelled to accept the evil liberal agenda and, in so doing, abide by the will of the people, dreadful thought though that is in Follyland these days.

By contrast, Plan B will make anything Obama offers look good, regardless of how outrageous it might be.

Look for Obama to draw yet another line in the water at $500,000 for tax cuts. He will also chain Social Security to a new CPI, a move that will cut already inadequate benefits to an even more drastic level.  Will he or won’t he buy into the health care cost shifting scheme of raising the Medicare qualifying age to 67? When Obama is negotiating, nothing is final.  


In a similar vein, some time ago Nancy Pelosi abandoned her liberal economic leanings and announced she could support a deficit reduction plan along the lines of Obama’s Bowles/Simpson Cat Food Commission proposal. You remember, the failed plan killed overwhelmingly by the Committee members and that Obama keeps resurrecting.

President Barack Obama and Speaker of the Hous...

President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi at the US Capitol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The happy couple in happier times.

Along with massive tax cuts, that Commission advocated cuts to Social Security by binding the program to the inflation index called the chained CPI. Pelosi embraced the plan along with the SS reductions it included.

Both she and Obama strongly advocated for the cuts referring to them as a means to strengthen the nation’s retirement benefit plan.

Well, bless my soul, another DINO rises from the ashes of Obama’s 2010 election conflagration.

Pelosi did a political voltafaccia* and will now agree to whatever it is Obama sacrifices in negotiations with Republicans – Medicare, Social Security, tax cuts for the rich. Whatever! It doesn’t matter. Pelosi’s on board calling all of Obama’s safety net cuts “strengthening the program.”


(Courtesy La Gazzetta di Viareggio by La Gazzetta di Viareggio is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribuzione – Non commerciale – Condividi allo stesso modo 3.0 Italia License)..

Reports have it that Pelosi’s turnabout was the result of strong-arm tactics by the White House which threatened to remove her from the leadership position she now occupies if she didn’t play ball. So she’s learned to throw the curve, the screwball and the cutter.

UPW correspondents also learned from an anonymous source that the minority leader was invited for a weekend of waterboarding at Gitmo before she finally recanted her liberal views toward the safety net.

According to the report, when Pelosi was questioned about the incident, she responded, “So I got a little thirsty.”


In any case, regarding “strengthening,” I’ve come up with a few ideas.

How about we strengthen Pelosi out of her leadership role and reform her to her original House role as a regular representative.

And if Barack Obama doesn’t come around and advocate for the issues he was elected to support, then liberals should reject his proposals, vote them down in the Senate and House and strengthen his position to a lame duck status even before his second term inauguration takes place.

Reform in this manner could well serve we, the majority of the people.

*(Translation: Volte-facia).


Here’s some good news: Obama backed off his original negotiating demands.

The bad news: He isn’t finished negotiating.

God only knows where the Medicare qualifying age will land. And I have an unsettled feeling the Almighty is on Boehner’s side.


The chained CPI, which Obama agreed to and now doesn’t, wouldn’t be a bad idea if the president could only convince seniors to eat dried generic cat food with a little powdered milk.

Makes sense.  When you can’t afford to buy filet mignon the next logical purchase is feline cuisine.

That of course would be the first step. The next president could reduce the COLA even further.

Seniors could then pick through the dumpsters behind fast food restaurants. That doesn’t cost anything. We would then have a Z- CPI, that is, a zero inflation index.

Of course, seniors would have to be means tested to be allowed to pick through dumpsters. They would also need a photo ID called the Obamacard.


In keeping with the need to reduce the cost of health care, the Sardo Institute of Medical Supplies is offering a do-it-yourself open heart surgery kit.

For the low, low price of $19.95 you can have at your finger tips your very own open heart surgery packet complete with instructions. The kit includes everything you need to perform a medically approved operation.

And if you act right now we’ll include a second kit absolutely free, just pay shipping and handling.

And be sure to ask about our hip and knee replacement kits to increase your health care savings even more.

Just send $19.95 plus $5.95 shipping and handling to:

The Sardo Institute
PO Box 555 5555
Pasta Fagioli, Italy

Cash only please.


Speaking of the Mayan calendar, I checked the Internet all day on Dec. 21 and couldn’t find a single report proclaiming the world had ended. If anyone has any evidence that proves the world ended on that long anticipated day, please respond via the comments section.

I’ve been waiting for years for the mother of all fireworks displays and nothing has happened. Not yet anyway. What a bummer!

December 21. 2012.

The world would end at dawn today
I thought not to join the fray
So safely behind I gladly stayed
No never mind to the fuss I paid
Hoping to watch the fireworks display.
Alas it was never meant to be
The world now celebrates with glee
But never defy a Mayan seer
You’ll end up crouching in great fear
Begging forgiveness with a forlorn plea.
With a seer you never trifle
He’ll send your way an awful eyeful.
To display of his ancient might
He’ll mark you in his dreadful sight.
As demons and monsters your life ‘ll stifle.


Santa Saves The Day.

Sends Rudolph To Ward Off Mayan Demons.

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer became a hero for the second time in his centuries old life. You’ll recall that some decades ago Rudolph with his nose so bright guided Santa’s sleigh through the fog one Christmas eve.

The Mayan demons apparently mistook Rudolph for a human being.

That’s a human,” one demon was overheard saying. “Holy shit, we’ve got the wrong planet.” And off they went on a new mission.

Look for Jupiter to explode on December 25th, 2013 the day the demons are expected to arrive at that planet.


OK, OK, I know it’s bullshit. But it’s Saturday night and I got good at bullshiting back when I was still dating. Worked then. Doesn’t anymore.


Speaking of Santa Claus, we know he knows whose naughty or nice. But here’s a secret. Don’t breathe a word to anyone.  Did you know that Santa himself prefers naughty.


Naughty Santa!

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December 16, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 12/16/12

Pasta Fagioli, Italy

December 14, 2012

Committee Grants Award

The Nobella Committee today announced the winner of the Schmuckup Prize.


The latest honor went to none other than Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

The senator introduced legislation that would allow the president to increase the debt ceiling with the approval of Congress. McConnell apparently expected the Democrats to reject the proposal thereby giving the Minority Leader the ammunition to accuse the Dems of voting against an opportunity to increase the debt limit.

However, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) accepted the offer thereby forcing McConnell to filibuster a bill he himself had introduced.

Wow. What a schmuckup that was.

McConnell, affectionately known as “turtle” to the American people, was also voted the least liked senator in the nation. Yes, the Kentucky senator is recognized as a really, really big GOP meanie.


Winners of The Schmuckup Prize receive a certificate acknowledging the award as well as a forged autographed copy of a photo of Don Alberto Vito Nobella, the originator of the prize.

In addition, winners are given the coveted statuette called The Little Schmucky engraved with the words “Schmucked up beyond all reason.” The Little Schmucky is sculpted of rusted metal stolen from an auto junk yard. All prizes are awarded while supplies last and unfortunately for the current winner supplies just ran out.

From the UPW Newsroom: Surpassing the Mainstream Media in reporting worthlessly useless news worldwide.

Debt Ceiling Bluff Called By Harry Reid, Leaving Mitch McConnell To Filibuster Himself


Some constitutional scholars contend that the president has the Fourteenth Amendment at his disposal in the fight against Republicans who are holding the “debt ceiling” hostage by refusing to raise the level.

Here is the relevant section of the amendment:

Section 4. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

It appears that the president is indeed authorized to take what ever measure are necessary to meet the existing obligations of the government including those in the existing budget without regard for the ceiling. Debt not yet authorized, however, is excluded.

So why doesn’t Obama take this obvious pathway and simply authorized the Treasury to pay the debt through the sale of bonds?

One explanation is that the president simply does not want to use this “out.”

Been there, done that.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

From day one, Obama has been determined to cut the safety net and the conventional wisdom in Washington is that only a Democratic president can bring about the cuts.

Once the reductions are agreed upon, Obama then has the “excuse” he needs to blame the obstructionist GOP for “forcing” him to take action against the overwhelming opposition of his progressive base.


Being a politician in our nation’s capitol can be fun. Here in limerick form is an abbreviated biography of one Enos Throckmorton Periwinkle and his misadventures in Washington DC.


A rep by name of amorous Enos
Had a truly enormous penis
God help us that thing’s prodigious.”
Gals always said something religious.
Pray let him come stiffly between us.”
Now Enos was glad that size didn’t matter.
His asset could fill a turkey platter.
The gals of course could not resist
And Enos so blessed would not desist.
‘Round the town his seed he’d scatter.
A tool of truly Biblical proportions
Often requires gymnastic contortions.
But Enos was a man quite clever
And disappoint a gal he’d never.
His body he’d twist in amazing distortions.
File:Pompeya erótica5.jpg
The host with the most. Enough to make a T-rex (or congress critter) jealous. Mercury – well-endowed to say the least. 
He had to invent a new position.
So blessed he was with ammunition.
To please the gals in every way
From a chandelier he’d often sway
And leave the gals in burned out condition.
Five at a time he could not endure
So Enos returned to his usual four.
The gals would shriek with joyous thrill
So completely did he eagerly fulfill.
Alas not Enos but his penis did the gals adore.
Enos of course was a politician
Whose job in DC was submission
Of all women compliant
Till he met one defiant
Who revealed his sins of commission.
Enos of course was sent packing
His work in the House sorely lacking
The voters rebelled
From his seat they expelled
Poor Enos as the whip they were cracking.


Another Reagan myth busted. There are so many who can keep up. This latest is that as president he achieved $3.00 in spending cuts for every $1.00 of tax increases. See the myth-busting article from the Washington Post if anything at all about Reagan still interests you.

My own personal very favorite fable is the one about the “welfare queen.” Of course, there was never such a thing – not even one. No one has found one to this day. It was simply a delusion that existed in Reagan’s aging mind.

Another doozy was the one about the family farms being foreclosed due to inheritance taxes. Again, not a single one was ever found. Yes, small farms were shut down but largely due to unpaid debt accumulated because of the inability of the family farmer to compete with huge corporate agricultural conglomerates. Many farmers simply sold off the land for the same reason.

The most egregious is the myth that Reagan was a “great” president. From the perspective of the 1% perhaps. And it is worshipers from among this group who are hyping the “greatness” thing.

For many of the rest of us, Reagan’s policies did nothing but great harm. If there is any greatness to this former president in lies in that harm. For the beginning of middle and working class decline originated in Reagan’s administrations.


Some limericks posted to

A woman who always wore blue
Gave the guys a colorful view.
She donned a new thong
And turned on a throng
Of Frenchmen who gasped “O mon Dieu.”
A fellow who always wore blue
Till it grew to a hue he would rue.
Never ever a prude
He pranced around nude
Saying blue never got me a screw.


TCBY – The Country’s Best Yogurt – is going down the tubes. It has closed 1,372 stores after a 2008 bankruptcy with only 405 remaining. Guess that’s why you don’t see so many. They used to be everywhere.

But what can you expect with competition from the likes of Sweet Frog, a rapidly growing yogurt chain.


Newport, CT.

A tragic day. It’s our fault too. We’re sorry.

December 8, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 12/08/12

President Barack Obama decided to accept unlimited corporate donations to help finance the festivities surrounding the coronation. The extra cash will help pay for the new fashions that will be de rigueur for inaugural invitees.


In many ancient cultures, the toga was a sign of wealth and authority.

The committee handling the event however was thrown into a tizzy when it learned that the factory in Indonesia contracted to provide togas for the guests shipped kimonos instead.

The mistake was attributed to a translation error and the fact that most Indonesians lack a firm grasp of the history of western civilization.

The owner of the factory said he thought “toga” and “kimono” were “same thing. Only problem I see was color. I don’t know why all togas were ordered white and only one purple for emperor when many other colors available.”

A second crisis erupted when the laurel wreaths ordered by the committee arrived wilted. The purchase contract for the adornments apparently omitted the word “artificial.” The factory owner made the crowns from live laurel cuttings.

The committee hopes the flood of corporate donations will provide the additional cash needed to re-order the proper accoutrements designated for the ceremony. However, it doubts whether replacements can be shipped in time for the January 20 inaugural. In all likelihood the president will be forced to take the oath of office wearing a purple kimono with a dead wreath on his head.



OK, OK, so our rulers don’t wear togas to underscore their authority. But they might just as well, for these pompous people represent privilege and aristocracy in every sense of the word.


Nation’s CEOs Plan Lump of Coal for Holiday Stockings.

99% Set to Receive Gift From Wealthy 1%.

Among the nation’s greediest CEOs is one Lloyd Blankfein, chairman of Goldman Sachs and recipient of one of the government’s largest welfare handouts, and he has a gift for the rest of us.

Blankfein, who has claimed he is doing “God’s work”, is a member of a group of greedy CEOs who belong to an organization called Fix The Debt. The group is backed by inveterate Social Security hater and billionaire Peter Peterson.


The one, the only, His Lordship Lloyd Blankfein of bankster group Goldman Sachs. (Courtesy The Financial Times).  Gee, he does look like a lordship!

The goal of Peterson and his accomplices is the elimination of the social safety net – an end to be accomplished by any number of means, one of which is privatization, another word for profitization, of the entire net. Blankfein is one of the leaders of the nefarious Peterson posse.

The sooner the goal is realized, like maybe during the holidays, the better.


From His Lordship to you, a Wall Street stocking stuffer. A lump of the finest high grade anthracite. “Nothing’s too good for the 99%”, says Lord Lloyd.


Lloyd Blankfein’s gift of a clump of coal
Has long been a Peter Peterson goal.
The gift is for the rest of us
One the press will not discuss
It comes from the heart, a holiday black hole.


Holiday cheer from America’s CEOs.  Teddy bear not included.  (Courtesy Matthew McCollough).

9 Greedy CEOs Trying to Shred the Safety Net While Pigging Out on Corporate Welfare � naked capitalism

9 Greedy CEOs Trying to Shred the Safety Net While Pigging Out on Corporate Welfare � naked capitalism.  Read the article at Naked Capitalism.



Here are some suggestions for ending the non-existent “deficit crisis.”

  1. Cut war spending.
  2. Close tax loopholes for corporations.
  3. Shut down foreign tax havens.
  4. End political campaign contributions
  5. Provide government stimulus to create jobs.
  6. Establish Medicare For All to end health care crisis.
  7. Eliminate the cap on Social Security contributions.

All of the above are excellent solutions to existing problems. But I get so tired of hearing all this bullshit.


Well, check out Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 again. War spending (the entire war budget), tax loopholes, tax havens and campaign payola all exist because government legislation permits them to exist.

All of these items could be legislated away in one Congressional session in one bill. It will never happen of course because each item benefits a monied aristocracy of which our government is a part.

5, 6 and 7 benefit the small people. And that’s where the cuts will come from. Throughout history, the small people pay to support the lifestyle of the rich.

For thirty five years that condition was in the process of reversing itself. Then Ronald Reagan happened.


DINO Sen. Dick Durbin  (IL) gave fair warning on at least two occasions that cuts for the small people were coming.


First, as a member of Barack Obama’s Cat Food Commission, DINO Dick supported cuts to Social Security.

Then, recently, in a speech before the liberal Center For American Progress, Durbin spelled it out: Everything, everything, must be on the table.  Of course, he meant the entire social safety net.

As he was on the Cat Food Commission, DINO Dick was fronting for President Obama when the senator gave the warning speech. The cuts are coming and they will impact greatly on the lives of the small people.

surbin 2

And perhaps you will recall, that just a few weeks ago Durbin stated emphatically that there would be no cuts to Social Security.

So be forewarned. Something’s up. And the 99% are about to take the hit.  It’s entirely possible Durbin is fronting for Obama in the political theater now taking place in Congress.


“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.” — John Kenneth Galbraith. (Thanks to Malcolm Steinberg).


Walmart has given notice, along with other major service industry companies, that it will cut the hours of employees to part time status (less than 30 hours a week) to avoid the Obamacare mandate to provide health insurance for full time workers.

The Affordable Care Act was written by former health industry professionals who undoubted inserted the 30 hour minimum for coverage precisely for companies such as Walmart to take advantage of.

The authors of the act were intelligent, experienced people. Could they possibly have overlooked a loophole so big you could fit a box store through it? Hardly. Like all other loopholes in so many other laws, they might be called designed omissions – gifts for companies to maximize profit.

So Walmart will now be able to place even more of its employees on the public dole as they rush to acquire private health insurance with taxpayer subsidies under the new law.

Conceivably the nation’s entire workforce could be put on a part time basis.

However, as the health insurance crisis reaches increasingly dire proportions, the demand for a Medicare For All solution becomes more likely.

Wall Street must be quaking in its Ferragamos at the prospect.

A pair of loafers by Salvatore Ferragamo at Neiman Marcus. Yours for the low, low price of $575.00. Better hurry. While supplies last only.

December 2, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 12/02/12

The Second Bill of Rights

Every American has a right to:

  1. A good job.
  2. An adequate wage and a decent living.
  3. A decent home.
  4. Medical care.
  5. Protection during illness, unemployment and retirement.
  6. A good education.

Would you support these rights?

Not that it matters. Few of our rulers do.

File:Thomas Jefferson by John Trumbull 1788.jpg

When he wrote “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” did he mean to confer these benefits only on a tiny minority. Of course not. But modern government has all but trashed these revered sentiments.


The U.S. House calendar by Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

All weekends off.

Jan. 3-4: Vacation required to recoup from long vacation.

Jan. 14-16: Vacation needed after one week of House in session.

Jan. 21-23: Three day vacation needed after two days of House in session.

Feb. 4-6: Time off. It’s been seven days since last vacation.

Feb. 12 12-15: Time off after two days of exhausting House sessions.

Feb. 25-28: Just some days off. Darn, not a leap year.

Mar. 4-7, 12-15, 18-21: Lunches with lobbiest so members know how to vote.

Apr. 9-18, 23-26: More lunches.

May 6-9, 14-17, 20-23: Dinners with lobbyists.

June 3-6, 11-14, 17-20, 25-28: Too fuckin’ hot.

Well, you get the picture.

Cantor and other House and Senate leaders meet...

Cantor and other House and Senate leaders meeting with President Barack Obama in November 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The GOP meanie strikes again. Does Obama hold the line or is Boehner feeding him the perfect excuse to fold?

Those Republican bullies!!! There such bad boys.


Obama’s holding four aces in the standoff with Republicans. Does he play his hand or fold?

Astonishingly, there is still a doubt.


Those whom God has chosen to serve shall not be permitted to harm themselves. The Aristocracy.

That’s probably the only reason suicide is a crime in the Armed Forces.


According to the U.S. Mint, the taxpayer can save $4.4 billion in 30 years just by coining dollar bills. Wowzers, think of how much we can save in 3000 years. It must be trillions. It literally boggles the mind.

And when we privatize minting operations, trillionaires can stash unimagined profits in the Caymans.

Of course, they wouldn’t be satisfied until they became gazillionaires. But look on the bright side. That should only take another 3000 years.

And Wall Street thinks only in quarterly profits. How small minded!


The article below points out a number of rational ways to achieve deficit reduction.

The entire piece is a waste of time. Who wants to read about sensible ways to reduce the deficit? Nobody in Washington, that’s for sure.


Another way to make a few bucks is to mint trillion dollar coins. I’ll have two please.

Fiscal Cliff: 10 Ways Obama, Congress Could Trim Without New Income Taxes, Entitlement Cuts

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


Conservatives are at it again. They’re promoting abstinence. Again. And they’re telling teens “Why Abstinence Works” in a new magazine. Again. According to blogger Upworthy, the mag is a proselytizing venture by the far right wing Heritage Foundation trying to convince teens that abstinence works. Again.

Well, abstinence does work. In fact, it’s infallible. You just can’t screw around. And therein lays the flaw. A lot of teens just want to screw around.

And who can blame them? Let’s face it. It’s fun.


Possible nominees for Secretary of State:

Al Gore – unlikely. Making a lot of money at what he’s doing.

Jon Huntsman – Definitely no. Ran against Obama after holding prime ambassadorship.

Richard Lugar – Outside chance.

Colin Powell – No. Damaged goods.

Diane Feinstein – No. Holds Senate seat. Safer than Kerry’s but why take the risk.

Jim Webb – Who?

Prez has to go with Rice, even if she is controversial, or risk looking like a wuss all over again. If he abandons Rice, his Supreme Court nominations could be in jeopardy, assuming he gets the opportunity.


Just some limericks. No reason. Also posted to Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

A man who was rather urbane

Was driven to levels insane.

His Ferragamos he scuffed

And they couldn’t be buffed

To Italy he flew on a private jet plane.


A gal who was rather urbane

Met a man on a private jet plane

Said “my place or yours”

For delightful amours

But scuffed Ferragamos caused her passion to wane.


A man who was rather urbane

At da Vinci he’d finally deplane.

He went to a store

Threw scuffed shoes on the floor

A new pair set his gal’s heart aflame.


A man who was rather urbane

Bought a bottle of costly champagne.

On the very top floor

He knocked on the door

Of the suite of love lost to reclaim.


A gal who was rather urbane

Imbibed of the costly champagne

When her senses she lost

Good behavior she tossed

And became so profane, drove her lover insane


CEOs Flood Capitol Hill With Testimony and Cash.  Blankfein Testifies Against Poor During Christmas Season.

Lloyd Blankfein is jealous ’cause he doesn’t qualify for food stamps. Has to feed his family from his $16 million salary

Can’t say as I blame him for complaining. Times are tough, ya know.


Lloydie, Lloydie, Lloydie

Mr. Blankfein’s gone Freudie

Says if poor folks retire

It surely will mire

His millions in the deficit toity.


Our Lloydie is looking askance

At poor folks who just want a chance

Instead of a kick in the pants.

It would really be nice

If they would just take their rice

Only once a day rather than twice.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

CEO Council Demands Cuts To Poor, Elderly While Reaping Billions In Government Contracts, Tax Breaks


Ranting Time.

Those most responsible for dumping this nation into the fiscal toity were the Wall Street scammers, the very ones bailed out by the taxpayer. Now these con artists are shamelessly seeking to dump on the nation once again by demanding that the taxpayer bail the economy out of the very toity Wall Street schemes and thievery created in the first place.

How do taxpayers bail out the toity creators? By something somebody made up called “shared sacrifice.” Essentially that means the toity creators share in the sacrifice they intend to extort from middle and lower class workers. And, just as they did during their mortgage scams, divvy up the cash among themselves.

The scare tactics employed by the “toity creators” are supported by a host of right wing bloggers and economists, many of whom were potty trained at elitist schools and are now cashing in on the toity crisis. Yes, right wing billionaires have lots of cash to stuff into eagerly awaiting pockets.

There is of course no crisis, debt ceiling, deficit, toity or otherwise, that couldn’t be solved by raising the Federal debt limit, approving a vast stimulus to decrease unemployment and raise revenue and by trashing the Bush tax cuts for none other than the “toity creators.”

Spurred by hatred of FDR’s New Deal, the would be safety net destroyers must act quickly before the window for action slowly closes as the baby boomers begin to die.

Yes, boomers, sorry to spring the bad news on you but you are going to die, and as the population of the boomer group dwindles the ratio of retirees to working people will begin to level off and the system will come back into balance. So only ten or fifteen years remain in which to complete the destruction of the safety net. After that we’ll all begin to realize there is no crisis; there never was a crisis. And there will never be a crisis.

The entire “deficit” uproar is a myth. It has been staged, orchestrated by a handful of billionaires and their boot licks and manipulated to benefit the 1% – the real toity creators.

Just in case you still have doubts, let’s repeat what liberal observers have been proclaiming ever since Obama created the Toity Commission, or as it is better known, the Cat Food Commission. The fiscal toity crisis has been deliberately created to convince the middle class that if they don’t cut their own throats, then the right wing extremists intend to do everything in their considerable power to slit their jugulars for them.

For a discussion of how elites create and manipulate crises for fun and profit read Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine if you haven’t already done so.


More Ranting Time. (Skip when bored).

Deadly “superbugs” – bacteria resistant to antibiotics – are invading hospitals and becoming a threat to human life, according to an article in USA Today.

We’ve known about the threat of drug resistant bacteria for years.

So where is the pharmaceutical industry, those thieving connivers whose money changers invade Congress on a daily basis and spread deadly cash into the pockets of corrupt senators and representatives (and presidents)?

The industry would much rather sit on its kiester and rake in government protected profits on brand name drugs. And that’s exactly what it is doing.

If the sick and elderly don’t pay these extortionists an exorbitant price for the drugs they do produce, they threaten not to make any more so-called miracle medicines.

Because of government welfare in the form of extended patents, the pharmaceutical industry is ftree to charge ever higher prices for the drugs they do make and then pay extravagant amounts of money to advertise their products to consumers and hawk them to doctors.

The special treatment the industry receives is a perfect example of how government aid to industry retards progress. Rather than investing valuable dollars in research, the money goes to marketing of existing drugs with little incentive to invest in new development.

And, by the way, much of the research dollars are invested in drugs that must be taken daily – that’s where the big money is – rather than those taken for a short period to cure a one time illness.

Deadly ‘superbugs’ invade U.S. health care facilities

Deadly ‘superbugs’ invade U.S. health care facilities



Costco pays its employees an average of $17 and hour plus benefits. The CEO earns about half a million a year. A far cry from the extortionist salaries and bonuses of most CEOs.

A CEO who cares about the people who work for him! Now that’s the American way.

Sadly, such CEOs are becoming extinct as dinosaurs.

Somewhere, somehow the tyrannosaurs on Wall Street and in American corporations lost their souls to the golden idol.

File:Nicolas Poussin - The Adoration of the Golden Calf alt.jpg

The Adoration of the Golden Calf by Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665).