The DC Folly Trolley – 12/08/12

President Barack Obama decided to accept unlimited corporate donations to help finance the festivities surrounding the coronation. The extra cash will help pay for the new fashions that will be de rigueur for inaugural invitees.


In many ancient cultures, the toga was a sign of wealth and authority.

The committee handling the event however was thrown into a tizzy when it learned that the factory in Indonesia contracted to provide togas for the guests shipped kimonos instead.

The mistake was attributed to a translation error and the fact that most Indonesians lack a firm grasp of the history of western civilization.

The owner of the factory said he thought “toga” and “kimono” were “same thing. Only problem I see was color. I don’t know why all togas were ordered white and only one purple for emperor when many other colors available.”

A second crisis erupted when the laurel wreaths ordered by the committee arrived wilted. The purchase contract for the adornments apparently omitted the word “artificial.” The factory owner made the crowns from live laurel cuttings.

The committee hopes the flood of corporate donations will provide the additional cash needed to re-order the proper accoutrements designated for the ceremony. However, it doubts whether replacements can be shipped in time for the January 20 inaugural. In all likelihood the president will be forced to take the oath of office wearing a purple kimono with a dead wreath on his head.



OK, OK, so our rulers don’t wear togas to underscore their authority. But they might just as well, for these pompous people represent privilege and aristocracy in every sense of the word.


Nation’s CEOs Plan Lump of Coal for Holiday Stockings.

99% Set to Receive Gift From Wealthy 1%.

Among the nation’s greediest CEOs is one Lloyd Blankfein, chairman of Goldman Sachs and recipient of one of the government’s largest welfare handouts, and he has a gift for the rest of us.

Blankfein, who has claimed he is doing “God’s work”, is a member of a group of greedy CEOs who belong to an organization called Fix The Debt. The group is backed by inveterate Social Security hater and billionaire Peter Peterson.


The one, the only, His Lordship Lloyd Blankfein of bankster group Goldman Sachs. (Courtesy The Financial Times).  Gee, he does look like a lordship!

The goal of Peterson and his accomplices is the elimination of the social safety net – an end to be accomplished by any number of means, one of which is privatization, another word for profitization, of the entire net. Blankfein is one of the leaders of the nefarious Peterson posse.

The sooner the goal is realized, like maybe during the holidays, the better.


From His Lordship to you, a Wall Street stocking stuffer. A lump of the finest high grade anthracite. “Nothing’s too good for the 99%”, says Lord Lloyd.


Lloyd Blankfein’s gift of a clump of coal
Has long been a Peter Peterson goal.
The gift is for the rest of us
One the press will not discuss
It comes from the heart, a holiday black hole.


Holiday cheer from America’s CEOs.  Teddy bear not included.  (Courtesy Matthew McCollough).

9 Greedy CEOs Trying to Shred the Safety Net While Pigging Out on Corporate Welfare � naked capitalism

9 Greedy CEOs Trying to Shred the Safety Net While Pigging Out on Corporate Welfare � naked capitalism.  Read the article at Naked Capitalism.



Here are some suggestions for ending the non-existent “deficit crisis.”

  1. Cut war spending.
  2. Close tax loopholes for corporations.
  3. Shut down foreign tax havens.
  4. End political campaign contributions
  5. Provide government stimulus to create jobs.
  6. Establish Medicare For All to end health care crisis.
  7. Eliminate the cap on Social Security contributions.

All of the above are excellent solutions to existing problems. But I get so tired of hearing all this bullshit.


Well, check out Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 again. War spending (the entire war budget), tax loopholes, tax havens and campaign payola all exist because government legislation permits them to exist.

All of these items could be legislated away in one Congressional session in one bill. It will never happen of course because each item benefits a monied aristocracy of which our government is a part.

5, 6 and 7 benefit the small people. And that’s where the cuts will come from. Throughout history, the small people pay to support the lifestyle of the rich.

For thirty five years that condition was in the process of reversing itself. Then Ronald Reagan happened.


DINO Sen. Dick Durbin  (IL) gave fair warning on at least two occasions that cuts for the small people were coming.


First, as a member of Barack Obama’s Cat Food Commission, DINO Dick supported cuts to Social Security.

Then, recently, in a speech before the liberal Center For American Progress, Durbin spelled it out: Everything, everything, must be on the table.  Of course, he meant the entire social safety net.

As he was on the Cat Food Commission, DINO Dick was fronting for President Obama when the senator gave the warning speech. The cuts are coming and they will impact greatly on the lives of the small people.

surbin 2

And perhaps you will recall, that just a few weeks ago Durbin stated emphatically that there would be no cuts to Social Security.

So be forewarned. Something’s up. And the 99% are about to take the hit.  It’s entirely possible Durbin is fronting for Obama in the political theater now taking place in Congress.


“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.” — John Kenneth Galbraith. (Thanks to Malcolm Steinberg).


Walmart has given notice, along with other major service industry companies, that it will cut the hours of employees to part time status (less than 30 hours a week) to avoid the Obamacare mandate to provide health insurance for full time workers.

The Affordable Care Act was written by former health industry professionals who undoubted inserted the 30 hour minimum for coverage precisely for companies such as Walmart to take advantage of.

The authors of the act were intelligent, experienced people. Could they possibly have overlooked a loophole so big you could fit a box store through it? Hardly. Like all other loopholes in so many other laws, they might be called designed omissions – gifts for companies to maximize profit.

So Walmart will now be able to place even more of its employees on the public dole as they rush to acquire private health insurance with taxpayer subsidies under the new law.

Conceivably the nation’s entire workforce could be put on a part time basis.

However, as the health insurance crisis reaches increasingly dire proportions, the demand for a Medicare For All solution becomes more likely.

Wall Street must be quaking in its Ferragamos at the prospect.

A pair of loafers by Salvatore Ferragamo at Neiman Marcus. Yours for the low, low price of $575.00. Better hurry. While supplies last only.

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  2. LOL! I’m looking forward to that coal. After all, if we don’t like it, we can lump it. 🙂

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