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February 24, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 02/24/13

Propaganda Polls Proliferate.

A new poll conducted by Unreliable Press Worldwide’s Chief Polling Correspondent and multimillionaire Marcy Popindick asked the question: Do you support strengthening Social Security:

  1. By eliminating all taxes on all people earning more than $250,000.
  2. By allowing Wall Street bankers to manage the SS Trust Fund.
  3. Don’t give a shit.

The poll found that 100% of respondents strongly agreed with the first statement and 100% strongly supported the second.

Ms. Popindick reported that the third choice received support only if the first two options were removed.

The poll is bipartisan and was conducted on Wall Street. It included interviews with all persons who arrive at work in chauffeur-driven limousines.


They’re coming for your earned Social Security benefit. And they won’t stop until they get it.


Beware the phony poll. Many of these solicitations contain a message within a question intended to garner support for a specific policy.

For example, “would you accept reductions to Social Security to prevent the destruction of the program?” The answer has to be: yes you would.

The questions, of course, are much more subtly concocted so a respondent doesn’t recognize the set-up or that he’s the mark. But the scam is on.

Here is an article on two polls concerning Social Security. One with a skewed question designed to elicit answers that the pollsters seek in order to support a preconceived notion. The other contained more objective questions.

In an article by Isiah Poole, this fighter for the 99% highlighted a recent Bloomberg poll that contained a rigged question. You can read the question in the link and be sure to recognize the sneaky Pete part about SS: it asks respondents if they would support reductions “to help the program remain financially secure.” Get it. The inference is if you don’t support reductions, the program goes belly up.

The second poll referred to by Poole is much more objective. The questions are genuine and seek an honest result.


Military Tribunes

You may think that the new American monster is the Bible-bellowing Christian who insists that the Garden of Eden was populated by tyranosaurs and brontosauri.

If you do, you’d be wrong.

The true American monster is the Empire’s modern tribune – the officers who lead soldiers into battle against resource-rich nations and who often kill innocent men, women and children.

These officers and their men frequently suffer from PTSD, a syndrome that causes a variety of symptoms not the least of which is a life-long guilt that accompanies gratuitous killing in a war zone.

Unlike his Roman counterpart, who murdered to make a living and bore no regrets, the modern version suffers from mental injury and recurring nightmares that can cause grave harm to a former soldier’s future life.


Wave Goodbye.

Say adios, amigo to the your local post office and mail carrier. Republicans set about long ago to destroy this fixture of the American landscape.

USPS service delivery truck in a residential a...

USPS service delivery truck in a residential area of San Francisco, California.  Great jobs, great benefits, great service, great neighbors.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just saddle it up with debt in the same manner that equity firms seize companies and drive them into bankruptcy for ill-gotten gains, so too have Republicans jumped on board the belly up train and deliberately saddled the United States Postal Service with an unsustainable phony bill. The legislated debt, about $5 billion worth, forces the USPS to prepay pension costs 75 years ahead – for all employees, those not yet hired nor even born.

The entire effort is a scam intended to kill off the service, hand it over on a platinum platter to private firms to run for fun and profit and leave you holding a two dollar postage stamp.

Well, how do you think Wall Street millionaires become billionaires? Corrupt government that’s how.

Only in America.


Wall Street Seizes Treasury Department. Lew Stumbles. But Nomination Is Safe.

President Obama’s nominee for Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, suffered some embarrassment during his hearings before the Senate Finance Committee. It appears as though Lew, a former Wall Street executive who worked at Citibank during its bailout phase, is one of the Street’s lesser lights. He never got a million dollar bonus. Not once. Adjusted for inflation, even Genghis Khan achieved that lofty status hundreds of years ago.

That raises the question, what’s wrong with Jack Lew???

He’s brilliant, a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard. Nothing to sneeze at, ya know. But he never got a million dollar bonus. Nope. All he could muster was a measly $940,000. And even that amount was predicated on his landing a full time government position with influence on financial affairs. How embarrassing is that! Not only did he not receive a million bucks, but the amount he did eke out was conditional.

I mean, like, are you really qualified to occupy the government position that matters most to Wall Street if you’re merely a low level millionaire. I’d vote against him just for being a slacker.


Wall Street’s team in the White House.  From left:  the President, Lew and Geithner..

On second thought, maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, he did work for Citibank when it fell flat on its back after disclosure of its mortgage fraud practices during that nefarious period when it received billions in taxpayer charity. Let’s face it, $45 billion doesn’t go very far in bonus money. Everybody has to give in a little.

On a positive note, like former Treasury boss Tim Geithner, Lew is a Wall Street patsy. And being a dupe to the Street is the paramount qualification for anyone who aspires to that lofty position.

Word is also out that he has programmed into his GPS the location of every influential country club between New York City and the Capitol.

Nothing could be more important when your running the Treasury than a few martinis, a good steak and a round of golf at a country club for millionaires. Gratis, of course. Compliments of the boys on the Street.

Takeover complete.


Modern Dinosaur Fights.

Yes, there are still dinosaur fights and they are occurring in the twenty-first century, believe it or not.

No. Not between dinosaurs; but about dinosaurs.

You would think highly educated people, like with things called PhDs, the fighting would be limited or at least controlled.

But here’s one that broke out in the nineteenth-century and continues in some circles today. It’s all about brontosaurs and apatosaurs. Apparently, they are one and the same, synonymous if you will.

How did that happen? Well, some years back an archaeologist assembled the bones of a brontosaur but the finished product lacked the head. So he made one up.

Some years later another archaeologist discovered the head and renamed the lizard apatosaur. Or something like that. The upshot is that the brontosaur became extinct – again, the only creature to become extinct twice. The second time of course was in scientific journals.

The dispute was nearly settled except for some stubborn dinosaur aficionados who insist upon calling this animal by its original name. I’m one of them. I like brontosaur which is what I grew up calling the thing whether it ever existed or not. By the way, if you’re still interested, it means thunder lizard.

And so the dispute continues among scientists. Some archaeologists just can’t resist behaving like a bunch of Congress critters.


Pete Peterson Strikes Again; And Again; And Again.

It seems whatcha call your Mainstream Corporate Media just can’t get enough of this guy.

He’s the evil cash behind the Fix The Debt flim flam.  

Fix The Debt, you’ve heard of it. It’s a group composed of some of the richest people in world history who contrived a plot to lower their own taxes by scamming working people out of earned benefits such as Social Security and Medicare.

This nasty scheme originated in the minds of people who hate people and who believe we should all revert to the status their god intended for us: that of servants to the wealthy.

Don’t think so? Well, they’ve already accomplished a 21st century form of slavery throughout most of Asia. In its modern iteration, this type of servitude is paid a wage. Call it slavery or wage slavery, the goal is the same. Riches for the rich; subsistence for the rest of us.



Angry Orangutan.


Hair like this doesn’t grow on orangutans, ya know.  (Photo David Shankbone). 

The Trump is angry as a bear.
Accused of having orangutan hair.
His voice is still shrill
He’s suing for five mil.
But he won’t get a dime on a dare.


Anyone accuses me of being the Donald’s father, I’m suing for five million coconuts.