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March 17, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 03/17/13

Congressman Undergoes Tests.


Scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory revealed today that they have discovered the cause of the sudden swelling of the head of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan.

The announcement came at 2:15 this afternoon. Researchers reported that they had detected large pockets of air in the congressman’s cranial cavity.  The air registered at an unusually high temperature.

The report stated that there was no cure for the mysterious condition but that Ryan would experience relief every time he opened his mouth.


Habemus Papam.

The recently crowned Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis (you don’t need to use the I because it’s understood since he’s the first and there may never be a II) has been accused of turning a blind eye to the violence and murders that occurred in Argentina during what has been called the “Dirty War.”

In the 1970s and early 1980s, military juntas were responsible for the disappearance of thousands of opposition members. Numbers vary, but as many as 30,000 people may have been murdered.

Then Jesuit superior Bergoglio decided to stand aside, presumably to protect the Church, and by his silence is at least complicit in the violence.

It’s not known at the moment whether the new Pope’s silence during the “Dirty War” will cause further harm to a scandal plagued Church.

But we can say in defense of Francis that at least he never ordered a drone strike. And we can’t say that about everybody who inhabits this rapidly deteriorating planet.

Habemus papam.

    st pat

Right Wing Dems Set To Betray FDR.

President Obama made it clear to the Democratic caucus that he intends to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits earned by the American people.

He and right wingers such as Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and other House Democrats who claim to be members of the Progressive Caucus announced their willingness to accept the so-called “chained CPI”, an inflationary measure which further reduces benefits already deteriorating due to inflation. They also agreed to means testing for Medicare benefits.

Accepting these positions on safety net benefits places  Obama and his Democratic supporters squarely and firmly in the camp of right wing conservatives who for decades have been driven to cut, gut and destroy safety net benefits for the American people.


Pseudo-Democrat and right wing conservative Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland with the smile filled with treachery..

The Mainstream Corporate Media loves to refer to these New Deal traitors as “centrists.”

Not so. You can’t add liberal and conservative positions, divide by two and get a “centrist.”

While political sharpies like Obama may support gays rights and equality, those liberal issues cannot be combined with benefit cuts to arrive at that meaningless Corporate Media designation.

Centrist” is a concoction by those who seek to avoid the label “right winger.”

The fact is that a person, such as the president, can be both a liberal on some issues and a right wing conservative on others. And Obama, like Bill Clinton before him, is forcing the Democratic party in a rightward direction.


Why would Obama betray his liberal base and strong arm progressives with threats of pulling payola during election years?

Several reasons come to mind. One is that Obama is a one-percenter who aspires to enter the nirvana of the next higher level.

Another is the desire for an ego tripping pharoah-like pyramid referred to in modern times as the “presidential library.” And yes, just like a pyramid, the structure could become a sarcophagus if the president decides this freakish monument to his legacy is the place where his remains should lie in repose.

To build such a monstrosity will cost.  And we’re talking some heavy bucks here. A hundred, maybe two hundred million greenbacks or more. The prez may already be getting promises from the Fix the Debt crowd of millions in contributions if only he plays ball with them. Well, guess what? He’s been playing ball with the billionaires from day one.


The Great Pyramid at Giza with the Sphinx by Hubert Sattler. (Wikimedia).

st pat

Italians Come To Their Senses.

Italians went to the polls in February and gave 25% of their votes to the party of comedian Beppe Grillo, a funnyman turned politician.

It you’re an American you can certainly empathize with the Italians. After all, we’ve put any number of jokers in the White House over the years.

Whatever you might think of him, one thing is certain, Beppe Grillo-a man of the people.


Italian voters have come to their senses.
Elected a member with no pretenses.
A comic he was to be sure
With politics a recent detour.
Against him the bankers are raising high fences.

st pat

6000 Year Old Planet.

If you look very closely at the depiction below, you can see Adam and Eve screwing in the background, proof positive that the Earth is only 6,000 years old.

By the way, if you think the pair got booted out of the Garden of Eden because they ate some piece of fruit withering on a tree, you’d be wrong. The real reason they got tossed is that Adam whipped it out and stuck it to Eve right there in front of God, fer chrissakes.


Like they couldn’t do it in a tent, maybe.


And now for some real dinosaur news. Paleontologists in Spain uncovered dinosaur nests containing hundreds of fossils of egg shells and fragments laid millions of years ago by a species known as sauropods.

Scientists are calling the discovery one of the most significant finds in recent years.

Read the article in Science Daily.

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