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April 7, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 04/07/13

How To Destroy the Democratic Party in One Easy Lesson.

Barack Obama has once again shown himself determined to continue the dismantling of the Democratic party, a movement set in motion by former president Bill Clinton, whom we all know affectionately as Wild Willy.


You’ve probably checked out the president’s budget by now. Call it the Master of Disaster Strikes Again. For surely this creature from the White House lagoon will do as much damage to the Democratic party as the president’s sneaky triangulation about the public option did during the election of 2010.

An unnamed White House staff member leaked portions of the Obama budget to the newspaper of record (aka New York Times) and the paper published the details. Naturally, it was a planned “leak”. Every White House selects compliant journalists and media outlets to disclose sensitive information in order to gauge its impact and allow time for criticism to subside before the actual release.

And what exactly is so sensitive about the information contained the newly unreleased budget?

Well, for one thing, it offers cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits considered drastic and unnecessary by huge numbers of the president’s base. Uh, to say nothing of seniors whose monthly benefits are about to be slashed and who vote voluminously in off year elections and who will surely realize that Obama’s actions represent only a first step in the direction of future benefit cuts.

And that’s bad news for any Democrat running for office in 2014.  And maybe even 2016.  Hillary take note.

Obama has been perversely driven to cut the social safety net since his election in 2008.  And therein lays his longing to destroy the legacy of the greatest Democrat of them all, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  If Obama’s distorted dream of a Grand Bargain succeeds, it will leave that once great party in shreds.

Some pundits believe the president is obsessed by a self-consuming desire to raise cash. After all he did do rather well in the payola department for his campaign, raking in over $700 million. Not bad for a deprived kid from Chicago.

And the president will need some cash after he leaves office. I’m not talkin’ bucks to support his and his family’s elite lifestyle. He’ll pull in millions of dollars of easy money for that task.

I’m referring to big bucks he’ll need to build his personal monument (the modern day pyramid known as the presidential library). He’ll need a coupla hundred million for that project-minimum. Can’t wait to see this souvenir to egregious ego erected. Should be a memorial the size of which would turn a pharaoh green with envy.

Taller than the obelisk honoring George Washington? Your guess is as good as mine.

And now that he’s giving wrinkled old billionaires wet dreams about social safety net cuts, Obama’s sure to see his very own dream of a monument to the ages come to life.

Hey, a million here, ten million there, and pretty soon you’re talking some money.


An artist’s rendering of the Obama Monument. Notice how it skews distinctly to the right.

Meanwhile back at the White House, let’s take a sneak preview at the president’s wet dream for conservatives.

The Master of Surrender strikes again.

First, he’s teasing us all with a $600 billion tax increase for rich folks. Then there’s $1.2 trillion in spending cuts. Centrist????? That’s about as fair and balanced as a Fox News TV report.

Obama won’t get the tax increase because Republicans won’t stand for it. But Obama already knows that. And the spending cuts aren’t deep enough. Obama already knows that.

So here’s my version of an Obama compromise: Divide the tax increases by ten and double the spending cuts. Voila! The real Obama budget.

But that’s not all.

The president’s jets are on after burner as he continues his stealth attack on Medicare. His combined cuts to the program could make it so unaffordable for health care practitioners that many will refuse to accept patients who then won’t be able to find a doctor willing to treat them. When this condition prevails, patients who can afford private health insurance will be forced to buy expensive policies and those who cannot will simply go without health care and pay IRS fines until they die.


Obama Defends Budget.

President Obama defended his budget by saying it is not his “ideal plan.”

I think we all know that. It’s nobody’s ideal plan. Which proves that you can please none of the people all of the time.


The Obama budget, supposedly the rocket to the North Star, fails at launch.

His ideal plan comes after he surrenders to the Republican plan.

Brace yourselves. It can only get worse.


Nobody Asked You To Marry A Man.

Golly gee, Matilda, you coulda married a woman.

Eric Cantor, the beloved right wing extremist of voters from Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, engaged in a squabble over his refusal to support gay marriage.

The verbal brawl occurred on CNBC, of all places, when program host Joe Kernan told Cantor that “no one was asking him to marry a man.”


Eric Cantor, such a cutie.  Who knew?. And his hair is to die for.

True enough. Of course, no one asked him to marry a woman either. He simply chose to.

Nobody asks a woman to marry a man – unless she wants to. She may choose to marry a man – or a woman. In most cases, not all, her preference is generally known beforehand.

Either way, who anyone chooses to marry is nobody’s business but his own – or her own.

Nothing could be simpler than that.


To Run Or Not To Run??? Is She Is, Or Is She Isn’t???

Well, it’s finally unofficial. Hillary Clinton may be running for president.  

If she does and has any chance of winning in 2016, she better dump the Obama budget and fast.

But birds of a feather….

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


Clinton Backs Clinton For President.

Well, Hillary hasn’t declared yet. But her troops are circling the wagons. They, at least, expect a fight to the finish.

One thing in her favor: Bubba will be in her corner.


Budget To Revive Middle Class.

President Obama intimated in his radio address that his budget will revive the middle class.

Our top priority as a nation…must be doing everything we can to reignite the engine of America’s growth: A rising, thriving middle class. That’s our North Star….”

Well, the president has always been out ‘dere on his plans to reinvigorate the economy. He’s the nation’s leading austerity advocate whose intentions seem to be nothing short of bringing from sea to shining sea the doom and gloom of Eurozone stinginess.

Not surprisingly, the first stop on his newest rocket ship to the stars is another massive cut to working class benefits. And all this on top of his Obamacare provider cuts and the sequestration castration of the economy.

Orwell could not have imagined the skill with which Obama can manipulate words. Yet none of the president’s oratory skills can turn an economy strapped by an austerity budget into a nation with a thriving middle class.

Hello, Barack? Barack, are you there? Come in, Barack.

Houston, we have a problem. Barack Obama is lost in space.