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June 30, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 06/30/13

Southern Bells Toll.

Actually, the Southern belle for whom these bells are tolling has gotten herself into quite a fix. And the hollow metal devices with the clapper in the middle that causes a persistent clanging as it strikes the sides, are ringing out all over the world.


Ah moan git me some frinch fries with that thar super burger.

It all began when she spouted racial slurs. Who knows how many times, to whom and when. But her blathering revealed a deep rooted racial bias.

The outcome of the revelations: A canceled TV show; her overpriced, made in Asia cookware brand dropped by a dozen retail outlets; and her new cookbook canceled just before its scheduled publication date. Woe is she.

As a sidebar, and just to rub salt into the wounds, many of the recipes featured on her shows may have been pilfered from the cooking of the people she demeans.

Oh, just in case you’re returning from an intergalactic mission impossible space trip, her name is Paula Deam, Dean, Deen. Well, one of those anyway.


Other News.

Yes, there were other newsworthy stories that seeped into the corporate media this week.

For example, right wing troglodytes on the Supreme Court reversed decades of legal precedent by overturning a section of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The right wing trolls demanded that Congress erred when it applied the previous formula that determined which states must submit voting laws to the Federal Government for approval. So much for stare decisis.


In a sharply worded dissent, Justice Antonin Scalia referred to homosexual behavior as sodomy. Apparently, the webs remain in the brain even after one emerges from the cave.

To everyone’s surprise, however, the Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act and declared California’s Proposition 8 unconstitutional thereby providing equal rights to same sex couples who wish to marry.


Fix The Facts.

As the facts crumble the organization before their greedily bulging eyes, the members of the right wing Fix the Debt have morphed their message to Fix the Facts.

When the propaganda panic fails because of evidence to the contrary, not a problem. Simply rearrange the evidence to coincide with the propaganda.

Sorta like what’s being done at the Reinhart-Rogoff School of Errant Economics at Harvard.


Right Wing Descent In NC.

Right wing Republicans in North Carolina emerged from their caves this week to enact a Neolithic agenda.

Extremist NC Governor Pat McCrory sneakily repealed a law that ended executions in cases where racial bias is evident.


Gov. Pat McCrory achieved fame for bringing tons of out of state payola into North Carolina and implementing a far right wing agenda.  (Original photo courtesy of Hal Goodtree).

According to a report by Unreliable Press Worldwide Super Senior Correspondent Marcy Popindick covering political affairs in the Tarheel state, some GOP legislators are seeking to reinstate the firing squad in capital cases.

A spokesperson for the NC Cavemen’s Society said the firing squad uses less energy than an electric chair, is environmentally safe and will not contribute to global warming.

The use of lethal injections in executions has been rejected by members of the Society on the grounds that some religious groups object to medical interventions.  None, however, have any objections to firing squads.

In other news, North Carolina has become the first state in the Confederacy Union to refuse Federal funds to assist the state’s unemployed. It has also reduced state unemployment benefits to a maximum of twenty weeks. NC has already cut the weekly benefit. The state has the fifth highest unemployment rate in the nation.


Rudeness On The Court.

Samuel Alito is not only an extremely activist right wing justice on the Supreme Court. He is also a boor. So much so that he may be one of the rudest individuals ever to serve on the High Court.

This week, he was observed crudely rolling his eyes while Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg read her stinging dissent to the Court’s overruling of the section of the Voting Right Act of 1965 that required states with restrictive voter registrations laws to report any changes to Federal authorities.

Alito has been profoundly rude on other occasions as when, for example, he shouted out during a presidential address.

As the justices were leaving the courtroom, some observers noticed a bulge in the robes of Justice Alito suggesting he may have inadvertently doubled dosed on Cialis. Others thought he was surreptiously flipping a bird to Justice Bader Ginsberg.


In another vein, Alito is guilty of lying to Congress during his confirmation hearings. At the time, he stated to the Judiciary Committee that was an advocate of stare decisis and would respect legal precedent set by previous Court decisions.


During his tenure, Alito has been one of the Court’s most activist jurists, showing at every turn a profane disregard for precedent.

The lie before the Committee places Alito in contempt of Congress and makes him subject to impeachment.


Neanderthals In State Legislature.

North Carolina isn’t the only state with a legislature and executive branch occupied by lawmakers recently emerged from the cave.

The Ohio legislature and Gov. John Kasich are taking huge leaps back in time. Both are on an obnoxious quest to restrict women’s reproductive rights.


A spokeswoman for Gov. John Kasich stated the governor is not impotent. Just needs a little help every once in a while. Also, the governor has vowed to be the first patient to undergo the ultrasound test that involves inserting a four inch metal tube into the anus in order to ascertain the health of the prostate gland should the bill requiring test past the legislature. The comment from the surprised Kasich was “I said that!!!”

In an ironic twist of events, Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner introduced a bill to regulate men’s reproductive health. The proposal would require men who sought medications for erectile dysfunction to seek therapy for the condition, undergo a heart stress test and present a notarized statement from a spouse confirming impotency.

Interested parties also suggested men suffering from ED undergo an ultrasound test to confirm that a prostate condition is not the cause of the ailment. During the test, a four inch probe would be inserted into the man’s anus and twisted repeatedly to ensure prostate health.


There once was a man from Lake Placid
Who at a critical moment went flaccid.
He explained to sweet Alice
I’ve used up my Cialis.
I need a quick dose of antacid.
When you lose it and must desist
At the moment a woman can’t resist
When you must take a pill.
In the jar there is nil.
At John Kasich you should really get pissed.

Not to worry.  The bill is certain to fail in the male dominated legislature.


 And from Mad Kane:


June 23, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 06/23/13

Bomb or Gun? Which Would You Choose.

Here’s a question an answer to which we hope we never becomes a reality. Would you rather be killed by a terrorist bomb or a gun?

If the choice were mine, I would choose terrorist bomb. Why? Simple. We as Americans are 30 times more likely to be killed by a gun than by a terrorist attack.


Smith and Wesson 586-7

Of course, the Second Amendment protects our Constitutional right to be shot to death by a firearm.  But why choose a method more likely to occur than a lesser eventuality.  Either way, the choice isn’t ours to make.

Nevertheless we spend countless billions of dollars every year to save us from the most unlikely peril while we legislate to support the far more likely occurrence of death by gunshot.

Only in America.


Lobby Appeals For Month.

The Toilet Paper Manufacturers Association Newly United to Restore Esteem (TOPMANURE) presented a petition to Congress to recognize July as National Toilet Paper Month.

TOPMANURE president, former Rear Admiral Kohler P. Bowles (USN-Ret.), in a prepared statement sent to members of Congress, declared that a month honoring the country’s most under-appreciated convenience, would restore well deserved esteem to the nation’s toilet paper manufacturers.

A national day devoted to toilet paper, currently August 26, simply isn’t enough, Bowles continued in his letter.

He also appealed to Congress to end the manufacture and sale of inferior generic brands of TP. Generics tend to diminish the overall reputation of the product and reduce the value of the service provided by brand name manufacturers.

In addition, the Bowles letter said, generics are produced under questionable conditions and many companies that manufacture a shoddy substitute ignore quality control rules and regulations thus creating a health hazard to the public.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that generics inflict many more irritations to sensitive skin than brand name products.

If pharmaceutical manufacturers demand that Congress forbid physicians from writing prescriptions for generic drugs when a brand name alternative is available, the Bowles letter contended, TOPMANURE should receive and expects the same consideration for its member companies.


A toilet paper roll

A toilet paper roll (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ode to Toilet Paper

By John Seats

Pity the poor trees from which it is made.
A hat tip for a price well paid.
Pulp to paper how they must suffer.
Ever willing to be our buffer.
Rejoice! As they keep us prim, comfy and staid.



The world’s biggest snooper scooper
Has committed a planet wide blooper.
The lips once sealed
Have suddenly squealed.
And revealed a spy super-duper.


Whose looking about to cast blame.
Why it’s none other than John S. McCain.
And why can you guess?
‘Cause he’s on Meet the Press.
More face time on TV he’ll gain.


Hot And Spicy.

Like your food with a little kick. Here’s a recipe you’re sure to enjoy.

Sardo’s World Famous Fukushima Gumbo:

1 cup flour

1 cup bacon drippings

1 onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced

3 quarts water (bottled in Fukushima)

1 can stewed tomatoes

1 can tomato sauce

1 pound Fukushima tuna, frozen

1 pound Fukushima flounder, frozen

1 pound Fukushima shrimp, frozen

Bring the ingredients a slow boil in large lead lined, hermetically sealed pot and cook for 45 minutes.



All thumbs when it comes to cooking? Well you won’t have to wait any longer to savor Sardo’s World Famous Fukusima Gumbo. For a limited time only, The Sardo Institute of Culinary Curiosities is offering Sardo’s World Famous Fukushima Gumbo in one gallon containers delivered frozen directly to your door.

Sardo’s World Famous Fukushima Gumbo is a zezty treat sure to delight sensitive tastes and please the palate of the most discriminating epicure.

If you like your food hot, your sure to enjoy Sardo’s World Famous Fukushima Gumbo.

Sardo’s World Famous Fukushima Gumbo is made with seafood carefully selected by our experts and handpicked directly from the waters near and around the famous Japanese city.

Only the finest tuna, flounder and shrimp are used to make Sardo’s World Famous Fukushima Gumbo.

Sardo’s World Famous Fukushima Gumbo is now available, for a limited time only, through this special offer.

For only $19.95 plus $5.95 shipping and handling, a one gallon container of Sardo’s World Famous Fukushima Gumbo will be sent frozen directly to your door.

And if you act right now, we’ll include a second one gallon container of Sardo’s World Famous Fukusima Gumbo absolutely free. You pay only shipping and handling.

Send $19.95 for two gallons plus $5.95 shipping and handling for each container to:

The Sardo Institute of Culinary Curiosities
PO Box 555 5555
Pasta Fagioli, Italy
Cash only please.

Geiger counter not included.



Phone snooping has come to the fore.
Very soon they’ll come through the door.
The lock it won’t matter.
The windows they’ll shatter.
Snatching info once private galore.


Minority Leader To End Filibuster.

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell threatened to turn the U.S. Senate into a functioning legislative body.

McConnell said if Majority Leader Harry Reid ended the filibustering of President Obama’s nominees, that he would end the filibuster rule entirely if the GOP became the majority.

mitch 3

Nothing to fear from McConnell. If Democrats ever crossed him the way he’s screwing the Dems, he’d end the filibuster in an instant. Thing is, the Dems need and want the filibuster to protect their triangulation tactics.

Democrats cowered before the Minority Leader’s threat.

If McConnell ended the notorious Senate practice, the Dems would no longer be in a position to triangulate on the issues. Currently, they can pretend to support issues that benefit the majority of their constituents confident that the Republican majority will block a vote.

With this devious tactic removed from their triangulating arsenal, Democrats could be forced to show their true colors and to vote in favor of legislation that harms the interests of their voting majority.

So Republicans, who have erected a blockade in the Senate for the entirety of Obama’s tenure, threaten to end their most notorious weapon – the one that blocks all actions taken in the national interest – and the Democrats cower before the ultimatum.

Why? Because they would then have no one but themselves to blame for voting against the interests of those they depend on most for elections to office.

Their deviousness is palpable.

Only in America.


Tea Party Crasher.

Don’t look now, but we’ve just witnessed yet another Boehner boner.

House Speaker John Boehner took another one on the chin and this defeat may turn into the knockout punch.

A Tea Party amendment that cut the food stamp program spelled the demise of the trillion dollar farm bill. Republicans blamed Democrats for the failure and Democrats blamed the GOP. And Nancy Pelosi questioned the ability of Speaker Boehner to manage his caucus.

blackeye b

A black eye and a bent nose. Not bad for a week’s work. “I’ll take a shot of bourbon with my tea. Better make that a double“

Against the backdrop of the Speaker’s support for the failed of House immigration reform bill, some Republicans are openly voicing challenges to Boehner’s Speakership and a removal by the GOP caucus could well be in the Ohio rep’s future.


John Boehner went down in flames.
And it’s Dems of course who he blames.
He took one for the team
And with eyes now agleam
Just one more Jim Beam he exclaims!
June 16, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 06/16/13


TPP. Sounds like some new drug the kids are getting high on. But it’s not and what it is will be far more dangerous to their health. And yours.

The TPP, of course, stands for the Trans-Pacific Partnership and if you think you’ve been scammed by NAFTA, CAFTA, the World Trade Organization and the China Trade Agreement, wait until you get a load of this monster.


Selling us out, us being the 99% in Canada, Mexico and the United States. Representatives signing the North American Free Trade Agreement.

It is an outgrowth of a 2005 agreement between four Pacific rim nations when in 2008 the United States and several additional Asian nations joined talks to extend the previous agreement.

So dangerous to the autonomy of state governments is this abomination that the talks are beheld in deep secrecy. So secret, in fact, the in the United States, not even Congress, the representatives of the people, have been informed of the terms being hashed out by the negotiators.

In a nutshell, the agreement represents the unleashing of global corporations to govern the economic policies of all nations who are a party to the agreement. Corporations will be able to bring before a kangaroo court created by the partnership any grievances it has against nations whose laws interfere with the corporations methods of doing business in any country.

For example, corporations doing business in the United States can challenge and overturn minimum wages laws because such restrictions do not exist in other countries who are a party to the partnership.

Health, safety and environmental regulations are all subject to challenge before the kangaroo court created to enforce the agreement and any and all national and state laws can and most surely will be overturned.

There are numerous articles about the agreement. But as far as the actual terms are concerned, they are top secret. Even the legislatures of the nations involved are being kept in the dark.

Who in the United States is supporting this nefarious arrangement and is largely responsible for the country’s membership in the TPP. If you guessed Barack Obama, you are exactly right.


Mr Smiley Face. And why shouldn’t he be? He has shown himself to be securely ensconced among the 1% and in a few years he will be one rich dude.

And why shouldn’t he? After all, the TPP represents another great way for the people who paid for his presidency to make a fast buck.


Privatization Or Don’t Believe Your Lyin’ Eyes.

Turns out getting government out of the business of governing is just another way for industry to make a fast buck.


The privatizers, a few among many.

Privatization – or profitization as it should be called – is a method of downsizing government by preventing those services that have been traditional the role of government in the first place.

Profitization is supposed to reduce taxes because private industry is so much more efficient at providing a service than government.

Social Security is the perfect example. The SS administration charges a 3% fee to administer the program. Estimates exist that predict the private industry would only charge a 15% fee for providing the same service. It’s obvious that privatization is far more efficient than government. Isn’t it!!!

The same applies to Medicare and Medicaid. Government is so inefficient at operating these programs that the cost to the taxpayer is far less than it would be if the operation of the programs were turned over to private profit making industry. The numbers are approximately the same as they are for SS, about 3% for government versus 15% if the services were profitized. Turning these services over to private companies certainly makes a lot of sense. Doesn’t it???

I bet you thought that was the end of it. Well, if you did, you’d be wrong.

It turns out that sneaking behind the backs of the American people by snooping on their electronic communications costs the taxpayer far more for efficient private companies to perform the evil deed than it does to have government commit the same violation. So here again, profitization is more efficient than government at snooping. Just because it costs the taxpayer a lot more money to utilize the services of a private company, doesn’t mean it isn’t more efficient. Right?  Right.

Guess who is responsible as any president before him for converting economical government services to costly profit making companies? Well if you guessed the “liberal Democrat” Barack Obama, you’d be right.

And why shouldn’t he? After all, profitization of government services is a great way for the people who bought him his presidency to make a fast buck.

Nobody can accuse Obama of being an ingrate.


Barack Obama, by the way, is responsible for the profitization of one of the largest programs in world history, namely the Affordable Care Act.

The president reneged on the public option shortly after he was elected and when a public alternative was within the grasp of the White House, it selected Joe Lieberman to announce that he could not support a competitive alternative to profit health insurance.

The vote on Obamacare, you may recall, was brought up under the reconciliation maneuver which required a mere 51 votes to pass. When passage appeared likely, the White House, in panicky desperation, appealed to Lieberman to declare his opposition. That sneaky tactic killed the public option for good and Obama, after the scare, finally got his wish and turned his plan in total over to private, profit health insurance companies.

Barack Obama has earned his place among the privatizers.


Well, here’s yet another article on global warming. Don’t these environmentalists ever give up.

It seems NASA has just discovered that a huge amount of methane is being released from the Arctic permafrost.

You remember the Arctic, right? You learned about it in high school. That’s the place way up north with a whole lot of ice.

It seems that place is in a rapid meltdown and is releasing the gas that is far more efficient at trapping heat and in the process accelerating global warming.


God promised He would never again destroy the world by flood. Is there a fire in our future?  (Painting by Peter Suhr, 1788-1857, of the Hamburg fire of 1842). 

That gas by the way is also highly explosive and if enough of it gets trapped in the atmosphere, you may fire up the grill one Father’s Day and cause a planet wide conflagration that results in another mass extinction of carbon based life forms. That’s us, just in case you didn’t know it.

But it won’t happen today. So don’t worry and happy Father’s Day.


Sleepy Time Gal.

Don’t look now, but the IMF, as in International Monetary Fund, may be awakening from its decade long somnambulance.


Eh, you no capiche a de austerity, eh.  (At the World Economic Forum from Cologny, Switzerland, 2007).

Current somnambulist in chief of the fund, Christine LeGarde, said recently the sequester may be stunting economic recovery in the United States. Gee, she musta read a newspaper.

Finally and at last, the IMF has discovered that severe cuts to education, science and infrastructure have led to what LeGarde referred to as an economy “modestly tilted to the downside.”

I guess we have to consider the statement a modest victory in an economy suffering real unemployment measuring in the high double digits and one that is on the precipice of being demolished with the imminent approval of the TPP.

But at least the IMF has awakened from its sleep walk.


Horse Goes Lame.

Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight, Government Reform and Media Face Time Committee, charged into government scandals like a knight on a galloping stallion.

Poor Darrell, his horse seems to have gone lame.

His investigations into the Border Patrol gun smuggling operation, the Benghazi affair and now the IRS turning up “non-profits” that cheat on taxes are limping lamely along.

It seems his investigations just can’t gain any traction, sorta like a lame horse.


Darrell Issa, vying with Mitch McConnell for shit eatingest grin in Follyland.

Maybe he should privatize the committee.

What’s the worst that could happen? Let’s face it, a private company couldn’t screw up much worse than Issa has. Of course, it would cost us taxpayers a lot more money.  But then, that’s the point of it all.

June 9, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 06/09/13

Bad News For SS. Outlook Is Improving.

Well, once again our right wing wealthy are gloomy. And once again all the gloom is about the looming Social Security disaster.

And why are they so crushed? According to the latest reports the Social Security disaster isn’t looming as fast as they had hoped. In fact, it isn’t looming at all.


LBJ lookalike His Lordship Baron Erskine von Bowles crushed at the news that the outlook for the SS and Medicare funds is improving.

You see, the Social Security Trust Fund will pay full benefits until at least 2033. And even more tragically, if the economy improves, the Fund can pay its full obligation even beyond that date.

Oh, woe is they. That’s not even the worst of the latest news. Because at the very worst, Social Security will pay close to 80% of its benefits even if absolutely nothing is done to improve its finances.

And, God forbid, if the payroll cap is lifted – an act that represents a teensy, weensy adjustment – the Fund can pay nearly 100% of the benefits guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.

And worse yet, if action isn’t taken in the next few years to finally destroy the program, it will begin to get even stronger than it already is.

angela 4

Oh, ferchrissakes. Obama’s fucking up again. We’ll never sell this austerity shit if he doesn’t get on the stick.” (Statement by German Chancellor and Austerity Beauty Queen Angela Merkel as recorded on NSA secret listening devices. Report filed by UPW News Senior White House Correspondent Marcy Popindick).

Here’s why.

Now some of you may not know this, but everybody is going to die. Sorry to have to break the bad news to you but that means you as well. It also means absolutely everybody in the baby boom generation. And as they begin to die off, the SS Trust Fund will begin once again to achieve a reasonable balance between payees and retirees. Once that happens, the fund can no longer be attacked for being a threat to the financial security of the U.S. economy.

So action to destroy the SS program must be taken now, immediately, if not sooner, because we’re running out of time. Before you know it, the Fund will be in surplus again and nobody will want to get rid of it.

So all in favor of destroying Social Security and profitizing retirement funds by handing your payroll deductions over to Wall Street schemers, say I.

Hello out there. Say I.



Despite the fact that Social Security is on a sound path, Barack Obama is determined to fix what ain’t broken, His “chained CPI” cuts could leave the program vulnerable to even more drastic cuts in the future.

Guess the propaganda program perpetrated by the right wing wealthy isn’t working as well as they had hoped.

Now if we could only convince Barack Obama to pull in his claws and stop tearing into SS….



Daddy, I don’t care if you are president, you shouldn’t be listening in on Mommy’s phone calls.

Daddy’s the president that’s for sure.
He’s the man we all adore.
But daddy’s doing a very bad thing.
He thinks that mommy’s having a fling.
So he bugs her phone and wires her door.


More Bad News.

Oh my gosh. Just when you think the news can’t get any worse, it gets worse. If the news about SS improving isn’t bad enough, the news about Medicare is even more disturbing for the right wing wealthy. You see, the Medicare program is improving as well. And so are health care costs as a whole. So now it will be harder than ever to convince people to profitize the government’s senior health insurance program.

Son of a bitch. What is this country coming to?


We always wanted a president who would listen to us. Now we know we have one. Jay Leno.


Reinhart-Rogoff Constant.

Hate to keep harping on the quasi-scholarship of these two pseudo-economists but it seems their flawed study keeps popping back up in the news.

Some right wing, that is austerity, economists and wealthy wingers in general, are actually trying to resurrect the study and pronounce its findings correct after all.

Their efforts remind me of another constant, this one in real science. It is what Einstein called the “cosmological constant” and which he referred to as his greatest blunder.

The constant was a force whose presence Einstein predicted was necessary to oppose the inward pressure of gravity. The so-called force kept the universe from collapsing upon itself and kept this massive creation of nature static.

However, when Edward Hubble discovered that the universe was expanding at an increasingly accelerating rate, Einstein’s theory of a constant collapsed and humanity’s premier scientist called the idea his greatest blunder.

But not so fast. It now appears that Einstein’s greatest blunder was calling his constant a blunder in the first place.

Scientists now refer to the force that causes the universe to expand as “dark energy” and call it a “constant”, a theory that supports the great scientist’s idea of a cosmological constant. So Einstein was indeed wrong. But only about calling the constant a mistake. Turns out he was right again.


Mankind’s greatest scientist.

Reinhart-Rogoff aren’t so lucky. You’ll recall they postulated that economic growth slows when debt reaches 90% of GDP. Not only did they make a silly arithmetic mistake on a spreadsheet but they got the causation exactly backwards. Increasing debt, as they misunderstood, does not cause slow growth; slow growth causes increasing debt.

Therefore, the way to avoid slow growth is to increase growth. Pretty simple economics when you get causation right.

And the best means to achieve that outcome in a demand deficient economy is a temporary increase in government spending sufficient enough to increase demand to the point where economic growth is sustainable. And, a reality which cannot be denied except by austerians, growth increases revenue which reduces debt. Now that’s putting the horse before the cart where it belonged before R-R reversed the position.

And what do austerity wingers say to this great R-R blunder. “So what!” Even if austerity causes an economy to collapse upon itself, it must be imposed to, well, keep the economy from collapsing upon itself – a virtual impossibility of course. And therein lays the greatest blunder, economic wise, that is. R-R placed the cart before the horse and keeps it there until it exhausts itself.

Such behavior among the austerians seems irrational. As you might have guessed, however, that is not the case. Austerity can make the wealthy, wealthier and there are a number of means to bring this about, one of which is reduced wages in a languishing economy. Think not. Have you checked the stock market lately?


Not All Bugs Are Insects.

Hello, Batman. Is that you?

Robin, get off the damn phone. I’m working a couple of bugs on the White House communications system.


The Dynamic Duo from a 1966 TV episode.

Holy, insects, Batman. Is that what bugs are?


Good News. Unemployment Is Up.

Not all news is bad news for millionaires and billionaires. Unemployment is up and that’s good news if you’re rich. The latest Bureau of Labor stats reflect more workers for fewer jobs and that means lower wages. Lower wages increase profits.  Now that’s   bad news if you’re a working person.  Good news if you’re rich.

lions 2


Listening in is a big time bore.
So far he’s gotten an occasional snore.
Now a captive of NSA fools
He’s used as one of their many tools.
A warrior in a war we all deplore.


Third Way BS.

Third Way, the right wing billionaire funded propaganda group trying to pawn itself off as a moderate think tank and centrist – itself a contrivance – organization, has a membership composed of Wall Street and corporate very rich Social Security haters.

third way

The Third Way monster eager to devour innocent Social Security.  The image is by Eleanor Abbot from The Two Brothers, a fairy tale not to be confused with Third Way horror stories.  

Reality is of no concern to this wild eyed group of deficit hysterics who continuously churn out a message of doom for the Social Security program.

Currently on the website is this line of baloney:

There are a lot of charts, numbers, and projections in the annual report released by the Social Security Trustees Friday, but they really boil down to this: Social Security’s trust fund has 20 years to live.

You can read the link if you like but be assured the article is a mish-mash of Social Security hatred propaganda.

The italicized statement above which leads the article is a lie of course, overt mendacity being the method of choice of this group to spread hysteria about the collapse of SS.

The reality is the Fund will pay nearly 80% of its benefits for the next 75 years and those benefits will be greater than the checks of today because inflation has been included in the calculations for future benefits.

Now here is the basis for the lie. Benefits will begin to exceed revenues in about 20 years. At that time the Fund will begin to draw on savings from U.S Treasury bonds, backed by the full faith and credit and the United States Government, savings that add up to nearly $3 trillion.

What these brazen Social Security haters are advocating is that government simply refuse to pay the debt it owes to the fund, that is, the government default on the debt.

At any suggestion, however, that government default on its debt to private bondholders such as the Chinese would raise a howl of fury from these hypocrites.

Yet, to dump the debt owed to American citizens seems a perfectly natural goal – as you would expect because that eventuality would lead to greater wealth and security for the nation’s super rich.

So be aware that the Third Way moon walk away from the government’s debt owed to we the people comes with a raised middle finger pointed directly at the working class.

Beware the call of the siren. The allure is bewitching. But the tempting message is booby trapped.  (Photo:  Elmo Love, Fort Lauderdale, United States).


Hello?  President Obama? Is that you? Excuse me. I’m trying to make a phone call.


So Congress knows he’s snooping about
To catch an imaginary terrorist lout
He snoops and launches deadly drones
As the watching world with pity bemoans.
The endless war to whose cause he’s devout.
Congress declares his actions legal
So does his primary legal eagle.
So snooping about the country proceeds
Discarding the people’s privacy needs.
The president you see wears a crown now regal.
June 2, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 06/02/13

Amazing Scientific Principle Discovered.

The United States of America has the highest incarceration rate in the civilized world (for the sake of argument I’m including the U.S. in that category, some may disagree).

However, that rate can easily be adjusted to reflect the lowest rate on the entire planet. How? Don’t count prisoners, that’s how.

You could also close all the prisons and achieve the same result.

It’s amazing no one ever thought of this scientific device. Not Newton, not Descartes, not Einstein.


Andromeda, a famous prisoner of Greek mythology, chained to a rock as a sacrifice to appease a monster. She was freed by Perseus, whom she later married.


Now there is a cause and effect relationship here that could result in an unfavorable outcome for society as a whole. For one, the impact of a sudden release of all prisoners would cause a dramatic increase in the unemployment rate and an even more be insalubrious effect, to say the least, would be an increase in the crime rate – to say the least.

And when you consider that many people in jail are there for smoking pot and recidivism rates are high, releasing them could have an unexpected outcome. For one, the parts per million of second hand marijuana smoke in the atmosphere would no doubt increase exponentially in our rapidly overheating carbon bubble. We would not only be walking around with majawanna highs from second hand smoke but would also be increasing the atmospheric temperature and advancing the effects of global warming.

By using the scientific principle outlined above, however, there are any number of improvements that could be made to our cultural and economic problems.

Wanna lower the cost of health care, stop treating sick people (especially old sick people).

End global warming? Get rid of all the thermometers.

Oh sure, you’ll still be hot. But do you really need to know how hot?

How about ending recessions forever? Exclude people without jobs in employment figures.

At any rate, the data supporting a low incarceration rate by closing prisons is unassailable.


Oh, rats. It looks like Reinhart-Rogoff discovered the principle of ignoring causation before I did.


Carmen Reinhart, still employed by Harvard as an “economist.”.

Also, as Krugman and others have repeatedly pointed out, the correlations in R&R tell us nothing about causation. There are lots of sick people at hospitals. Would we not have sick people if we shut our hospitals?

Yes, we would still have sick people. But that’s not the point of the Reinhart-Rogoff “ignore causation” principle. The outcome of closing all the hospitals would reduce costs precipitously and that, for example, RR,s economics saves Medicare.


Food Stamp Hysteria.

I’m really getting tired of people complaining about wage slavery in Asian countries.

If people want to starve, the least they can do is work for it.


Logo of SNAP, food assistance program on the Republican cutting board.

And why is there so much fuss about Congress wanting to reduce food stamps for starving Americans. Millions of people work for starving wages. Why should Americans be any different? Right, Jamie.

So it causes hardship. Nothing wrong with a little hardship. It builds character. We’re really doing God’s work, right Lloyd.


Their Lordships Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein, Wall Street masters of the principle that profit justifies the means

Besides, if the gods wanted everyone to eat, they would have given us safe herbicides, pesticides and genetically modified organisms. Instead, they gave us Monsanto.

And let’s look on the bright side here, starving is one of the most effective means of combating the obesity epidemic.


Flack For Consumers.

American consumers are taking a lot of flack lately for buying cheap goods made by Asian wage slavers working in substandard conditions.

Not that we have any choice though. Even upscale retailers buy goods made by wage slaves.

And consumers do show some respect for their Asian underlings. After all, it’s not like we’re stepping on dead bodies in Bangladesh or anything.

And of course nothing is ever said about the poor quality of the product produced by these starving people. You’re supposed to get what you pay for even if it’s cheap. But that’s not always the case when you’re dealing with arrogant wage slaves.

I once bought a shirt made by Asians and a button came off in less than two weeks. Had to throw the thing away. Makes you wonder if these people are really worth the slave wage they’re getting paid. I think their wages should be docked a bowl of rice a day for an entire month.

Right. Walmart.


What’s Her Name Quits.

Michelle Bachmann threw in the towel this week. She won’t be running for reelection to her Minnesota congressional seat.

bachmann 1

One of the great benefits of her withdrawal will be the loss of her seat on the House Intelligence Committee. According to a spokesperson, her loss could bring the committee’s average IQ level above 25 for the first time since Republicans won the House in the 2010 election.

House Speaker John Boehner, who appointed Bachmann to the committee, said it would be difficult to find a replacement of her caliber among Republicans should they hold the House in 2014.

Greatfully, she tossed in the towel. She could have thrown her hat in the ring for a fifth time.


McCarthy Arisen.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has been accused of being the resurrected McCarthy. No, not Joe. Charlie.

Yes, that’s right. Charlie McCarthy, beloved wooden headed puppet and best of pal of Edgar Bergen, ventriloquist and father of Candice.

The similarities between the congressman and McCarthy end, however, at puppet and wooden headed.


Charlie, you see, had some class. Issa is a boar.

Charlie treated people with dignity. Issa is a rude politico guided only by unquenchable ambition.

Charlie was honest. Issa’s background may include criminal behavior.

Bergen, however, had another puppet character that may bear some resemblance to the Oversight Committee chairman. His name, Mortimer Snerd. Now there’s an Issa double if ever there was one.