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September 29, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 09/29/13


Prize Announced.

Pasta Fagioli, Italy.

The Nobella Prize Committee announced just moments ago the latest winner of the MVP award.

The newest recipient of the Most Valuable Putz honor is Ted Cruz the notorious senator from the state of Texas.

Cruz won the award for his invention of a speech format known as the non-filibuster. The senator became the first politician to use his new creation while performing a 21 hour monologue in the chamber of that notoriously undemocratic body sometimes referred to as the United States Senate.


The semi-illustrious senator, one Teddy Cruz, from the once great state of Texas.

The Cruz creation, referred to as a non-filibuster, is defined as a diatribe that is not intended to forestall a vote on legislation not before the Senate. As such, such speechifying prevents nothing, accomplishes nothing and is good for nothing. The senator from Texas, most assuredly, can lay claim to being worthy of the prize named for the kind of behavior he so fruitlessly exhibited.

During his one man talk show, the host of the festivities read passages from Green Ham & Eggs by Dr. Seuss, a book that is reportedly a favorite among many Republicans.

Also noteworthy in the talkathon was the fact that Cruz stated unequivocally that he really liked White Castle hamburgers. (So what’s wrong with Steak & Shake).

Oh, I almost forgot. The freshman pol, affectionately known as “Teddy” to his friend in the Senate (yes, he does have one friend but that illuminary has refused to identify himself), mentioned his dislike for Obama’s Obamacare as well.

So, in recognition of his performance before that infamous deliberative institution, the members of the Nobella Prize Committee proudly granted to Sen. Teddy Cruz of Texas the Most Valuable Putz award.


Winners of The Most Valuable Putz Award receive a certificate acknowledging the award as well as a forged autographed copy of a photo of Don Alberto Vito Nobella, the originator of the prize.

These exceptional individuals also receive a statuette named the Pubar which is engraved with the words “Putzed up beyond all reason.” Known as the Putzie, the coveted statuette is sculpted of rusted metal stolen from an auto junk yard.

The Putzie is given while supplies last.  Unfortunately for the current winner supplies just ran out.


Dems Practice Mind Control.

A Colorado politician claimed this week that Democrats in his state are using mind control to force people to accept “homosexual marriage.”

Given that the vast majority of Democrats already accept marriage equality, Kent Lambert must be referring to his fellow Repubs.

It’s hard to accept the “mind control” premise, however. There’s so very little to control.


Mendacity Squared.

If a president of the United States is a lying son of a bitch, is it OK to call him a lying son of a bitch.

Some people would say that we should not refer to a president who is a lying son of a bitch as such out of respect for the office.

However, a president who is a lying son of a bitch obviously has no respect for the office he holds so is there any reason at all why anyone else should respect the office or its occupant

So it’s OK to call anyone who parks his mendacious ass in the Oval Office a lying son of a bitch.

There is one small problem here, however. Can you think of any president who wasn’t a lying son of a bitch?

The most recent three, Obama, Bush and Clinton, certainly earned that sobriquet.


Another representative from the once great state of Texas.

Let’s look at some of the lies told by the present occupant of that once honorable but now defiled office.

Comparing the candidates soaring 2008 campaign speeches with performance, it is obvious that Obama was lying through his teeth during his entire run for office.

Consider just a handful of promises that transformed lofty ideals into the “hopey-changey thing.”

For example, candidate Obama vowed to walk beside union workers in picket lines.

So where was “President” Obama when Gov. Scott Walker and his henchmen in the legislature and the courts of Wisconsin demeaned public employees who protested in march after march the cuts to earned benefits they suffered under Republican tyranny in that sorrowful state..

From the White House came a telling silence. It seems the president developed a rare and mysterious disease known as BTB syndrome. He must have acquired a blister on his big toe, a condition that apparently recurs during each and every labor protest, that prevents him from fulfilling his promise to stand beside his supporters while they marched against cuts to hard earned benefits.

And during the protracted Occupy Movement, when the president had numerous opportunities to redeem himself, what did we hear from the Oval Office? The same roaring silence as before.

wis protest

The president stayed toasty warm in his White House digs during the Wisconsin protests.


Another of candidate Obama’s peeves was campaign payola. He decried campaign contributions and called the system corrupt in numerous speeches, particularly venting anger at lobbyists. Then, in office, he did nothing except to raise ever more payola than his opponents – nearly $750,000,000 in all.


The public option, remember that. Obama proclaimed his support for one repeatedly.

He then went back on his word. But worse than that, he became the Sneak-In-Chief when he and his henchmen negotiated with drug industry czar Billy Tauzin promising to keep hands off pharmaceutical profits and to block Congressional efforts to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices. He did this in secret meetings in exchange for industry support for Obamacare.

The flim flam was of course exposed and because of Obama’s behind the back wheeling and dealing, Democrats were crushed in the 2010 elections and lost the House. In effect, Obama destroyed Nancy Pelosi’s Speakership and now must contend with an intransigent, mindless Tea Party lower chamber.

Sadly, for this hapless president, he has no one to blame but himself.


As a candidate, Obama promised to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. So what did he do? Continued both for years and actually stepped up the war in Afghanistan with the infusion of thousands of combat troops. Although it must be noted that Obama, to the disbelief of supporters, did indicate that he would commit troops to a “surge” in Afghanistan.

Our military would still be fighting the Bush/Obama wars in both countries if it had not been booted out by the leaders of those ill-treated nations.


Obama accelerated the drone attacks begun by the Bush administration. By all accounts, these sneak attacks kill more innocent people than the terrorists they’re aimed at and engender both bitterness and hatred against the United States in all countries in which they are launched. Polls in Pakistan alone confirm the deep resentment toward America held by people of nations under drone attack.

bo head


There are numerous other ways in which candidate Obama backed away from the promises of “hope and change” he proclaimed in his speeches. Read just a handful of them and it will be difficult not to agree that as president, Obama has revealed himself to be nothing more than a ruthless pol who earned his bone fides in the rough and tumble of down and dirty Chicago politics.

Tribal Democrats, who would vote for the devil if he wrapped himself in the Party’s mantle, accept unquestioningly Obama’s performance in office and blow off his mendacity by making excuses for the sharply conservative direction he’s moving the country in.


Excuses for the president’s back stabbing behavior can be logged in the comments section.

Here’s a short list of some excuse makers. You are welcome to add to or join the list.


Get Ready for Hillary.

Tribal Democrats are positively salivating over the possible run for president of former Secretary of State and senator from Wall Street, the one and only Hillary Clinton.

Here’s something to chill the hot drooling: Hillary accepted payola during her campaigns for the Senate from the likes of Rupert Murdock and execs in Wall Street firms who are among her best buddies.

Moreover, her recent performance before the Carlyle Group millionaires club was intended to send the clear message that she’s “ready to play ball in exchange for payola.”

The Carlyle Group is the many tentacled hedge fund engaged in private equity deals similar to Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital.

Her appearance at this benighted group of one percenters reinforces the reality that to win in American politics, you gotta have the geetus. It’s the scratch that runs government in this country and Hillary demonstrated how well she knows that pitiful truth.


Here’s a short video of Barack Obama informing us of what we already know-there are forces conspiring against the middle class. What many don’t know or refuse to admit is that Obama himself is one of those forces. Read only a little about the Trans Pacific Partnership, described as NAFTA on steroids, and realize that the president is a powerful advocate of that nefarious trade scam, and you will agree.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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September 22, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 09/22/13


McWarmonger turned McPeacenik Mitch McConnell (R-Right Wing Radical) has completed his metamorphosis from McSpendthrift to McScrooge. And it only took one election. That, of course, being the election of a Democratic president in 2008.

McSpendthrift, you recall, voted repeatedly to increase the debt limit under Repub President George W. Bush. McWarmonger voted to start wars and to re-fund them to the tune of what added up to several trillion dollars with the meter still running. The money however, was off the books so that made the spending somehow OK even though the American taxpayer was footing the bill.

four face

Which way does Mitch McFourface vote? Depends entirely on whose president.

Now, continuing his makeover, McPeacenik recently opposed war in Syria (probably the only decent gesture he’s made in his obnoxious and protracted career).

mitch peace

Mitch McPeacnik..

McScrooge has been around since Obama became president. This character recently rose from the depths as the Repub leader declared he believes voting against raising the debt limit gives the GOP leverage against the prez so the GOPers can continue screwing working people.

And now this four personality hypocrite seeks yet another term as senator of the very rich in Kentucky.

And he’ll probably win the election.

Only in America.


We’re No. 1 – In Gun Kills.

Something we can all be very proud of.

The mass murder in DC is a good time to remind ourselves that we have a Second Amendment right to be shot to death by firearms.


Elephants And Clowns.

The Repub clowns are at it again. Over 40 votes to pull the plug on Obamacare by yanking the bucks to pay for it. Just incredible. This time they will link the yank to the debt ceiling vote.

Did I say clowns? I certainly didn’t mean to denigrate those circus laugh makers. I’ve been to several Barnum & Bailey extravaganzas with kids and grand kids and the clowns are a very special feature.

English: "The Barnum & Bailey greatest sh...

English: “The Barnum & Bailey greatest show on earth Wonderful performing geese, roosters and musical donkey”.

And so are the elephants, the political variety of whom obey the commands of their Wall Street and corporate masters at every turn.


If you’re not in the 1% you’re getting this from the GOP.

But not to worry about the politicians represented by that massive but obedient GOP beast. The caper they’re attempting to pull off will turn out to be just another defunder blunder by the extremists. Pay no attention.


The Creature From The Slime Lagoon.

Pink slime, that is, the profit making venture of meat processors that blends cow carcass parts considered to fatty for human consumption into a chopped beef concoction from which hamburgers are mushed together with more chopped meat stuff.

Not to worry though if you taste or smell ammonia while ingesting these gastronomic delights. The gas form of that chemical is spread throughout the slime to kill bacteria. And you certainly don’t want your kids eating those tiny creatures.

But let’s face it, pink slime burgers can’t be any worse than chicken bone soup made with warm water and an occasional floating noodle or beef stew drool with vegie mush, both of which are served regularly for lunch in school cafeterias.


No, not pink slime, but a variety of good meats prepared to make sausage. And you can do it yourself. Grandma’s recipe is long gone though.

All three of the above menu items are good reasons to have your kids pack lunches from home and brown bag it. My kids would eat a school lunch only when pizza was served. Guess that was good enough, and safe enough, to consume.


Health Insurance Swamp.

We keep hearing the news media propagandizing that a government run program of health insurance represents socialized medicine. And you should probably expect this type of propaganda from corporate controlled news organizations.

Be aware that the perverted message is propaganda. Because under government health insurance such as Medicare and Medicaid, doctors are businessmen. They still run their own profit making businesses. And hospitals would remain just as the are today, massive profit gouging corporations.

Right wing propagandists insist that government health insurance always leads to socialized medicine whereby doctors and hospital staff would become Federal employees.

However, in many industrialized countries government health insurance and profit health care exist side by side. In fact, the United States is one of those countries. Half the population is covered by Medicare and Medicaid and that number will surely increase as baby boomers continue to retire. And when did Medicare become effective? In the mid-1960s, decades ago, and profit medicine remains alive and well.

The United Kingdom is an example of a country where socialized medicine exists since its providers (once known as doctors and nurses) work for the government.

A Thatcherized profit system of health insurance was introduced to that tiny island nation but, after a time, began losing members who found the government system to be a better deal and they  returned to the British National Health Service.

Canada’s health care system is another example of a successful program of socialized medicine. The Canadians love it despite the hysterical horror story propaganda emanating from right wing Randian dolts in the United States.

That brings us to Obamacare, that miasma of rules and regulations you need a Philadelphia lawyer to explain. Yes, the president’s “signature program” has good features. It’s complexities however, present a serious drawback.

For example, ya got your Bronze Plan (also referred to as the “bankruptcy special”. Then ya got your Silver Plan and your Gold Plan and, last but not least, your Platinum Plan and an infinite list of premium charges associated with each.

library of congress

The Library of Congress. The Affordable Care Act is in there somewhere.

Fuggetaboutit. You can look it up on Google under Okefenokee*.

Much better would have been a simple public option that allows for a Medicare buy in and would eliminate the greedy middleman.

Corporate payola to corrupt government put the kibosh on the single payer possibility – probably forever.

*Actually you can look up Obamacare in Google but not under Okefenokee, which is a swamp in Georgia, even though the two may be synonymous.



You are about to be TPP’d. By none other than our right wing president Barack Obama.

TPP, of course, stands for Trans Pacific Partnership, the 11 nation trade agreement now being negotiated largely with Asian nations.

The pact is the most dangerous threat to working class America since NAFTA and Obama is pushing hard to get it signed off.

bo head

Obama is not the Democrat so many of us expected.

The contract has been written with the participation of U.S. corporations and is being negotiated in a black hole of secrecy. It is so inimical to the interests of the American people that we are being kept in the dark – completely shut out from the from the talks and the terms. All at the behest of right wing president Barack Obama.

What little we do know about the pact has come to light only through leaks.

Here are a few of the details.

Corporations will be given the power to evade national law and a nation’s legal system. Laws pertaining to the environment and worker safety will be abandoned. Any attempt to force a corporation to obey the law can be litigated in a supranational court whose judges will have the power to nullify existing laws.

All of the above will apply to minimum wage laws, effectively making the American worker a wage slave as much as his Asian counterpart now is.

Protest can be declared a terrorist act. However, protest may never occur since corporations will be given an open path to shutter even more American factories.

Obama is pursuing what is called a “fast track” road to passage of his rigged agreement. “Fact track” forbids Congress to exercise is Constitutional authority to review and amend legislation. The pact constrains Congress to an up or down vote, majority wins.


If you’re in the 99%, you’re about to get more of this from your government.  (Photo: Шантира Шани).

Studies reveal that Obama’s TPP portends a national employment disaster even greater than now exists as a result of the crash of 2008.. As much as 90% of the middle class will be affected by Obama’s rigged pact through jobs losses or wage reductions.

Still think the president is a man of the people. If you’re not convinced otherwise by his attack on the social safety net, his repeated slap in the face to union members and turning a blind eye to millions of foreclosure victims, there is probably nothing that will change your mind about the man. The TPP monstrosity, however, places Obama to the far right on the political spectrum, if he wasn’t there already, regardless of your opinion of our Wall Street president. 

Eyes on Trade: Study: “Trade”
Deal Would Mean a
Pay Cut for 90% of U.S. Workers



September 17, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 09/15/13

Neocons And The Bible.

The Gospel according to neocons: Strike first the other’s cheek; and when he turns, strike again.


Paul Wolfowitz, who neoconed his way to wealth during the Clinton and Bush II administrations, is a renowned neoconservative and the author of the Wolfowitz Doctrine which stipulates that unilateral, preemptive war is justified to prevent potential military threats to the nation.


Maximum Corruption.

Not satisfied with the bang for the buck that their payola is achieving, the Koch brothers have announced the hiring of an accounting firm to maximize their corruption pay offs.

The firm’s offices are located in a back alley of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

ho chi

Ho Chi Minh City by day and night; a theater and a museum. What a difference the absence of war makes. (Photo credits Iostream01, Jorge Lascar)

Well, they’ve offshored manufacturing jobs. Might as well kill the accounting profession while they’re at it.


Hart To Nobody.

From time to time former senator and failed presidential candidate Gary Hart posts a post to Huffington Post. Most of the posts he posts are worthy of note.

His latest however, doesn’t make much of a point. It seems to me his advice is something like “we should when we should and we shouldn’t when we shouldn’t.” Good advice no doubt. But do you really need to expend several hundred words to give it.

Oh, I almost forgot. The post is about the proposed attack on Syria. I think.

Hart gave his effort to solve the debate the title “Certainty and Doubt” as in “should we should or should we shouldn’t.”

gary hart

Gary Hart pictured in headier days.

Well, here’s a thought on that thought. We’ve been fed a pack of lies by our government for decades. The trust has been broken.

When you don’t know who to trust, you trust no one. And that includes Obama.

Here’s another thought on that thought. Does even Obama know the truth of the matter? I wonder.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


Oh, Oh, Obamacare.

The Repubs are voting to repeal Obamacare.


Yeah, for real.

Actually, if they do so, it will be the 42nd time, count ’em, that they’ve pulled this caper and if you haven’t heard you are no doubt skimming across the surface of the planet Mars searching for a phone booth to call home (I wonder what the toll would be?).

If the vast majority of voters in the country don’t believe the Repubs are making fools of themselves, then there’s something wrong with the voters of this nation.

There are many things to dislike about Obamacare, not the least of which is that it represents a sellout to the health insurance industry. But these ridiculous votes merely shine the light on GOP right wing extremism (madness?).


Here’s something else not to like about Obamacare. For instance, if you are single and earn $30,000 a year, you will pay no more than $325.00 per month ($3900.00/yr.) for a health insurance plan. But wait. It gets better. While you must pay the required amount each month, you will receive whatcha call your tax credit when you file your income tax return.

That’s because Obamacare mandates the maximum amount an individual must pay for health insurance is based on income. Get it.

Sooo, someone earning $30,000 a year picks up the tab for 8.37 per cent of the total premium which is $3,900 or $2512 tab per year. The tax credit amounts to the difference between the total premium paid during the course of the year less the Obamacare mandated amount of $2512 or $1388, the tax credit that is.

Those figures apply only to example above and to the Silver Plan. If you pay more (or less), then the numbers will change accordingly. And they differ from area to area and plan to plan.

Did I mention plans?

Well, believe it or not, you actually get to choose your very own plan. And here they are – drum roll please – the Bronze Plan, the Silver Plan, the Gold Plan and the Platinum Plan. Seriously!

Let’s just look at the Bronze Plan for another moment and then we’ll get out of this mess.

The Bronze Plan mandates a 60/40 split, the individual pays the 40. Deductibles are expected to be around $5,000.00.

bronze coin

An ancient Roman coin made of bronze with the Emperor Diocletian pictured. It wasn’t worth much in its day. Sorta like the Obamacare Bronze Plan, now being referred to as the “bankruptcy special.” (Photo: Wikimedia).

Sooo-, if you are unlucky enough to require health care that costs $30,000.00 (a modest amount by today’s standards), your take will be $12,000.00 (40%) plus deductibles (as much as $5,000.00).

Now that rubbish can whack a dent in anybody’s budget and can put the $695.00 penalty and emergency room treatment in a very favorable light.

Did I mention the penalty….???

Here’s some of the fine print. A tax credit is credit against taxes paid. You never receive a refund for more than you’ve paid. Therefore, if you pay little of no Federal Income Tax, you get little or no credit regardless of how much your Obamacare health insurance premium may be. 


Who Says We’re Exceptional?

President Obama, that’s who.

You should however, know that, among other things, there seems to be some confusion in the White House about the “values” the American empire is broadcasting to the world.

Given our government’s penchant for making war, a vast majority of the population on this fragile planet has come to the conclusion that our “values” are not much better than Putin’s. That would be Vladimir Putin who President Obama has accused of not having the same values as us exceptional folks right here in the good ole US of A.

Well, if you didn’t before, you know now – YOUR EXCEPTIONAL!!!


What Am I Bid For This Chair?

How about a million bucks? At least that’s what Larry Summers is willing to put up for a shot at the chairmanship of the Federal Bank.

Actually, he’s not sliding a mil across the table. He’s decided to give up speaking fees which, if your Larry Summers could quickly add up to that preposterous amount.


Larry took a dive for the prez.

So, in essence, the man is willing to pay dearly to snatch that Fed job.

His actions,by the way, are a good indication that he’s still No. 1 on Obama’s list.

breaking news

It’s not really breaking news, but alas for poor Larry the news is a bust.

It seems our boy from Wall Street was not only opposed by liberals and Repubs but by the boys from the Street. Summers learned too late that the only thing you can count on the Street for is to cheat and back stab. And the residents of that infamous locale do it so well.

And all of this occurred after Japan’s Nikkei news reported that Obama had indeed chosen Summers as his Fed Chair nominee – according to an anonymous source, of course, of course. So much for getting info straight from the mouth of a horse, of course, of course..

However, it took a meeting with Sen Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), the woman for whom Summers dashed all hopes of becoming Chair of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, only because she’s honest.

elizabeth warren

It is my distinct pleasure to present to you the next President of the United States……Yes, I’ve been having illusions. I’m convinced it’s something in the scotch.  One thing for sure, she’s got my vote.. 

Warren, no doubt, gave the former Obama economic adviser, a piece of her mind.

Finally, Summers and Obama saw the handwriting on the wall – the nomination, if it occurred, was dead on arrival in the Senate.

What is especially irritating about the whole fiasco is that after a month of vehement opposition to a Summers nomination by liberal supporters, the president stood ready to give the back of his hand to his patrons. It was only when defeat in the Senate became clear that Obama threw in the towel.


Ever wonder why they’re rich and you struggling. Check out the slide show.

Infographic: Why The Rich Stay Rich | Co.Design | business design


Non Sequitur.

Just a little limerick fun to end this dreary post.


There once was a man from Nantucket
Who bumped his head on a bucket.
That rusty old pail
It hung from a nail.
Were he nimbler he could easily duck it.


There once was a man from Nantucket
Who got his ass stuck in a bucket.
I’m sorry to say,
It spoiled his whole day.
His butt from the bucket he couldn’t unpluck it.


There once was a man from Nantucket
Who got his head stuck in a bucket.
Oh what a sight
As his head it stuck tight.
And no one could hear him say fuck it.


There once was a gal cooked a stew.
She did it while sipping a brew.
It went to her head
In a moment of dread
She saw birds from the stew whence they flew.


A fellow was trying to fix
A gas engine making loud ticks.
He lit up a smoke
The end was no joke.
There are much better ways to get kicks.


A woman who needed a fix
Walked the street while plying for tricks
She got caught by a cop
Who told her to stop
Then cuffed her with several quick clicks.


A man who demands a quick fix
Was told by his honey nix nix
It’s time for a nap
Stop being a sap
Whack your stick on a pile of bricks.


The last three were also posted to Mad Kane’s blog:


September 8, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 09/08/13

Dump The Fried Chicken.

Here’s fair warning, stop eating fried chicken immediately – if not sooner.

English: Fried Chicken - breasts. I used Drake...

English: Fried Chicken – breasts. I used Drake’s Cripsy Fry and deep fried them)or wings) to crispy perfection. No seasoning needed, in the mix. I did add crushed black pepper after done. I sometimes use or mix Crispy Fry as an alternative mix. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why? Well, eating fried chicken causes poverty, of course.

You mean you didn’t know that! Gee, are you ever ill-informed.

But it’s all true. Just note what a Colorado Republican state legislator had to say about that. Sen. Vicki Marble (boy, could you have fun with that name but we’ll resist temptation for once) that eating fried chicken causes higher poverty rates among the poor.

See. I told ya. Stop eating fried chicken. Even though it’s pretty much a cheap meal (except for Kentucky Fried) and can taste really good if it’s done right.

a rendition of the many forms of advertising d...

A rendition of the many forms of advertising done by kentucky fried chicken (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ah, but redemption is at hand. Another Colorado Republican, Lori Saine, brought fried chicken to a hearing and ate it to protest her colleague’s warnings about the bird’s harmful effects on people.

Now I don’t mean to make light of the contentious debate about fried chicken and poverty. But it seems to me the Colorado legislature has raised an important question and that is, which came first: the fried chicken or the poor.




Obama Big Loser In Contest.

No not the Congressional vote to go to war, which he probably will lose. But the contest for leadership of the free world.

Betcha didn’t even know there was a contest.

Well, there is. At least among right wing pundits who have been praising Russia’s anti-gay policies and who believe America should emulate the former Soviet Union’s intolerance of equal rights for the LGBT community.

In fact, one “out dere” right winger went so far as to declare Vladimir Putin the leader of the free world.


The new leader of the free world after a night on the town. (Original photo :

Sorry about that Barack. Times they are a changin’.

Right-Wing Media Boss Declares Russian President Putin

‘The Leader Of The Free World’ (IMAGE) –


Party Coup d’Etat.

During the administration of Bill Clinton, we witnessed a transformation of the Democratic party into a mirror image of the GOP of old – a right wing, corporate organ of Wall Street.

The right wing turn brought about by the Clintonistas is exemplified by two of the most egregious policies that forlorn administration passed off on the American people.

NAFTA, of course, dealt a crushing blow to the middle class already in the throes of a Reagan/Bush recession. And the wrong headed actions of Clinton Treasury department officials led directly to Wall Street mortgage malfeasance and the Great Recession.

The final blow to the party – the coup d’grace – awaited only the arrival of the Obama years. Under his leadership, the party of FDR proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare; passed so-called health insurance “reform” that does nothing to address costs and could well metastasize into another payola plan for Wall Street; and is at the forefront of support for job destroying trade agreements, jobs that are vital to middle class recovery.

And we all know about but know very little about the trade agreement Obama’s is pushing relentlessly for called the Trans-Pacific Partnership. In a nutshell, the plan will give virtual governing authority to global corporations that can bypass all local and national laws in every country where they choose to locate a factory. Safety and environmental regulations, minimum wage laws will be tossed out every courtroom window across the planet. TPP is the coup d’ grace to both the Democratic party and the middle class engineered by Obama apparatchiks.


Two Democratic presidents who betrayed their party.

And in the manner of the sneaky Newt Gingrich who, as Speaker of the House and with the full cooperation of the Clintonistas, called NAFTA an agreement rather than what it truthfully was – a treaty – thereby sidestepping the two-thirds requirement of the Senate for passage.

All trade “agreements” after the Gingrich/Clinton coup have passed Congress only by majority vote and by using a tactic called “fast tracking” that limits Congressional debate on trade proposals.

So there you have it. A party that turns its back on its hugely successful signature programs and sets about to destroy much of what remains of the middle class.

It took two right wing Democratic presidents to accomplish this feat. Clinton and Obama share responsibility for the death of the working class party and its reincarnation as a corporate payola machine.


Kick ‘Em Out, Kick ‘Em Out, Waaaay Out.

The Newsers are at it again. The Fox Newsers that is.


Dana Perino, popular Fox News pretty face.

Pretty face, and a blond at that, Dana Perino said “If these people really don’t like it, they don’t have to live here.”

And Clintonista Bob Beckel chimed in, “ Yeah, that’s a good point.”

They were speaking of atheists who brought suit in a Massachusetts court to have the words “under God” removed from the Pledge of Allegiance because it violates the Bay State’s Equal Rights Amendment.

While I can think of many more useful issues to sue governments about, opposition to a phrase in the pledge should in no way be cause for a person to leave his or her country of birth.

On the other hand, it seems to me the country would be a whole lot better off if people of the ilk of Perino and Beckel found a home elsewhere.

Fox News host ‘tired’ of atheists’ demands for freedom from

religion: ‘They don’t have to live here’ | The Raw Story


Hard To Believe.

You’re not going to believe this, but it’s true nevertheless. George W. Bush, yes that one, is about to receive the Improving The Human Condition award.

I told you you wouldn’t believe it.

The man who brazenly lied to justify an invasion of a harmless country and who, in the process, murdered several hundred thousand people and deracinated millions more, is being honored by the University of Denver with an award which, if it wasn’t before, has now become a meaningless gesture.

Oh, but wait. The award is being presented at a fundraiser. Well, that explains it. At least somebody will cash in on this fiasco. And, God knows, George certainly knows how to raise the ole payola. After all, he did it for eight years as president and that skill no doubt resulted in his greatest achievement as the nation’s honcho.


The nation went with the devil it knew and gave George W. Bush a second term.

But humanitarian award!!! Gimme a break.

To save grace, students, faculty and alumni are protesting this insult to The Josef Korbel School from whence the decision to award the award erupted.

Well, good luck with the protest, guys. But this sham looks like a done deal.



September 1, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 09/01/13.

Did I Say That?

President Obama did a full voltafaccia yesterday on his plans for Iraq. Oh, did I say Iraq. Sorry, I meant Syria.  


Should I should; or should I shouldn’t.

The president originally stated that he was prepared to attack Syria alone if he couldn’t get support from allies or the UN.

At some point during the day, however, he chickened out. Why would he do an about face and risk his credibility by making such a drastic move?

For one thing, he doesn’t have much credibility left so that’s not really an issue.

My guess is that cooler heads in the White House prevailed.

Cooler political heads that is.

The Speaker of the House – oh, what’s his name again. You know, the guy with the shit eating grin. Well, anyway this guy sends the president a letter demanding the details for any aggressive actions the White House is contemplating.

Turns out the president doesn’t know yet. Just a little something, maybe, to remind Bashar al-Assad, the honcho in Syria, just whose boss around here – meaning, of course, the planet.


Bashar al-Assad on the hot seat.  (By Carlos Latuff).

 Anyways, those cooler political heads I mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago determined the president could be risking an impeachment proceeding in the House if he attacked unilaterally. The Speaker’s gaggle of geese have been positively drooling to stick it to the prez with an impeachment warrant, worthless as such a move might be. And they could do it forty times just like they did with votes to repeal Obamacare. And they’re not finished with that yet. So why create more fuss and feathers in the House than we already have.

To make a long story, ya know, short, the prez decides to leave the whole matter of military action against Syria up to Congress.

And the matter is so urgent that the House promised to return to session as soon as possible. Like September 9 – as originally scheduled.

I mean, hey, why mess up a vacation just because some president wants to attack another country. Happens all the time. It can wait a couple more weeks.

eric cantor

War or no war. Ain’t goin’ nowheres when they’re bitin’.

But seriously folks, a dictator who uses weapons of mass destruction must be confronted. The danger of leaving the use of such weapons unpunished risks more casual deployment in the future. So something’s coming down. It’s just a matter of when and what.

What to look for? First, I predict seriously serious meetings in the White House between the president and the Congressional leadership. They’ll have to play it up big time with seriously serious statements coming from the prez and the leadership containing stern warnings and threats of an attack. Might even be a reference or two to Munich. That always plays well in the media and there’s nothing like a good headline to get a war started.

Next will come the solemn faces and grave words about how a lawless dictator must be held accountable. Good spot for that Munich thing I mentioned.

Last but not least comes the assault. Don’t expect much more than a handful of cruise missile launched against military depots and communications facilities. That should do it. Then we can all go back to our normal lives, proud and happy.

On the other hand….

There are all those pesky unknown unknowns nobody knows about.

Maybe we should put the Marines on alert. Just in case.


Sticks In The Mud.

Just when you think you’re all set to start another war, the British Parliament votes to shoot it down.

Holy embarrassment, Batman. How did that happen?”

I got blind-sided, Robin.”

So did David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the entire United Kingdom.


The Most High Hineness His Lordship the Earl of Scotchinghamshire and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron’s first reaction to the Parliamentary smack down: “Poppycock, I say. Sheer poppycock. The ungrateful baastards.  (Original photo credit:  DFID – UK Department for International Development)..

All lip smacking ready to send his nation into battle at the side of Barack Obama, the primey was forced to back down when Parliament handed him a stinging defeat by 13 votes as it ruled out military intervention in Syria.

The Parliamentary smack down marked the first time in recent history that Great Britain abandoned its traditional support for an American president’s decision to attack another nation.

As we all know,” the Prime Minister said, “Parliament can be a stick in the mud.”


The Oval Office was said to be disappointed by the vote.

Other reports had Obama fuming at the blow to his creds when an unnamed White House source revealed the president’s reaction to the vote: “Oh, poopey,” the president is said to have said.


President Vows Middle Class Support.

The president came out strongly in support of a vibrant middle class in his Saturday address and reiterated his intentions to endorse efforts to restore the working class to its key role in the U.S economy.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, and behind our backs, Obama continues secret negotiations with Asian nations on a Trans-Pacific Partnership that will accelerate the decimation of U.S. jobs and with that the further decline of the middle class the he just vowed to revive.

There is every indication that he will press to fast track this betrayal of the American worker through Congress.

Nice words though.


Failure Breeds Success.

Deregulation played a major role in the in the economic collapse of 2008 and the aftermath that lingers for millions of Americans to this day.

Not to worry though. That historic failure on the part of Wall Street bankers led to astronomical rewards for the perps.

And Larry Summers, a prominent player in the bankers’ caper that caused the crash, is President Obama’s leading candidate for the Fed chairmanship.

Can we say that in America “failure breeds success”? At least for the upper crust?


Another Corporate Slave.

NPR continued its drift to the right and into the hands of its corporate sponsors.

More and more, this once independent, progressive voice bows to the wishes of it corporate donors. Gotta keep the money flowing, right guys.

This week the once venerable radio outlet stood squarely behind its corporate sponsors by forcing upon its listeners the myth that a rise in the minimum wage causes job losses.

According to at least 650 economist, Nobel prize winners among them, an outcome described by the NPR report is patently false.

Corporate cash works wonders however and NPR is the latest victim of its ubiquity.

Ah, the sweet smell of payola. Irresistible. It’s finally bringing the renegades at public radio under its thumb.


Night night.

Conservative pundit and Daily Caller editor Tucker Carlson takes a snooze. Must a bin tuckered out. In more ways than one actually.


Tucker takes a commercial break. (Original photo by Gage Skidmore).

Worthy of note, Carlson has gotten rid of that silly bow tie he always wore.

And it’s the only thing worthy of note.