The DC Folly Trolley – 09/01/13.

Did I Say That?

President Obama did a full voltafaccia yesterday on his plans for Iraq. Oh, did I say Iraq. Sorry, I meant Syria.  


Should I should; or should I shouldn’t.

The president originally stated that he was prepared to attack Syria alone if he couldn’t get support from allies or the UN.

At some point during the day, however, he chickened out. Why would he do an about face and risk his credibility by making such a drastic move?

For one thing, he doesn’t have much credibility left so that’s not really an issue.

My guess is that cooler heads in the White House prevailed.

Cooler political heads that is.

The Speaker of the House – oh, what’s his name again. You know, the guy with the shit eating grin. Well, anyway this guy sends the president a letter demanding the details for any aggressive actions the White House is contemplating.

Turns out the president doesn’t know yet. Just a little something, maybe, to remind Bashar al-Assad, the honcho in Syria, just whose boss around here – meaning, of course, the planet.


Bashar al-Assad on the hot seat.  (By Carlos Latuff).

 Anyways, those cooler political heads I mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago determined the president could be risking an impeachment proceeding in the House if he attacked unilaterally. The Speaker’s gaggle of geese have been positively drooling to stick it to the prez with an impeachment warrant, worthless as such a move might be. And they could do it forty times just like they did with votes to repeal Obamacare. And they’re not finished with that yet. So why create more fuss and feathers in the House than we already have.

To make a long story, ya know, short, the prez decides to leave the whole matter of military action against Syria up to Congress.

And the matter is so urgent that the House promised to return to session as soon as possible. Like September 9 – as originally scheduled.

I mean, hey, why mess up a vacation just because some president wants to attack another country. Happens all the time. It can wait a couple more weeks.

eric cantor

War or no war. Ain’t goin’ nowheres when they’re bitin’.

But seriously folks, a dictator who uses weapons of mass destruction must be confronted. The danger of leaving the use of such weapons unpunished risks more casual deployment in the future. So something’s coming down. It’s just a matter of when and what.

What to look for? First, I predict seriously serious meetings in the White House between the president and the Congressional leadership. They’ll have to play it up big time with seriously serious statements coming from the prez and the leadership containing stern warnings and threats of an attack. Might even be a reference or two to Munich. That always plays well in the media and there’s nothing like a good headline to get a war started.

Next will come the solemn faces and grave words about how a lawless dictator must be held accountable. Good spot for that Munich thing I mentioned.

Last but not least comes the assault. Don’t expect much more than a handful of cruise missile launched against military depots and communications facilities. That should do it. Then we can all go back to our normal lives, proud and happy.

On the other hand….

There are all those pesky unknown unknowns nobody knows about.

Maybe we should put the Marines on alert. Just in case.


Sticks In The Mud.

Just when you think you’re all set to start another war, the British Parliament votes to shoot it down.

Holy embarrassment, Batman. How did that happen?”

I got blind-sided, Robin.”

So did David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the entire United Kingdom.


The Most High Hineness His Lordship the Earl of Scotchinghamshire and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron’s first reaction to the Parliamentary smack down: “Poppycock, I say. Sheer poppycock. The ungrateful baastards.  (Original photo credit:  DFID – UK Department for International Development)..

All lip smacking ready to send his nation into battle at the side of Barack Obama, the primey was forced to back down when Parliament handed him a stinging defeat by 13 votes as it ruled out military intervention in Syria.

The Parliamentary smack down marked the first time in recent history that Great Britain abandoned its traditional support for an American president’s decision to attack another nation.

As we all know,” the Prime Minister said, “Parliament can be a stick in the mud.”


The Oval Office was said to be disappointed by the vote.

Other reports had Obama fuming at the blow to his creds when an unnamed White House source revealed the president’s reaction to the vote: “Oh, poopey,” the president is said to have said.


President Vows Middle Class Support.

The president came out strongly in support of a vibrant middle class in his Saturday address and reiterated his intentions to endorse efforts to restore the working class to its key role in the U.S economy.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, and behind our backs, Obama continues secret negotiations with Asian nations on a Trans-Pacific Partnership that will accelerate the decimation of U.S. jobs and with that the further decline of the middle class the he just vowed to revive.

There is every indication that he will press to fast track this betrayal of the American worker through Congress.

Nice words though.


Failure Breeds Success.

Deregulation played a major role in the in the economic collapse of 2008 and the aftermath that lingers for millions of Americans to this day.

Not to worry though. That historic failure on the part of Wall Street bankers led to astronomical rewards for the perps.

And Larry Summers, a prominent player in the bankers’ caper that caused the crash, is President Obama’s leading candidate for the Fed chairmanship.

Can we say that in America “failure breeds success”? At least for the upper crust?


Another Corporate Slave.

NPR continued its drift to the right and into the hands of its corporate sponsors.

More and more, this once independent, progressive voice bows to the wishes of it corporate donors. Gotta keep the money flowing, right guys.

This week the once venerable radio outlet stood squarely behind its corporate sponsors by forcing upon its listeners the myth that a rise in the minimum wage causes job losses.

According to at least 650 economist, Nobel prize winners among them, an outcome described by the NPR report is patently false.

Corporate cash works wonders however and NPR is the latest victim of its ubiquity.

Ah, the sweet smell of payola. Irresistible. It’s finally bringing the renegades at public radio under its thumb.


Night night.

Conservative pundit and Daily Caller editor Tucker Carlson takes a snooze. Must a bin tuckered out. In more ways than one actually.


Tucker takes a commercial break. (Original photo by Gage Skidmore).

Worthy of note, Carlson has gotten rid of that silly bow tie he always wore.

And it’s the only thing worthy of note.




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