The DC Folly Trolley – 09/22/13


McWarmonger turned McPeacenik Mitch McConnell (R-Right Wing Radical) has completed his metamorphosis from McSpendthrift to McScrooge. And it only took one election. That, of course, being the election of a Democratic president in 2008.

McSpendthrift, you recall, voted repeatedly to increase the debt limit under Repub President George W. Bush. McWarmonger voted to start wars and to re-fund them to the tune of what added up to several trillion dollars with the meter still running. The money however, was off the books so that made the spending somehow OK even though the American taxpayer was footing the bill.

four face

Which way does Mitch McFourface vote? Depends entirely on whose president.

Now, continuing his makeover, McPeacenik recently opposed war in Syria (probably the only decent gesture he’s made in his obnoxious and protracted career).

mitch peace

Mitch McPeacnik..

McScrooge has been around since Obama became president. This character recently rose from the depths as the Repub leader declared he believes voting against raising the debt limit gives the GOP leverage against the prez so the GOPers can continue screwing working people.

And now this four personality hypocrite seeks yet another term as senator of the very rich in Kentucky.

And he’ll probably win the election.

Only in America.


We’re No. 1 – In Gun Kills.

Something we can all be very proud of.

The mass murder in DC is a good time to remind ourselves that we have a Second Amendment right to be shot to death by firearms.


Elephants And Clowns.

The Repub clowns are at it again. Over 40 votes to pull the plug on Obamacare by yanking the bucks to pay for it. Just incredible. This time they will link the yank to the debt ceiling vote.

Did I say clowns? I certainly didn’t mean to denigrate those circus laugh makers. I’ve been to several Barnum & Bailey extravaganzas with kids and grand kids and the clowns are a very special feature.

English: "The Barnum & Bailey greatest sh...

English: “The Barnum & Bailey greatest show on earth Wonderful performing geese, roosters and musical donkey”.

And so are the elephants, the political variety of whom obey the commands of their Wall Street and corporate masters at every turn.


If you’re not in the 1% you’re getting this from the GOP.

But not to worry about the politicians represented by that massive but obedient GOP beast. The caper they’re attempting to pull off will turn out to be just another defunder blunder by the extremists. Pay no attention.


The Creature From The Slime Lagoon.

Pink slime, that is, the profit making venture of meat processors that blends cow carcass parts considered to fatty for human consumption into a chopped beef concoction from which hamburgers are mushed together with more chopped meat stuff.

Not to worry though if you taste or smell ammonia while ingesting these gastronomic delights. The gas form of that chemical is spread throughout the slime to kill bacteria. And you certainly don’t want your kids eating those tiny creatures.

But let’s face it, pink slime burgers can’t be any worse than chicken bone soup made with warm water and an occasional floating noodle or beef stew drool with vegie mush, both of which are served regularly for lunch in school cafeterias.


No, not pink slime, but a variety of good meats prepared to make sausage. And you can do it yourself. Grandma’s recipe is long gone though.

All three of the above menu items are good reasons to have your kids pack lunches from home and brown bag it. My kids would eat a school lunch only when pizza was served. Guess that was good enough, and safe enough, to consume.


Health Insurance Swamp.

We keep hearing the news media propagandizing that a government run program of health insurance represents socialized medicine. And you should probably expect this type of propaganda from corporate controlled news organizations.

Be aware that the perverted message is propaganda. Because under government health insurance such as Medicare and Medicaid, doctors are businessmen. They still run their own profit making businesses. And hospitals would remain just as the are today, massive profit gouging corporations.

Right wing propagandists insist that government health insurance always leads to socialized medicine whereby doctors and hospital staff would become Federal employees.

However, in many industrialized countries government health insurance and profit health care exist side by side. In fact, the United States is one of those countries. Half the population is covered by Medicare and Medicaid and that number will surely increase as baby boomers continue to retire. And when did Medicare become effective? In the mid-1960s, decades ago, and profit medicine remains alive and well.

The United Kingdom is an example of a country where socialized medicine exists since its providers (once known as doctors and nurses) work for the government.

A Thatcherized profit system of health insurance was introduced to that tiny island nation but, after a time, began losing members who found the government system to be a better deal and they  returned to the British National Health Service.

Canada’s health care system is another example of a successful program of socialized medicine. The Canadians love it despite the hysterical horror story propaganda emanating from right wing Randian dolts in the United States.

That brings us to Obamacare, that miasma of rules and regulations you need a Philadelphia lawyer to explain. Yes, the president’s “signature program” has good features. It’s complexities however, present a serious drawback.

For example, ya got your Bronze Plan (also referred to as the “bankruptcy special”. Then ya got your Silver Plan and your Gold Plan and, last but not least, your Platinum Plan and an infinite list of premium charges associated with each.

library of congress

The Library of Congress. The Affordable Care Act is in there somewhere.

Fuggetaboutit. You can look it up on Google under Okefenokee*.

Much better would have been a simple public option that allows for a Medicare buy in and would eliminate the greedy middleman.

Corporate payola to corrupt government put the kibosh on the single payer possibility – probably forever.

*Actually you can look up Obamacare in Google but not under Okefenokee, which is a swamp in Georgia, even though the two may be synonymous.



You are about to be TPP’d. By none other than our right wing president Barack Obama.

TPP, of course, stands for Trans Pacific Partnership, the 11 nation trade agreement now being negotiated largely with Asian nations.

The pact is the most dangerous threat to working class America since NAFTA and Obama is pushing hard to get it signed off.

bo head

Obama is not the Democrat so many of us expected.

The contract has been written with the participation of U.S. corporations and is being negotiated in a black hole of secrecy. It is so inimical to the interests of the American people that we are being kept in the dark – completely shut out from the from the talks and the terms. All at the behest of right wing president Barack Obama.

What little we do know about the pact has come to light only through leaks.

Here are a few of the details.

Corporations will be given the power to evade national law and a nation’s legal system. Laws pertaining to the environment and worker safety will be abandoned. Any attempt to force a corporation to obey the law can be litigated in a supranational court whose judges will have the power to nullify existing laws.

All of the above will apply to minimum wage laws, effectively making the American worker a wage slave as much as his Asian counterpart now is.

Protest can be declared a terrorist act. However, protest may never occur since corporations will be given an open path to shutter even more American factories.

Obama is pursuing what is called a “fast track” road to passage of his rigged agreement. “Fact track” forbids Congress to exercise is Constitutional authority to review and amend legislation. The pact constrains Congress to an up or down vote, majority wins.


If you’re in the 99%, you’re about to get more of this from your government.  (Photo: Шантира Шани).

Studies reveal that Obama’s TPP portends a national employment disaster even greater than now exists as a result of the crash of 2008.. As much as 90% of the middle class will be affected by Obama’s rigged pact through jobs losses or wage reductions.

Still think the president is a man of the people. If you’re not convinced otherwise by his attack on the social safety net, his repeated slap in the face to union members and turning a blind eye to millions of foreclosure victims, there is probably nothing that will change your mind about the man. The TPP monstrosity, however, places Obama to the far right on the political spectrum, if he wasn’t there already, regardless of your opinion of our Wall Street president. 

Eyes on Trade: Study: “Trade”
Deal Would Mean a
Pay Cut for 90% of U.S. Workers



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