The DC Folly Trolley – 11/17/13

Top Secret Trade Deal WikiLeaked: It Is What We Expected | Money & Politics, Perspectives, What Matters Today |

The Obama-Clinton Axis of Betrayal.

In his Labor Day speech, President Obama reminded us that the middle class has been the victim of a conspiracy.  Left unsaid is the fact the Obama’s adamant advocacy of the Trans Pacific Partnership threatens to drive the final nail into the coffin he and other presidents, most notably pseudo-Democrat Bill Clinton, have constructed for the laying to rest of working class of America.

Clinton and Obama have thumbed their noses at the men and women who voted them into the highest office in the land. And both have betrayed the honor bestowed upon them by their supporters.

NAFTA, TPP, deregulation, proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare and more leave a legacy of betrayal for both of these right wing conservatives who call themselves Democrats.

Together Obama and Clinton have forged within the Democratic Party an Axis of Betrayal, a group that has renounced the bequest of the great liberal presidents of the Party.

Top Secret Trade Deal WikiLeaked: It Is What We Expected | Money & Politics, Perspectives, What Matters Today |


 Timothy Geithner, Former Treasury Secretary, To Join Warburg Pincus

Sign over the Treasure Department entrance: You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours.”

Ah, Timothy me boy, yer father would be proud of ye. And never ye mind what brought ye to this exalted station in life. Besides, what’s a little cheatin’ among friends now and again. Never ye mind, me boy, never ye mind.  

There was a time when collusion between government and private industry wasn’t so blatantly open.

Today the ruling class feels entitled to display its contempt for democratic values. It does so with aristocratic arrogance.

Timothy Geithner, Former Treasury Secretary, To Join Warburg Pincus 


Biggest Tax Break In U.S. History May Not Be Enough For Boeing

Boeing attempts to trash the labor unions and tens of thousands of loyal, hardworking, middle class Americans as the rich job takers ply yet another of their nasty anti-worker capers.

Next stop on the Boeing itinerary: China. Give it ten years.

The new employees in the South Carolina facility had better begin their retraining programs immediately.

Biggest Tax Break In U.S. History May Not Be Enough For Boeing 



American citizens at a Puerto Rican Day parade.


I’m Mitt Romney and I don’t need “those people.” Well, maybe once every four years.

Mitt Romney: My Campaign Fell Short In Attracting Minority Voters


House Democrats Refuse To Revolt Over Obamacare


The lovely and semi-talented former Speaker of the House and belated member of the Obama-Clinton Axis of Betrayal, Nancy Pelosi managed to keep her caucus in line.

Although I’m a liberal and now a recovering Democrat, I’m no fan of Obamacare or the president. In fact, Obama lost me way back when he reneged on the promise of a public option thereby destroying the Speakership of Nancy Pelosi when details of his backroom wheeling and dealing were revealed.  His shenanigans resulted in a crushing defeat for the Party in the 2010 elections.

With that option within his grasp, he turned his back, so he has no one to blame but himself for the mess he finds himself in.

But I am a bit mystified as to why no one is blaming a private, “free market”, profit making company for the abject failure of its software.

Could politics possibly be the source of the criticism of the president’s “signature” program?

Once again, the “free market” has failed miserably. To enumerate the notorious failures you only have to look at defense contractors. Their programs with cost overruns and delayed deliveries are tantamount to malfeasance. Yet, somehow, we find a way to blame government for defense industry boondoggles.

By the way, does anyone recall a defense secretary being fired because of a private industry fiasco?

House Democrats Refuse To Revolt Over Obamacare


 JPMorgan Chase Reaches $4.5 Billion Settlement Over Housing Collapse

Mr. Dimon was terribly upset at the $4.5 billion settlement. The announcement caused him to be late for a luncheon at the country club.

Things are getting so bad in this country, an honest man can’t cheat anymore.  (Original photo: World Economic Forum FlickrThe Global Financial Context: James Dimon).

JPMorgan Chase Reaches $4.5 Billion Settlement Over Housing Collapse


Holiday Declared!

The Sardo Institute of Superfluous Holidays located in Pasta Fagioli, Italy has proclaimed Sunday November 17, 2013 World Pucker Day.

Dedicated to the proposition that every pucker should have a day, The Sardo Institute is observing the celebration by inviting Poet Laureate Emeritus Summa Cumma Louder Mangiapasta Bacciagalupe to join the festivities and regale the honorees with a poem. Here is the professor’s contribution to World Pucker Day.

There once was a gal with a pucker.
Who turned out to be quite a sucker
For a guy with a line
And a bottle of wine.
He would take her back home and then tucker.

Yes take her back home and tucker.
With her face in a frozen pucker.
He took off her clothes
But God only knows
He tried but he couldn’t quite pluck ‘er

The gal with the pucker named Tucker
Has a mom whose an over-road trucker.
The mother would drive
Thru the night sakes alive
Eating PB with jelly by Smucker.

So mom was a real Mother Tucker
Who from men she sought nightly succor.
She’d take them to bed
Not a one did she wed.
No man Mother Tucker would let buck ‘er.

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