The DC Folly Trolley – 11/24/13

Gouge Granny Campaign.

Also known as Fix the Debt, the Gouge Granny Group (GGG) is at the forefront of a diabolical campaign to slash social safety net benefits for grandmas, grandpas, the poor and the sick.


A holiday gift to grandma from the Granny Gougers.

The devils in the GGG are multi millionaires and billionaires who are beside themselves with envy over the paid-for benefits American workers receive when they retire. The goals the Granny Gougers are seeking are an increase in the retirement age to 70 years and means testing for Medicare which could mean persons having incomes over the poverty level would receive a reduced benefit or be disqualified entirely.

So deep is their hatred for Social Security and Medicare that they formed the Gouge Granny Group solely as an organization to lobby Congress to cut benefits to American workers during retirement.

Here are the names of just a few of the Granny Gougers: Baron Alan von Simpson and Baron Erskine von Bowles, the co-founders. Prince Peter G.Peterson, the former Blackstone Group CEO and daddy bucks behind the GGGers. Also, Prince David Cote (Honeywell), Prince Larry Merlo (CVS), Prince Jeffrey Immelt (GE) and many, many more.

These Granny Gougers, so diabolically eager to cheat retired workers out a few measly bucks a month, will themselves retire with funds reaching into the high five and low six figures annually and could well receive more in one month than granny takes home in an entire year.

Smug, pompous and niggardly, these aristocrats deeply resent having to return a small portion of their astronomical wealth to the nation that gave them the largesse they are now reaping, much of which is the result of unconscionable tax breaks granted through corrupt government tax policy.

Their motto: Less For You; More For Me.

Is this what right wingers mean when they refer to “compassionate conservatism?”


A few members of the Gouge Granny Group.

CEOs Against Grandmas | Common Dreams


Jobs Slasher To Jobs Czar.

Gouge Granny Group member Prince Jeffrey Immelt, GE CEO, is arguably the greatest jobs exporter in American history. He has a lot of competition for the honor, no doubt, but he’s certainly up there at the top of the list.

Guess who’s the czar of Obama’s jobs thingy? If you guessed Prince Jeffrey and you’re an employee of GE you win a voucher to your pension benefits. Hold on to that voucher. It may be worth something someday when you retire, that is if Prince Jeffrey ever catches up the $32 billion GE owes to your pension fund.


Jeffrey Immelt, who gained super wealth status destroying the livelihoods of tens of thousands of working people, proves you don’t have to be a genius to get rich. Just cruel.  (Original photo by SarekOfVulcan).


Did I mention that Prince Jeffrey is a massive jobs exporter? The jobs czar has exported thousands upon thousands of GE jobs. So if you’re a GE employee and you just received a voucher, you might as well hang on to it. Just in case it’s ever worth something. Ya never know.

In any case, Prince Jeffrey may be, at this very moment, sneaking behind your back conspiring to move your job elsewhere and force you into retirement with an empty pension voucher all the while hatching plots to cut your Social Security benefit.

Which brings us back to Obama’s jobs thingy. I believe it’s called the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Prince Jeffrey the Czar is gonna create a whole lotta jobs as the head of the commission.


And just where might that be?

If you guessed Asia and you’re an employee of GE, you win a voucher to a pension plan that’s mega billion dollars in arrears.

By the way, the jobs part of Obama’s jobs thingy got a lot of rousing press attention. The “competitiveness” part is the typical Obama backhanded slap in the face to workers and that portion was largely ignored by whatchacall your mainstream media. Could “competitiveness” mean dollar an hour wages without benefits for American workers? If so, Prince Jeffrey the Czar is the right man for the job.


More Software Issues.

In heaven the gates had a line.
A woman waiting started to whine.
I’ve been good all my life.
Don’t deserve all this strife.”
Said St. Pete, “We do it online.”
In heaven the software is slow.
God contracted a firm far below.
He accepted the blame
For what was a shame.
The free market has lost all its glow.


You’re not gonna believe this, but it’s absolutely true. According to a heavenly source who spoke under conditions of anonymity, God contracted with a software firm to provide a website that would quickly process entrants through the Pearly Gates. After the rollout, the lines became so long God had to start feeding the starving souls. Luckily, He has this guy who can multiply loaves and fishes.

As you might have guessed by now, God foolishly trusted the same firm that Obama used to develop the site for his health care thingy. And He is one pissed off deity.

The execs at the troubled firm are said to be really scared about their celestial fiasco. It’s OK to screw a president of the United States, said one. He’s just another sap to take advantage of. But fucking around with God!!! Holy shit!!!


God was pissed to the rafter
About his new website drafter
When they get up to Me
He said righteously
From heaven there’ll be no laughter.”

When God Gets Pissed, Run For Cover by Bonifacio de Pitati. Actually, God The Father Over the Piazza San Marco by Pitati (1487-1553).

In line was a gal from New Bern
Who waited so long for her turn
That she grew a mustache
Then said with panache
The longer I wait the less I will burn.”
The gal from New Bern heard the chime.
It was time to face up to her crime.
You’ve been a bad girl,” said St. Pete.
On your husband you often did cheat.”
But come up and see me some time.


Texas School Board Set To Drop 2 Rs.

The Texas Board of Education plans to drop Algebra II as a requirement for high school graduation.

A spokesman for the board said: “If it ain’t in The Bible don’t nobody in these here parts give a damn?”

A member of the board also noted that Jesus couldn’t read and write and that plans are being drawn up to eliminate those two Rs from the school curriculum. Math is being retained, however, because it is widely believed that Jesus could count – especially the donations his movement received from the poor.

Also under consideration was the inclusion of Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke, as a requirement for graduation.


(Don’t be too shocked, but the Lord did accept donations. The need for charity to pursue his mission is mentioned in The Bible and it is often used as an excuse by TV preachers to justify collections from the needy. The plea for bucks is accompanied by the promise that the more you donate, the faster you’ll receive the Lord’s reward-usually a monetary gift and you get it in this life.  Get it?).

Texas Board Of Ed Votes To Drop Algebra II Mandate


Detonation Politics; Alibi Politics.

Well, Harry finally did it. Reid, that is. He, as you may, know is the Senate Majority Leader and what he finally did was to trigger the “nuclear option” and end the filibuster in that once illustrious and now lugubrious legislative body.

Well, he didn’t really end the filibuster. He just discontinued the exploitative practice for presidential nominees for the executive and judicial branches. Not for the Supreme Court, though. Or for any legislation. Senators can still abuse that anti-democratic and extra-constitutional rule by invoking it to forestall all legislation and high court nominees that come before that enfeebled body.

But at least it’s a start. And it’s worth considering that Reid was forced to take the action largely due to the intransigence of Republicans and the woeful behavior of Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who repeatedly reneged on agreements with Reid to limit the use of obstructive tactics against presidential nominees.


The bedeviled McConnell took a hit to the chin and one to the nose when Harry Reid dropped a bomb. The Minority Leader earned the snub by his unparallelled display of duplicity welshing repeatedly on agreements with Reid.

The filibuster was introduced into Senate affairs as a means of protecting the rights of the minority. It was intended to be used only in the direst of circumstances. As practiced by the GOP, however, the filibuster was employed routinely and became an obstructive tactic that quickly morphed into rule by the minority.

Democrats opposed the rule change largely because on many issues they were able to use the filibuster umbrella for cover and ofter hid under its shadow.

For example, secure in the knowledge that progressive legislation would die when trapped by the GOP blockade, Democrats could feign support for laws their liberal base embraced.

President Obama himself often used Republican obstruction as an excuse for backing away from his supporters by simply invoking the lame excuse that a policy could not pass the legislative process.

The president has now lost his alibi for not placing in nomination the candidates supported by the liberals still in the Democratic family.


I Told You So.

Yes, Obamacare is a swamp. The only swamp worse is the swamp we have been living with for most of our lives.

Some say we should not be gloating over the Obama Obamacare predicament. But we should all be gloating precisely for and because of the president’s public option double cross. Obama could have had single payer; it was within his grasp. But he spurned it. He has no one to blame for his mess but himself.

In the past, we have had precious little to gloat over given the president’s cavalier behavior. If Obamacare was his only misguided policy, the misstep might be forgivable.

But, given his campaign populism, he has had too many policy flip-flops to elicit sympathy at this point.

To name just a few of the prominent ones,

  • His administration is negotiating rigged trade deals in deep secrecy.
  • He turned his back of the suffering of foreclosed homeowners.
  • He gave the backhand to labor unions by refusing to support the Wisconsin protesters.
  • He abandoned the unemployed when he embraced austerity.
  • He stubbornly supports cuts to the safety net in exchange for a perverse “grand bargain.”

Given his Wall Street anointed policies, could there be any doubt that this president is firmly ensconced among the 1 % and perhaps within a few years will join the elite one tenth. He’s certainly on the path to untold wealth.

Single-Payer Advocates: It Hurts To Say I Told You So

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