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February 16, 2014

The DC Folly Trolley – 02/16/14

Committee Awards Prize.

In this season of awards, the Nobella Prize Committee has announced the winner of the Schmuckup Prize.

The victor was selected from among a list of thousands of nominees and the committee is proud to announce that its unanimous choice is none other than the esteemed governor of the semi-great state of New Jersey, Chris Christie.

christie high

christie sign

(Original photo by Luigi Novi).

The governor won the prize largely because he faked out just about everybody who attended the news conference where he stated he knew nothing of the plot hatched by his staff to close lanes to the George Washington Bridge in order to perform whatcha call your “traffic study.” The resulting closure caused massive traffic tie ups in Fort Lee, NJ and was said to be an act of retaliation for the town mayor’s refusal to endorse Christie‘s reelection to the governorship.

The endorsement of Democratic Party officials was an important factor in the campaign because the gov was seeking a landslide election, one that would propel him to the nomination as the Republican presidential candidate in 2016.  Christie however insisted he would never launch a retaliatory strike against a political adversary just ’cause the guy didn’t green light his reelection.

Because Christie had no knowledge of the caper, he was unable to prevent the incident, which he would have done if only he had known about it which he didn’t. The governor was kept in the dark despite a purported email that informed him of the dirty deed. But as luck would have it, the governor didn’t find time to read his emails that day or any other day whenever it’s convenient for him to say that he didn’t read them.

And besides, he relied on a staff member to advise him of any important matters contained in emails and the staff member relied on a staff member to inform him and some how the matter of a traffic jam at the Fort Lee access route to the GWB seemed rather trivial and the entire affair fell through the cracks.

So for his stubborn failure to read his own emails, Gov. Chris Christie of the semi-great state of New Jersey becomes the proud recipient of The Schmuckup Award.


Winners of The Schmuckup Award receive a certificate acknowledging the award as well as a forged autographed copy of a photo of Don Alberto Vito Nobella, the originator of the prize.

In addition, winners are given the coveted statuette called The Little Schmucky engraved with the words “Schmucked up beyond all reason.” The Little Schmucky is sculpted of rusted metal stolen from an auto junk yard.

All prizes are awarded while supplies last and unfortunately for the current winner supplies just ran out.

To win The Schmuckup Prize you can’t be an ordinary schmuckup. There are already tens of thousands of those in the nation’s capital and capitals throughout the country. No, you have to be an extraordinarily monumental schmuckup and we are proud to say the most recent winner fits that description.                                                                                                                            

chris curseconnie

Fort Lee, New Jersey; looking west from Center...

Fort Lee, New Jersey; looking west from Center Avenue overpass at toll station for the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In a related matter, Chris Christie is invoking executive privilege.

He informed the committees investigating bridgegate that members of his administration are exempt from testifying before the legislature under the doctrine known as, well, executive privilege. That just means people who are in the know can’t rat on him in front of people who don’t know but want to.

Another definition of executive privilege is “a device used by someone who has something to hide.” In Christie’s case, those skeletons in the closet are starting to rattle and he’ll pull every trick in the book to keep the door shut.

Can he do that? Does it matter? Chances are he’ll get away with whatever he does. But his future looks bleak even as he insists he is innocent.

His actions, however, just do not pass the smell test. Mostly because Christie’s maneuverings are beginning to stink like a dead fish, as are the ploys of the members of his staff who pulled off the bridge caper.

(The pretty young lady pictured above is 1950s rock ‘n roll diva Connie Francis.  Born and raised in Newark, NJ, the singer’s breakout hit was Who’s Sorry Now). Give a listen:


You Scratch My Back….

Did Christie cut a deal with Democratic mayors promising to grease the way to the Senate for Democrat Cory Booker in exchange for mayoral support in the reelection campaign?

Nah! Christie would never do such a thing? That sorta stuff would be playing politics. And in New Jersey no less! Where politics is as clean as an ocean full of dead fish.

The Christie Factor

dead fish

Can you find Chris Christie?


Dems Fail???

Liberals and recovering Democrats have to wonder about mainstream media coverage of the nearly decade long Republican blockade of the Senate.

Is everybody in the media a Repub? Must be.

Otherwise, truthful reporting would prevail and shout out: Republican filibuster; Tea Party intransigence; payola rules!

Instead we read in the headlines: Democrats fail to pass “whatever it is the Repubs are obstructing.”

news 3

There is perhaps one exception to media support for the GOP. And that desertion applies only to the debt ceiling issue.

Why? Quite simple. A debt ceiling default by the U.S. government would directly impact the earnings of corporations, investors and Wall Street.

Not even the GOP can deflect media advocacy for the fat cats.

But Repubs can gleefully stick it to the unemployed by filibustering an extension of benefits and then depend on the right wing controlled media to stick it to the Dems who “failed” to pass the extension.


Roaring Silence.

You heard about the rally in Raleigh, right?


There’s no real reason why you should have. That’s because the mainstream media went into off mode on the subject.

Nonetheless, nearly 80,000 showed up for “moral Monday” in North Carolina’s capital to protest the extreme right wing policies of the Republican legislature and its similarly right wing governor, Pat McCrory.


Events such as Moral Mondays can really piss off a governor.

The Repubs in that doleful red state have slashed unemployment benefits, refused the Medicaid expansion and enacted one of the nation’s most restrictive voter ID laws.

The legislature’s program, enacted by one of the most regressive GOP gangs in the state’s recent history, further subjugates working people to the needs and demands of the ruling class.

Unexpectedly however the McCrory agenda’s malicious intent spurred the protests that became known as Moral Monday.

And if you haven’t heard about this latest public challenge to destructive government policies, that’s because the media is deliberately and obediently keeping the movement under wraps.


Palin Knocks Christie.

She’s done it before so it really isn’t much news. And she’s at it again. Let’s face it she never liked the guy in the first place and her dislike stems from the fact that he’s so fat. The word she applied to Christie wasextremeand she didn’t mean his politics.


Her latest knock is that a capable administrator would know what his staff was up to at all times. So even if he was in the dark about the antics at the GWB, he was the responsible adult and should have been aware.

Of course, Christie said as much during his prolonged mea culpa before the press.

My guess is that the former governor of Alaska just can’t wrap her head around the possibly soon to be former governor of New Jersey’s weight problem. He’s too fat for her. And that condition is one of the reasons that she refused to join the clamor for a Christie dark horse bid for the White House in 2012.



Pension Betrayal.

Here’s a new take on an old saw. They came for labor union pensions and nobody cared. They came for state pensions and nobody cared. They came for city pensions and nobody cared. Then they came for your pension. And nobody cared.

By the time they came for military pensions, they had already perfected a time worn military tactic: Divide and conquer. Pick them off one at a time. That ruse still works perfectly today.

And just who is the “they?” Why it’s the 1% of course.

Sure, they need you to work for them at cheap wages and no benefits. Better for them to prosper. But deep down, they despise you and resent even the scant wages they pay for your services. You are unworthy of their notice.  

And that brings us to the latest pension betrayal. It’s orchestrated by PBS, yes that PBS, the “liberal” bastion of the air waves.

They’ve been seduced by money, $3.5 million to be exact, from one John Arnold, a former Enron trader, who hates pensions for working people.

A series PBS is producing and airing for a period of two years on hundreds of its stations is entitled The Pension Peril and it will brazenly advocate for cuts to public pensions.


Hello, Big Bird. Is that you?

I use the word “brazenly” because it was PBS officials who presented the project to the Laura and John Arnold (anti-public pension) Foundation hoping no doubt to cash in on the deal. And they succeeded big time.

{Here’s an update as of February 14. Now that they have been smoked out, PBS officials announced they will return the cash, as much as it pains them to do so).

Incidentally, the Pew Foundation, a contributor to PBS and NPR, also advocates for dismantling public pensions.


Limerick Lunacy.

A gal heard a rather loud knock
She was sleeping and woke up in shock.
The guy at the door
Was drunk wanting more
As he stumbled around the wrong block.
A fellow would frequently knock
On doors on any old block
The neighbors all knew
He banged right on cue.
As he binged day and night round the clock.
The fellow who’d frequently knock
Found a suite in the local cell block.
He stayed there till morn
As neighbors would scorn.
And when sober his actions they’d mock.
The guy heard a rather loud knock
On the bars of his private cell block.
It woke him in fright
To the cops great delight.
The latch on the block they refused to unlock.
So the guy who would frequently knock.
Sat alone in his block round the clock.
Till he sobered on day
And thought with dismay
I’ve been acting for years like a schlock.
But the guy in the block decided to stock
A stash ‘neath the bed in his private cell block.
He applied mighty torque
Till up popped the cork
Then said as for me I’ll never dry dock.
The tale of the guy who’d frequently knock
Ends sadly for him on a far off dock
He washed up one day
In a place far away
On the shores of the city Bangkok.
The guy who would frequently knock
Woke in shock not wearing his frock.
He was naked you see
Only cloaked in debris
So he hid in a tree with no smock.
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