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July 27, 2014

The DC Folly Trolley – 07/27/14

Wack-A-Do Gibberish.

Right wing extremist Stephen Moore, who poses from time to time as an economist, took yet another ride on the wing nut tax cut band wagon.

In a wacky Kansas City Star op-ed paid for by the Heritage Foundation, from which Moore receives payola for pretending to be an economist, the think tank employee wrote a piece that managed to state just about every economic lie the right wing promotes, and then some.


Trickle down economics in action, gushing wealth to the top while leaving everyone else in a mist.

In fact, the piece so notoriously stated falsehoods that the newspaper’s editorial board printed a correction that accompanied Moore’s article.

Here are just a few of the economist’s debunked statements:

Unemployment is a paid vacation. Moore obviously has never been without a job. He has however been on paid vacation for years being employed as a think tank think wonk on the payroll of the Heritage Foundation.

Tax cuts create jobs. The only comment a statement like that deserves is that it is plain bullshit, which is otherwise known as a right wing talking point.

Increases in the minimum wage result in unemployment. Unfortunately for us all, outrageously excessive wages for people like Moore don’t.

The tax cuts by right wing wack-a-do and current Republican governor of Kansas Sam Brownback will spur growth. This longed-for Kansas “miracle” ostensibly to work through “trickle down” economics, must occur after years of ruination and deprivation which is currently the state of the Kansas economy due largely to the irresponsible tax cuts Brownback forced on that hard pressed state.


Brownback proves once again that small things come in big heads.

For right wing economists, the way to prosperity is always through ruinous tax cuts that further enrich the already rich, who pay good money to enrich people who write propaganda-saturated articles disguised as op-eds such as what Moore just did in the Kansas City Star.

And, yes, his writing was pure propaganda. Moore is not so dumb as to not realize that advocating for tax cuts regardless of the suffering the cuts are causing should keephim on paid vacation for decades to come.

And just when do the fruits of these destructive tax cuts finally come for the rest of those who lives are being ruthlessly destroyed???.

We’re still waiting, Stevie boy. We’re still waiting.


Cracker Escapes From Barrel.

I’m referring to Jody Hice, of course.


Jody Hice. Surely you know Jody Hice?

Well, if you live in the dementedly religious, sexually repressed, hard drinkin’, straight shootin’ South, you know who Hice is.

No, not Rice, Hice. That’s Hice.

He’s the most recent winner of a Republican primary in Georgia who will run for a House seat in November. And since he’s a Republican from Georgia, he’ll undoubtedly win and become another of the gay bashing Tea Party members of that infamous Lower Chamber of Congress.

Hice contends that homosexuality is destroying America.

gay marriage 1

They’re destroying Ameica???

Not tax cuts for the rich and income inequality; not notorious job killing trade agreements; not poverty level minimum wages; not Wall Street’s felonious fraud; not excessive compensation for do-nothing CEOs; not tax evasion by disloyal American corporations; and certainly not crooked government in Follyland DC.

None of those conditions are destroying America. Right?

No siree bob says our most recent primary winner. It’s just a bunch of damn gay people what’s causin’ the decline of the whole dang country.

Why if gay people would just start fuckin’ the middle class like good rich folks are doin’, Amerca would be great agin and could afford to start some more wars so as to set people everywhere free from crooked gubmint once and for all.

ga marriage

English: A symbolic marriage cake in favor of allowing gay marriages in Italy not only to heterosexual couples but to lesbian and gay ones as well. Picture by Giovanni Dall’Orto, January 26 2008.

Yes siree bob. We got to stop gay folks from a gittin hitched and save Amerca.

Praise the Lord.


Ya got another winner there, Georgia.

Only in America.


Hope And Change. The Final Chapter

The Obama White House, the burial grounds where Hope went to die.


Lyin’ Ryan Flyin’

That Ryan fella (Rep. Paul Ryan of WI) is touting another scam to ram down the throats of the needy.

Ryan is runnin’ (for president) you see and after getting blown away in the last election by a right wing president (yes, Barack Obama is a right wing conservative) largely due to an overwhelming minority vote against the Republican candidates, the man from WI figures he better do something, anything to hornswoggle the down and out into believing that he’s on their side.


Paul Ryan, still out ‘dere.

But he can’t just say he’s on their side by supporting existing Federal programs.

‘Cause if he did, he’d be hog tied and tossed out of the Republican convention, losing all hope forever and ever of ever being nominated for that august position.

So he’s got to come up with a scam which he hopes to ram down the throats of the poor in order to garner a few more votes for the presidential election.

His recent proposal is just that, a scam. The plan says to his moneybags base, largely the 1%, that he is firmly against Federal assistance to the lesser among us. And then it purports to turn programs over to the states via block grants. Of course, accepting the grants would be voluntary and the states that do accept can pretty much do as they please with the money. Oh, please.

the finger

Cover sheet for the Ryan plan for the poor. Artist: Svetlyana Fucova.

Anybody smell a rat here.

Ryan’s lyin’. Again. His scheme is a last ditch effort to convince people who desperately need help that he, Paul Ryan really cares. About them But his words echo the worn out “compassionate conservative” gambit that George W. Bush dusted off more than a decade ago.

The word has surely gone out the the base to pay no attention. The whole construct is a merely scheme to wangle a few more minority votes than the GOP managed in the last election.



The unbelievable George Will. He’s right for a change. Or should I say “correct.”

You see, sometimes you have a problem and you’re stuck with it. There’s a solution to the problem. You may not like it. But it’s the only solution you have.

Let the kids stay.  With a little help and a little guidance, they’ll become good Americans.


Limerick Lunacy.

A fellow was proud of his rank
Till it plummeted after his shank
His handicap rose
From his toes to his nose
He had only bad strokes to thank.
A woman was trying to rank
The safety of funds in her bank.
She discovered a flaw
A security maw
So big that she sat down and drank.
A fellow was proud of his rank
In a foreign affairs think tank.
He took cash from donors
Who were really his owners.
But their money he took to the bank.
A fellow was terribly rash
About spending his limited cash
He bought a Ferrari
But soon he was sorry
In a flash he had spent all his stash.
A gal was upset by a rash
From a night that left her abash
She fell out of a boat
And so couldn’t gloat
She plunged in coal ash with a splash.
A woman had done something rash
Had tonic and gin just a splash
She woke up in a daze
With eyes all a glaze
She had been taken out with the trash.
A gal was re-tiling the floor
When she heard a knock on the door
She wasn’t a prude
So she worked in the nude
And rushed to the door to find Pastor Nabore.
A fellow demanded the floor
Gave a speech a saint it would bore.
Some listeners would weep
Some just fell asleep
And drowned out the speech with a snore.
A teacher was trying to drill
A lesson in voice too shrill
She quit in despair
And pulled out her hair
Went home and uncorked the swill.
A teacher was trying to drill
Her students on San Juan Hill
She said Teddy the bear
Ran up on a tear
Won the war then sent us the bill.
A fellow who rented a suite
From a gal who was cloyingly sweet
Then made a fast pass
Got a boot in the ass
And hit the concrete on Main Street.
A gal who was cloyingly sweet
Sent a titillatingly fiery tweet.
It said “I am ready”
To go hot and steady.”
And I promise I won’t tear the sheet.”
A man in a mood for a sweet
Affair with a woman discreet.
Didn’t care ’twas quick
As long as the chick
Didn’t squeal and tell all in a tweet.
A fellow was wielding his drill
After taking an energy pill.
He leaned on the bit
With much too much grit
And got hit with a 120 thrill.
July 6, 2014

The DC Folly Trolley – 07/05/14

Lobby Holds Victory Press Conference.

At a news conference today, Mr. Hobby Lobby, personhood of the famous hobby chain,  expressed his delight at the Supreme Court’s anti-birth control decision. Mr. Lobby stated that although he has never found a need for the product himself, his Roman Catholic religion forbids its use.

Under the Affordable Care Act, Mr. Lobby continued, he would be complicit in committing a mortal sin by providing a forbidden product to employees of his corporation.

hobby lobby

One of Mr. Lobby’s many hobby stores.

Mr. Lobby also expressed his gratitude to five of the Catholics on the Court who voted their religion and handed down the favorable decision.  He was also grateful to the Court for reaffirming his personhood even though he is a corporation.

Asked by a reporter if he was a Catholic in good standing with his Church, Mr. Lobby replied that he doesn’t attend Mass regularly and considers himself a typical religious outlier. In fact, he said, he has never attended Mass even once in his entire personhood.

Nor has he ever gone to confession, received Holy Communion or reaffirmed his faith through the sacrament of Confirmation.

To the astonishment of all who were present at the news conference, Mr. Lobby stated that he had never even been baptized and as a result his immortal soul lies on the precipice of eternal damnation along with the souls of other personhoods regardless of religious affiliation.

He then appealed to Pope Francis to institute a special sacrament of Baptism to remove the stain of original sin from the souls of all personhoods in order to prevent their suffering eternally in the everlasting fires of Hell.

Mr. Lobby also said he hoped the prejudice that exists against Catholics would be relieved by the Court’s decision since many religious groups concur in the opinion. As an example of the extreme bias that Catholics suffer, he pointed to the membership of the Supreme Court itself. Only six of the nine members of the bench are Catholic, a serious condition that must be quickly addressed, according to Mr. Lobby.  He then called upon President Barack Obama to appoint more right wing members of the Church of Rome to the High Court.

Concluding the news conference, Mr. Lobby said he would now require his unmarried female employees to refrain from engaging in the mortal sin of premarital sexual relations. And if any unmarried woman showed up for work pregnant, he would fire her for violating the precepts of his faith. After all, why should a personhood have to pay for health insurance for pregnancy and out of wedlock childbirth that violated his religious beliefs.

samuel alito

Samuel Alito, author of the most recent of the Supreme Court’s nefarious decisions and part of the vast right wing conspiracy marching in lockstep against the American people.


Shortcomings Of the Court.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that certain members of the Court should seek legal advice before rendering an opinion.

john roberts

King of the Court John Roberts.


Founding Chicken Hawk.

Ever heard of Thomas Jefferson. No not the TJ who authored the Declaration of Independence.

I’m referring to the other one, the chicken shit Thomas Jefferson, who as governor of Virginia during the Revolutionary War, hopped a horse and skedaddled out of Richmond as fast as his lily livered ass could move.

Why? Well, the British were coming. That’s why. And I don’t mean a one-if-by-land-two-if-by-sea heroic warning kinda ride.

No, this TJ shrank in fear of shedding a drop of his aristocratic blue blood for his country and hightailed it for parts unknown at the first sight of a Redcoat.

thomas jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, a president with a reputation firmly entrenched in US founding mythology.

And that was just the first time. Jefferson, who became president of the fledgling country in 1801, bailed out in a time of crisis.  He was, in fact,  a repeat chicken shit. When a British cavalry unit approached Monticello, Jefferson abandoned his plantation and the 14 year old slave girls he frequently raped, to seek safer confines.

We can all remain sick in the knowledge that TJ’s cowardly legacy has been handed down to his successors in office, both the presidency and vice presidency.

To wit, one Richard Bruce Cheney, warrior extraordinaire, who during the Vietnam War became a five time deferment chicken shit and who later in life heroically launched wars for bogus reasons and gloried in shedding the blood of others on the battlefield.


And let us also not forget to heap scorn upon George W. Bush, who used family connections to avoid the draft and grab a cushy spot in the Air National Guard where he bravely defended the semi-great state of Texas from Viet Cong aerial assaults.

No one can accuse either of those two chicken hawks of serving in the same manner as fellow Republican Teddy Roosevelt who courageously led a charge up San Juan Hill during yet another bogus US war.

As for the accomplishments of statutory rapist Jefferson, he did purchase the Louisiana Territory from one of history’s bloodiest monsters, the excessively admired Napoleon Bonaparte, and eventually became one of the heroes of American founding mythology.


Limerick Lunacy.

A fellow who rented a suite
From a gal who was cloyingly sweet
Then made a fast pass
Got a boot in the ass
And hit the concrete on Main Street.
A gal who was cloyingly sweet
Sent a titillatingly fiery tweet.
It said “I am ready”
To go hot and steady.”
And I promise I won’t tear the sheet.”
A man in a mood for a sweet
Affair with a woman discreet.
Didn’t care ’twas quick
As long as the chick
Didn’t squeal and tell all in a tweet.