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July 15, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 07/15/12

If the fish rots from the head, Romney’s political carcass lies wasting in Massachusetts.


In due time, the entire body rots to the very core.

Romney is a dead fish reborn – of cynicism, hypocrisy and unprincipled opportunism

It is only by virtue of one of the most shocking flip-flops in recent history that he was able to seize the nomination from a gaggle of GOP candidates as effete as any put forth by a political party in decades.

Can he win the presidency? It is astonishing that such an eventuality is even a possibility.

Only in America.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


Student debt is approaching one trillion dollars and may have already exceeded that amount. Many kids won’t be able to repay their loans because there are too few good jobs available and too many receive educations that are inadequate. Some profit mongering schools, in fact, are little more than government loan depositories.


Time to invest in profit making prisons. Wall Street will soon demand that deadbeat college grads land behind bars – at taxpayer expense of course and profits for the Street. (Photo Jackie Finn-Irwin from Elizabeth, NJ, USA).

So what can we do about this intolerable situation. Simple. Throw the kids in jail. That’s right – debtors prison. Now that we’ve profitized the prison system students who default on government loans represent a limitless jailbird population for Wall Street investment firms who support and cash in on profit prisons. The situation is tailor made for the big banks. Incarcerate the students who can’t pay and charge the taxpayer for the incarceration. Why we could even make parents pay support toward their jailbird college kids.

So I’m appealing to McConnell, Boehner and the skinny guy with the glasses to get the ball rolling. Wall Street is salivating for enabling legislation. Investors could earn billions off this scam. You call yourselves Republicans??? You ought to be ashamed. Let’s get these damn deadbeats where they belong: In the profit making prison system at taxpayer expense.

File:Eric Cantor headshot.JPG

Skinny guy with glasses. Also known as Rep. Eric Cantor.


The so-called Red States lead the nation in food stamp subsidies. Guess their sick and tired of people not starving – and that includes themselves and their children. Just hard to figure some people out.

What’s the matter with people in the Red States? Far too many are hopeless victims of latent racism. Yes, many are good Christians who attend church regularly. However, this group votes endlessly against its own economic interests because they believe they are being victimized by black people who want a free ride.  (Read the article linked below about Mighty Mitt’s “free stuff” comment).

Mitt Romney Says He Got Booed Because Black People Just Want Free Stuff | The New Civil Rights Movement

The racism rises to the surface only among their trusted brethren. But it can be detected in circumspect statements as they try to feel you out to determine if you are among them; or in conversations overheard during a careless moment; or, most notable, in “joking” around. One revealing remark is the resentment and anger that so many black people who never voted before went to the polls in 2008 to cast their ballots for Obama.

File:Red state, blue state.svg

I sometimes think that the racism of slavery has come full circle. For it now enslaves too many racists to a life of abject poverty – a life they vote to sustain time and time again.  

We should add of course that racism isn’t the exclusive domain of the Red States..


Mitt Romney has more foreign bank accounts than John McCain has houses. And neither knows how many or where they are.

That’s what it means to be rich in America.


Condoleeza Rice said President Obama’s foreign policy is lacking. Guess he hasn’t started enough wars to suit her taste. Ah, for the good old days, right Condi.  

Rice is reportedly in the running for the vice presidential slot on the Romney ticket despite her firm denials of interest.

File:Condoleezza Rice.jpg

And the next vice president of the United States is…. May I have the envelope please.

It seems to me she opens up too many festering wounds.  But who knows?

Only in America..


Iran and Iraq are becoming strong allies. And Iran is now in a position to transfer knowledge of weapons of mass destruction to Iraq.

How’s that for being ungrateful. We started a war to set them free; killed hundreds of thousands; deracinated millions and they go and join our enemy. Sometimes it’s just hard to understand people.

Not a problem, though. We can always invade again.


We built numerous military bases in Iraq with huge landing strips and impregnable fortifications at a cost of billions of dollars. Looks like we’ll have to abandon them. But not a word about all those McDonald’s restaurants spread among the forts. Where else can you get a Big Mac in Iraq? C’mon folks. Doesn’t anybody think of these things?


Mitt Romney got booed when he gave a speech before the NAACP for saying he would repeal Robamneycare if elected president.

Then at a fund raiser Mighty Mitt told reporters he was booed because black people just wanted free stuff.

Well, I for one had no idea black people had or wanted tax free bank accounts in the Caymans, Bermuda and Switzerland.

The Mittster also said that nothing is really free except his tax free bank accounts in the Caymans, Bermuda and Switzerland.

Uh, except for one minor detail the above statement is true. That detail: Romney omitted any reference to tax free offshore accounts.


Gee, who would have thought banksters would cheat people on interest rates? And not just some people. But quite possibly everyone on the planet whoever borrowed a dime from them.

LIBOR sounds like an X-Box video game replete with evil monsters who lie, cheat and steal. So evil, in fact, that the harm these creatures inflict belabors the imagination.

As you probably know by now, LIBOR isn’t an X-Box video game. It is the London Interbank Offered Rate – so who knew – a figure that dominates the rates charged by banks across the breadth of the entire planet and it can impact rates on mortgages, car loans, credit cards, loans to businesses and just about every other type of loan imaginable. So you think you got scammed by the S&L flim-flam and the and housing bubbles? Well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The amounts skimmed off the top by the banksters in this latest act of deception could rise into the gazillions.

Under the circumstances, LIBOR should give some enterprising soul an idea for a video game filled with evil monsters of every description – wearing handmade Italian suits and Ferragamo shoes and silk undies to show off to their thousand dollar a night ladies in waiting .

In order to be true to life, however, in this game the evil monsters win.


Oberstandartenfuhrer, I mean governor, Paul LePage of Maine went Nazi once again as so many Republicans are wont to do. It’s hard to know, however, whether his rant calling the IRS the Gestapo was a stupid remark by a Republican or a remark by a stupid Republican. Although the two do seem to go hand and hand.

You may recall another of LePage’s many blunders. Below is a youtube video about the governor’s removal from the Maine Department of Labor of a mural honoring American working men and women. 

LePage critic creates video sendup of mural decision | The Kennebec Journal, Augusta, ME


According to Senior National Affairs Correspondent Marcy Popindick of UPW News, the Republican party is implementing a new plan they call Conservatives Helping Older People. The idea is to bring families together by eliminating Social Security and Medicare so children can bring parents and grandparents into their homes and furnish the loving care that seniors long for. As part of the plan, Republicans will implement Paul Ryan’s program to once and for all destroy Medicare and profitize health insurance for the elderly.

A second goal of the Republican CHOP program will be the profitization of Social Security.

Once these CHOP ideas are implemented seniors will be gratified at the prospect of moving into the homes of their children and will be able to enjoy family life with their grandkids, recently graduated from college, who have also moved in with their parents.

The benefits of CHOP, everyone will soon realize, are boundless.

July 8, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 07/07/12

Right wing extremists continue to purge the economy with their deficit reduction hysteria. If you look at their record, it’s easy to see that “fiscal conservative” is an oxymoron and they are nothing less than a gaggle of financial fuck ups.

President Ronald Reagan and Vice President Geo...

President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George H. W. Bush at the 1984 Republican National Convention in Dallas, Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

President               Deficit

Ronald Reagan      $200 Billion

George Bush I       $300 Billion

Bill Clinton             Zero – ($200 Billion Surplus).

George Bush II      $482 Billion

Reagan and the two Bushes claimed to be fiscal conservatives. Half the country believes that these Republican presidents were indeed fiscal conservatives. Half the country is stupid. There is simply no other word for such profound ignorance. Nor is there an excuse for it.

Republican propagandists are well aware of this pervasive stupidity and exploit it to advance the agenda of their benefactors – the very richest of the rich.


The United States is the richest country in the history of mankind. It is said to be deeply in debt. If so, where did all the money go.


I was educated in Catholic schools and the nuns would tell that if we went to Hell we would be forced to commit the sin that condemned us to the eternal fires over and over, again and again. It was about that time that I intensified my effort to get laid as often as I could by as many girls who would “cooperate.”

Sadly, there weren’t that many. So I guess I’ll have to settle for being forced to gorge myself on beer and pizza when I reach that place of ultimate global warming. And maybe I can order up an occasional scotch and water. Of course, I’ll have to drink it without ice.


When I was younger I would pray to Jesus to hold off on the rain when my family and I went on vacation. Believe it not, my prayers were usually answered. It wasn’t until sometime later that I realized I was praying in the midst of a long term drought.

So Jesus didn’t answer my prayers after all. He also didn’t answer the prayers of so many Christian farmers whose crops perished in the fierce heat from lack of water.

Moreover, I always returned home with a goddam sunburn with discomfort that lasted for days.

Now I look upon those sleepless skin scorched nights as good training for when I pass on the my final “reward.”


If you caught the article by Richard Eskow in The Smirking Chimp, you’ll learn that Republicans, in addition to their war on women and the all out assault to destroy the economy, have come up with several ways to drive a wedge between the country and senior citizens.

According to the right winger whose ideas Eskow reviews, the elderly are causing poverty among children. One Ezekiel Emanuel pulls no propaganda punches when he states that seniors living on easy street off of Social Security are stealing food from the mouths of children.

His remarks are about as stupid as any issued by all Republicans in order to intensify their war on the classes. He believes the vast redistribution of wealth that has occurred in this country for a generation gushes up from the poor to seniors. How silly can a brilliant man get? Pretty silly.

So greedy geezers living near or below the poverty line themselves are causing poverty among children.

A guy as smart as this Emanuel knows better. He believes richer seniors should give up a portion of their benefits to alleviate poverty. But his views represent nothing more than a sneak attack on Social Security, Medicare and the so-called “greedy geezers” of Alan Simpson notoriety. The outcome of his ideas would, without question, lead to reductions in the safety net for the vast majority of retired persons and an increase in the difficulties many seniors already face, while it do little to relieve hunger among children. The reason is that there are too few wealthy seniors to make any difference at all To make a difference, the vast majority of seniors would have to forego a sizable portion of their benefits.

In effect, his words do a great deal to drive a wedge between the classes and to advance the Republican war on the middle class.

Emanuel, by the way, is the brother of right winger Rahm Emanuel.


Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

One of my all time favorites when I was a kid. Always thought she would be a great Scarlett O’Hara in a GWTW remake. She was terrific in Love With The Proper Stranger with Steve McQueen.

She received three Oscar nominations and a Golden Globe award. And deserved others for the roles she played in so many outstanding films.  Here’s a partial list:

Rebel Without a Cause

Splendor in the Grass


West Side Story

Marjorie Morningstar

Miracle On 34th Street

Natalie Wood appeared in 56 movies before her sudden death in what appeared to be a drowning accident.  


Here is what happens when CEOs deny health care to Americans:

CEO                                                           COMPENSATION 2011
David Cordani, CIGNA                       $19.0 million ($52,054 per day).
Stephen Hemsley, United Health     $13.3 million ($36,458 per day).
Angela Braly, WellPoint (BCBS)      $13.2 million ($36,164 per day).
Allen Wise, Coventry                           $12.2 million ($35,342 per day).
Mark Bertolini, Aetna                          $10.5 million ($28,767 per day).
Michael McCallister, Humana         $ 7.3 million ($20,000 per day).
Average income for all occupations in 2011 is $34,053.

Source: Physicians For A National Health Program.

Nobody can earn the kind of money these CEOs make. They can do it only by denying as much care as possible to their policy holders and by paying off a truly corrupt government – one that enables such unscrupulous behavior. Only in America.


File:John Roberts.jpg

I swear, all Republicans have shit eating grins.  They must practice.

Justice Roberts your allies are mean

Behind your back they’re starting to scheme

The target of pique

They call you a freak

Yet once you were their geek supreme.


In North Carolina there are four seasons: Almost summer, summer, still summer and summer’s coming. Recent weather bears out that statement.


It is not very unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that proportion.” Adam Smith, the father of capitalism.


This is really getting boring but here I go. Mighty Mitt flip-flopped. After the Supreme Court decided in favor of Robamneycare, our fearless crusader spoke of the mandate as a fee, just as he referred to the mandate he signed in Massachusetts requiring all residents of the state to buy health insurance.

Apparently, Mighty Mitt’s Republican payola pals* got to him and demanded that he refer to the fee as a tax.(this because, as you may recall, Chief Justice John Roberts based his majority decision on the government’s taxing power). So today the fee became a tax. Simple, huh. Just tell Mitt what his views are, prop him up in front of a microphone and, voila, out of his mouth come the designated words.

Better start minding your Ps and Qs, Mitt. Wouldn’t want to upset your payola pals now, would we?

*Payola pal, also known in Follyland, DC parlance as a “campaign contributor.”


New York state senator and Republican Marty Golden has scheduled a class for July 24th on Teaching the GOP to Stop Acting Like Flaming Assholes.

Talk about a mission impossible, this guy’s set himself up for a galactic fail.

Actually, that’s not what the course is about. That was just my suggestion.

The course this flaming asshole State Senator has scheduled is an etiquette class to teach women how to act like a Republican believes women should behave in public.

Gee, ladies, how did you get so lucky?

The course will teach the fair sex to “sit, stand and walk like a model” as well as “posture, deportment and the feminine presence.”

Poor fella. He had to cancel the class because of protests from several women’s groups.

I wonder if Golden’s class included a demand that women walk at least five feet behind their husbands as a show of spousal respect and male superiority. Hey, the guy is a Republican. And the GOP is a little “funny” about these women things.

N.Y. Sen. Marty Golden cancels feminine etiquette class after outrage – CBS News

May 26, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley

Bill Clinton had a photo op with some porn stars.  Guess you heard.  I was a little disappointed though.  He kept his pants on.

Bill Clinton Porn Star Picture Explained By Brooklyn Lee And Tasha Reign – Read the article at Huffington Post.

Being around women isn’t a problem for the former prez any longer.  Rumor has it that Hilary had all his zippers sewn up – a long time ago.


Lack of a draft seems to facilitate the charge into war. Drafting the kids of the rich would lessen the rush.

 Read the Article at HuffingtonPost by Charlie Rangel.

After all, it’s mostly the kids of the poor who do the killing and the dying.

So let’s put the rich kids on the battlefield and in the foxholes and start killing a few of them and let’s see what happens.

Of course, a few escape hatches like the National Guard and exemptions for college would have to be closed.

The message for rich college kids:  Don’t unpack.  The next war will be coming to your campus soon.  Go for it, Charlie.


Wanna Double War Spending.  Try These Plans on For Size.

Several goods ways to keep war spending growing at exponential rates:

  1. Build anti-missile bases on the border of the Soviet Union.  Ya’ll member dem Soviets.  Dem was da commanists what was goin’ to do us in. We sure showed dem a thang er two.

  2. Build naval bases in the Philippines and South Korea and deploy aircraft carrier groups near the Chinese mainland.  If that doesn’t piss them off, we can try bombing North Korea.  That’ll get their attention.

  3.  Bomb, bomb, bomb – bomb, bomb Iran.  And don’t give me any of this Israel bullshit acting as a surrogate.  We need to stop pussyfootin’ and grow some balls.  Do the damn thing ourselves.  Then we can justify spending $2 trillion dollars a year on the War Department instead of a paltry three quarters of a trillion.  Besides it’s really fun watching wars on CNN.  Didn’t you enjoy the last one?  Now that’s what I call reality TV.  And this one will be televised in hi-def.  Oh man, I can’t wait.  Good for CNN’s ratings also.  That’s about the only way they can get people to watch them anymore.


And I’m not talkin’ some silly shit Obama drone war either.  I want the real McCoy – with tanks and carpet bombing and cruise missiles and all that deadly release of depleted uranium.  That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout.

Besides the more wars we start, sooner or later we’re gonna win one.  I mean, like, it’s just the law of averages.

Yessireeeee, bob.  $2 trillion dollar War Department here we come.


Catholic bishops criticized the Girl Scouts for taking positions on issues opposed by the Church.  The bishops accused the girl’s organization of having a partnership with Planned Parenthood and supporting positions on sexuality, birth control and abortion.  A spokesperson for the Scouts denied the charges.

Bishop Mangiapasta Bacciagalupe of the Church of the Holy Book said his congregation was angered by the fact that Girl Scouts selling cookies often interfered with bingo nights.


Mitt Romney has been accused of heresy against Republican orthodoxy for stating that budget cuts would cause a recession.

Republicans should not be worried however.  Romney is upside down, inside out and backwards on all issues.  And he can perform this shtick simultaneously.  What a guy!!

File:US Navy 050520-N-4549D-002 USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) Commanding Officer, Capt. Dennis E. Fitzpatrick, gives the Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney a tour of the conventionally powered aircraft carrier's flight deck.jpg

What you see beside us Mr. Romney is a jet fighter.  It costs this much.


People believe the rich got half of the Bush tax cuts.  Actually, they got all of the Bush tax cuts.  As for the rest of us, our tax cuts were pumped into the gas tank and went from there through the pipeline directly to Wall Street.

March 24, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley

Rick Santorum is apparently enamored of the practices of the devout Catholic organization known as Opus Dei or Work of God. Many members of this religious group devote their lives to emulating the suffering of Christ. Some adherents place spiked chains between their thighs to induce pain and so to demonstrate devotion to their crucified Savior.

Why, I even heard that some devotees employ whips, chains, constraints and other pain inducing devices to demonstrate their love.

Of course, I could be mistaking Opus Dei with other organizations I hear about from time to time. Then again, maybe not.

Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum (right) los...

Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum (right) lost a friendly football bet to Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy. Here Santorum wears a Patriots hat and presents Kennedy and his staff with Philly cheesesteaks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OH MY GOD!!!  He’s a gambler!  Wave goodbye to the Bible Belt, Rick.


Well, kids get rid of your hoodies and loosey jeans and buy you some suspenders.

I’m not African-American. I’m Italian. But a coupla days in the sun and I could get shot if I happen to be taking a walk in Florida.

And thanks for the tip, Geraldo. But don’t you think your comment will be bad for the hoodie business.

File:Geraldo Rivera.jpg

Great for suspender sales, but what about the hoodie business. Better start divesting.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

And here’s a tip from me. Next time you plan to go to Florida, practice your fast draw for a few days. I mean, who can tell, someone could mistake you for a drug dealer and you’ll be pushing up daisies in an orange grove. And it will all be your fault.


The scuttlebutt around the Street is Jon Corzine mislaid a couple billion dollars. Hey! A billion here, a billion there. Who can keep track?

Jon Corzine, Governor and former Senator from ...

Oh, shit. Where did I put that damn billion anyway?. Jon Corzine, Governor and former Senator from New Jersey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By the way, Jon, could you see your way to lending me a fast mil.  I gotta fill up my SUV this weekend.

OK if I keep the change?


Rick Santorum’s wife said this week that God is calling him to be president.

UPW’s Senior National News Correspondent Marcy Popindick intercepted a voice mail message from God to Santorum. (She did it in the United Kingdom so it’s OK; at least according to the policeman she bribed).

A transcript of the tape revealed the following recording:

Hello? Hello, Rick? God here. Answer the damn phone. I wish you’d keep your cell turned on. It’s a real pain in the ass trying to reach you. I’m not into all this texting bullshit, ya know. And it can be real distracting when you’re flying through all these clouds we’ve got up here.

I just want you to know you’ve got my vote, guy. Now don’t screw this thing up. The Empire needs you. You get elected, appoint a couple more Catholics to the Supreme Court and there’s a pope waiting in the wings who can run the whole planet. I gotta plan you haven’t seen since the popes fucked up the Crusades. This time it’ll work. And I’m talkin’ the whole planet here not just the Holy Land.

And keep you cell phone turned on. I hate this goddam voice mail . I can’t get a hold of anyone anymore. Not even the pope. Such bullshit you never heard:

‘Pax vobiscum. This is Pope Benedict the XVI. I’m either on the phone or taking another piss. Leave a message and I’ll call back as soon as I’m finished.’

You believe that shit. And I’m God for chrissakes.”

File:Popemobile passes the White House.jpg

Yes, there is a popemobile. With his money, he couldn’t do a little better?

March 18, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley

If Congress passes a law declaring sperm to be people, the population of the world will increase exponentially – like maybe a trillion to the tenth power. Any guess as to how many zeros that is? And that might not be enough.

Personhood for sperm raises a lot of questions. Would a dead sperm need a decent burial? Could be a quick fix for the unemployment problem, ya know. Everybody would have to become an undertaker. Which raises more the questions: Would a sperm have to be embalmed? How much would a casket cost? Who would send flowers? Would a sperm need life insurance? How much would it cost? Would government assistance be available if the sperm didn’t have an insurance policy? Would Obama submit legislation to Congress mandating that all sperm carry life insurance?

Warning:  If you have an aversion to dirty pictures, stop here.


A dirty picture of a sperm that survived.


Wouldn’t legislation requiring sperm to be considered people make all men mass murderers? And women accessories? At least in some cases?

Just asking.


Rick Santorum is now advocating a ban on the distribution of pornography. He probably doesn’t know this but that position could cost him the entire South in the general election. Per capita, the Bible Belt states spend more money on pornographic material than any other region in the nation.

He says pornography is toxic to marriage and relationships. Well, so is fracking. It is also harmful to people’s health – fracking that is – and so far as I know he hasn’t called for a ban on that. And no doubt never will.

But before we go any further, we suggest one of Santorum’s advisers explain to him just exactly what fracking is so he doesn’t get it confused with that other thing you aren’t supposed to do if you use birth control when you’re doing it.  (So far, the BC ban applies only to Catholics.  So far).

Whether he succeeds in banning dirty pictures or not, the issue is still a good way to rile up the “better than thou” folks, like ya know, Christians who want you to live your life the way they tell you to.


Catholics who use birth control are committing a sin that will condemn their immortal souls to the raging fires of Hell for all eternity. Also, the pope doesn’t approve.

I guess the church’s policy applies to women only. The old men of the church have always hated women and it’s the women who use most of the stuff. Not the men mind you – unless we’re speaking of condoms and vasectomies.

Yes. Ever since Eve, it’s always been those damn women. Just can’t keep from spreading their legs. The “aspirin between the knees” method just doesn’t seem to be working – even with a whole bottle of the stuff in the medicine cabinet.

And all those rumors you’ve been reading about priests, bishops and popes fucking their brains out over the centuries are just that – rumors.

OK. OK. So some popes have had kids (out of wedlock of course so as not to violate the church’s celibacy rule). But so what. That doesn’t mean they have to like it.

Nevertheless, I’ve never known a priest who carried an aspirin in his pocket when inviting a woman from the parish for whatcha call your “religious consultation.” Not all priests like little boys, ya know. Some actually like girls. Provided they’ve reached the age of consent, naturally. Or maybe a bored housewife or two. Who can tell?

Oh, father. I forgot my aspirin.”

Don’t worry, my child. You won’t be needing it tonight.”


The Westboro Baptist Church – you know, those fundamentalist folks who hate just about every type of human behavior except that which they specifically approve – is apparently preparing ads to be broadcast on the Rush Limbaugh show. Birds of a feather. Guess they haven’t heard the rumors about Rush’s past.

Viagra anyone. The Westboro Baptist Church would approve. Aren’t you lucky?  There isn’t a whole lot these extremists do like.  You could say intolerance is their message.

Jael Phelps picketing Trinity Episcopal Church...

(This photo is copyrighted but free to use for any purpose). Image via Wikipedia

Westboro Baptist Church Anti-Jewish Picketing

Yes, they do pretend to be Christians. Image via Wikipedia (Public domain).


It’s time for AARP to support increases in Social Security. Retirees have been cheated long enough by schemes that underestimate inflation and shortchange seniors.

Members must face up to the facts. AARP is basically an insurance agency, perhaps the largest agency in the world. It gives nothing to its members they don’t pay for in premiums and members should realize they are getting nothing in return they aren’t paying for.

As for the benefits it claims for members, many other organizations offer similar discounts.

The message from retirees to the executives of AARP is a simple one: Support increases to retirement programs or back off. You are either with the retirees or against them.

These meetings with the cut-and-gut crowd are totally unnecessary and uncalled for. In fact, they raise suspicions of a scam in the making.


There is one way the Ryan health insurance debacle can be rescued. That is for government to pay 100% of the premiums demanded by health insurance companies forever. Yeah, right.

The real scam of the Ryan plan is to dump medical costs of the elderly on to the individual whether or not he or she has insurance and can pay for the care. The plan’s terms can be summed up in one phrase: Can’t pay, no doctor. You’re on your own, pal.

We’ll all be retired someday and the American people have demonstrated time and again that they want the social programs now in place to remain a part of the nation’s social safety net. And are willing to pay for the programs through payroll deductions. The cut and gut politicians who are trying to destroy the programs are acting in defiance of the will of the people and on behalf of a tiny minority of the rich.

And now back to Paul Ryan (the one with the shit eating grin – see photo) the tax cut and spend right wing Republican. Ryan voted repeatedly and continuously to raise the deficit and spend, spend, spend during the Bush administration. The man is one of the biggest spenders in the GOP – and that takes some doing, for with few exceptions, Republicans have shown themselves to be among the biggest spenders on the planet.

File:Paul Ryan, official portrait, 111th Congress.jpg


Darrell Issa, entombed for eight years during the Bush Administration, has finally emerged from his cacoon.

He said we’ve been lied to by the Justice Department.


Well, for heaven’s sake. You don’t say.

We were lied to for eight years during the Bush administration. And Issa is just coming to the realization that government lies. Fasinating.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

February 16, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley

We practice a particularly vicious brand of capitalism in this country. I call it T-Rex capitalism because the Wall Street and corporate gangsters who advocate for it are as voracious as any tyrannosaur that ever roamed the earth.

T. rex

T. rex (Photo credit: e_monk)

The tyrannosaurs of Wall Street will devour us all – and love every minute of the slaughter.


A fellow was way off his game.
Too many women made it go lame
He was a fine dude
But thoughts of gals lewd
Put his game and his fame to ignominious shame.


Ten ways to keep corporate tyrannosaurs happy:

  1. Lower taxes on earned income.

  2. Reduce the capital gains tax to zero.

  3. Give a 100% deduction for all corporate jets.

  4. Eliminate the minimum wage.

  5. Eliminate labor unions.

  6. Eliminate the Labor Department.

  7. Eliminate the NLRB.

  8. Eliminate child labor laws.

  9. Eliminate the 40 hr. work week requirement and overtime pay.

That’s just for starters. I’m sure Congress can come up with many other ways to provide help to our corporate masters.


A Republican governor said the GOP deserves credit for the economy. Sure, Republicans and their conservative allies can take credit for it beginning with Ronald Reagan’s supply-side thirty years ago. They’ve been trying their hardest to screw it up ever since and are succeeding beyond their wildest imaginations.

Ronald Reagan.

Image via Wikipedia

A little more make-up on the left please.


Foster Friess, billion backer of Rick Santorum, said today that back in his day the ladies used aspirin as a method of birth control. Apparently, they held an aspirin between their knees and it wasn’t an expensive method..

Back in my day, they used a guy’s head for contraception. The gals put it between their legs and that wasn’t very expensive either. Worked too.

Back in those days I was still a Catholic and I used contraceptive devices. And for that sinful behavior my immortal soul has long since been consigned a place in the everlasting fires of Hell. So I don’t really care much about the head method of contraception – not then; not now.


Unreliable Press Worldwide is reporting today that a spokesman for the Rick Santorum campaign, speaking under conditions anonymity, stated that if elected president, Santorum will nominate Pope Benedict XVI for a seat on the Supreme Court. If his nomination is approved by the Senate, the Pope is considered certain to cast his vote against abortion and birth control. The Pope would be the sixth Catholic and represent the sixth extreme conservative justice to sit on the bench.

File:Bush and Benedictus 81st birthday 2008.jpg

UPW is also reporting consistent rumors emanating from the Vatican that the College of Cardinals is considering elevating a US cardinal to the papacy and having him compete for the Republican nomination for the US presidency in 2016 should Obama win reelection.

December 31, 2011

The DC Folly Trolley

Soft Terrorism

The army describes protest movements, that is people exercising their Constitutional right of free speech, as soft terrorism.

File:Green Party protestors 2011.jpg

Protestors: Soft terrorists??? (Photo by Midnightblueowl).

So if Obama, or any other president, decrees protestors are terrorists he can send them to Gitmo without trial or benefit of legal representation; he can order drone attacks against them on American soil; or he can send in the tanks to gun them down.


Chris Matthews made a comparison of Newt Gingrich to a car bomber. I’m not sure how Matthews came up with the “car bomber” metaphor, but I’m not seeing that. Fat, egotistical, adulterer, yes, sounds a lot better to me. “Car bomber”, a bit extreme, even for Gingrich.

Reportedly, Obama has been referred to as much worse in private conversation.


Free Market Mythology

Petroleum sold in a “free” market??? I here that nonsense all the time. If you’ve been beguiled by free market ideologues, you may want to read up on OPEC and monopolies – the very essence of a rigged marketplace.

Adding to monopolistic distortions of the market, the oil industry rigidly controls supply by controlling refinery capacity. The last refinery built in the US was in 1976. Since then the oil industry has closed, rather than upgrade, several older refineries. The reason given is that to maximize profit at a refinery, it has to operate at or near 100% capacity. So to prevent under-use and oversupply, older plants were abandoned and dismantled. Thus the industry can carefully manage supply and as we all know when supply is controlled against continuously rising demand prices will rise.

A third control device is the commodity market. You may recall that gasoline is sold at auction, in much the same manner as wheat and corn, where bidders buy against future supply. When supply is carefully managed the price is bid up.

So if you feel bad because you believed petroleum products are sold in the mythical “free market”, don’t.. I’ve heard economists with masters degrees refer to the “free” market in petroleum. Obviously they have been thoroughly brainwashed beginning with Economics 101.

Your senator or congressman has no doubt uttered the same “free market” manure that oil industry execs and economists spread about the planet. And whether they believe it or not, the politicians are paid well by industry lobbyists to shovel that shit. And they do a remarkable job as propagandists for the oil industry. They earn their payoff money.

So tawdry is the money exchange between industry and dirty politicians that we can compare the activity that occurs in Follyland, DC to the crimes committed by 20th century mobsters who demanded money from businesses to “protect” them from calamity.

Today’s lobbyist eagerly pays protection money to the “mobsters” in Congress and the White House and these scoundrels provide protection through legislation that industry demands. And, if you didn’t already know, many of these laws are written by lawyers who work directly for the industry.


Lots of people might be able to swing a vote for Newton Leroy, He is what we used to call in college “a real hair man.” That’s something a lot of men always wanted to be but we could never quite manage it.

I’m not sure of the etymology of the phrase. But I do know a definition was never necessary – provided you were aware of the reputation of the guy being referred to as a real hair man. Context was all that was ever needed. And if you know anything about Newt’s past, well, the phrase applies and no explanation is necessary. And, who knows, his rep could certainly swing some votes his way.


The Keystone Pipeline

Oil companies have stubbornly avoided constructi­ng new refining capacity in order to maintain rigid control of supply and therefore price. I suspect control of supply is one reason for the Keystone pipeline in the first place. To put another refinery on line, for example, would increase the supply of gasoline – a no-no when your goal is price control through supply management.

The project does hold the promise of jobs, however, although most will be temporary and the number has been vastly overestimated, at least according to impartial studies. The figure coming from TransCanada, the Canadian company that proposed the pipeline, is 20,000 jobs; other studies estimate 10,000 jobs; the State Department figure is 7,000.

File:Alaska Pipeline.jpg

The Alaska Pipeline, an eyesore at the very least. No telling what the Keystone Pipeline will look like. (Photo by Ryan McFarland from Petersburg, AK).

Other issues prevail as well. The pipeline is slated to cross an aquifer of inestimable value. Can we trust that the pipeline will afford fool proof protection for this water supply? Can we trust that the line will be built to even minimum standards? Or will contractors take short cuts to swell profits? Will regulators and inspectors-now regulated by those they are supposed to regulate-be trusted to perform their sworn duty to ensure the safety of the project, particularly after they have been lavished with wine, women and whatever else is in the corporate bag of bribery tricks.

Will PIGS (pipeline inspection gauges) be properly utilized? Will the information the devices transmit be acted upon?

If an honest inspector reports a defect will it be corrected or will the whistleblower be fired after a backchannel phone call to a senator or representative – a practice that defuses honest inspection.

Whadda you think?

And if all of the standards are rigidly adhered to, do we really want what could easily turn into an eyesore running down the width of this magnificently beautiful landscape? Especially during the construction phase. And afterward when numerous pumping stations mar the scenery.

The better way would be to construct a new refinery.

To put a refinery on line however could increase the supply of gasoline. And you know what happens to price when supply increases. I suspect the reason for the pipeline in the first place is to avoid at all cost bringing a refinery on line so the oil industry can continue its rigid control of supply.


I predict the South will rise in unison and sing in praise of Newt. I can hear repressed preachers below the Mason-Dixon line pulpitting in full throated glory: “Any man who treats women the way Gingrich does gets my vote. He’ll end abortion, he’ll save marriage and he’ll end all this equality claptrap. He’ll end sex education; he’ll fire teachers who hand out rubbers in the cafeteria; he’ll stop pre-marital sex by putting kids to work in schools. Got to keep the youngins moral, ya know. Especially after they start lookin’ real good. Uh. Praise the lord.”


File:Anacortes Refinery 31904.JPG

Refinery at Anacortes, WA. (Photo by Walter Siegmund (talk)

Two New Refineries Proposed. Now In The Delay Stage. Blame It On the EPA.

Two new refineries are currently on the drawing board. They promise to deliver cleaner fuel from state of the art plants with greatly reduced air and water pollution.

Arizona Clean Fuels Yuma is seeking to build a plant in Arizona and Hyperion Energy is in the permit phase of construction of a refinery in South Dakota. And, as expected, there are delays.

Too often the Environmental Protection Agency is blamed for postponing start up . Signed into law by the socialist president – at least by today’s standards – Richard M. Nixon, agency regulations are faulted for delays and provide a convenient scape goat for the oil industry’s stubborn refusal build needed refineries and bring more production capacity on line .

While strict regulations are in place making delays in the construction of a new plant inevitable, the EPA is only partly responsible. State permits are also required and are often more exacting than the Federal variety.

In addition to air quality standards, provisions for storm water drainage, water discharge and water quality are essential and local regulations are often stringent. Local zoning laws may also need to be revised to permit industrial construction and these revisions take time.

Moreover, issues that have nothing to due with environmental policy impact greatly on new construction. Company lawyers and executives bargain ruthlessly and endlessly with state officials over the incentive packages a state government is willing-or more often forced-to provide, mostly give backs in taxes .

Currently, the biggest factor in delays is the matter of financing. A new refinery costs billions to construct. And in today’s sluggish economic environment, banks are reluctant to lend.

So, while extremists on the right continue to blame the EPA and environmental organizations for the lack of new refinery construction, the agency and green advocates are used as convenient whipping posts for executives who want to control supply, lawyers who insist on ever more state give backs and bankers who are wary about lending.

Eventually the refineries will be completed but be forewarned, if past practice holds, older refineries will come off line and be dismantled. Again, supply will be strictly controlled to support price levels in a rigged market with rising demand.


With the rise in popularity of Ron Paul in the polls, you might want to familiarize yourself with his ideology. If you haven’t done so already, you can read up on the Ludwig von Mises Institute, the Austrian School of Economics and refer from time to time to Lew Rockwell’s libertarian blog. These sites bring insight and perspective to the economic nonsense regurgitated by Ron Paul and his ilk.


I cannot vote for Mitt Romney because he has robbed numerous banks across the country.

Actually, the foregoing is not intended to be a factual statement. But then most of what Romney says about Obama isn’t either.

On the other hand, a slight revision of the statement bears much truth. Romney was a banker who robbed people and, like so many Wall Streeters, is the modern version of a bank robber. His hedge fund bought up businesses, fired loyal workers whose seniority earned them good wages and benefits, hired cheap labor and then sold off the business for a profit. Highway robbery! That’s how Romney got rich.


Religion is like a penis. It’s fine to have one. And it’s OK to be proud of it. But please don’t take it out in public and whip it around. And please don’t try to shove it down everyone’s throats.

Sorry, but I don’t have the name of the author of that statement.

File:Mercury god.jpg

Talk about whipping it out in public. And it ain’t “that ole tyme religion.”  The work is entitled “Well Endowed Mercury”, created between 89 BCE and 79 CE, artist unknown.


Now that it’s over perhaps we can discuss Christmas in an unemotional light.

Christmas is and should be a secular holiday for those who wish to observe in that way. I would venture to say that for a very large number of Christians, the holiday is far, far from a religious celebration.

Due to some fiction called the “war on Christmas”, however,many Christians seem to take offense at not being wished “Merry Christmas” in public. This war fiction of course is a blatant attempt to inject the Christian religion into the holiday season and shove it down everyone’s throats. Sadly, such childish insistence may be one reason many non-Christians refuse to join the celebrating.

I myself prefer to say “enjoy the holidays”, unless in church – where I have noticed for many years now that no one – no one – ever wishes “Merry Christmas” except in response to my own greeting.


Want to observe the real “war on Christmas” close and upfront? Venture out into what I call the “Christmas asteroid belt.” If you’ve ever gone shopping on a weekend during the holidays, you get my drift. If there’s anything to be grateful for during this season, it’s returning home safely after a foray into the mall. Every year, it seems, a few never return.


I’m particularly fond of holiday invitations – gathering together with friends and relatives. Occasionally these visits will produce a “religious experience.” Not to worry though. I am always the designated passenger.

Enjoy the holidays – everyone. There’s lots more to come.

December 11, 2011

The DC Folly Trolley

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) called for an amendment to save democracy in America. It’s a sad circumstance that such an amendment is necessary.

File:Supreme Court US 2010.jpg

The people who decide who rules the country – besides themselves that is.

The intent however should be to restore democracy.

The Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United affirmed the right of the 1% to rule the country without any uppity interference from the 99%. And the word of the five right wing wackos on the Court is final.

Anyway, go Bernie. You are one hell of a fighter.


Newt Gingrich insisted today that he is not a lobbyist and has never received a license from any lobbyist group.

An officer for the Certified Lobbyists Association of the Potomac confirmed the former speaker’s statement. The group issues a license known as the Certified Lobbyist Association Plaque and according to the spokesman, Gingrich has never gotten the CLAP.

Actually, Gingrich needn’t bother his egotistically bloated head about a license. There are already numerous lobbyists in Follyland who proudly proclaim they have the CLAP.


Here is a bulletin from the UPW newsroom as reported by Senior Analyst Marcy Popindick. Iowa Jesus announced today that he has forgiven Newt Gingrich for all ethics violations he committed while a member of the House of Representatives.

The self-proclaimed prelate also said he has granted full forgiveness to presidential candidates who are guilty of committing the sin of adultery provided they are Republicans.

In his encyclical, Iowa Jesus also included forgiveness for GOP candidates who have no more than two divorces.

A spokesman for Iowa Jesus warned however that if candidates, including Newt Gingrich, committed any more indiscretions they’d have to come across with some fast cash if they wanted to be forgiven.

Ms. Popindick recalled that during his short-lived 2008 presidential campaign, Gingrich received forgiveness for his transgressions from Minnesota Jesus on the preacher’s radio program “Hour of Glory.”. Although rumors were rampant about improprieties, Popindick stated there was never any evidence of cash changing hands between the former Speaker and Minnesota Jesus.


President Barack Obama’s speech in Potawatomie, KS this week mirrored the words and ideas of former Republican president Theodore Roosevelt. As crowds gathered, the president was said to be elated at the enthusiasm of the people of Punsxutawney 

Meanwhile, liberal pundits marveled at the president’s rhetorical acrobatics. Not in recent memory has a presidential speech contained as many verbal somersaults as Obama’s did in Osawatunxamie.

While the president called attention to the inequality that exists in America, some reporters claimed that the speech was nothing more than Wall Street approved campaign rhetoric.

Theodore Roosevelt (1904) English: President o...

A man of the people. Where are such men now when their country needs them so desperately? Image via Wikipedia

After all the president’s gotta throw some kind of bone to the people if he hopes to win reelection – even if it’s a dry bone. And if he wins he can always take the bone back.


From the award winning UPW local newsroom:

A traffic accident has occurred at the intersection of Booth Street and State Highway 11. Follyland police report a car stalled on entering the highway and was hit in the rear by another vehicle traveling south on the state road. There were no injuries and only minor damage occurred to each vehicle. No summons were issued at the scene. Police said they will investigate further.

Police reported an accident on Dover Road near Lucifer Memorial Hospital. The fender bender occurred around 5:45 this evening slowing traffic during the rush hour. Again there were no injuries.

An incident on Highway 55 backed up traffic on the state road for a short time during rush hour while a wrecker extricated a vehicle stuck on a soft shoulder. The driver of the vehicle stated that he pulled to the side of the road while another vehicle attempted to pass and he was unable to avoid the shoulder The police report noted the incident occurred in a no passing zone.

We’ll continue with the daily traffic accident summary; and in other news city council to vote on Christmas party venue; teen wins skeet shooting contest and more from the award winning UPW newsroom after these messages.


The Environment Protection Agency reported the presence of toxic chemicals in the aquifer located near Pavillion WY’. The contamination occurred in an area in west central Wyoming near the cities of Riverton and Lander both just west of Casper. Also included in the unsafe water zone are several national parks the best known of which is Yellowstone.  Though the EPA confirmed the contamination, it remains to be seen how aggressively the agency will pursue its findings.

Toxic chemicals used in the hydro-fracturing process are the suspected source of the contamination. Fracturing, or fracking as it is commonly known, is a natural gas extraction process that injects huge quantities of water, sand and chemicals into underground shale layers using high pressure to crack or fracture the shale and release the gas.

Industry officials claim that fracking is a safe process that does not contaminate drinking water with the chemicals used to extract the gas.

However, many residents in areas where fracking is a common practice claim that the water smells of chemicals and is not safe to drink. Most have been employing filtering systems for years since unfiltered water that enters the home is not considered safe to consume.

Hundreds upon hundreds of wells exist in many areas and industry officials say all such drillings meet safety standards.

Residents refer to rules that dominate the industry. Rule 1: All wells meet safety standards. Rule 2: If a well does not meet safety standards, refer to rule one. In other words, wells are rarely shut down for any reason.

In some cases, the water is so contaminated with chemicals that it can be ignited as it runs from the faucets.

An industry executive, who spoke under conditions of anonymity, said that burning water can be a benefit as it provides additional heating in winter and helps lower utility bills.

File:USGS deep wells 1997.png

Areas of deep well drilling or potential drilling.

November 27, 2011

The DC Folly Trolley

Reports indicate that BPA levels soar in urine samples after eating canned soup.


What’s that BPA doing in my soup?

It’s preparing to rearrange your hormones, sir.

BPA contains a compound that disrupts hormone levels and is associated with heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Executives at canned soup companies have developed two solutions to the problem:

  1. Stop peeing
  2. Advertise BPA as a new flavor (Momma’s chicken soup never tasted this good).
  3. A new slogan: Real men eat canned soup.

I know, I know. That’s three, not two. But three is really hard to remember so if I get two right I’m happy.


The new fad in politics is to cry. Yep, that’s right. Just bust out in tears and you could be a real winner.

At recent tear shedding events Herman Cain and Rick Santorum cut loose. Past notables who have opened the ducts in public include Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and Bob Dole, not to mention the tearful and frequent hysterics of John Boehner.

File:John Boehner golf.jpg

After missing the ball, the Speaker broke down.


Tiny Nation Of Iceland Tells Elite 1% To Go Screw Itself. Establishes New Government. “Screw The Banks” Policy Works. Success Suffers Total US News Blackout

The corporate media in the United States has banished news of events in Iceland from all of its outlets including newspapers, television and radio.

Iceland was and is once again a socialist democratic country. Not too many years ago it was one of the richest countries in the world. Its banks were publicly run institutions who operated mainly to benefit the citizens of Iceland.

Enter the ogre – the privatization monster. The banks were privatized, sought foreign investment, went deeply into debt and they and the Icelandic economy soon crashed. The privatization ogre in Europe insisted that the government repay the debt by instituting austerity measures.

In short, the people of the tiny country rebelled, removed the government and wrote a new constitution; and, voila` the country is back on its feet. And only because the people told the bankers and the other European elites that they will decide their own futures, thank you, so take a hike.

The actions of the people of Iceland represent a revolution and victory against the international power structure, in other words, the 1%. Hence, the total media blackout in the United States.

Regardless of the fear of the people that prompted the blackout, the people of Iceland sent a clear message to the 1%. To wit, vaffanculo which translated into English means bafangool.


Jesus wants everyone to own a pizza franchise, buy lottsa guns, run for president and stick their hands up a woman’s skirt.

Oh, wait. That’s Herman Cain.

Pizza man's here! . . . Herman Cain - Cartoon

Pizza man's here. Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

I think Herman also gets the two confused.


In case you haven’t heard, Hermie has gone and done it again. He’s signed the Susan B. Anthony “pro-life, anti-abortion” pledge. Not satisfied with putting his hands up a woman’s skirt, he wants to go even further and get them into the uterus.

Click the photo for full attribution:


Campbell`s Soup, Originaldosen des bekannten Warholmotives, (eigenes Foto)
November 20, 2011

The DC Folly Trolley

Some comedian recently said that he would believe corporations were people when Georgia and Texas began executing them. Good idea but fat chance.


The DC Folly Trolley is filling rapidly with daft GOP candidates. Better buy a ticket and reserve your seat. The election is fast approaching and the Folly Trolley will depart on its journey across the nation in just a few weeks.

GOP Presidential Debate June 13, 2011 in New H...

From Flickr via Creative Commons License Share Alike in which we participate with attribution.


The latest candidate to board is Newt Gingrich. Is he for real or just the latest GOP flavor of the month?  Only the pundits in Follyland, DC can tell us.

A pundit has said that Gingrich is a stupid man’s idea of what a smart man sounds like. Well that’s probably because he has a mouth as big as a whale’s blow hole.

A whale blowing air through its blow hole after surfacing.  The blow hole acts as a whale’s nostrils.  Photo from a brochure for Harmony Bed and Breakfast, Seward, AK.

Newt Gingrich has the gift of gab. He uses it to pull the wool over the eyes of people who support him. He’s been doing that for decades. No reason to stop now. For half the population istworks very well. Some, like the Fox newsers, even provide the wool.

If his advisers can keep him on script, Gingrich has a shot at the nomination. Scripts aren’t the Newtster’s strong point. So it’s a tough assignment; the man has a hair trigger mouth.


If Newt wins the nomination does that mean his wife has to give back the Tiffany jewels he used to buy her off. Nah, Newt’s too decent a guy to demand something so cruel. But he has proposed putting 10 year old kids to work in the schools.

Gingrich's official portrait as Speaker

Image via Wikipedia


Perhaps you’ve heard by now, reports of Newton Leroy’s suggestion to put kids to work in their schools. No wage mentioned of course but probably something in the neighborhood of fifty cents an hour. That sounds about right.

Think of the possibilities such a program would spawn:

  1. It would eliminate high wage labor. To a Repub like Newton Leroy that’s ten bucks an hour.
  2. Allow schools to fire unionized janitors and lunch room personnel. Another good way to get rid of labor unions right wingers find so contemptible.
  3. It would also eliminate benefits for workers that Newton’s kids wouldn’t receive.
  4. Newton’s kids would greatly increase profits in privatized schools.
  5. The program would greatly increase the incentive to privatize more schools.
  6. Newton’s kids would reduce the cost of education so the Newtser could reduce property taxes – you guessed it – for rich people.

And how would Newton’s kids benefit from this nineteenth century thinking. Well, since they would now become working people they would no longer qualify for the school lunch program. So after three hours of labor they could pay for their own damn lunch, right Newt.

And now that the kids are making some big bucks, privately contracted food vendors could charge even more for their junk food – some of which is perfectly disgusting by the way. But, hey, it is bought and sold in a free market so it can’t be all bad.

So Newton Leroy strikes again. His idea will surely ignite support in the right wing Repub base.


The chairs of the super duper committee in Congress have admitted failure. But not so fast. They still have three days to figure out a way to screw working people.


Tax cut and spend Republicans have conspired for years to find a means to destroy the social safety net. They found the means when they bought the presidency for George W. Bush.

The Repubs cut taxes and spent with unmatched fury during the Bush years and now hope to bring their conspiracy to fruition.

Austerity is nothing more than a sneak attack on the working class the right wing abhors and of course on the hated social safety net.

So the Repubs want to spend, spend, spend – taxpayers money on their pet projects, on the war entitlement complex and on welfare for their big donor interests, the corporations.

They are determined to enhance the protection money conduit that lavishes hundreds of millions of dollars in cold cash on them and then to provide the protection – through favorable legislation – that the money buys.

To complete their destructive program, the right wing must destroy Obama along with its plan to abolish the middle class.


The real mystery in the right wing conspiracy is Barack Obama. His determination to assist right wing extremists in their war on Social Security and Medicare is incomprehensible. The man has been absolutely driven to cut these programs. Yet by doing so, he participates in the GOP plan to destroy his presidency. Go figure.


Think of Obama’s approach to the social safety net as murder. Social scientists tell us that the first one is the most difficult. All subsequent murders become easier and easier to commit. Does Obama not realize that the first adjustment these plans – will be the hardest to achieve? That if he succeeds even in bringing about the tiniest change he will open the floodgates to ever more changes until finally the programs are destroyed? Or is destruction his goal as well?


The four great ideas from Robert Reich represent good, common sense.

  1. No spending cuts until unemployment is down to 5%.
  2. A jobs program big enough to make a significant dent in unemployment.
  3. Raise taxes on the wealthy.
  4. Cut war entitlement spending and corporate welfare.

The right wing is aware of all of these ideas and knows well the success such a program will bring to the economy. However that is exactly the program they are hell bent on preventing.

Unfortunately the Backstabbers Wing of the Democratic party has joined with right wing Republicans to whittle away at the middle class and the covenant between the generations the social safety net represents.

The Republican governors of several states exposed the conspiracy for all to see: Tax cuts for the rich, spending cuts for the rest of us.


Spending is indeed on the rise. However, much of the increase is the result of war related costs and corporate welfare and does next to nothing to reduce unemployment.

Most of the deficit can be traced back to the Bush tax cuts, the Bush recession (both of which resulted in the collapse of revenue) and the unfunded Bush wars.

Given their recent tax cut and spending history Republicans are guilty of spectacular hypocrisy and monumental chutzpah.


One reason why voting in primary elections is so important: Since it is mainly the party faithful who vote in the primaries and they vote largely for, “safe”, established candidates, many other potential candidates are discouraged from entering the primary. However, large turnouts by progressives could change the landscape of general elections by placing liberals – still the messengers of the people – on the ballot.


Regardless of the support Obama gives to the conservative movement, they will never return the favor. Refer to McConnell’s statement that his job is to make Obama a one term president.

The Senate minority leader may well succeed. He has sabotaged all programs that might benefit the economy and the blame for his nefarious scheme seems to accruing to Obama.


If Obama’s policies favor conservatives it is because he needs their money. Every little bit helps if he is to become the first president to spend a billion dollars to purchase the office.


Tax cut and spend conservatives are responsible for the largest portion of the deficit. The Bush tax cuts, the Bush recession and the unfunded Bush wars resulted in massive expenditures and plunging revenues. Eliminate the tax cuts, the recession and reduce war entitlement spending and the deficit is quickly reversed.


Blue Dog Dems are not much better than a bunch of right wing Republicans. In fact they give the party of FDR a bad name.

Rahm was instrumental in creating the Backstabbers Wing of the Democratic party. Sure, they’re the lesser evil. But a slow, relentless evil nonetheless.

2010 was an opportunity to teach the right wing Democrats like Rahm a lesson. They never learn though because they don’t want to. They’re as much into the protection money race as the GOP. And they feel no guilt at helping their donors by voting for legislation that provides all the protection that special interests desire.

November 13, 2011

The DC Folly Trolley

Facts were never a GOP strong point. RNC chairman and chief Republican propagandist Reince Priebus said that the GOP is not looking out only for the rich.

Do they even know that other classes exist??? And if they do, have they ever cared about anyone but the rich for the past 150 years?

What the fuck you talkin’ about.  We love our poor folks, those making between a half and , oh say, a million or so a year.  We want to do everything we can to help them along.

He (I don’t want to have to type his name again – or pronounce it for that matter) evidently believes like all good Repubs that Reagan’s Jobs Falling Out Of The Sky economic theory (also known as supply side) will help the poor and working classes.

The guy is a regular comedian. Can’t wait for election year to hear more of his jokes.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


Two Pots in Every Garage

Police in LA are finding stashes of marajawanna plants in foreclosed homes – in jars and naturally flower pots.

Ah, yes. A tribute to free enterprise.

Neither high taxes nor harsh regulation­s can dampen the American entreprene­urial spirit. You gotta admire ambition and initiative during hard times.

Republican­s should be sending awards.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


Banks refer to a default on a mortgage as an “involuntary prepayment.” Sounds a lot better than “foreclosure” on a financial report.


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

The oligarchs are getting jittery about the Occupy movement. If you can stomach it, check out the comments of the right wingers on Fox News Sunday. They used such words as “un-American” and “undemocratic” to describe the occupiers. And holy cow dung, Batman, they even used the Foxers favorite turd word – “Marxist”.


If Obama believes the Iran issue will become a soft spot during an election year, he will strike. He may hide behind the skirts of the Israelis, but he will strike.


Libertarianism is rubbish. It can exist only in theories and the slick pages and sanitized graphs of $150 economic textbooks. Human intervention utterly destroys any possibility of genuinely “free” markets.  Ron Paul is kidding and the jokes on us.


Uncertainty Gambit Exposed

Nobody believed the “uncertain­ty” gambit to begin with – with the possible exception of those who blindly follow the Fox News Pied Piper. Certainly Congressio­nal Republican­s never believed it. It was always rubbish, a talking point. However it is now and will continue to be spun endlessly.

At he heart of the spin is the idea that the wealthy are beset by high taxes and if they are given one more tax cut – just one – jobs will fall from the sky.

The second part of the gambit is that corporatio­ns, that is, the wealthy, are laboring under a crush of regulation­. If we would only deregulate­, guess what, jobs will fall from the sky.

It is such a good gambit that the Backstabbe­rs Wing of the Democratic party has embraced it. It gives them the excuse they need to support more tax cuts for their wealthy donors and deregulati­on for their corporate sponsors.  After all the big money boys are having pangs of insecurity about taxes and regulation.  Oh, the scary nightmares the rich must be suffering from.  Worse than a Halloween boo.  

It is, of course, and has always been, a ruse.  The only uncertainty is no uncertainty at all.  Folks with no money aren’t going to buy.  Get it. Demand for products has tanked.  So why invest? Well, you don’t.  Best to sit on a couple trillion as the corporations are now doing.  

Now here’s a formula you might want to consider: Uncertainty equals GOP bullshit.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

October 18, 2011

The DC Folly Trolley – 10/18/11

Third Way is a right wing Clintonista organization pretending to be “centrist.” Its greatest claim to fame is that it helped move the Democratic party in the direction of the big time money. If the Dems take the advice of Third Way and other right wing Dem organizations they’ll get clobbered.

Like the Republicans, the Dems have placed their faith in the cash and abandoned the voters. After all, according to the Rahm Doctrine, where else can they go. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.


Ever notice that whenever the millionaires who anchor MSM news shows they always refer to right wing Democrats as “centrists” or even worse “moderates.” I wonder if they get treated to dinner and a fine wine at an elegant DC restaurant for being so kind to these right wingers. Probably so. After all it’s on the taxpayer’s tab.


The Korean Trade Agreement will dramatically increase the export of U.S. orange juice to that Asian manufacturing powerhouse. In exchange for lowering tariffs for OJ, Korea can import thousands upon thousands more autos into this country.

Sounds great, right? That means lower car prices for consumers. Uh, not exactly. Actually lower tariffs will more likely increase profits for investors.

So let me get this straight. In exchange for increasing OJ exports to Korea, US consumers get to pay as much as the market will bear for new autos from Asia and investors get to pocket the difference.

Sound like a good deal to you? Uh, not exactly. Especially if you’re an auto worker who loses a job because of increased Kia and Hyundai imports.

OK, so let’s stop being naysayers about rigged trade agreements. All is not gloom and doom. Let’s look on the bright side.

The agreement will create at least a dozen or so excellent job opportunities for unemployed Korean speaking orange juice salesman.

The pact also represents a job opportunity for skilled orange squeezers who reside in Michigan and who have lost work due to competition from the Brazilian OJ industry. Pickers in Michigan orange groves will also experience an uptick in job openings.

Experience is required.

New avenues of investment are also opening up for venture capitalists.  Bio-tech companies in depression strapped Flint and Detroit are developing genetically modified oranges that grow in frigid weather. Skips a whole step in the production process.  OJ is usually served cold.

Orange juice is usually served cold.

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Why should Brazil get all the orange juice business in Korea? This pact proves once again that your government is at work for you.

Sooooo. Rush right down to your local community college and be the first in your neighborhood to enroll in a Korean language course.


Queen: Milord, the people in the streets are not happy.

King: Fret not, Marie. It will all end soon.

Queen Marie Antoinette of France, daughter of ...

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Iowa has just announced a sex caucus date of Jan. 3, 2012. It will coincide with the political caucuses set for the same day.

Actually, that’s not true so don’t go rushing off to Iowa on Jan. 3 in your skivvies. You got that, Anthony Weiner.

One thing’s for certain though. A sex caucus is bound to arouse more interest in Iowa than a political caucus. Maybe they should give it some thought.


Well, that all from Follyland, DC for today. Now back to sports.

October 3, 2011

The DC Folly Trolley – 10/03/11

A spokesman for Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign said the governor’s poor showing during the recent debate was the result of upset tummy. The upset was so severe it nearly caused the governor to throw up all over himself.

File:RickPerry2006.jpgRick Perry, thy name is loser. (Photo Jonathan Blundell).

Some commentators have remarked that the gov. did in fact throw up all over himself – upset tummy or no.

Perry has come under harsh criticism from the Repub right wing base for granting full tuition at state colleges to the children of illegal immigrants; opposing a fortified fence between the US-Mexican border and his support for mandatory HPV vaccine injections for young girls.

The spokesman said there was no truth to the rumor that the pharmaceutical company that sold millions of dollars worth of vaccine to Texas made heavy contributions to Perry’s campaign and that a former staffer and Perry goombah now working as a lobbyist for the pharma company stood to benefit from the sales.

There is also no truth to the rumor that Perry is practicing some fancy footsteps so in future debates he can tap dance around his controversial statement that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. The campaign has denied the charge that a Ponzi scheme is what Perry eventually hopes to transform the program into.


Now that Perry’s campaign is nose diving, all kinds of flack is splattering around Follyland that supporters will once again attempt to entice New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to run. Despite his shortcomings – Christie’s popularity in NJ has tanked and he has already admitted that his is too inexperienced for the job of president – the Repubs are getting desperate. Might make an adequate vice presidential candidate for Romney if the base can stomach the latter.


According to our reporter, Marcy Popindick, Christi was unavailable for comment. He was on a state police helicopter flying to one of his son’s sporting events.


Chris Christie at a Town Hall. (Photo by Luigi Novi).

Here’s a run down of the paltry GOP field:

Perry – a definite loser.

Romney – probably the only candidate that can beat Obama but has serious drawbacks: His liberal record as governor of Massachusetts and his religion are two serious turn offs for the right wing fundie base.

Bachmann – can’t beat Obama and already carrying too much baggage. Also she’s a woman and it’s hard too imagine the big money boys supporting her nomination.

Gingrich and Santorum – has beens.

Huntsman – who?

Cain – African-American, a definite turn off for the fundamentalist Southern constituency.


Obama has a serious, perhaps insurmountable, credibility problem.


Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. We’ve heard that nonsense from members of the Repub party repeatedly. Well the entire idea is typical Repub propaganda. In a Ponzi scheme someone is cheated; that’s the point of a Ponzi Scheme. No one is cheated in the Social Security program. That is, until the Repubs succeed in doing so. And make no mistake these right wing extremists have the program in their crosshairs and if they have their someone will be cheated. But then that’s nothing new for Repubs.


Dwight Eisenhower, the great Republican socialist, created millions of jobs and spent billions of dollars constructing the interstate highway system. He gave to America one of its most valuable assets now worth trillions of dollars and probably enough in itself to balance the books versus the deficit.

File:Eisenhower official.jpgDwight D. Eisenhower.

Add to that asset the aircraft carriers and the fleets that protect them, the nuclear tipped ICBMs, the bomber and jet fighter squadrons, stealth and otherwise, the nuclear submarine fleets, the real estate and national parks and wild life preserves and all of the oil and gas rich land and leases owned by the government and the US Government balance sheet is stronger than any corporation or government that has ever existed on the face of the earth.

When you total these assets, and the many more that the government owns, it is easy to understand that the government is asset rich and far, far from broke as so many right wing extremists now insist.

Unlike corporate assets however, government holdings earn no profit. They certainly could. Consider the profits the interstate highway system could provide if tolls were charged. Because the assets are built with tax revenue however, they are provided free of charge to the citizens of the country.


The accomplishments of another not so great Republican socialist to consider are those of Richard Nixon. This socialist president is credited with passing the Environmental Protection Agency, the Clean Air and Water Acts, enhancing many of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs and establishing relations with the largest communist country in the world. He was the first president to visit the People’s Republic of China.

Many of Nixon’s actions increased the value of the nation’s most important asset – the health of its citizens – by providing clean water and air and a far more healthful environment than existed prior to enacting these under-appreciated legislative accomplishments.

Richard Nixon – a socialist!!! By the standards of today’s Repub party a definite yes.

September 20, 2011

The DC Folly Trolley-09/20/11

It’s All Your Fault!!!

Well, guess who’s responsible for the Great Recession. You are. Who did you think was responsible? Wall Street??? Gimme a break.

File:New York Stock Exchange 1882.jpg

The New York Stock Exchange – the heart of Wall Street even in 1882.

The Wall Street goons who issued subprime mortgages and then bundled them into tranches and sold them as AAA CDOs and MBSs???  You think they’re the ones who are responsible??? Where did you come up with an idea like that? It’s not them. It’s you, you lout. You’re at fault.

You think it’s maybe the rating agencies like Standard $ Poor whose executives pocketed all kinds of scratch to rate the CDOs AAA. Let’s get real here. It’s not them. It’s you. You’re responsible.

Are insurance companies to blame like AIG who issued CDSs to insure all those CDOs and MBSs without adequate reserves to back them up? What are you smoking? It’s not them. It’s you.

How about American corporations who outsourced millions of jobs and then got tax breaks up the ying yang from Congress for outsourcing all those jobs? Is it their fault? There you go again. Always blaming somebody else. Never you.

Or how about all those corporations sitting on trillions of dollars of cold cash and refusing to invest it to create jobs? Nope. Wrong again. You just can’t face up to the truth of the matter.


The normality assumption of the Black–Scholes ...

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The New York Stock Exchange the day after the crash in 1929. There were no government bailouts in those days. Investors took the hit for their wild and crazy speculation.

Listen to your president. You know, that guy. Barack Obama. He believes if all of the unemployed and underemployed and underpaid pessimists in the land would just – now pay attention because here comes the quote – “Shake off all the naysaying and the anxiety and the hand-wringing” why things would be honky dory again in jig time. So stop being such tight fisted tight wads and shake loose some of that spare cash you’ve been collecting and take a trip to the mall.

And you thought I was being facetious, didn’t you. Well, I wasn’t. So there. The Great Recession really is your fault after all.


Obama made another nice speech the other day. Maybe you heard about it. It was on TV and he’s really getting good at it.

Obama says he wants a tax increase on rich people as part of the deficit reduction proposal the Senate’s Super Cat Food Committee is working on. And the pres says if he doesn’t get increased taxes on the wealthy he will veto any proposal the SCFC submits to the White House.

Wow. That must have scared everybody in Follyland.


Michelle Bachmann – you remember her, she’s still one of the Repub candidates for the nomination – well she said that the financial legislation passed last year is killing the banking industry.

That’s interesting. Wall Street banks posted record profits; CEOs and executives received billions and billions of dollars in salaries and bonuses; and the banks and corporations are sitting on trillions of dollars of cold cash.

If that’s killing Wall Street, what a way to go!

Bachmann however can be excused for making such a statement. She was never very good at complex mathematics like addition and subtraction. She can never remember to carry the one.


Somebody in Follyland noticed the other day that gas prices are high and blamed Obama for not taking the oil companies to task and forcing them to lower prices.

Then somebody else in Follyland replied that government has no business interfering in the free market.

As we all know crude oil sells in the free market except for the monopoly organization known as OPEC which dominates the free market and rigidly controls supply and price.

Moreover, we all know that refined products sell in the free market except for the oligarchical control exerted by a handful of oil company behemoths who rigidly control supply and price.

Further, we all know gasoline sells on the free market with the exception of Wall Street manipulated commodity exchanges.

All hail the free market.

Yeah, right. Like there’s really a free market anywhere in the galaxy let alone the planet. Still don’t think you’re being jerked around? Think again.