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May 26, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley

Bill Clinton had a photo op with some porn stars.  Guess you heard.  I was a little disappointed though.  He kept his pants on.

Bill Clinton Porn Star Picture Explained By Brooklyn Lee And Tasha Reign – Read the article at Huffington Post.

Being around women isn’t a problem for the former prez any longer.  Rumor has it that Hilary had all his zippers sewn up – a long time ago.


Lack of a draft seems to facilitate the charge into war. Drafting the kids of the rich would lessen the rush.

 Read the Article at HuffingtonPost by Charlie Rangel.

After all, it’s mostly the kids of the poor who do the killing and the dying.

So let’s put the rich kids on the battlefield and in the foxholes and start killing a few of them and let’s see what happens.

Of course, a few escape hatches like the National Guard and exemptions for college would have to be closed.

The message for rich college kids:  Don’t unpack.  The next war will be coming to your campus soon.  Go for it, Charlie.


Wanna Double War Spending.  Try These Plans on For Size.

Several goods ways to keep war spending growing at exponential rates:

  1. Build anti-missile bases on the border of the Soviet Union.  Ya’ll member dem Soviets.  Dem was da commanists what was goin’ to do us in. We sure showed dem a thang er two.

  2. Build naval bases in the Philippines and South Korea and deploy aircraft carrier groups near the Chinese mainland.  If that doesn’t piss them off, we can try bombing North Korea.  That’ll get their attention.

  3.  Bomb, bomb, bomb – bomb, bomb Iran.  And don’t give me any of this Israel bullshit acting as a surrogate.  We need to stop pussyfootin’ and grow some balls.  Do the damn thing ourselves.  Then we can justify spending $2 trillion dollars a year on the War Department instead of a paltry three quarters of a trillion.  Besides it’s really fun watching wars on CNN.  Didn’t you enjoy the last one?  Now that’s what I call reality TV.  And this one will be televised in hi-def.  Oh man, I can’t wait.  Good for CNN’s ratings also.  That’s about the only way they can get people to watch them anymore.


And I’m not talkin’ some silly shit Obama drone war either.  I want the real McCoy – with tanks and carpet bombing and cruise missiles and all that deadly release of depleted uranium.  That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout.

Besides the more wars we start, sooner or later we’re gonna win one.  I mean, like, it’s just the law of averages.

Yessireeeee, bob.  $2 trillion dollar War Department here we come.


Catholic bishops criticized the Girl Scouts for taking positions on issues opposed by the Church.  The bishops accused the girl’s organization of having a partnership with Planned Parenthood and supporting positions on sexuality, birth control and abortion.  A spokesperson for the Scouts denied the charges.

Bishop Mangiapasta Bacciagalupe of the Church of the Holy Book said his congregation was angered by the fact that Girl Scouts selling cookies often interfered with bingo nights.


Mitt Romney has been accused of heresy against Republican orthodoxy for stating that budget cuts would cause a recession.

Republicans should not be worried however.  Romney is upside down, inside out and backwards on all issues.  And he can perform this shtick simultaneously.  What a guy!!

File:US Navy 050520-N-4549D-002 USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) Commanding Officer, Capt. Dennis E. Fitzpatrick, gives the Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney a tour of the conventionally powered aircraft carrier's flight deck.jpg

What you see beside us Mr. Romney is a jet fighter.  It costs this much.


People believe the rich got half of the Bush tax cuts.  Actually, they got all of the Bush tax cuts.  As for the rest of us, our tax cuts were pumped into the gas tank and went from there through the pipeline directly to Wall Street.

October 15, 2011

Protection Money Pays Off

Protection money traveling through the pipeline from Wall Street to Follyland DC keeps execs from jailbird rank.

So you still think you’re not being jerked around by the banks and their government in Follyland, DC. If so, here’s something to chew on.

The Federales, i.e. the United States Government, gifted Wall Street jailbirds with $14.7 trillion in welfare payments. As the Reuters chart shows that charity to the big shots on the Street nearly equals the entire Federal debt and the entire output for the economy in 2010. Check out the comparison of money spent on the general welfare to the trillions in welfare frittered away on the banks.

The protection money the Street gives to its compares in Congress and the White House pays dividends in trillions:  They not only get to stay out of jail; they write their own laws!!!.  And these sums of payoff money that pay off Congress critters pale next to the pittance the mob gave to bad cops and dirty judges.

September 24, 2011

Big Republican Lies

As always Robert Reich, a former Social Security trustee, Secretary of Labor and currently professor at UC Berkeley, exposes the empty headedness of Republican economy ideas, which reveal themselves over and over again to be nothing but balderdash.

Reich in this five minute segment strips away the right wing subterfuge and exposes it for what it truly is: Propaganda whose sole purpose is to further enrich the rich.  

You might also be interested in the graph that highlights the deficit accumulation by the last five presidents. If the GOP is out in front on anything its deficit creation.  Recall the Mr. Hyde vice president Dick Cheney who famously said:  Ronald Reagan proved deficits don’t matter”.  Apparently they only matter when Democrats are in the Oval Office and working to improve the economy.

August 6, 2011


The IMF puts Greece’s debt/GDP ratio at 130/100, approaching the red zone, yes, but a country should not be on life support with this kind of ratio.  In the past, ratios of 120/100 were considered a mere warning and not a serious threat to default. Nevertheless, Greece is being squeezed, interest rates on its bonds are soaring and the country is on the verge of bankruptcy.  (All figures are for 2010).


Sculptures from the Temple of Zeus. Priceless. Would really look great in a billionaire’s collection.

Italy’s debt to GDP is 118/100 – definitely not in the red zone of default by past yardsticks.

Spain, Portugal and the United States have debt ratios below 100%. Yet the economies of these countries are considered to be on the verge of crisis.

Japan’s ratio is 226/100 – currently the highest in the world. While Japan’s economy is stagnant like all others, investors consider the yen a safe investment and are still buying. And Japan’s bonds are selling at record low interest rates.

So what’s going on?


Who will own the Colosseum in the future? (Courtesy of Andreas Tille. Click photo for link).

August 3, 2011


The next president of the United States will be the first Herbert Hoover of the 21st century.


Herbert Hoover – president of the United States when the Great Depression struck the nation.

Images of the Great Depression.

File:Volunteers of America Soup Kitchen in Washington, D.C..gif

File:Volunteers of America Soup Kitchen WDC.gif

July 31, 2011


Barack Obama has been designated “Keeper of the Lubricant” by the Obama/Reid deal currently under consideration in the Senate. When the legislation passes Obama will begin distributing the lube with choice of flavor and color – to help ease the pain of insertion for liberals.


File:MATA trolley unrestored Memphis TN 5.jpg

The wave of the future for America! Grab your seat compliments of Barack Obama and the Republican party. (Courtesy Thomas R Machnitzki. As always click the photo for the link).


Government in this country has been a case of the criminal pushing the criminal to shape a government of their liking.

Sadly, for the 98%, Obama doesn’t have to be pushed too hard to do the bidding of the 2%.

Should Obama win reelection he is set to become the next Herbert Hoover and he will affix a permanent stain on the Democratic party.


Joe Walsh, right wing Republican extremist, has been exposed as a deadbeat dad who owes more than $134,000 in child support payments. Apparently vacations in Italy with his girlfriend have put a crimp in his budget.

Perhaps he should be forced to resign. Failure to pay child support is an unconscionable social, moral and legal transgression.

Democrats, where are you???


Helping the needy is a Biblical mandate and a Christian obligation not a Democratic Party doctrine as right wing extremists often claim. Although Democrats are far more likely to observe the New Testament charge to help the poor, conservative Republicans openly exploit Christian values while with every vote they steal from the poor to give to the rich.


It appears as though both parties are focused on the same goal. The Democrats can’t get away with it without a correspond­ing increase in revenue. The goal is “cut and gut”. And applies mainly to the social safety net.

We do have a revenue crisis. Revenue collections are at their lowest levels as a percentage of GDP since the 1950s.

Let’s raise taxes on the wealthy.


Any deal that is struck will be about cuts to the safety net. A new proposal contains the ubiquitous “cut and gut” commission which is bound to be rigged in order to lubricate cuts borne by average Americans. Members appointed to the Cut And Gut Commission are bound to be safety net surgeons – of the same ilk as those appointed to Obama’s Catfood Commission.


What’s more important: Paying child support or taking a vacation to Italy with your girlfriend?

And the winner is – at least as far as the Congress of the United States is concerned – taking a vacation to Italy with your girlfriend.

Let’s hope this Joe Walsh, who is a deadbeat dad to the tune of some $134,000, someday pulls his pants down in the ladies room of a train station. That’s the only way Democrats could must enough gumption to force his resignation. Maybe.


CEO pay way up; workers pay way down. For those who have a job that is. One of life’s great mysteries is why do slightly more than half of all Americans vote to sustain the imbalance.


Obama is determined to cut the social safety net in order to fulfill a campaign promise to his Wall Street backers.

He’s already bagged cash to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. And there’s more where that came from. Disgusting.


Are you better off today than you were three years ago?

  1. Wars go on and on.

  2. Oil prices skyrocketi­­ng.

  3. Real estate values plummeting.

  4. Foreclosures accelerating.

  5. Bank robbers go free.

  6. Unemployment rising.

  7. Economy tanking.

And Obama’s on their side.


Half the country is so Foxed up, the only question that remains for them is which lubricant to use.


As a loyal Democrat, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) has no choice but to vote against the Obama/Reid monster surrender. As a servant of Barack Obama he will vote in favor, claiming he was forced to. No one is forced to do anything.

Obama is sailing his ship into an iceberg – with the Democratic party cheerfully on board.

Are you convinced yet that Obama is a traitor to the Democratic party​?

July 31, 2011


Obama may very well have an ulterior motive for not invoking the 14th.  He needs the “crisis” myth to fulfill promises made to backers.


A transparent smile. Behind it rests duplicity for the majority and joy for Wall Street backers.

But taking such a step would certainly work in his favor. For one, I believe the country, and probably the world community, would support his action.

There are several scenarios at work here. First it is not at all certain that the Supreme Court would intervene. A separation of powers issue is involved and the Court could certainly refuse to hear such a case claiming it is political and not legal.

Second, standing is an absolute requirement. Anyone who brought such a case would have to show harm, not an easy matter since it is doubtful that a trumped up cause such as in Gore v Bush would carry much weight with public opinion.

Third, the president could rely on his oath to defend the Constitution and declare that, in his judgment, the debt ceiling is unconstitutional. For example, the debt ceiling would prevent him from fulfilling his obligations as commander in chief. And as chief executive he also has an obligation to protect his country from harm, including economic harm. Again the debt ceiling would prevent him from carrying out his duty. In fact, failure to act may make him vulnerable to a charge of dereliction of duty.

Under these circumstances, the president could defy an unfavorable decision by the Court. And, as Jackson purportedly said of a Marshall decision with which he did not agree, let him enforce it.

An attempt by right wing extremists in Congress to impeach would bring laughter from the entire world let alone the country. It would be an act of political futility easily turned back in the Senate.

The president has the power to tie Republican extremists in a knot. Why does he not act? Is there an ulterior motive behind his inaction?

Yes, there is. I believe his goal, since his election, has been to fulfill a promise to his Wall Street backers, to cut Social Security and all the other safety net programs. And Obama will not be deterred from accomplishing his secret mission.

July 30, 2011



File:US Army 52049 Fallen Soldier Street Dedication.jpg

The nation’s War Department is exploring the possibility of ending the 20 year retirement program for the military.  Absolutely outrageous. Just another part of our corrupt government’s Stiff the Little Guy Program.

Will service members be forced out after twenty years?  Or will they be required to serve in combat well into their 50s and 60s?

The War Department claims that the retirement plan would be similar to corporate plans.  That raises the question:  Will corporate execs be forced to serve in war zones and get shot at? Just asking.