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October 20, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 10/20/12

Mitt Romney says government doesn’t create jobs. But when he becomes president, he promises to create twelve million jobs.  That of course is a contradiction if not an outright lie. But who notices. 

And last time I checked, “president” was a government job.

File:Volunteers of America Soup Kitchen WDC.gif

What a jobs program might look like under Mighty Mitt. “Brother, can you spare a dime?”

If you’re in the job-creating business, why stop at twelve. I can create fifteen million jobs. Better yet, make that twenty million.

OK, how?

How??? You wanna know how??? Nobody ever asked Mitt that question.

Actually, nobody had to ask Mitt. He sorta volunteered the information. Not the details, mind you. Just a little info.

As a government employee, Mighty Mitt says he will create jobs – a feat which he has said on numerous occasions gobmint can’t perform – by lowering taxes for supply-sided rich people and by deregulating regulations no one enforces anyway (remember the Gulf and mining disasters).

Ya just gotta love the Mittster.


Shhhhh. I have a secret. Don’t repeat this to a soul.

Dinesh D;Sousa is having an affair.

The president of The King’s College – a conservative Christian liberal arts school – has been observed cavorting, cavorting mind you, with a woman who is not his wife.

The Christian community is beside itself with scandal. After all, Christians just don’t behave in this manner. It’s worse than drinking and gambling (except for Bingo).

Dinesh shared a room with this woman who is not his wife and the two came down together in the morning.

Now let’s be fair here. It’s entirely possible nothing happened while they slept together in the same room   Doesn’t mean they shared the same bed does it? Maybe she made him sleep on the floor. Maybe they both remained fully clothed. Perhaps God sent an angel to act as chaperon and the angel kept them apart.

On the other hand, they could have been fucking their brains out all night.

There is a “however” here however.

However, Dinesh, an Indian American – no, not that kind of Indian, the other kind – did introduce the woman he may or may not have banged all night, as his fiance and he is divorcing his wife of 20 years.

We should probably give Dinesh the benefit of the doubt since no one actually witnessed the activities the couple may or may not have engaged in during the night. And keep in mind, cavorting with thy neighbor’s wife is not forbidden by the Ten Commandments. Only “coveting” is prohibited. So Dinesh, you get a pass on this one, even though as a result of your behavior, you felt compelled to resign as president of the conservative Christian liberal arts school, The King’s College.

We report. You decide.


Mitt Romney has been upside down, inside out and backwards on so many issues, he doesn’t know which way to turn.

His advisers have developed a new device that will help the candidate assume all positions at once.  It defies the natural laws of the universe by allowing Romney to go in two directions simultaneously. The contraption has been named “Romnesia.”

It has been patented by Bain Capital, will be manufactured in China and then marketed in the U.S. under the name Milk d’Romnesia.

The device will be implanted in the brain and people who suffer anxiety and confusion when pulled in two directions at once can now have it both ways. Just like Romney.

Actually, I made that stuff up. Not the part about Romney having it both ways. Just the part about the Romnesia machine.

The word was coined by President Obama this week and refers to Romney’s attempts to – what else – have everything both ways.


Will the real Mitt Romney please invert himself?   (Photo by DonkeyHotey).

Mighty Mitt has a case of Romnesia

Which isn’t as bad as amnesia

But it clogs the brains

So truth it restrains

And it can’t be cured by Milk of Magnesia


Binder. A word recently popularized by Mitt Romney. It refers to this thing he had filled with women. OK,OK, the names of women. Sam Malone used to call it a little black book.

In any case, the word binder will never mean the same.


Once had a binder kept in a nook

Used to call it my little black book

As I got old

The book grew mold

But its pages hold secrets of rides that I took.


Mitt had a binder he frequently used

He recently got it completely confused

With another black binder

The real woman finder

Ah, those were the days he so sadly mused.


Betcha Mitt still has that little black binder tucked away somewhere.


The election of 2012 raises two perplexing questions. The first is how the GOP could put up someone for president who so brazenly epitomizes the excesses of casino capitalism that have destroyed the economy and overwhelmed our democracy. The second is why the Democrats have failed to point this out. Robert Reich.

The mystery of the American psyche continues unabated. We have filled the history of the American presidency with characters who have repeatedly defiled the office. But none is as overtly perverse as Mitt Romney who stands at the doorstep of the White House and could well be its next occupant.

Why Democrats have failed to point out Romney’s perversity is less a mystery. For the Dems dwell in the same cash cesspool fertilized continuously by Wall Street and corporate payola and, they fear, any attempt to expose Romney as a vulture capitalist would drain all that green sludge from the tank.


If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament – Gloria Steinem.


In the debate against Paul Ryan, Biden used the right word to describe the Romney/Ryan platform – malarkey.

I prefer twaddle myself.

Joe had a good laugh and we should all be laughing with him.


Biden/Ryan by DonkeyHotey.


Teary eyed Republicans made themselves evident after the Biden/Ryan debate.

One Greta Van Susteren was especially weepy. She called Joe Biden rude. Can you imagine? Rude.

He wasn’t. He was simply aggressive. And if Biden had been polite and mannerly, the media would have declared him the loser with Susteren the first among them.

Let’s be honest. The debates are becoming theater. The debaters are performers. They rehearse their parts including answers to potential questions. True, as in beauty contests, the contestants don’t know the questions in advance. But they must act out their roles to satisfy media expectations and if rudeness and bullying win the day, this is the way media personalities want it.

Weeping when your guy gets blown away by the aggressive tactics of his opponent is sour grapes.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


In debate Rep. Ryan took a hit

So Republicans went into a snit

They said Joe Biden was rude

As he laughed at their wonky dude

But a fire under Dems the Veep lit.


Joe Biden left Ryan no escapes

And Republicans wept sour grapes

But their weeping was creepy

While Ryan looked sleepy

As Joe stole the house, kitchen sink and the drapes.


The Romney/Ryan tax plan is a sneak attack on the middle class.

Does anybody really believe that Romney will close loopholes that create cash for the rich who are the largest source of payola for the two parties?

October 13, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 10/13/12

You gotta love Mitt Romney’s health care plan. He said nobody has to die in their apartment. You just go to the emergency room. Voila! The nation’s health care problem has just been solved. Why didn’t I think of that?

Healthcare Is A Human Right!

From DonkeyHotey


Mitt Romney says nobody dies

So enjoy a Big Mac and french fries

And if you get sick

You can take a trip quick

To an ER and avoid your demise.


Charlie Fuqua, a legislative candidate from Arkansas, called for the execution of disobedient children and sighted The Bible as justification for his belief.

Well, as you might expect, Charlie’s advocacy of a death sentence for bad kids does indeed receive support from The Bible. Yes, it’s right there in Leviticus 20:9.

“Anyone who curses his father or mother shall surely be put to death….”

Now there are lots of ways that sentence can be inflicted. Crucifixion would be a slow and excruciatingly painful way to teach the little bastards a lesson and I’m sure Charlie would approve. After all, that method is mentioned somewhere in The Bible as well, right. And with the right wing makeup of the Supreme Court, there wouldn’t be any Eighth Amendment hangups about “cruel and unusual punishment.” I mean, like, it is in The Bible, ya know.

The Romans favorite method of execution for rebellious slaves was crucifixion. It was a slow and excruciatingly painful way to die. Death resulted from asphyxiation and could take days The painting is by Russian artist Fedor Andreevich Bronnikov.

I have a better and slower and even crueler way to get rid of a bunch of little brats, one the Romans never thought of.  Now don’t get mad at me.  Killing them off is in The Bible, ya know.

How about forcing them to eat lunch in the school cafeteria.

A couple of meals there should do the trick. I had one once on a Dad’s Day. Damn near killed me. My son brought a sandwich from home. He learned the lesson the hard way. Fortunately, we both survived school lunches and are still alive today.

Oh, I almost forgot. These guys get nuttier all the time. Fuqua types, that is.

Oh, I almost forgot. The Bible also says:

“If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife, both the man and the woman shall be put to death.”

If put into practice, that verse should quell any and all adultery epidemics now and in the future. Or reduce the surplus population considerably.

Read the article about Fuqua at Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


Have you heard? There was a debate this week. Yes, that’s right. It was between Smilin’ Joe Biden and Wonkie Paul Ryan. The rep. trom Wisconsin again reiterated the Republican sneak attack on the middle class. He of course called it the Romney tax plan. Biden riposted that the plan doesn’t make any sense. He should have said it can only work if the middle class deductions are decimated but Ryan refused to specify which deductions would hit the chopping block. Hence, the accusation that the plan is a sneak attack on the middle class is justified.

Joe Biden - Caricature 

Now come on, Joe, let’s see that famous smile.


Romney Campaign Aborts Abortion Turnabout.

The Romney campaign reversed Romney’s reversal on abortion proving once again it’s still possible to abort an abortion.

Uh, excuse me Mr. Lehrer, can I take that reversal back?”


Romney once supported abortion rights. Then he opposed them. Then he said he opposed them but he wouldn’t pass legislation that would prevent a woman from getting an abortion. Does that mean he supports abortion? Nooooooo. It means he would promote legislation to protect life and therefore opposes abortion.

I think he said he wants to reverse his reversal but I can’t tell anymore which reversal he’s reversing.

Way to go, Mitt. That should keep ’em guessing.

Not to worry. Whatever reversal he reversed, I’m sure he’ll reverse it again tomorrow.


Romney’s erratic behavior has introduced a new word into the English lexicon: rereversal. The definition of rereversal is you can say anything you want, anytime you want and then contradict yourself and nobody in the mainstream media really gives a shit.


Romney has reversed his statement about 47% of the people being government parasites. He now says he will be the president of 100% of the people – even if they’re whatcha call your takers.

A leaked memo to UPW News clarifies the Romney reversal.

He will work for 100% of the people but only 1% of the time. As for the other 99% of the time, he’ll devote that to the 1%.


There are makers and there are takers. There are producers and there are parasites. Mary Maitlin.

The problem with Republican ideology as expressed by Maitlin is that everyone who is not a producer is a parasite.


We have a bulletin from UPW News.

From Pasta Fagiola, Italy. October 13, 2012.

The Nobella Committee has announced the winners of its Most Valuable Putz award. The prize is shared by three Republicans who recently emerged from the cave.

Rep. Roger Rivard wins for his statement that “some girls rape easy.” He tried to explain what he meant to say. But no matter how you cut it, his remarks sound like “no” really means “yes.”

Also among the winners was Rep. Jon Hubbard of Arkansas for his claim that slavery was “a blessing in disguise” for African Americans. According to Aviva Shen of ThinkProgress, Hubbard stated that “If slavery were so God-awful , why didn’t Jesus or Paul condemn it, why was it in the Constitution and why wasn’t there a war before 1861.”

Hubbard is an example of another white GOP male using The Bible to justify a perverse belief. Now I can’t speak for Jesus or Paul, but I do know that for thousands of years before their brief appearance on this meager planet, numerous white males were routinely enslaved. As for wars, there was this guy named Spartacus who gave the Roman Empire fits in a war to free white men and women from enslavement. And while the US Constitution considered three-fifths of a slave for the purpose of representation in the House of Representatives, had the authors not done so, there might well have been a war before 1861.

In any case, Hubbard is a deserving winner of the Putzie.

And last but not least is the above mentioned Charlie Fuqua who supports a death sentence for bad kids.

So our hearty congratulations go out to these three winners who share the Nobella Committee’s Most Valuable Putz award.


Winners of The Most Valuable Putz Award receive a certificate acknowledging the award as well as a forged autographed copy of a photo of Don Alberto Vito Nobella, the originator of the prize. .

These exceptional individuals also receive a statuette named the Pubar which is engraved with the words “Putzed up beyond all reason.” Known as the Putzie, the coveted statuette is sculpted of rusted metal stolen from an auto junk yard.

The Putzie is given while supplies last and unfortunately for the current winners supplies just ran out.

From the UPW Newsroom reporting from Pasta Fagioli, Italy. Unreliable Press Worldwide: Surpassing the Mainstream Media in reporting worthlessly useless news the world over.


I wouldn’t be surprised if someday some enterprising scientist discovers a gene specific to the Republican DNA matrix that causes these unfortunate individuals to sputter stupid remarks.

There has to be a reason. I mean, nobody can be that stupid without an underlying cause. Can they?


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September 15, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 09/15/12

Complete Defeat

Michele Whatshername (R-MN) managed to get her face back in the news.


Always thought she was a pretty little lady. Too bad she needs intensive anti-GOP therapy. Perhaps her husband could open a clinic.

According to Ms. Whatshername, the United States has suffered a “complete defeat” in Libya and Egypt.

The president of the United States has surrendered the entire armed forces of the nation to the rioting mobs in the Middle East. The surrender terms included turning over to the mobs all of the tanks and other weapons possessed by the Army, the entire fleet of the Navy and all Air Force aircraft.

That’s the bad news. The good news is the president managed to reduce the war budget down to zero in less than fifteen minutes.

In light of these sharp reductions, the White House announced that it expects to decrease the deficit by 3, 000, 000, 000, 000 dollars in less than four years.

Whatshername said she applauded the decision to reduce the deficit but all those zeros gave her a migraine.


Romney is desperately seeking a knockout blow – that one single issue that turns public opinion against the president and wins the election.

His desperation is becoming more apparent with each passing day as he continually grasps at straws. With this so called foreign policy issue he seems to have scraped the bottom of the barrel.

The media didn’t give him a free pass on the misstep as they have on many other occasions, his refusal to release tax returns is one example. That issue has gone quiet even though something rancid rots therein.


The Republican Party as we all once knew it passed into history decades ago.

File:GOP Presidential Debate June 13, 2011 in New Hampshire.jpg

Hard to believe but those faces pictured above represent the best the current GOP has to offer. Image by DonkeyHotey..

The party today is all about gaining power to pursue an extreme right wing agenda even if it means millions of Americans must suffer in the process.

The party now stoops to “assassinating” its own in primaries to squelch differences. Anyone who strays from the message is considered a heretic who must be removed from office. Dick Luger of Indiana learned that lesson the hard way when his own party turned against him in the primary because he refused to adhere to strict party discipline.

That’s today’s Republican party.: Discipline enforcers through threats and political assassination.

President of the United States Theodore Roosev...


Dwight D. Eisenhower photo portrait.

Members of a party that vanished a long, long time ago.

File:Abraham Lincoln head on shoulders photo portrait.jpg


Janet Granholm should have been the keynote speaker at the DNC. She was dynamite compared to the male firecrackers.


Rush Limbaugh declared the GOP dead is Obama wins the election. The Republican party has been dead for decades. It is now populated by a body of usurpers.


Republicans may think Mitt Romney’s campaign is lackluster. But what did they expect from a man whose greatest political assets are his hairstylist and his dentist?


Can a person be judged by his smile?

When it’s really meant to beguile.

Judgment is OK we’d say

If a smirk does truly display

A haughty contempt that we all find so vile.


Mitt Romney has been criticizing Obama and the DNC for not mentioning God in its platform.

The Democrats apologized for the omission and added the name of the Almighty thusly:

God, God, God, God,God, God, God, God. The name now appears more times in the Dem’s platform than in the Republican’s.

So there,” said a spokesman for the DNC.


If elected, Romney vows to place The Lord’s Prayer on the backside of quarters. The sample coin has already been minted.

The image of a soaring American eagle is located on the face of the coin as a tribute to the contributions Wall Street has recently made to the nation’s economy.

Unfortunately for Romney, the designer of the prototype mistakenly placed the image of an American black vulture on the coin and Mighty Mitt couldn’t tell the difference.

The American Black Vulture seeking its prey.  (Photo courtesy of Martien Brand from Mariënberg, The Netherlands).

So look for quarters with the Lord’s Prayer on one side and a black vulture on the other.

A tribute to Wall Street!!!  I guess it’s kind of fitting in a way.


Time for another ride on the GOP Wacky Wagon. Some Republican guy who has risen to a leadership position in the Kansas House has applied Psalm 109 to the current president. Speaker of the House Mike O’Neal called for the widowhood of Michelle Obama and prayed that the children be fatherless.

So you don’t have to look it up, here is the portion of Psalm 109 that the Wacky Wagon passenger wished upon Obama:

Let his days be few; and let another take his office. May his children be fatherless; and his wife a widow. May his children be wandering beggars; may they be driven from their ruined homes. May a creditor seize all he has; may strangers plunder the fruits of his labor. May no one extend kindness to him or take pity on his fatherless children.

From what kind of brain can such mindlessness seep to the surface? A GOP brain of course.

File:Bob bell bozo roy brown cooky 1976.JPG

I Googled “Republicans in the Kansas State Legislature” and all I got was a bunch of clowns.

This episode occurred some time ago and to their credit some Christian pastors called for the Speaker’s resignation.

The guy is undoubtedly a racist. And from the racist brain this is the kind of stupidity that rises exponentially on a regular basis.

America’s decline has as much to do with racism and hatred as it does with GOP policies that favor the rich. In point of fact, the two go hand and hand. It’s the result of something called latent racism and often times it isn’t so latent. It is revealed only sub rosa and only to the most trusted fellow racists.

How did it ever come to this? The South and its heartless preachers are partly to blame, especially after 1964 and the passage of Lyndon Johnson’s civil rights legislation, when just enough Southern voters – largely low income white males and their compliant wives – turned against the progressive policies of the Democratic party and became part and parcel of Richard Nixon’s race baiting Southern strategy.

Sadly, the strategy and the people who embrace it do a great injustice to the many liberal Southerners who support progressive values and stand for “liberty and justice for all.”


Rumors are cropping up once again that Joe Scarborough will run for president in 2016. He is undoubtedly testing the waters. Gingerly at this point. And a bid will require a Romney defeat this year.

However, his candidacy shouldn’t be treated lightly. He is, after all, an entertainer with a nice hairdo. Both are excellent qualifications for the office of president.

We all know what happened the last time an entertainer with a nice hairdo ran for president. He won two terms and his policies are still in force and a major factor in the destruction of a middle class.

An entertainer with a nice hairdo in the White House!!!!!

Only in America.


The real unemployment rate is 23%.

The official unemployment rate includes people who have lost their jobs but counts only those who are out of work for the previous five weeks. The figure published by the BLS and accepted unwittingly by a majority of Americans was 8.1% for August. That number is purely for propaganda purposes. And it suits the purpose of government because most Americans simply believe it or just don’t care about it.

The propaganda figure excludes all persons who have not found work for 12 months; and also those who are marginally employed, that is, those forced into part time work because real jobs are not available.

That’s how the number at the top of the article comes from. It includes the unemployed regardless of how long they have been without a job and those who are marginally (working part time) employed.

Nearly one quarter of the American labor is unemployed.

U3-official figure 8.1%-always a fictitious number based only on the past five weeks.

U6-15%-includes those who the government assumes are not looking for work because they haven’t found a job in 12 months. Excludes all who have not worked for more than 12 months. Another fiction.

Real unemployment-23%-includes U3 and U6 plus workers forced into part time work.


Obama tried to do more. But his efforts were repeatedly blocked by Republican obstruction as the members of this obnoxious party erected a virtual blockade of Senate action.

Our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny President Obama a second term,” Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell proclaimed to the world.

What evil lurks in the minds of men???

Left unsaid was the pervasive GOP attitude: “I don’t care a rat’s ass about how much Americans suffer. After all they are the small people and really don’t matter one bit.

McConnell will long be remembered in the annals of American history for the bold statement: “My donors, right or wrong.”

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September 8, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 09/09/12

Ready for another ride on the GOP Wacky Wagon.

An example of a GOP Wacky Wagon stuck in the mud. A member of the party is about to make a statement.

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett of Maryland equated student loans with a slippery slope that could lead to another Holocaust. I can’t conceive of the path a mind takes to get from student loans to the Holocaust. But some brains can make that incredible leap faster than it takes light to travel in a second.

Once he realized the stupidity of his remark he apologized. However, as a famous comedian once said: “You can’t fix stupid.”

OK, so he apologized. But like all statements from Republicans who bought a ticket on the Wacky Wagon, Bartlett’s remark offers a macabre view into the deep, dark recesses of the GOP brain. There’s just something wrong there and it’s scary.


The GOP mind has done the impossible and broken the Einsteinian barrier in the process. The Republican brain can go from numb to stupid faster than the speed of light.


In accordance with its policy of denying scientific truths, the Republican party declared Einstein’s theory unconstitutional.


The Obama campaign suffered a setback this week as job figures indicated only 96,000 created. Most of those jobs were in the low paying service industry as manufacturing jobs declined. Overall, the figure was a disappointment for Obama.

The unemployment rate did however tick downward to 8.1%. Critics quickly pointed out that the drop was due largely to removing from the rolls all those unemployed who have been without work for so long they are considered no longer looking for employment.

Under the circumstances, the administration has ordered the Bureau of Labor Statistics to consider anyone who has been out of work for more than ten minutes as no longer looking for employment. The Obama campaign anticipates a precipitous drop in the unemployment rate for September.


In contrast to the BLS statistics, ADP reported 201,000 jobs created in August. Given the better ADP numbers, Obama ordered the Labor Department to disband the BLS and begin using numbers generated by the payroll firm.


Bill Clinton criticized Paul Ryan in the speech he made at the Democratic National Convention. During the spiel, he used the word “brass” to describe Ryan’s criticism of the cuts to Medicare mandated by the Affordable Care Act pointing out that the VP candidate’s own program called for the very same cuts.

Moreover Big Dog’s remark was a valid crack at Ryan’s confused approach toward spending and tax cuts in general

The inference was of course that Ryan is so hypocritical he has “brass balls” to think he can get away with his numbers legerdemain. The statement is truth personified. 


Courtesy DonkeyHotey

But I wonder if the former president was referring to another word that rhymes with brass. Ryan is, as we all know, the back half of the Romney ticket.

As for me, I would in no way ever infer that Ryan is an “elephant ass.” Even though an elephant has a very large posterior, it doesn’t seem quite large enough to describe Ryan and his budget antics. Whale’s ass, whale’s ass, whale’s ass. Hmmmm. We’re getting closer.


The “brass” word drew a reaction from Ryan. No matter. After all party conventions are little more than multimillion dollar pep rallies. So the expectation is that criticism of the opposition will ensue. .

Bill Clinton said Ryan has brass. 

But Paul speaks out of his ass

He took Federal funds

So much that it stuns.

Then prayed for a fail at each Mass.


He’s a hypocrite all the way through

He stands for cuts with the few .

We know he’s a fake

For cash he will take

And drag it back home by the slew.


Janet Granholm, former Michigan governor, gave a barn burner of a speech at the DNC. So much so that she made the guys look like a bunch of pussies. We shouldn’t be surprised though. I mean, let’s face it, they are Democrats.


A Republican appeals court declared unconstitutional a Minnesota law requiring corporations to make disclosures about their campaign advertising. In a lot of words, the GOP members of the court said the disclosure law represented an infringement of free speech.

The question I have always asked is that if speech is supposedly “free” why does it cost so much to advertise it on TV, and radio that only the rich elite can afford to pay for it. The public, after all, owns the airwaves over which speech is transmitted. And those airwaves should be available to all responsible parties to get their points of view across to the public and the should be, well, free.

Given the outlandishly high cost of advertising and the fact that the most effective method of putting views before the public is through electronic means, speech in America is no longer “free” at all. You need a bundle of cash to pay for it.


Greedy geezer Alan Simpson can’t seem to keep his name out of the news. Here is a man who sucked at the government teat for most of his life and is still sucking at a government pension; who was appointed to the Cat Food Commission by a president determined to make cuts to the social safety net; a man who co-chaired a committee that failed utterly to achieve a consensus report; this man’s name and his disastrous recommendations are still out there for consideration.


Greedy geezer Alan Simpson has sucked at the government teat for most of his life, first as a senator and now collecting an extravagant government pension. On his back is co-chair of the failed Cat Food Commission, the aristocrat Erskine Bowles. (Courtesy DonkeyHotey).

Even the once avid Democratic defender of Social Security and Medicare, Nancy Pelosi, embraced the repudiated Simpson-Bowles calamity,

But the corpse keeps rising from the grave like some supernatural movie monster. Now called the “grand bargain”, it is still being touted by a so-called Democratic president who foolishly supports it even at the peril of his presidency.

Pelosi, by the way, was almost certainly strong armed by Obama into supporting the president’s cat food proposals by threats to her leadership position. If she were bumped from the top spot, the right wing “Democrat” Steny Hoyer would become the next Speaker of the House should his party win back that branch.

So the repudiated report of the Cat Food Commission, rejected by the committee members themselves, lives on with the name of the nasty Simpson still associated with it.

But let’s not forget that it lives only because a Democratic president continually breathes life into it.


Are we better off today than we were during the Bush years? Of course we are, despite the fact that we have a president frightened of right wing criticism at the helm.

The economy has stabilized and the fear of collapse has receded. The president’s policies, half-way measures at best, did indeed prevent an even greater disaster than the one we face today. .

Yes, we’re better off now.

The prez deserves a bow.

Yet it hasn’t been fun

Left a big job undone.

Now bipartisanship he must disavow. .


Yes, we are better off now.

But Keynes the prez must avow.

His deficit coddling

With GOP throttling

Caused pain we should never allow. .


Yes, we are better off now.

But the prez must continue to plow

Through a Senate blockade.

Despite efforts he made

He could not dissuade

The Tea Party from the plans they endow.


Yes we are better off now

Though supply side’s the sacred cow.

But stimulus he’ll pursue

While deficit he’ll eschew

And to no one again will he ever kowtow.


Are we better off now?  Yes, we are.

The market is soaring afar.

But we cannot desert

The people who hurt

So reach he must for a star.


Are we better off now? Yes, we are.

Though we still can’t go to a bar.

Our town is dry

So a drink we can’t buy

For libation we travel too far.


As a liberal, this election presents a choice as poor as any since Clinton-Dole in 1996. The options in November are between the dangerous duo, Romney-Ryan and a Wall Street sugar daddy in Barack Obama.

Yes, a Wall Street sugar daddy. From the very beginning, his appointments reflected a strong bent toward his benefactors from the banks and investment firms.

The patsy Tim Geithner and avid deregulationist Larry Summers sent the message to the Street that it had nothing to fear from an Obama administration. His Justice Department refused to prosecute, he lent luke warm support to pretend financial regulation and rejected effective support to homeowners facing foreclosure.

And where did this kowtowing to the Big Money Boys on the Street get him?  Apparently, he hurt their feelings for not rejecting outright any and all forms of regulation.  And because of the mere appearance Dodd-Frank lent to the idea that they somehow may have been responsible for the near collapse of the world economy, they’ve forsaken the president.

While he left many of his supporters in the lurch, Obama simply could not do enough to earn once again the payoff money lavished upon him by Wall Street fraudsters in 2008. They’re now supporting Romney.

I guess it’s true. What goes around comes around. Obama learned too late that the President of the United States is a servant, not of the people, but of the monied elite. And Mitt Romney is their boy in 2012.


Mitt Romney has an image problem. He appears to many voters as a straight laced, starched collar, investment bank fraudster.

I wonder why.

His wife’s speech before the Republican National Convention was intended to dispel that notion that he’s an uncaring automaton.

Well, the effort failed.

The mention that when Romney has a muffin for breakfast he eats the top and discards the rest was supposed to reveal a human touch of the man. Go figure. His whole aura just seems to get worse. He’s robot man.


In order to boost Mitt’s appeal

He started his own brand new deal.

A muffin a day

Throw the bottom away

To reveal not conceal a robotic schlemiel.


According to Andy Borowitz, the presidential race is close among viewers with no TV sets. UPW polling numbers differ somewhat. The worldwide news outlet reports that viewers with no TV sets preferred Obama by 66-2/3 % versus Romney’s 33-1/3%.

All three viewers said they planned to buy at least one TV in the coming weeks – adding significantly to the rise in the consumer confidence index of 17% reported by Gallup.

When asked by a reporter from a competing news organization how someone without a TV set could be described as a viewer, UPW Senior Correspondent Marcy Popindick flipped him a bird.

This report comes to you from Unreliable Press Worldwide, surpassing the mainstream media in bringing you worthlessly useless news the world over.

You can read the real report by the most astute political observer in America today by clicking the link below:


I mentioned above that the 1996 choice between Clinton-Dole was one of the worst I had ever faced during a presidential election.

I voted for Clinton holding my nose as the saying goes.

Clinton, after all, signed off on NAFTA, a really crummy deal crafted during the administration of Bush I. Bush of course was too slick a politician to sign off on the pact during his first term.  That act would almost certainly have lost the election. So he left the dirty deed for his second term.

Ross Perot’s entry into the race changed the calculus in 1992 so the notorious deed was left to Clinton.

That trade agreement is still causing incalculable damage to the economy of the United States and has had a disastrous effect on the lives of millions of people in Mexico. According to some economists, NAFTA is partly responsible for the wave of starving immigrants rushing into the U.S.

Add to that Clinton’s perfectly awful second term – deregulation, the big corporate mergers that hastened economic oligarchy (telecommunications, Exxon-Mobil, the banks), his attempt to privatize Social Security in a deal with Newt Gingrich and much more – and you have arguably one of the worst presidents of the twentieth century.


Democrats give him a 69% favorability rating. Think we’ve been smoked?  No doubt about it.  And remember, up from Clinton’s ashes grew Barack Obama whose attack on the safety net is unparalleled for a so-called Democratic president.

So there you have it. Once again one of the worst options in recent American elections. The choice between the dangerous duo of Romney-Ryan or the less dangerous Obama.

Only in America.

September 3, 2012

GOP Proposes Senior Diet

GOP Diet Plan for seniors.

The basic diet consists of dry cat food, generic brand (it’s cheaper). Eat a small bowl for breakfast every day. Water may be added if utility bill payments are up to date.

Cat food for sale at an Istanbul animal market

Cat food for sale at an Istanbul animal market (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seniors will be gratified to know that the variety of cat foods is almost inexhaustible. Comparison shopping is essential however and generic brands are always cheaper.

Join together in groups of five and buy a fifty pound bag of dry cat food. Always buy off brand. Can’t be too cost conscious when living on a starvation budget. Then divide the contents equally. Buying in bulk always saves money.

Eat dry or, if your teeth are bothering you from lack of dental care, mix with water and wait for the vittles to soften.

If seniors save their money, at Thanksgiving and Christmas they can buy a tin of canned cat food. Or, for a real treat, dog food, which when water is added, produces a savory gravy.

Heat on the stove if the electicity hasn’t been turned off due to late payments.

And, by the way, don’t count on the kids for help. They’ll likely be moving in before long if they’re not alreay there


Paul Ryan’s habitual lyin’

Has poor momma soulfully cryin’

To heaven this critter will never arrive

He’ll be headin’ straight south his last day alive


For Ryan it’s just too late

St. Peter will shut the gate

About this there’s no denyin’

In Hades his toes will be fryin’.


Of course it won’t keep him from tryin’

To land in the White House before diein’

He is for sure a good talker

At heart though just a squawker


His Vouchercare he’ll hawk

But mostly it’s empty talk

Yet truth reveal he’ll not dare.

For it will surely doom his Vouchercare.


Increase it will insurance stock

While care the plan will certainly block

As patients suffer round the clock.

And leave a nation in total shock.


How could they fall for blatant lyin’

Too many have there’s no denyin’

New laws for seniors he’ll be applyin’

By sleight of hand that’s slick Paul Ryan.


You just gotta love the way the pretend media in this country treats the seriously serious budget of seriously serious Paul “Lyin” Ryan.

These media imposters call him courageous. I haven’t quite figured out exactly what is so courageous about cutting taxes for rich people or wasting more money on war spending.

I guess these pundit posers believe it’s “courageous” too starve the poor and elderly, deny medical care to tens of millions (including little children) and cheat hard working Americans out of their earned Social Security benefit.

Ryan is nothing short of a fiscal phony. Yet in these United States, such vile behaviour on the part of Paul Ryan is considered “courageous” by a media as phony as the phony they’re protecting.


Whatcha call your “Defense” Department has suspended training of a police force in Afghanistan until trainees are screened for possible ties to the Taliban.

It’s absolutely flabbergasting that the most powerful empire ever to exist on this raped planet can’t train a police force – a goddam police force fer chrissakes – in ten years of occupation.

We’ve had generals with four feathers in their caps, all kinds of shiny, metal thingies on their shoulders and piles of bird shit on the visors of their caps in charge of that exploited country for a decade and they can’t train a police force!!!!!

What an empire??? Is it any wonder the country is in such dreadful condition?

Trillions wasted for war making capability; then they go chintsy for treatment for wounded men and women, deducting millions from the paychecks of maimed soldiers for food they receive in military hospitals while recovering from the wounds of war.

These acts are no doubt decisions made by those generals with the bird shit on their caps I mentioned a few sentences ago.

Those guys have been at the military game for decades and they’re still trying to win a war. Problem is, they’ll never stop trying. We need to find a country they can invade and conquer and then let them pound their chests in victory. Like maybe Eritrea; or Haiti after a hurricane. Then we keep our fingers crossed so that they don’t fuck it up.

Losing all these wars is getting discouraging for the subjects of the empire. Trillions spent and the Einsteins at the top can’t train a police force let alone win a freaking war.


You’ve seen these numbers before but they’re worth repeating. Below are the clowns (aka presidents of the U.S.) who are most responsible for the modest debt the nation now carries. Yes, the debt is both modest and manageable despite the phony hysterics drummed up by the rich whose sole purpose is to destroy Social Security and Medicare so they can get their hands on the money.

The clown responsible for the largest increase and the president beatified by the Republican Party is none other than small government guru Ronald Reagan. He is followed by the president who caused more damage to the country than all other presidents, the one, the only George W. Bush. This guy is followed by his daddy. The two Democratic presidents during this era created less debt combined than George’s daddy alone.


Courtsey of Bartcop, here is a comment by Maureen Dowd, columnist for the New York Times, revealing the phony nature of the man just named VP candidate for the GOP.

August 5, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 8/05/12

Politics in Follyland, DC.

Put up or shut up”.

No. You put up or shut up”.

No. You put up or shut up”.

Only in America.

Mitt Romney - Caricature

The first plank in the GOP platform: Put up or shut up.

And I suppose Romney believes he did it all by his little ole self.

OK, then “put up or shut up.”

Reid has latched on to a valid issue.

The mystery: Where are all the other Democrats who should be shouting from the rooftops for Romney to release his tax returns? Slithering under a rock no doubt like the frightened little insects they are.



Farmers whose cornfields have perished in the drought are appealing to the huge agricultural corporations to stop processing corn crops into ethanol.

Big Agri companies responded that ethanol can be used as a substitute for corn syrup in food products. Just add sugar.

Probably healthier too.


According to the Tax Policy Center Mighty Mitt’s tax plan would raise taxes for the middle and lower classes and cut them for the rich and super rich – a plan straight out of the Ronald Reagan trickle down playbook.


Tax (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

Brought to you by Mitt Romney and the GOP. The 1% are excused.

And so, as you would expect from the ignorant among the American voting public, lotsa poor and soon to be poor folks cheer for the plan and for Romney himself. They just love our rich people and are earer to hand their meager possessions to the wealthy who are all to eager to seize it.

Oh, and if you happen to have something less than a million dollars in assets, you can consider yourself to be among the soon to be poor. Yours is the money they’re coming after and they will get it.

A vote for Romney is a vote to strip from the 99% whatever wealth they may still own, regardless of how little it may be.

And you can take that to the bank.


According to a report from Truthout, you Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer are paying private profit making prisons as much as $166 a night to incarcerate inmates, many of whom are illegal immigrants who committed relatively minor offenses.

And no microwaves, TVs or internet in the cells; not even a heated swimming pool. Brrrrrrr.

Come to think of it, I had to pay extra for all of those amenities at a Marriott.


I really have to admit

Calling Romney a twit

Is a bit unfair

When au contraire

A better name to wit

Is the loveable Mighty Mitt.


From The Raw Story comes the story that former porn star extraordinaire Jenna Jameson supports Mitt Romney for president. When you’re rich, she supposedly said, you have to support Republicans.

I guess you have to call her what Romney would consider an entrepreneur. She made millions in the only business where laying on your back is considered work.

If you’re not too prudish, you can read in Wikipedia about this pretty lady’s sad childhood and extraordinary rise to fame and fortune.

Well, maybe not the only business. I can think of at least one other. But no one in the “oldest profession” ever made millions.


The Fed is still sitting with its collective thumb up its ass. The Board once again refused to take action to fulfill its mandate to pursue full employment. The members are leaning on the feeble excuse that its primary mandate is to control inflation. 15% real unemployment and these hacks are worried about inflation that barely exists.

Ben Bernanke is a Republican party loyalist who refuses take any action for fear it might effect the outcome of the election in Obama’s favor.

He was of course reappointed to the post by President Obama, a move that remains a mystery, and is just one more in a long list of tragic mistakes by the president – one that may yet doom his reelection chances.

One thing in Obama’s favor: Mitt Romney.


Mitt had tussles with the folks in Brussels

Exercising his foreign policy muscles

But the more he talked

The more folks balked

His words they knew were high class hustles.

Oh wait. It wasn’t in Brussels

Where he played his many hustles

It was the land of the queen

Where he made a scene

A land once famed for Bertrand Russells


Actually, Mighty Mitt didn’t go to Brussels, but only because his GPS broke and he couldn’t find Belgium.

A campaign spokesman said the candidate has heard of the place, he just can’t find it on a map.

According to my sources, the above information isn’t bullshit. That comes from Romney.


According to an adviser in McCain’s 2008 campaign, Mitt Romney wasn’t eliminated from consideration for the VP slot because of flawed tax returns.

The reason Romney lost the race and McCain selected Sarah Palin instead is that the former Alaska governor won the evening gown and swimsuit competitions leaving Romney trailing far behind in the voting.


When the Supeme Court declared corporations are persons, NASA at last discovered life on Earth. The space agency just distributed hundreds of millions of dollars in contract to defense cororations.

If we can ever get our foolish War Department budget cut, the funds NASA is spending on a new shuttle program will be devoted to something worthwhile like space exploration – and without loss of jobs.

By reducing the War Department funds and devoting the money to the civilian sector, many more jobs would be created than lost. And the money would be spent on useful projects.

File:Atlas missile launch.jpg

Weapons contractors are among the most inefficient in the entire world. Cost overruns – an outrage to begin with – are simply a way of doing business for these wasteful corporations.

Add to the extravagance of these taxpayer money vultures, the inefficiencies of the health insurance industry and the greed of the banking, oil and pharmaceutical industries and it becomes hard to understand how government receives the blame for waste and incompetence rather than free market, free enterprise companies where the fault truly rests.

Hopefully, the corporations that have been awarded the shuttle contracts can deliver the product without cost overruns and the waste of taxpayer dollars normally associated with these projects.


Kinda gets under the skin when business owners brag that they built it all by themselves. That attitude is symptomatic of the rankest arrogance – pomposity beyond the pale. Sorta like Mitt Romney, come to think of it.

There are so many ways business owners receive help it would take a volume to list them all.

Most egregious was the attitude on display by a group of owners who placed a sign with the words “We did build it” and took a photo of themselves holding the sign in front of their store.

Such unmitigated nonsense has to leave you speechless.

Here are just a few of the means by which these sleazes receive assistance from the government.

They did it all no doubt by paying poverty wages for their help. Oh, sorry. They had no help. I guess you call them wage slavers nowadays. So government is forced to distribute food stamps so wage slavers and their kids receive proper nourishment.

Do these business geniuses pay for employees’ medical benefits? Or do cheerfully allow the help – oh, sorry again, they have no help – fall back on the taxpayer who provides medical care through Medicaid?

These programs – food stamps and Medicaid – are subsidies for small businesses as much as they are for the employees who are forced to work for poverty wages. Without the programs, many businesses could not exist despite the owners insistence they did it by themselves.

Besides these programs there are taxpayer supported schools, roads, police and fire protection; zoning laws and building codes; safety inspections of restaurants and meat processors. All of which keep the public safe from hazards and diseases and make businesses possible in the first place.

So built it by yourself, huh? Well, here’s a word for you that applies a hundred fold: Baloney!!!

Now I have no problem with success. Successful people deserve a pat on the back. But bragging that you did it by your lonesome is pompous and downright sleazy.

July 29, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 07/29/12

OK, let’s stop making fun of Mitt Romney.

From all reports, Mighty Mitt did very well in grade school. In fact, he finished first in his class in the ABCs.

Got all the way up to Z without missing a single letter.

Romney won contests in fifth grade and retroactively won in fourth, third, second and first grade.

However, he refuses to release the Certificates he received for memorizing the alphabet for any of those grades.

To show you what a determined guy this candidate is, at this very moment, he’s brushing up on his ABCs just in case a question about it comes up during the debates.

Remember Mitt, P comes before Q. That was always one of the hard ones.


Image courtesy of DONKEYHOTEY.


Committee Announces Award

From its hideout in Pasta Fagioli, Italy, the Nobella Prize Committee announced a second award in as many weeks.

Michelle Bachmann is the most recent winner of the MVP prize. The representative from Minnesota won the award for her remarks that the Statement Department is infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ms. Bachmann directed her attack at Huma Abedin, an assistant to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, charging that Ms. Abedin’s association with the Muslim organization represents a security threat to the United States.

In McCarthy like fashion, Bachmann called for investigation into the matter of Muslim infiltration of the government and would support termination of any member suspected of association with the Muslim Brotherhood.

For her hatching of a 21st century form of McCarthyism, the Committee believes the Minnesota congresswoman deserves its Most Valuable Putz award.


Winners of The Most Valuable Putz Award receive a certificate acknowledging the award as well as a forged autographed copy of a photo of Don Alberto Vito Nobella, the originator of the prize. .

These exceptional individuals also receive a statuette named the Pubar engraved with the words “Putzed up beyond all reason.” Known as the Putzie the statuette is sculpted of rusted metal stolen from an auto junk yard.

The Putzie is given while supplies last and unfortunately for the current winner supplies just ran out.

File:God's Children (Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum).jpg

Birds of a feather – Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum by Boris Rasin (Boris Rasin).


Eric Cantor seems to believe he could not practice his religion anywhere else in the world as freely as he can in the United States.

I wonder how countries like England, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and many others would interpret such a statement, to say nothing of Israel.

Of course, he could be a Pastafarian. In which case I’m not certain which countries allow freedom to practice those beliefs.

Taking his remarks about the right to practice religion freely in the U S more as a statement of American exceptionalism rather than one of limitations on religious practices in other countries, Eric Cantor’s statement does not quite ring true.

I wonder how countries like England, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and many others would interpret such a statement, to say nothing of Israel.

While many laws do restrict specific religious practices, the intent is not always to prevent free worship. The law in Sweden, for example, regarding the slaughter of chickens is an issue that addresses cruelty to animals. The law, while it seems silly on the surface, actually prohibits the kosher killing of the birds by Orthodox Jews. It seems likely, however, that the concerns of animal rights activists and Jewish practices can be reconciled.

File:Roast chicken.jpg

Does it really matter how it’s killed. (Photo by H. Padlecklas).

The same applies to recent developments in Europe banning circumcision. From all appearances, that issue should be resolved permitting the religious ritual, although the practice may be limited to clerics. In any case, initiating the ban in the first place does seem suspect – if not antisemitic then anti-Muslim and a reaction to what many Europeans consider an immigration problem.

The religious clothing ban in France, sadly, could be a safety issue rather than a blatant attempt to restrict religious freedom as many Muslims believe.

Nevertheless, dress can represent a public expression of religion and be an imposition on others. And while laws do impact more on certain religions, they apply to members of all religions and, therefore, should not be considered a restriction of religious freedom.

Yes, Israel is a special case. However, none of the religious ceremonies are actually denied even though they are restricted to Orthodox rabbis. They must simply be performed in a manner prescribed by law. And, as I recall, many Israeli citizens are not Orthodox and can practice or not as they see fit with only a few exceptions.

So if by “freedom of religion,” we mean the unfettered right to practice religious rituals, even those others may consider harmful, I don’t believe that right exists anywhere. Therefore Eric Cantor is, as any law abiding citizen, free to practice or not as he sees fit in many countries. But the right is not absolute.


Other laws prevent religious practices in public even in the United States. Here, for example, prayer in public schools is prohibited because it represents an attempt to impose a religious practice on others. The law does not in any way limit freedom of religion. Any person can say a prayer in a public school, a public building or even a courtroom simply by bowing his head and praying silently.

What I find odd is that no one ever goes to a courtroom to pray. Courts of law generally begin sessions at 9 AM and anyone is permitted to enter, sit quietly on a bench and say a prayer. I personally know of no one who practices this ritual on a regular basis or, for that matter, who has done so even once. But we are all free to pray anytime, anywhere.

What a person cannot do is to get up in front of the court and force everyone present to pray in a manner which he dictates. This restriction applies to everyone regardless of religious persuasion.

The best policy is, as always, to keep religion where it belongs – in church.


Speaking of killing chickens, that Swedish law mentioned a couple of paragraphs above does seem rather silly.

I say “silly” because I remember my parents taking us kids with them to a poultry farm to buy chickens for dinner. The farmer grabbed a fear stricken bird by the legs, yanked it from a wooden cage, jammed it into a funnel like device with its head sticking out of the hole on the bottom. He then slit the chickens throat, let it bleed out, removed it and chopped off its head. He put the dead bird into a vat of steaming water for a few minutes and next removed its feathers by holding it against a large spinning wheel whose tines stripped the bird clean.

That practice would today violate the Swedish law.

File:Albertus Verhoesen Chickens and park vase.jpg

A source of food and not much else. Painting by Albertus Verhoesen.

However, we always enjoyed a fine dinner thanks to the farmer and his bird.

Although I witnessed this procedure many times, I never thought of it as being cruel to animals – anymore than the actions of a mother lion hunting and killing a zebra to feed her pride.

Animal rights activists might consider the slaughter of chickens cruel and that a more humane method should be used because, after all, we humans are civilized. And, while that is so, referring to ourselves as “civilized” may be hubris more than truth. We might recall that we humans over the millennia have massacred billions of our own kind. Keeping that slaughter in mind, the manner in which chickens are processed to furnish food for survival seems a token issue at best. 


So did Walmart become one of the biggest corporations in the world all by its little ole self.


I’ve noticed that Walmart locates many of its stores near interstates or on or near busy state highways.

It’s huge fleet of tractor trailers make daily use of these convenient roadways, all built with taxpayer dollars.

The local roads that carry millions of customers to Walmart stores were also built with taxpayer money.

I wonder what kind of corporation Walmart would be without the support contributed in so many ways by the American taxpayer. Roads, schools, police, fire protection, etc, benefit us all. Yes, even Walmart.

Sorry, Sam. You didn’t do it all by yourself. Even I contributed to your success. And you’re business would still be selling sundries in Arkansas without my help, and the help of many others.



This Bloke Is A Joke

Photo courtesy of DONDEYHOTEY.

You mean elephant riding isn’t an Olympic sport. Since when?

 Image courtesy of DONKEYHOTEY.


Mighty Mitt, what a critter

Left the Brits feeling bitter.

His written statement he misplaced

So his remarks then soon disgraced

A city proud in Olympian glitter.


In London the Mittster was no smash

Headlines read “It Was a Crash.”

He left the queen in a dither

And from it all he tried to slither

To the airport in a baffled dash.


Oh Mitt, poor Mitt, what a twit

Got the British in a snit

Opened his mouth and spoke and spoke.

And the Brits replied “this bloke’s a joke.”

Oh Mitt, poor Mitt, is he really legit.



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July 15, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 07/15/12

If the fish rots from the head, Romney’s political carcass lies wasting in Massachusetts.


In due time, the entire body rots to the very core.

Romney is a dead fish reborn – of cynicism, hypocrisy and unprincipled opportunism

It is only by virtue of one of the most shocking flip-flops in recent history that he was able to seize the nomination from a gaggle of GOP candidates as effete as any put forth by a political party in decades.

Can he win the presidency? It is astonishing that such an eventuality is even a possibility.

Only in America.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


Student debt is approaching one trillion dollars and may have already exceeded that amount. Many kids won’t be able to repay their loans because there are too few good jobs available and too many receive educations that are inadequate. Some profit mongering schools, in fact, are little more than government loan depositories.


Time to invest in profit making prisons. Wall Street will soon demand that deadbeat college grads land behind bars – at taxpayer expense of course and profits for the Street. (Photo Jackie Finn-Irwin from Elizabeth, NJ, USA).

So what can we do about this intolerable situation. Simple. Throw the kids in jail. That’s right – debtors prison. Now that we’ve profitized the prison system students who default on government loans represent a limitless jailbird population for Wall Street investment firms who support and cash in on profit prisons. The situation is tailor made for the big banks. Incarcerate the students who can’t pay and charge the taxpayer for the incarceration. Why we could even make parents pay support toward their jailbird college kids.

So I’m appealing to McConnell, Boehner and the skinny guy with the glasses to get the ball rolling. Wall Street is salivating for enabling legislation. Investors could earn billions off this scam. You call yourselves Republicans??? You ought to be ashamed. Let’s get these damn deadbeats where they belong: In the profit making prison system at taxpayer expense.

File:Eric Cantor headshot.JPG

Skinny guy with glasses. Also known as Rep. Eric Cantor.


The so-called Red States lead the nation in food stamp subsidies. Guess their sick and tired of people not starving – and that includes themselves and their children. Just hard to figure some people out.

What’s the matter with people in the Red States? Far too many are hopeless victims of latent racism. Yes, many are good Christians who attend church regularly. However, this group votes endlessly against its own economic interests because they believe they are being victimized by black people who want a free ride.  (Read the article linked below about Mighty Mitt’s “free stuff” comment).

Mitt Romney Says He Got Booed Because Black People Just Want Free Stuff | The New Civil Rights Movement

The racism rises to the surface only among their trusted brethren. But it can be detected in circumspect statements as they try to feel you out to determine if you are among them; or in conversations overheard during a careless moment; or, most notable, in “joking” around. One revealing remark is the resentment and anger that so many black people who never voted before went to the polls in 2008 to cast their ballots for Obama.

File:Red state, blue state.svg

I sometimes think that the racism of slavery has come full circle. For it now enslaves too many racists to a life of abject poverty – a life they vote to sustain time and time again.  

We should add of course that racism isn’t the exclusive domain of the Red States..


Mitt Romney has more foreign bank accounts than John McCain has houses. And neither knows how many or where they are.

That’s what it means to be rich in America.


Condoleeza Rice said President Obama’s foreign policy is lacking. Guess he hasn’t started enough wars to suit her taste. Ah, for the good old days, right Condi.  

Rice is reportedly in the running for the vice presidential slot on the Romney ticket despite her firm denials of interest.

File:Condoleezza Rice.jpg

And the next vice president of the United States is…. May I have the envelope please.

It seems to me she opens up too many festering wounds.  But who knows?

Only in America..


Iran and Iraq are becoming strong allies. And Iran is now in a position to transfer knowledge of weapons of mass destruction to Iraq.

How’s that for being ungrateful. We started a war to set them free; killed hundreds of thousands; deracinated millions and they go and join our enemy. Sometimes it’s just hard to understand people.

Not a problem, though. We can always invade again.


We built numerous military bases in Iraq with huge landing strips and impregnable fortifications at a cost of billions of dollars. Looks like we’ll have to abandon them. But not a word about all those McDonald’s restaurants spread among the forts. Where else can you get a Big Mac in Iraq? C’mon folks. Doesn’t anybody think of these things?


Mitt Romney got booed when he gave a speech before the NAACP for saying he would repeal Robamneycare if elected president.

Then at a fund raiser Mighty Mitt told reporters he was booed because black people just wanted free stuff.

Well, I for one had no idea black people had or wanted tax free bank accounts in the Caymans, Bermuda and Switzerland.

The Mittster also said that nothing is really free except his tax free bank accounts in the Caymans, Bermuda and Switzerland.

Uh, except for one minor detail the above statement is true. That detail: Romney omitted any reference to tax free offshore accounts.


Gee, who would have thought banksters would cheat people on interest rates? And not just some people. But quite possibly everyone on the planet whoever borrowed a dime from them.

LIBOR sounds like an X-Box video game replete with evil monsters who lie, cheat and steal. So evil, in fact, that the harm these creatures inflict belabors the imagination.

As you probably know by now, LIBOR isn’t an X-Box video game. It is the London Interbank Offered Rate – so who knew – a figure that dominates the rates charged by banks across the breadth of the entire planet and it can impact rates on mortgages, car loans, credit cards, loans to businesses and just about every other type of loan imaginable. So you think you got scammed by the S&L flim-flam and the and housing bubbles? Well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The amounts skimmed off the top by the banksters in this latest act of deception could rise into the gazillions.

Under the circumstances, LIBOR should give some enterprising soul an idea for a video game filled with evil monsters of every description – wearing handmade Italian suits and Ferragamo shoes and silk undies to show off to their thousand dollar a night ladies in waiting .

In order to be true to life, however, in this game the evil monsters win.


Oberstandartenfuhrer, I mean governor, Paul LePage of Maine went Nazi once again as so many Republicans are wont to do. It’s hard to know, however, whether his rant calling the IRS the Gestapo was a stupid remark by a Republican or a remark by a stupid Republican. Although the two do seem to go hand and hand.

You may recall another of LePage’s many blunders. Below is a youtube video about the governor’s removal from the Maine Department of Labor of a mural honoring American working men and women. 

LePage critic creates video sendup of mural decision | The Kennebec Journal, Augusta, ME


According to Senior National Affairs Correspondent Marcy Popindick of UPW News, the Republican party is implementing a new plan they call Conservatives Helping Older People. The idea is to bring families together by eliminating Social Security and Medicare so children can bring parents and grandparents into their homes and furnish the loving care that seniors long for. As part of the plan, Republicans will implement Paul Ryan’s program to once and for all destroy Medicare and profitize health insurance for the elderly.

A second goal of the Republican CHOP program will be the profitization of Social Security.

Once these CHOP ideas are implemented seniors will be gratified at the prospect of moving into the homes of their children and will be able to enjoy family life with their grandkids, recently graduated from college, who have also moved in with their parents.

The benefits of CHOP, everyone will soon realize, are boundless.

July 4, 2012

Republican Hates Old People

I have a gripe about old people. They drive too slow. Why don’t they just get off the road, fer chrissakes.

File:Grant DeVolson Wood - American Gothic.jpg

Digitized images of the original painting American Gothic that Grant DeVolson Wood,created in 1930 and sold to the Art Institute of Chicago in November of the same year.

Even worse, the other day I saw some old guy stop at a stop sign look both ways and then go. Right in front of me. Man, I gave that old coot the hoot.

Didn’t they ever teach old people the “look and go”. You look and if you can make a turn before the oncoming traffic smashes into you, you go. But no, they gotta stop.

We used to call that maneuver the “Jersey look and go.” Stopping at a stop sign is bullshit. Fuggedaboutit. But a bunch of goddam old people do it all the time. Really pisses me off.

Oh, and this beats it all. When they make a turn off of a main artery they use this thing called a “turn signal.” Maybe you’ve heard of it. Then they practically come to a stop before turning. They’ll never learn. Forget the turn signal. It’s distracting. The way to do it is to turn fast and wide into the opposite lane if necessary, hell, you need the room if you’re gonna drive right; then use centrifugal force to complete the maneuver and step on it. So what if the tires screech. But not old people. They just don’t know how to get outta my way.

Read the article below, the part about David Frum, Republican propagandist. He knows how to get you all riled up about old people. They just drive too damn slow.

And another thing. What’s all this getting sick stuff. Don’t they know it costs money to get treatment. Tough shit. Not my problem. I’m tired of paying for old people who think they have a right to go and get sick.

That’s means your mother and father, grandmother and grandfather. Agreed!!!

The “Younger” Games: Phony Age War Strikes Again … and Again … and Again | The Smirking Chimp


Daily Kos reported that Fox News told the truth. At this point, UPW has no confirmation of the Daily Kos report. But correspondents from UPW are following up and checking sources.

English: Markos "Kos" Moulitsas, fou...

English: Markos “Kos” Moulitsas, founder of Daily Kos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Red States lead the nation in food stamp subsidies. And they’re trying reduce the program. Guess their sick and tired of people not starving – and that includes themselves and their children. Just hard to figure some people out.


Here’s another gem from Mighty Mitt himself. “Students should get as much education as they can afford.” That’s less and less every year. And for many, it’s no higher education at all.


Ryan’s statements about health care are not confusing; they are thoroughly confused.

He could clear matters up very simply by stating the obvious, that is, there are knowns and there are unknowns. Then there are known knowns and unknown knowns.

For example, Ryan’s health insurance plan will offer vouchers. That is a known. The value of the voucher is an unknown. The plan will offer only profit insurance coverage. That is a known known. The cost of the plans is an unknown known.

Are we clear!!!

Wait a minute. Hold the presses. I must have gotten confused. I’m not sure if the cost of the profit plans under Ryan’s plan is an unknown known or an unknown unknown.

I’m trying to confirm with Ryan’s people right now. I should have an answer in a year or two. Stay tuned.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Paul Ryan

Ever notice how all Republicans have shit eating grins.


Fox News asks: Why isn’t lowering the minimum wage better for workers?

Like so much from the Foxers this question rises from the bowels of profound ignorance – or unbridled greed.

The answer of course is workers cannot not support themselves earning the current minimum rate let alone raise a family beyond the poverty level.

It’s an utterly stupid question regardless of the theories of economists who are little more than right wing corporate prostitutes.

And here’s a question for the Foxers. Why isn’t lowering CEO wages better for workers?

The Foxers have been avid supporters of the redistribution of wealth for decades. In fact, many of them are wealthy and hold their jobs only because they support radical right wing agendas which include the redistribution of wealth – upwards of course.

June 24, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 06/24/12

Here is another in the galaxy of witless statements that emanate on a regular basis from the deep, dark recesses of the confused mind of Mitt Romney.

Mighty Mitt said – and this is true – “I believe in an America where millions of Americans believe in an America that’s an America millions of Americans believe in. That’s the America I believe in.”

I believe that’s the only thing he believes in, believe or not. And it’s the most accurate statement he’s made in years. Unfortunately, nobody knows what he’s talking about and that includes Romney himself. But not to worry for Mighty Mitt. The less sense he makes, the more people seem to like him.

Holy bat shit, Batman. Mighty Mitt is running for president. Unbelieveable!!!


Monica Lewinsky turns 39 in a few days. Few realize it, but the nation owes her a debt of gratitude. This talented young miss got then president Bill Clinton embroiled in a zipper scandel that resulted in his impeachment and trial before the Senate. He beat the wrap, of course, but the Oval Office activity should become known as the blow job that changed the course of history.

English: Monica Lewinsky, from her government ...

Whatever she did or does is nobody’s damn business but her own.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Little did we know that the ex-prez and his aristocratic chief of staff Erskine Bowles were conspiring with then Speaker Newton Leroy Gingrich to slash Social Security benefits – behind our backs.

Monica, it turns out, was the heroine that derailed the presidential stab in the back. All hail Monica Lewinsky. And you thought Joe DiMaggio was the last hero.


Sen. Chuck Schumer had a patty-cake exchange with J P Morgan Chase pal (and CEO) Jamie Dimon during the Senate Banking Committee hearings.

Jamie Dimon - Caricature

Jamie Dimon – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

According to Senior UPW national affairs correspondent Marcy Popindick, the version of the hearings released to the public were prerecorded and what was viewed was actually an edited tape of the proceedings.

Here is a transcript of the actual exchange between Schumer and Dimon as recorded by Ms. Popindick.

Schumer: Is you wife still a member of the New York Bankers Country Club, Mr. Dimon?

Dimon: Yeah, what of it.

Schumer: Is your wife still taking golf lessons from a professional golfer at the club?

Dimon: That’s nobody’s damn business but her own.

Schumer: I’ve heard through the grapevine that your wife recently broke 100 for the first time at the club’s 18 hole golf course. Is that true?

Dimon: Yeah, it’s true. So what.

Schumer: Well, I hope you’ll pass along my congratulations to your wife. That’s a truly fine accomplishment.

Dimon: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Schumer: Perhaps we can all get together and do lunch down at the club some time. My treat.

Dimon: I’ll check with my secretary. She’ll get back to you.

Schumer: Well, as you know Mr. Dimon questioning is limited to five minutes and my time has expired. But I want to thank you for your extraordinary cooperation today.


  Minimum government mandated vacation days around the world:

Nation Vacation Days
United Kingdom














United States


China!!! You’re shittin’ me. No, I’m not. China. At least according to Mercer’s 2011 Worldwide Benefit and Employment Guidelines.

And the good ole US of A is zero???

Yes, that’s right, zero.

Something we can all be very proud of. Only in America.


Many years ago a writer named Harry Golden wrote a book entitled Only in America.

Only in America (1958) paperback

1958: Only in America. (World Publishing Co.) Republished 1972 by World Publishing CoOnly in America (1958) paperback (Photo credit: Wikipedia).  Probably out of print.  But may still be available in libraries.  My tattered copy has long since vanished.

Intrigued by the title, I bought a tattered copy of the book at a garage sale for a nickel. I remember nothing from the book other than the title and that the essays contained therein were not only thought provoking but contained a large heaping of inconvenient truth.

I vaguely recall that little best seller because of similarities in our backgrounds: Harry’s parents immigrated from the Ukraine as did my maternal grandparents. Harry lived and wrote in Charlotte, NC, not far from where I now live. But most of all, I remember using the title of his book over and over again and, sadly, always in a derisive sense. And, again sadly, because it so often seems appropriate. Only in America, Harry, only in America.


Canadian officials have reported tar sands oil spills in Alberta province amounting to more than 9,000 barrels in the last thirty days.

The spills have raised environmental issues about the Keystone Pipeline, slated to cross the U S Midwest and terminate at refineries in Houston, Texas.

However, the National Institutes of Health, in conjuction with major oil refiners, issued a statement declaring environmental concerns non-existent since tar sands oil is low in cholesterol and, once you get past the gritty taste, the oil makes an excellent salad dressing.

It’s free too, if you can beat the rush to the spill sites.


House minority leader Nancy Pelosi criticized the House Oversight Committee vote to hold in contempt Attorney General Eric Holder for refusing to turn over documents related to the “fast and furious” gun selling operation. The sting was supposed to aid in the capture of members of the Mexican drug cartel through weapons traceability. The program has been an on-going sting for some time and quite possibly originated in 2006 during the Bush administration.

The entire affair seems to be another one of those holdovers from the previous administration that President Obama stepped into and Republicans are attempting to use yet another Bush policy to sting Obama. The GOP will stop at nothing to destroy the current president, this most recent thrust in the name of the utterly unscrupulous Darrell Issa.

The Issa parry will undoubtedly go nowhere and Issa knows it. But no Republican ever gave up a chance to smear a Democratic president.

Only in America.


A mind numbingly stupid Republican named (fill in the blank__________________) today called Nancy Pelosi “mind numbingly stupid.” This mind numbingly stupid Republican from South Carolina (where else! If not everywhere) ranted about Pelosi because she said the House Republican’s witch hunt against Eric Holder had to do with his effort to rid the country of the Republican voter suppression campaign and not with the Bush “fast and furious” debacle.

Oh, well. I can’t hold back any longer. This mind numblingly stupid Republican is Troy Gowdy from the semi-great state of – you guessed it – South Carolina.

File:Trey Gowdy, Official Portrait, 112th Congress.jpg

The sinister look of Trey Gowdy. It’s all in the eyes. The menacing stare forebodes ill for all who cross him.

He even looks mind numblingly stupid. That, however, is the easiest way to get elected in SC.

Gowdy upchucked his dufus rant on Fox News, the cable propaganda organ that not only enables but encourages these dufus diatribes. Unfortunately for the nation, the propanganda that originates with Fox  appeals to ever growing numbers of the class known as the Ignorantsia.

Perhaps even more mind numbingly stupid than Gowdy’s remarks are the Democrats. Thus far not a single one has come forward to defend Pelosi, the victim of this outrageously ignorant comment.

I guess that’s to be expected. Cowardice and Democrat are becoming synonymous.


Here is a true story about Attila the Hun. The barbarian built a temple to the love god Eros. It was a magnificent sructure but sometime during the late Dark Ages the temple was abandoned and fell into disrepair.

A few hundreds years later the building was taken over by an order of nuns who rid the temple of every last vestige of Eros and turned it into a convent.

Recently, the last of the nuns, while lying on her death bed, appealed to the bishop of the diocese to issue a writ declaring the order of which she was the last member be officially ended and the convent dedicated as a religious holy site.

The bishop refused to issue the writ and the last nun passed on to her final reward.

And that’s the end of the story: No nuns, no writs, no Eros.

I hate myself for doing that to you. But I really like the story. And, while you may be skeptical, it’s true. At least as true as anything you’ve ever heard on Fox News.


Is this what candidate Obama meant when he promised he would renegotiate NAFTA:

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal has been negotiated in secret (except for 600 corporate advisors). The TPP would:

–reward outsourcing of jobs to lower-wage countries;
–give foreign corporations immunity from U.S. laws;
–allow foreign corporations to challenge U.S. laws in foreign (secret) tribunals; and
–wipe out national protections for workers or the environment.

Presumably, foreign corporations operating in the United States could ignore minimum wage laws. Americans, now being strangled for jobs, would be required for work for ever modest wages – a couple of bucks an hour – and no benefits.

That’ll teach us to fuck with the aristocracy.

And thanks a lot, Barry. You’ve given us something we can all be very proud. A big, sharp, barbed shaft right up the ole culo. Only in America.

June 17, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 06/17/12

McConnell meeting with President Barack Obama.

A man sworn to destroy the other’s presidency.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell whined the other day about efforts by a number of Democrats to force PAC donors to reveal their identity. As always, he had the president’s remarks in his sights.

McConnell has done more to harm the middle class than anyone since Newt Gingrich. And, like all conservatives, he’s proud of it.

Payola got him where he is and it will keep him there and his message to the American people is they have no right to know where the cash is coming from.

Sadly for Obama and the Democrats, in a time of crisis, raising payola is their greatest challenge.


Well, guess what? Some Republicans are starting to brag about the unemployment rate during the Bush regime’s tenure.

That rate, it is true, hovered between five and six per cent and Republicans are beginning to puff out their chests and bluster.   

The figure issued by the BLS, however, has been a rigged number for years, mostly because it doesn’t count everyone whose unemployed. Go figure.

And, as we should all know by now, the Bush years get an “F” in job creation for the dubious distinction of creating the least number of jobs since the Great Depression. And of those created, many were of the minimum wage variety.

The only saving grace for Bush was that employment remained high in the construction and real estate industries – propped up mainly by the housing bubble which burst with horrible consequences during his second term.

Republicans have nothing to cheer about as far as employment is concerned during the Bush years. Except for the bubble, it remained stagnant throughout.


Jeb’s got himself in a pickle.  He made a heretical statement about taxes and compromise and he could be banished from the party.  

Not to worry though.  He was never on the short list for the VP nod because he might overshadow Romney and the Republican nominee would never allow that to happen.

File:George W. Bush and family.jpg

The Bush family, hoping 2016 is Jeb’s year.

My guess is that the Bushes are hoping for a Romney defeat. A loss for Mitt would open the door to a Jeb nomination and run in 2016.

The younger Bush is already pushing a more moderate GOP agenda, what you might call “compassionate conservatism”. Woe betide the country, for sure.


We have to add Bill Clinton – a president I voted for twice – to the long list of culprits who played a large role in the economic demise of so many Americans. His signature on deregulation legislation led directly to the current depression.


The chart below compares overhead costs for the largest health insurers.

Health Insurance Company Overhead Costs
Aetna 22.1%
Humana 18.3%
Wellpoint 17.9%
United Healthcare 18.6%
Cigna 22.7%
Medicare 1.3%

Physicians for a National Health Program

Looks like a no-brainer to me. The best company for your investment dollars is Wellpoint.

Medicare of course is a non-profit, government managed program that’s been screwing up the marketplace with unparalleled efficiency for over forty years now. How did we ever allow that to happen. Guess we’ll never learn.

The faster we get that program converted to a profit voucher system the sooner we end all the fuss about affordable healthcare. And it will be converted – to the benefit of Wall Street of course – regardless of who the next president is.


Bev Perdue, the Democratic governor of North Carolina, has battled a Republican legislature for her entire term in office. The GOP has overridden several of her vetoes. Of course, the Republicans needed the help of five backstabbing Democrats to do so.

English: Official photo of Governor Beverly Pe...

Bev Perdue, a much maligned lady in a state turning sharply to the right.

Perdue’s record would have been commendable had she had the support of a Democratic legislature.

The blame for any mismanagement of affairs rests with this assemblage of right wing politicians. It is this body that rules NC.


The vagina challenged, Republican controlled Virginia legislature showing “concern” for women’s safety reaches a level of hypocrisy not realized by the GOP since, well, since last week when Mitt Romney tiptoed around an element of the immigration controversy by saying the “status of young people who come here through no fault of their own is an important matter” and we need to figure out a way to help these kids.

Actually, the Vagina legislature’s attempt to force abortion clinics to place drinking fountains in waiting rooms isn’t such a bad idea. I’ve been in waiting rooms where you could die of thirst waiting.

There, ya see ladies, the GOP is looking out for your safety after all.


Mitt Romney, the expositor of the “self-deport” proposal, needs to figure out a way to keep his foot out of his mouth and figure out a position on immigration.

Well, go figure, Mitt. You’re running for president fer chrissakes.

On the other hand, maybe he should keep putting his foot in his mouth. It’s becoming his modus operandi, that is, making contravening statements simultaneously. People come to expect it. Soon nobody cares anymore.

Congressman Poe and Governor Mitt Romney

Mighty Mitt strikes again.  Where will the next blow fall?  Not even the Mittster knows the answer to that question.

His methods may well become the new way to win elective office in America. Say something, flip flop with impunity and you’re on the record as supporting both sides of the same issue.

Mighty Mitt, of course, is reluctant to discuss the immigration issue. If he supports a lenient policy, he loses a lot of white votes. If he favors deportation the Latino vote becomes hopelessly lost.


A former Obama law school professor declared that he no longer supports the president and the chief executive must be defeated in November.

The professor has a point when he expresses dismay at Obama’s record in office and makes a cogent argument for the president’s defeat. One in particular stands out: Obama’s empty appeal to tax justice. I would add empty headed appeal since fewer and fewer of his supporters believe or trust the words the president mouths. His rhetoric is as empty as his appeals and his so-called attempt to triangulate yet another issue has fooled no one.

So if Obama goes down in November, so be it. Despite a long record of small accomplishments, the president has not earned a second term.

Sure, Romney will be worse. But can anyone say with certainty that another four years for Obama will be better than the failure of the first four. Can the country afford a second meek performance? Would reelection simply reinforce the president’s determination to continue on his ill-fated course?

A liberal and loyal Democrat (those who still revere FDR’s New Deal) cannot in good conscience vote for the likes of Romney. The man is as unscrupulous and unprincipled a politician to receive a party’s nomination since, well, since George W. Bush. But a similar case can be made against Obama. (See The Mendacity of Hope by Roger D. Hodge for a brutally honest evaluation of the policies of the Obama administration).

The real question is how did a great nation come to such a disastrous fork in the road? The words quandary and dilemma come to mind. Is a puzzlement.

File:Yul Brynner and Gertrude Lawrence in stage musical The King and I.jpg

Yul Brynner and Gertrude Lawrence in a photo from the Broadway play The King and I. In the play and later the movie, the king expressed his dismay and confusion about the politics of the time in the solo Is A Puzzlement.


No doubt the Republicans have done everything in their power to sabotage Obama’s presidency, including prolonging the suffering of those Americans most impacted by the Great Recession.

My complaint about Obama is that he did not go to bat for the people who gave him their wholehearted support. He abandoned millions when they needed him most and left them to their own devices.

If he had put up a fight and lost, I could give him credit for willingness to do battle with an intransigent GOP and lend him my support him. But his effort has been lukewarm at best and now so is my support his reelection.

For the first time in my voting life, I’m seriously considering leaving the presidential field on the ballot blank.

Recall Rahm Emanuel’s snide remark about liberals, to wit “where else can they go”. The answer of course is “nowhere at all”. If you cannot agree with the policies of a candidate and are repelled by some of his views, it makes no sense to vote for him.

Now when I’m stabbed in the back, it will be through no fault of my own. “Fool me once….”


It looks like Obama is hanging on to Simpson/Bowles for dear life. I guess the campaign cash flows through that nefarious plan.

In a nutshell, Simpson/Bowles advocates sharp cuts in social safety net programs and tax reform which reads increases for the middle class and cuts for the wealthy. The increases remain unspecified but the mortgage interest deduction appears to be on the chopping block.

Wall Street Patsy (also Secretary of the Treasury) Tim Geithner stated that the president is still considering an austerity plan along the lines of Simpson/Bowles.


It appears as though the White House strong armed Nancy Pelosi into supporting Simpson/Bowles by threatening to have the former Speaker removed from her leadership position. That would leave Obama water boy and right wing Democrat Steny Hoyer in line for the Speakership should the Dems win the House in November.

June 10, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 06-10-12

President Obama once again failed to show up in Wisconsin to support the recall of Gov. Scott Walker.

He was a no-show last year as well during the protests in Madison.

So, again, the hollow echos of the promise the prez made during the 2008 campaign reverberate, to wit: “If American workers are being denied their right to organize when I’m in the White House, I will put on a comfortable pair of shoes and I will walk on that picket line with you as President of the United States.”

There. Now you just read it again.

But what we all forget about the president is that he suffers from an excruciating medical condition referred to as BTBS. This malady – known to physicians as Big Toe Blister Syndrome – recurs whenever union members form a picket line or a protest rally and it is really this condition that prevents the president from fulfilling his promise to walk the line.

File:Hot feet.jpeg

Nice feet. Healthy too. You can’t walk on sand when suffering from BTBS, the painful condition that afflicts the president whenever a union picket line forms.  (Photo courtesy of Misternicktheprick).  

Fortunately for the president, when the protests subside, the condition, mysteriously, goes into remission and the chief executive is able to walk without pain and resume the duties of office.


The old horse cantered out of the stable this week. That’s what happens when you leave the barn door open.

Bill Clinton traveled to Wisconsin to support the labor union recall effort and the Democratic candidate whats his name. Oh, you know that Milwaukee mayor guy whose now two for two going up against Walker. In the loss column, that is.

File:Bill Clinton, Yitzhak Rabin, Yasser Arafat at the White House 1993-09-13.jpg

A photo depicting one of the more worthwhile efforts of an otherwise failed presidency.

Good job, Willy. As we all know Walker is now two for two running against that Milwaukee mayor guy. In the win column, that is. The winner and still governor won by what is know in politics as a “blowout” with a 53-46 majority. Well, OK. So maybe it was only a landslide.

But wait. That’s not all Willy accomplished the past few days. He called Mitt Romney’s performance at Bain Capital “sterling”.

But wait. That’s not all Willy did this week. He actually called for an extension of all the Bush tax cuts in direct contravention to President Obama’s irreversible stand (oxymoron alert!) that the cuts for the wealthy need to be ended and only the cuts for the middle class retained.

Quick. Somebody get Willy a copy of the New York Times. The “newspaper of record” has declared time and again that Mitt Romney has won the Republican nomination for president and will be running in the November election against Barack Obama.

So the “Democrat of record” says on TV – not at a glitzy cocktail party fer crissakes but right there on freakin’ TV – that Mitt’s performance at Bain is “sterling”. That statement puts one of the Dems sterling campaign issues to bed. As a once famous sportscaster used to say “Holy Cow!!!”

With friends like Willy, Obama could wrap up his reelection campaign tomorrow and save himself a lot of trouble. And money. A lot of money.

If you want to know how companies such as Bain operate you can google Stella D’oro Biscuit Company or the private equity firm Brynwood Partners. You’ll discover a sad chronicle of for-profit only tactics. And there are many more stories that follow the same pattern – too numerous to mention.

Those methods range from sleazy to perhaps sterling. However, I would think the scale leans heavily toward the former.

Let’s sum up the former prez’s week long bag of fails. Wisconsin blows him off (figuratively speaking); he calls the opposition candidate “sterling”; and then stridently contravenes the president of the United States on extending the Bush tax cuts.

Oh, he said he was sorry. About the tax cut statement. That makes all the difference.

Nevertheless, it was a blunder so monumental that Republicans are calling him “buddy.” He might even appear in GOP propaganda ads criticizing Obama’s performance. You gotta hand it to Wild Willy though. There are actually days when he can trump Trump.

In any case, he’s still the darling of Democrats who call themselves loyal with something like a 66% favorable rating. Go figure.

Willy’s real problem, however, is that the number of truly loyal Democrats is diminishing.

The devoted Democrat – and if you are one you will agree – is one who still revers FDR and his New Deal. The current party establishment has dumped those loyalists over the side. And Bill Clinton is the worst offender.

The Dem establishment, however, still doesn’t want to stuff the ever pompous Clinton into the stable and lock the barn door. Too many like this apostate. But at the rate Willy’s going…. Well, as a famous sportscaster once said: Going, going, gone.

File:Mel Allen NYWTS.jpg

Mel Allen, one time “Voice of the Yankees”.


Did I mention Bill Clinton?

Anyways, as a famous TV detective once said: “Just one more thing.”

File:Peter Falk Columbo.JPG

Peter Falk as Columbo, part of Our American Heritage.

There are at least two other people on this rapidly overheating planet who have grown to dislike the policies of the former prez.

One is the eminent economist Dean Baker who realized long ago that “the seeds of the current disaster were put in place by the policies of the Clinton administration.” Deregulation, one of Clinton’s signature policies sent an economic snowball down a decades long hill where it is still rolling.

Baker also accuses the former president of doing nothing to contain the tech stock bubble that occurred and then burst during Clinton’s tenure in the Oval Office.

It was that bubble that brought about the budget surpluses and not tax increases and budget cuts.

The Clintonistas must also bear some responsibility for the “huge trade deficits the economy now faces with its engineering of the bailout of the East Asian financial crisis.” The terms were so sever that the bailed out countries were forced to accumulate enormous dollar reserves, an action that artificially placed a high value on the U S currency and made American exports prohibitively expensive.

Read the article at Beat the Press, Baker’s blog.

If Clinton’s Economic Record Is Viewed Positively, Then It Speaks to the Horrible State of Economic Reporting | Beat the Press

The second person who is forthright about Clinton’s (and Obama’s) dismal performance in office is Professor David Michael Green.

Green entertains with brutally honest critiques of the Clinton, Bush and Obama regimes. Here is a quote from his latest post.

And, despite the fact Bill Clinton deserves to rot in hell for the damage he did in exchange for his personal joyride in the White House, we were nevertheless forced to watch in horror the relentless and destructive lunacy of the president’s impeachment for the high crime of lying about a blow-job.

You can read Green’s assessments at his blog The RegressiveAntidote

His posts should be required reading for all Democrats, especially those who handed out a 66% favorable rating to the phoney Democrat.

Broken Shards Of The Heart | The Smirking Chimp


As a teenager and once practicing Catholic, I would often step into a dimly lit booth and on bended knee before a dark screen and small door wait anxiously for the door to slide open while a priest listened to another Catholic in a similar booth rattle off his sins.

When my turn came and in order to make a “good confession”, I would have to tell the priest whenever I got laid because getting laid was a mortal sin, even though I really liked it.

I had bragged to any number of other human beings about my activities, but didn’t want to admit them to a priest. I was forced to, however, because if I didn’t I would make what was called a “bad confession” and none of my other sins – like when I cursed – would be forgiven. The downside was that I would receive a heavier penance – something like saying fifteen Our Fathers and fifteen Hail Marys instead of the usual five.

Sometimes that could be a problem – since I usually went to confession early Saturday evening and was in a hurry because I was hoping to get laid later that night which – praise the Lord – occasionally happened.

Now I was never what used to be called a “hair man” (not sure of the etymology there) so I didn’t get laid often and this predicament didn’t occur frequently. But when confessing, you had to vow never to commit the sin again. Otherwise the confession didn’t count.

Today I wonder how many bad confessions I made since, while doing penance, I was hoping to get laid in just a few hours.

Now that brings us to one Mr. Dolan, Cardinal Timothy, a man who holds the second highest rank in the hierarchy of the Catholic church. The guy is accused of giving payola, as much as $20,000, to pedophile priests to facilitate whatcha call your “return to the laity” for “unassignable priests”.

That raises the question of what did the former archbishop of Milwaukee know and when did he know it? Also does the cardinal consider payola a sin? If so did he confess it? Did he receive as penance at least fifteen Our Fathers and fifteen Hail Marys? Or did he make numerous bad confessions and hence have none of his sins forgiven?

File:Kardinaal de Richelieu.jpg

Another cardinal noted for his intrigues, this one infamous Cardinal Richelieu.

My guess is that Dolan gets to decide what’s a sin and what isn’t and payola isn’t.

Hey, he is, like, a cardinal, ya know.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan Allegedly Paid Suspected Pedophile Priests To Leave Ministry While Head Of Archdiocese Of Milwaukee


May 26, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley

Bill Clinton had a photo op with some porn stars.  Guess you heard.  I was a little disappointed though.  He kept his pants on.

Bill Clinton Porn Star Picture Explained By Brooklyn Lee And Tasha Reign – Read the article at Huffington Post.

Being around women isn’t a problem for the former prez any longer.  Rumor has it that Hilary had all his zippers sewn up – a long time ago.


Lack of a draft seems to facilitate the charge into war. Drafting the kids of the rich would lessen the rush.

 Read the Article at HuffingtonPost by Charlie Rangel.

After all, it’s mostly the kids of the poor who do the killing and the dying.

So let’s put the rich kids on the battlefield and in the foxholes and start killing a few of them and let’s see what happens.

Of course, a few escape hatches like the National Guard and exemptions for college would have to be closed.

The message for rich college kids:  Don’t unpack.  The next war will be coming to your campus soon.  Go for it, Charlie.


Wanna Double War Spending.  Try These Plans on For Size.

Several goods ways to keep war spending growing at exponential rates:

  1. Build anti-missile bases on the border of the Soviet Union.  Ya’ll member dem Soviets.  Dem was da commanists what was goin’ to do us in. We sure showed dem a thang er two.

  2. Build naval bases in the Philippines and South Korea and deploy aircraft carrier groups near the Chinese mainland.  If that doesn’t piss them off, we can try bombing North Korea.  That’ll get their attention.

  3.  Bomb, bomb, bomb – bomb, bomb Iran.  And don’t give me any of this Israel bullshit acting as a surrogate.  We need to stop pussyfootin’ and grow some balls.  Do the damn thing ourselves.  Then we can justify spending $2 trillion dollars a year on the War Department instead of a paltry three quarters of a trillion.  Besides it’s really fun watching wars on CNN.  Didn’t you enjoy the last one?  Now that’s what I call reality TV.  And this one will be televised in hi-def.  Oh man, I can’t wait.  Good for CNN’s ratings also.  That’s about the only way they can get people to watch them anymore.


And I’m not talkin’ some silly shit Obama drone war either.  I want the real McCoy – with tanks and carpet bombing and cruise missiles and all that deadly release of depleted uranium.  That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout.

Besides the more wars we start, sooner or later we’re gonna win one.  I mean, like, it’s just the law of averages.

Yessireeeee, bob.  $2 trillion dollar War Department here we come.


Catholic bishops criticized the Girl Scouts for taking positions on issues opposed by the Church.  The bishops accused the girl’s organization of having a partnership with Planned Parenthood and supporting positions on sexuality, birth control and abortion.  A spokesperson for the Scouts denied the charges.

Bishop Mangiapasta Bacciagalupe of the Church of the Holy Book said his congregation was angered by the fact that Girl Scouts selling cookies often interfered with bingo nights.


Mitt Romney has been accused of heresy against Republican orthodoxy for stating that budget cuts would cause a recession.

Republicans should not be worried however.  Romney is upside down, inside out and backwards on all issues.  And he can perform this shtick simultaneously.  What a guy!!

File:US Navy 050520-N-4549D-002 USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) Commanding Officer, Capt. Dennis E. Fitzpatrick, gives the Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney a tour of the conventionally powered aircraft carrier's flight deck.jpg

What you see beside us Mr. Romney is a jet fighter.  It costs this much.


People believe the rich got half of the Bush tax cuts.  Actually, they got all of the Bush tax cuts.  As for the rest of us, our tax cuts were pumped into the gas tank and went from there through the pipeline directly to Wall Street.

April 28, 2012

Candidate Wins Award


Romney enters his hair as a contestant in the new TV reality show "Styling With The Stars.' Mitt-Romney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Nobella Prize Committee announced from its hideout in Pasta Fagioli, Italy that US presidential candidate Mitt Romney has won the Nobella MVP award.

Mitt won for his statement that college students shouldn’t take out government loans to pay for college.  They should simply borrow the money from their parents.

And exactly where does Mitt “dog on roof” Romney believe parents are going to come up with the kind of scratch to put a son or a daughter through college?  Much less three kids?  That, of course, assumes that all parents have tens of thousands of dollars in the mattress just waiting for the kids to graduate from high school.

“Dog on roof” also noted that times are really, really hard for college students now graduating.  There are no jobs for about half of them.  And, of course, he said he would change all that, meaning the economic conditions existing in a country with few jobs available – conditions that he and his group of greedy capitalists contributed to.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

UPW Senior National Correspondent Marcy Popindick attempted to contact Romney to get a comment on his comments:

Hello, Mitt.  Mitt, are you there?  Come in, Mitt.  Houston, we have a problem.  Mitt Romney is lost in space.

Yes, “dog on roof” is really out ‘dere.  Waaaaay out ‘dere.

Popindick also wanted to congratulate the candidate for being the winner of the Most Valuable Putz award.

The prize was also given for his pointing that some guy named Jimmy John borrowed twenty grand from his parents to open a sandwich shop.  Good for Jimmy John.  And Romney undoubtedly knows thousands of parents with Swiss bank accounts and millions salted away in the Cayman Islands so they can avoid the taxes they justifiable owe their country.  And they would only lend their son $20,000.00!!!  What a bunch of cheapskates!!!  I guess greed is a family thing that even operates within the family.

Anyway, “dog on roof” Romney wins the MVP.

Winners of The Most Valuable Putz Award receive a certificate acknowledging the award as well as a forged autographed copy of a photo of Don Alberto Vito Nobella, the originator of the prize. .

These exceptional individuals also receive a statuette named the Pubar which is engraved with the words “Putzed up beyond all reason.” Known as the Putzie, the coveted statuette is sculpted of rusted metal stolen from an auto junk yard.

The Putzie is given while supplies last and unfortunately for the current winner supplies just ran out.

From the UPW Newsroom reporting from Pasta Fagioli, Italy.  Unreliable Press Worldwide:  Surpassing the Mainstream Media in reporting worthlessly useless news the world over.