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November 2, 2011

Nobella Committee Awards Putz Prize

Committee Gives Award in Obfuscation to Rick Perry.

Perry hits a ten on the Rickster Scale.

Perry hits a ten on the Rickster Scale.

The Nobella Prize Committee announced a few moments ago that Gov. Rick Perry of Texas has won the Putz Prize in Obfuscation.

The governor won for his impression of Archie Bunker during a statement he made on Beat the Press regarding Social Security.

The governor has referred to Social Security as a Ponzi Scheme and recommended the fund be profitized and the payroll tax turned over to Wall Street con men.

On Beat the Press however, Perry gave his clearest explanation thus far regarding his plans for Social Security which loosely translated into Italian means “private accounts or whatever.”

The Committee interviewed citizens of the US randomly and asked them to give their opinion of Perry’s most recent idea.. A resident of Queens, Mrs. Edith Bunker, commented that “whatever” has been her husband’s plan for just about everything ever since she married him.

Oh, wait til I tell Archie that Rick Perry is using his idea for Social Security.”

When hearing of the award, Perry is reported to have said: “I never obfuscated in my life. I’m a happily married man.

Social Security Poster: old man

Wait til Rick Perry gets hold of your SS money. He'll give it to Wall Street and you are gonna get rich - after fees of course. Image via Wikipedia

The Putz Prize consists of a statuette sculpted from rusted metal stolen from an auto junk yard. The statuette, known the world over as the Putzie, is given to winners while supplies last. Unfortunately for Governor Perry supplies just ran out.

October 16, 2011

Random Musings – 10/16/11

The Republican health care plan: Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.


Trickle down economics is a real Laffer  Trickle down doesn’t work.  The Randians had it wrong. They believed businessmen would act on behalf of the best interests of the businesses they were responsible for.  That idea has proven to be tragically false. The Randians ignored one aspect of human behavior that proved fatal to the misguided so-called philosophy.  Human beings will lie, cheat and steal to satisfy what is in some an insatiable greed.

Mike Wallace’s interview with Ayn Rand follows if you’re interested in viewing one of the failed philosophers rare TV appearances.  



Can Republicans have more war and less spending? That’s exactly their goal. More war spending for the defense entitlement complex to gorge upon and then paying for it by destroying Social Security and Medicare. Unfortunately for the 99s, too many right wing Dems support the same program.


Chris Dodd making some excuses.

Newt Gingrich said Barney Frank and Chris Dodd belong in jail. As usual the Newtster fell wide of the mark. Yes, they and the rest of the mob we call government in this country belong in jail for accepting protection money from Wall Street execs. However, it is those nefarious evil doers who deserve to be the real jailbirds in this nation.


Used to be businesses paid protection money to the mob. Now they pay it to elected officials and not only get protection. They get to write the protection they get.


Banks pay huge amounts of protection money to their government goombahs. And they get what they pay for. They stay out of jail where they so deservedly belong.


Perry raises Cain. Since the governor’s demise in the polls the godfather’s dough is rising.


It is a tragic legacy of the human experience that if something is there for the taking, someone will take it.


Rick Santorum‘s comment about gays “showering with people” raises two questions: Who are gays to shower with if not people; and are they not themselves people.


A girl I once new fired shot after shot from a sighted rifle and missed the target every time. I told her to make the target the mountain behind the piece of paper with all those silly circles. She got a perfect score.

Made her feel better though when I revealed that I once missed the broad side of a barn with a shotgun. I stumbled moving backward while clay shooting and accidentally pulled the trigger The shot landed about thirty feet in front on me and just to the right of the barn.

Fortunately no one was harmed. And on another positive note, nobody can ever again accuse me of not being able to hit the ground with a shotgun.


After prenatal ends, pre-dead begins. And after that??? Post alive???


It’s bad luck to let the flag touch the ground. It occurred to me that after January 20, 2001 thousands upon thousands must fallen out of the hands of flag pole attendants.


We get to change our rulers every few years through elections. But elections don’t define democracy. Communist countries held elections for decades. Dictatorships routinely manipulated elections to cast an air of legitimacy over their existence. In some of those elections two candidates would oppose each other for minor offices. Both however belonged to the same party and held very similar views. And when they entered office after victory they followed the dictates of the ruling class.

Can a similar situation result in a two party system? If, after being elected, the members of both parties exhibit submissiveness to a monied ruling elite, can a claim to democracy be upheld? No, of course not. Elections do not define democracy.


Professors, lawyers and politicians often claim we are a nation of laws. That statement is tripe. Nothing could be further from the truth. If we are anything at all, we are a nation whose elite spend billions of dollars a year on so called Philadelphia lawyers whose express purpose is to uncover methods to evade the law; who provide campaign boodle to officials at every level of government to manipulate the legislative process; and who through power, influence and money can simply ignore the law.

If the law is applied selectively, our nation can never claim to be a nation of laws.


Too few Americans realize that many illegal immigrants were forced to leave their countries to avoid starvation for themselves and their families largely due to rigged trade agreements such as NAFTA. These arrangements gave American corporations privileged status over small businessmen and farmers. Millions were forced to flee their native countries because of economic conditions that favored the rich – that 1% we hear so much about and who benefited immensely from the rigged agreements that demolished large segments of working class businesses and the jobs they provided. What else is new?

October 3, 2011

The DC Folly Trolley – 10/03/11

A spokesman for Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign said the governor’s poor showing during the recent debate was the result of upset tummy. The upset was so severe it nearly caused the governor to throw up all over himself.

File:RickPerry2006.jpgRick Perry, thy name is loser. (Photo Jonathan Blundell).

Some commentators have remarked that the gov. did in fact throw up all over himself – upset tummy or no.

Perry has come under harsh criticism from the Repub right wing base for granting full tuition at state colleges to the children of illegal immigrants; opposing a fortified fence between the US-Mexican border and his support for mandatory HPV vaccine injections for young girls.

The spokesman said there was no truth to the rumor that the pharmaceutical company that sold millions of dollars worth of vaccine to Texas made heavy contributions to Perry’s campaign and that a former staffer and Perry goombah now working as a lobbyist for the pharma company stood to benefit from the sales.

There is also no truth to the rumor that Perry is practicing some fancy footsteps so in future debates he can tap dance around his controversial statement that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. The campaign has denied the charge that a Ponzi scheme is what Perry eventually hopes to transform the program into.


Now that Perry’s campaign is nose diving, all kinds of flack is splattering around Follyland that supporters will once again attempt to entice New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to run. Despite his shortcomings – Christie’s popularity in NJ has tanked and he has already admitted that his is too inexperienced for the job of president – the Repubs are getting desperate. Might make an adequate vice presidential candidate for Romney if the base can stomach the latter.


According to our reporter, Marcy Popindick, Christi was unavailable for comment. He was on a state police helicopter flying to one of his son’s sporting events.


Chris Christie at a Town Hall. (Photo by Luigi Novi).

Here’s a run down of the paltry GOP field:

Perry – a definite loser.

Romney – probably the only candidate that can beat Obama but has serious drawbacks: His liberal record as governor of Massachusetts and his religion are two serious turn offs for the right wing fundie base.

Bachmann – can’t beat Obama and already carrying too much baggage. Also she’s a woman and it’s hard too imagine the big money boys supporting her nomination.

Gingrich and Santorum – has beens.

Huntsman – who?

Cain – African-American, a definite turn off for the fundamentalist Southern constituency.


Obama has a serious, perhaps insurmountable, credibility problem.


Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. We’ve heard that nonsense from members of the Repub party repeatedly. Well the entire idea is typical Repub propaganda. In a Ponzi scheme someone is cheated; that’s the point of a Ponzi Scheme. No one is cheated in the Social Security program. That is, until the Repubs succeed in doing so. And make no mistake these right wing extremists have the program in their crosshairs and if they have their someone will be cheated. But then that’s nothing new for Repubs.


Dwight Eisenhower, the great Republican socialist, created millions of jobs and spent billions of dollars constructing the interstate highway system. He gave to America one of its most valuable assets now worth trillions of dollars and probably enough in itself to balance the books versus the deficit.

File:Eisenhower official.jpgDwight D. Eisenhower.

Add to that asset the aircraft carriers and the fleets that protect them, the nuclear tipped ICBMs, the bomber and jet fighter squadrons, stealth and otherwise, the nuclear submarine fleets, the real estate and national parks and wild life preserves and all of the oil and gas rich land and leases owned by the government and the US Government balance sheet is stronger than any corporation or government that has ever existed on the face of the earth.

When you total these assets, and the many more that the government owns, it is easy to understand that the government is asset rich and far, far from broke as so many right wing extremists now insist.

Unlike corporate assets however, government holdings earn no profit. They certainly could. Consider the profits the interstate highway system could provide if tolls were charged. Because the assets are built with tax revenue however, they are provided free of charge to the citizens of the country.


The accomplishments of another not so great Republican socialist to consider are those of Richard Nixon. This socialist president is credited with passing the Environmental Protection Agency, the Clean Air and Water Acts, enhancing many of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs and establishing relations with the largest communist country in the world. He was the first president to visit the People’s Republic of China.

Many of Nixon’s actions increased the value of the nation’s most important asset – the health of its citizens – by providing clean water and air and a far more healthful environment than existed prior to enacting these under-appreciated legislative accomplishments.

Richard Nixon – a socialist!!! By the standards of today’s Repub party a definite yes.