The original material in this blog is copyrighted by the author, who for obvious reasons, wishes to remain anonymous. The author recognizes that no one in his right mind would really want to copy any of this crap. But he does use this stuff in other venues and doesn’t want to be bothered by any legal bullshit.

However, for any misfits who feel a desperate need to copy this stuff, you may do so for all material is created under the Creative Commons License which, among a few other simple things, requires attribution.

Except where otherwise noted and attributed the photos in this blog exist in the public domain. You can click on any photo for a link. 

3 Comments to “Copyright”

  1. You can still also put a chatbox on your blog for more interactivity among readers.

  2. In the first place, those who claim a copyright have themselves based their work on other forms of knowledge which is in the public domain.

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