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January 12, 2014

The DC Folly Trolley – 01/12/14

So We Didn’t Know It Before???

Okay, so maybe some people ignored it, turned a blind, cut the guy some slack. But now it’s official. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is a bullshitter. Not an ordinary bullshitter, mind you. But a monumental bullshitter.

The NJ gov., as you may have heard by now, blamed the traffic jams that occurred on the George Washington Bridge shortly before Election Day on staffers who orchestrated the backup with the connivance Christie supporters at the Port Authority.

Well, the gov took the blame, said he was the honcho in charge of stuff in the Garden State and looked for all the world his meek and humble self.   But then did a turnabout, said he was lied to by staff members who hatched the diabolical plot and then fired those responsible for the dirty deed.

That’s the bullshit part.

It now appears that Christie’s Chief Legal Council and longtime associate Charles McKenna not only knew about the traffic jam conspiracy but actually congratulated conspirators on their successful efforts. “Charlie said you did GREAT” reads a smoking email.

Here’s yet another twist unraveling. Christie said he appointed McKenna to investigate the matter and report back to him with the names of the evildoers.

We shouldn’t jump to conclusions of course. But, what the hell, let’s jump. It’s believable that McKenna could have reported all the names of those invovled in the caper save one – his own. But it’s more likely that Christie knew what was going down in the first place and the whole investigation thing is a cover up.

The Mother Jones take on the most recent revelations is, well, revealing:

christe lasagne

Christie, G. W. Bush and a guy with a real job, Medal of Honer winner Sgt. First Class Leroy Petry.  (Orig: The U.S. Army).

Here’s the real story – as told by a disenchanted Christie staffer to Unreliable Press Worldwide’s Super Senior New Jersey Public Affairs Correspondent Marcy Popindick. And don’t repeat this to a soul ’cause it’s a secret.

It seems the portly governor enjoyed taking casual strolls on the George Washington Bridge, long about rush hour. And while doing so, he managed to block two lanes of traffic – for days.

So far, very believable.

It wasn’t a revenge thing, mind you, implemented just because some Democratic mayor from the town of Fort Lee, which just happens to merge into the GWB, refused to give his support to a Repub governor during the recent election cycle.

No, the governor just like to skip along the bridge during the busiest hour of the day.

And the massive traffic tie ups caused by the gov’s hippity hoppiting down the lanes were merely a by-product of the strolls he took such a liking to.

Now for the rest of the story. Also a by-product of the gov’s fancy was the observation by numerous commuters that the bridge seemed slightly bent out of shape.

When engineers were alerted to a potentially dangerous condition, they immediately began inspecting the bridge for structural damage. They became gravely concerned when they discovered a distinct rightward tilt of the upper tier of the two level span.

It seems the NJ honcho liked to hippity hop in only one direction and that habit caused the bridge to lean to the right.

Engineers were reportedly busy developing a plan to correct the pronounced rightward shift.

Now that’s a story you can believe. Certainly better than the bullshit Christie was throwing around at his news conference.

Here’s the one thing you can count on about the gov’s jam: You’ll never hear the truth from him.

chris gwb

New Yorker’s Chris Christie Cover Is Perfect


Eliminate Crime Forever.

One way to eliminate criminal behavior on the part of bankers is deregulate the banks. Now that we’ve deregulated the banks we can all see the benefits, no laws, no crimes.

Now why didn’t we think of that before. It’s an idea that opens whole vistas of possibilities.

Why, we can return to the days of old, to very beginnings of civilization and learn how crime can be reduced and even eliminated entirely simply by doing away with a few laws.

But let’s not go back that far. Let’s start with the pirates. No, not the Wall Street bankers. I mean the Blackbeard kind.


(Credit: mwanasimba from La Réunion).

Society passed all kinds of laws trying to prevent those guys with the serious dental problems from robbing and killing on the high seas.


Nobody really cared except a few rich people who needed laws to make the oceans safe for commerce. And with the laws came the need to track down and jail the one eyed miscreants.

Now look at what happens next. If you gotta track ’em down, you gotta have a navy. And that’s means spending billions of dollars. And recruiting men who don’t want to be sailors to become sailors. That means something called impressment – on land and on the seas. And that’s really bad ’cause it can get folks riled up and lead to war and just one of those wing dings causes more destruction and killing than the pirates ever did since the invention of boats.

So if the laws against piracy were eliminated there would be no pirates and while there still would be recruiting, there would be no impressment and folks wouldn’t get riled up and there would be no destruction and killing caused by massive uniformed gangs blowing each other up on a battlefield.

At least piracy wouldn’t be the cause.

Anyways, laws can be a very bad thing. Which is what the Wall Street bankers discovered when they paid government officials in Congress and the White House to deregulate banks, i.e., kill the laws.

Unfortunately for the pirates there was no Bill Clinton back in the day to sign off on piracy deregulation like he did for the banks.

And, unlike bankers, pirates were not politically savvy. They didn’t realize they could turn stolen booty into campaign payola. Like the bankers did.

So just because they couldn’t get government to overturn a few laws, pirates who were captured were summarily hanged.  (See photo above to understand the fate of pirates who were too honest to corrupt government officials).

Ironically, these bandits of the high seas had far greater entrepreneurial skills than any Wall Street CEO ever dreamed of. Let’s face it, it takes a lot more business acumen to be a pirate; not so much to be a banker.


There once was a pirate named Jamie.
Who practiced an art quite gamey.
He would rob and pillage
From city to village
And claim, “There’s no law so don’t blame me.”


God Screws Up.

If you think God is perfect and can’t make mistakes think again.

Well, He sent Louie Gohmert to Congress, didn’t he. And if that isn’t bad enough, He can’t remember why in God’s name he ever did that.

Not to worry, though God. Louie knows why.

You see, God, you inspired your loyal servant and with that solemn inspiration reverberating in his brain, Louie ran for office and won a seat in the House of Representatives where he intends to fulfill the promise of your Son to keep a bunch of damn single moms from getting any more welfare checks.

You don’t remember that? How could you forget?

You sent Louie to that God forsaken place to be the perfect example of “compassionate conservatism.” And he just gave what amounts to an historic Sermon on the Hill. No, not the mount. The Hill, Capitol Hill.


Heeeeeeere’s Louie. 

Your servant – that’s Louie – was inspired by You to get into politics and he got elected, and on his first try no less. So You must have greased the way for him and now he’s ever so grateful and giving thanks by demeaning what former President Lyndon Johnson did 50 years ago when he declared a War on Poverty.

The former president’s program lifted millions of people out of poverty through education, job training and living assistance. The War was a great success as far as it went. If it failed it was because later presidents failed the program and reduced the Great Society experiment to a state of stagnant “benign neglect.” Nevertheless, millions benefited from the effort and went on to enjoy successful middle class living standards.

But Your faithful servant believes that single moms and their kids would benefit more from inadequate housing, deficient education and going hungry than from a sustained government effort of assistance to uplift poor people.

Well, that’s Louie for ya.


Your Are About To Be TPP’d.

The magnificent Follyland Smoke Machine was at his best once again.

You perhaps heard about or maybe even read the transcript of the president’s speech on economic mobility and income inequality. No need to say he did a great job because he always does.

Of blowing smoke, that is. Just in case you were wondering where he stands here’s the scoop: He supports the former and decries the latter.

Yes, the president proclaimed in stentorian tones that Teddy Roosevelt fought for the eight hour workday and got. FDR fought for Social Security and got it. LBJ fought for Medicare and he got it.

So what is Barack Obama fighting for. Income inequality, what else!

two face

The two faces of Barack Obama.

The speech was typical Obama smoke and mirrors as in say one thing and do exactly the opposite.

For the president is fighting for the Trans Pacific Partnership, a so called “free trade” deal that has little to do with trade and a whole lot to do with corporate domination of the economies and legal structures of every nation that signs on to this perverted pact.

Remember NAFTA, the Clinton administration fiasco that cost the American middle class more than a million jobs and three million Mexican farmers and small businessmen their livelihoods while fattening the portfolios of the richest of the rich?

Well, Obama’s TPP promises to do even more for the fat cats who paid for his passage into the Oval Office. This trade deal that isn’t a trade deal will drive the final nail into the middle class coffin.

Let’s give just one ugly detail about this nefarious package. If a corporation believes that a law of any nation inhibits its ability to maximize profits, it can bring suit before a tribunal and challenge the law. If it wins the suit, a likely foregone conclusion, the law is overturned.

Well, guess what. Corporations in the United States are required by law to contribute to Social Security and unemployment compensation funds.

Talk about a sneak attack on the social safety net.

But it gets worse. Employee benefits, what remains of them, could easily vanish along with the minimum wage laws, many of which have yet to be adopted, and of course all hourly pay would be under attack as well. And this march back to the 19th century is being brought to you by none other than Barack Obama himself, the ultimate smoke blowing machine.

And it only gets worse. You see, the entire sordid affair is supposed to be a secret. You are not supposed to know about the back stabbing terms of the evil pact. The plan calls for the terms to be sprung upon you after the fact, a virtual fait accompli.  Save for a handful of leaks, the negotiations would be shrouded in an impenetrable cloud of secrecy.

Think it can’t get any worse?  Well, it just did.  The corporate communications giants will be permitted to take control of the Internet and monitor content in much the same way the NSA scans conversations and email traffic across the entire planet.  You won’t be able to voice a protest without your message being scanned.  And Facebook, Google, etc. will be tasked with the obligation to scour the web for undesirable content.


The Internet, a thorn in the side of the 1%.

Obama has been sneaking around behind the backs of the American people in this manner for his entire term in office. (His voltefaccia on the public option is just one other example). I smell another sneak attack.

So much for the transparency president.

See below:  Bill Moyers, Yves Smith and Dean Baker on the TPP threat to democracy; Youtube short on Internet control; and the transcript of the presidents speech on inequality.

Bill Moyers: Trans-Pacific trade pact is death for democracy


And here’s the latest news for this bummer of a deal for working people in the Western nations whose leaders are behind the plot to finally kill off the middle class.

Enemy of the people Thomas Donohue of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said: “We are within striking distance of concluding an agreement….”

The rest of his statement is pure corporate bullshit. See the link for the bullshit.

TPP deal in ‘striking distance’: Donohue | The Japan Times


Wonders Never Cease.

Here’s what we’ve all been waiting for. Obama cheerleader and House Minority Honcho Nancy Pelosi said: “We want transparency.”

The representative who should have left her heart high on a hill in San Francisco, was referring to President Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership.

The Bogus Trade Agreement is a secret and the entire Congress and you and me and just about everybody else who isn’t a corporate flack have been kept in the dark about the terms.  Whatever has been revealed about the shrouded deal squeezed through the barriers on the lips of a leaker.  (Thanks yet again Wikileaks).

So Nancy’s upset ’cause Obama is keeping secrets from her.  She warned the president that her caucus will not support his TPP and is prepared to slap Obama with a huge political embarrassment if he doesn’t start whispering in her ear.

Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), echoing Pelosi’s words, remarked: “There is inadequate engagement on the substance” of the bogus pact.

Well, here’s the real story. The Dems aren’t angered by the prospect that the TPP will cause further rot to the working class of developed countries.

Nope. They’re pissed off because el presidente snubbed them and they’re embarrassed by his actions.


Nancy Pelosi, after plastic surgery.

The president, of course, doesn’t need his hypocritical Dems anyways. With the exception of the votes of a handful of Senate comrades who he already has in his back pocket, he can muster enough Republican support to get the TPP fast tracked and then passed into law.

So to avoid an embarrassing situation all around, look for a White House staffer to sneak into the Capitol late one night and clue in the Democratic leadership about the evil agreement. Once Obama makes nice nice with his party’s Congressional honchos he will be able to count on their full support.

Did you ever doubt the outcome?

Why House Democrats Might Kill Obama’s Big Trade Deal

(Fat chance).


More Limerick Lunacy.

A fellow was warned in advance
But decided to still take a chance
He hit on a gal
In a seedy locale.
Sister Agnes looked at him askance.
A woman refused an advance
From a guy at a neighborhood dance.
That’d be the day
I ever will pay
Attention to a suave fancy pants.”
A gal got a tiny advance
From a boss who then took a chance.
If to my place you will come
I will pay a fine sum.
For a night of thrilling romance.”
The gal with the tiny advance.
Told her boss to shove his romance
The money is spent
So you can get bent.
And I have a new job in finance.”

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December 22, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 12/22/13

Right Wing Dems. A Burgeoning Wing.

The disastrous Clinton Administration can be summed up in three words: NAFTA, deregulation and bubble.

The Clinton years were easily the most conservative in recent party history, making Bill Clinton hands down the worst Democratic president ever.

two peas

Two peas in a Wall Street pod.

Barack Obama is giving Wild Willy a run for his money though and will surely be designated “worst ever” Democrat if his administration continues on its current path. Obama has two years to reverse course. But if he persists in his plunge over the right wing cliff, he will usurp that infamous crown from the likes of Clinton.

Here a few of Obama’s tragic missteps:

Saved the big banks, yes.

Saved the crooked bankers, yes.

Turned his back on homeowners, yes.

Abandoned labor union members, yes.

Supported meek stimulus, yes.

Embraced austerity economics, yes.

Pursues destructive trade agreements, yes.

Pursues cuts to Social Security, yes.

Pursues cuts to Medicare, yes.

Signed Obamacare to profit insurance companies, yes.

Double-crossed U.S. on public option, yes.

Cowers before GOP, yes.

Continues Bush wars, yes.

Launches murderous drone attacks, yes.

Supports spying on Americans, yes.

Openly admires Ronald Reagan, yes.


Birds of a feather.

And what about Hillary? Will she follow in the steps of these two tragic Democratic presidents and support the policies that are dismembering the middle class? Why, yes! Of course.

Two peas in a pod.


Little Ricky On His Rocking Horse.

Little Ricky Santorum, former Senator from Pennsylvania and former GOP presidential candidate, is back in the news splainin stuff to us.

This time it’s about Obamacare. Ya see, Ocare is sposed to provide heath insurance so sick people can get health care.


Santorum (at the Reagan Ranch for a Young Republican’s pow wow, rode into town wearing his finest Reagan get up and shouting a hearty “giddyup horsey”) said that if gubmint is responsible for health care, it controls who lives and who dies. “Cause if the gubmint withholds health care from people, those people die and can’t vote. Against you. Or anybody else for that matter. Of course, they can’t vote for you either.

People are making fun of Little Ricky’s convoluted explanation of gubmint health care. But maybe he has a point. Would a Republican president attempt to withhold care from working class people who tend to vote Democratic so they die and can’t vote? Tis a question to ponder.

Santorum, we think (who can tell???) was apparently attempting to link Obamacare,which is health insurance, to gubmint health care, which Ocare is not.

Not to belabor the point but nearly half the country is on government health insurance and has been for decades (Medicare, Medicaid) and it works far better than the money gouging, limited care profit variety.  In both cases, private and government, the insurances rely on a private model delivery system.

rocking horse

Little Ricky rides again. Giddyup horsey.

Rick Santorum Drops Strange, Death-Filled Description Of Nationalized Health Care


Good Bye, Rudolph.

A fellow who frequently blows
His very large reindeer nose
Took a plug from his pocket
Stuck it into a socket.
Now his nose red as Rudolph’s it glows.
A fellow who’d just come to blows
With a reindeer famed for his nose
Left Rudolph quite stricken
As Santa was picken’.
A new nose from the pack soon arose.
His nose Rudolph frequently blows
As huge tears from his eyes soon arose.
His bags he must pack.
Santa cut him no slack.
It was Rudolph’s the new nose would depose.
Now poor Rudolph frequently blows
His nose till it’s red as a rose.
His nose he kept lickin’
Said “it’s better than pickin’.
A new song someone needs to compose.”

Tricky, Tricky, Tricky.

The Washington Post is up to its old tricks. The paper has declared Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) a compassionate conservative. Yes, you read that right. Far, far, faaaaaaaaaar right wing Paul Ryan is just dying to help the poor. What a magnanimous change of heart!  Wouldn’t have anything to do with 2016 now, would it?

Actually, it has everything to do with 2016 and nothing else.  No doubt, many of the poor will die waiting for Ryan’s help.

So now seriously serious Ryan, who is contemplating a run for the presidency, plans to implement far, far right wing policies to what-chya-call “combat poverty.” Kill food stamps for the hungry, kill the minimum wage for the exploited, cut Medicare and Medicaid for the sick and Social Security for poverty stricken seniors, kill middle class jobs and, presto!!!, poverty will end.


In summary, if you believe in bullshit, Ryan’s your man for president.  This lost in space fake is desperately attempting to soften his harsh right wing position on the issues to grease what purports to be a seriously serious, if somewhat slimy, run for the grand prize in 2016.

Ryan Poverty Plan

1. Cut spending on the poor, cut taxes on the wealthy
2. Shred safety net through block granting federal programs
3. Encourage entrepreneurism, sprinkle around some vouchers and tax credits

4. ???

5. Poverty falls

And as for the Post. Well, that right wing sycophantic rag has its own brand of bullshit to toss around.

‘Champion of the poor’? | MSNBC

Paul Ryan’s ‘Path To Prosperity’ Hurts Americans In These 10 Ways


November 17, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 11/17/13

Top Secret Trade Deal WikiLeaked: It Is What We Expected | Money & Politics, Perspectives, What Matters Today |

The Obama-Clinton Axis of Betrayal.

In his Labor Day speech, President Obama reminded us that the middle class has been the victim of a conspiracy.  Left unsaid is the fact the Obama’s adamant advocacy of the Trans Pacific Partnership threatens to drive the final nail into the coffin he and other presidents, most notably pseudo-Democrat Bill Clinton, have constructed for the laying to rest of working class of America.

Clinton and Obama have thumbed their noses at the men and women who voted them into the highest office in the land. And both have betrayed the honor bestowed upon them by their supporters.

NAFTA, TPP, deregulation, proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare and more leave a legacy of betrayal for both of these right wing conservatives who call themselves Democrats.

Together Obama and Clinton have forged within the Democratic Party an Axis of Betrayal, a group that has renounced the bequest of the great liberal presidents of the Party.

Top Secret Trade Deal WikiLeaked: It Is What We Expected | Money & Politics, Perspectives, What Matters Today |


 Timothy Geithner, Former Treasury Secretary, To Join Warburg Pincus

Sign over the Treasure Department entrance: You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours.”

Ah, Timothy me boy, yer father would be proud of ye. And never ye mind what brought ye to this exalted station in life. Besides, what’s a little cheatin’ among friends now and again. Never ye mind, me boy, never ye mind.  

There was a time when collusion between government and private industry wasn’t so blatantly open.

Today the ruling class feels entitled to display its contempt for democratic values. It does so with aristocratic arrogance.

Timothy Geithner, Former Treasury Secretary, To Join Warburg Pincus 


Biggest Tax Break In U.S. History May Not Be Enough For Boeing

Boeing attempts to trash the labor unions and tens of thousands of loyal, hardworking, middle class Americans as the rich job takers ply yet another of their nasty anti-worker capers.

Next stop on the Boeing itinerary: China. Give it ten years.

The new employees in the South Carolina facility had better begin their retraining programs immediately.

Biggest Tax Break In U.S. History May Not Be Enough For Boeing 



American citizens at a Puerto Rican Day parade.


I’m Mitt Romney and I don’t need “those people.” Well, maybe once every four years.

Mitt Romney: My Campaign Fell Short In Attracting Minority Voters


House Democrats Refuse To Revolt Over Obamacare


The lovely and semi-talented former Speaker of the House and belated member of the Obama-Clinton Axis of Betrayal, Nancy Pelosi managed to keep her caucus in line.

Although I’m a liberal and now a recovering Democrat, I’m no fan of Obamacare or the president. In fact, Obama lost me way back when he reneged on the promise of a public option thereby destroying the Speakership of Nancy Pelosi when details of his backroom wheeling and dealing were revealed.  His shenanigans resulted in a crushing defeat for the Party in the 2010 elections.

With that option within his grasp, he turned his back, so he has no one to blame but himself for the mess he finds himself in.

But I am a bit mystified as to why no one is blaming a private, “free market”, profit making company for the abject failure of its software.

Could politics possibly be the source of the criticism of the president’s “signature” program?

Once again, the “free market” has failed miserably. To enumerate the notorious failures you only have to look at defense contractors. Their programs with cost overruns and delayed deliveries are tantamount to malfeasance. Yet, somehow, we find a way to blame government for defense industry boondoggles.

By the way, does anyone recall a defense secretary being fired because of a private industry fiasco?

House Democrats Refuse To Revolt Over Obamacare


 JPMorgan Chase Reaches $4.5 Billion Settlement Over Housing Collapse

Mr. Dimon was terribly upset at the $4.5 billion settlement. The announcement caused him to be late for a luncheon at the country club.

Things are getting so bad in this country, an honest man can’t cheat anymore.  (Original photo: World Economic Forum FlickrThe Global Financial Context: James Dimon).

JPMorgan Chase Reaches $4.5 Billion Settlement Over Housing Collapse


Holiday Declared!

The Sardo Institute of Superfluous Holidays located in Pasta Fagioli, Italy has proclaimed Sunday November 17, 2013 World Pucker Day.

Dedicated to the proposition that every pucker should have a day, The Sardo Institute is observing the celebration by inviting Poet Laureate Emeritus Summa Cumma Louder Mangiapasta Bacciagalupe to join the festivities and regale the honorees with a poem. Here is the professor’s contribution to World Pucker Day.

There once was a gal with a pucker.
Who turned out to be quite a sucker
For a guy with a line
And a bottle of wine.
He would take her back home and then tucker.

Yes take her back home and tucker.
With her face in a frozen pucker.
He took off her clothes
But God only knows
He tried but he couldn’t quite pluck ‘er

The gal with the pucker named Tucker
Has a mom whose an over-road trucker.
The mother would drive
Thru the night sakes alive
Eating PB with jelly by Smucker.

So mom was a real Mother Tucker
Who from men she sought nightly succor.
She’d take them to bed
Not a one did she wed.
No man Mother Tucker would let buck ‘er.
July 28, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 07/29/13.

What Am I Bid For This Seat?

Let’s not be so harsh with our rich brethren. After all they are obeying all the laws they bought and paid for.

And what’s wrong with owning a Senate seat or two anyway. They paid for them; they own them. Simple.


Speaking of the Senate, Dick Durbin (D-IL) remarked of Wall Street banks, “They own the place.”  No one ever contradicted his statement.

But here’s a new take on corruption in Follyland, DC.

A lobbyist claimed that Congress critters and the White House are engaging in extortion and black mail of Wall Street firms and corporations by forcing these unfortunate businesses to kick in the payola or else.

So the message from our political establishment is pay up or we pass legislation that will harm your business.

Now we all know that government in Follyland is upside down, inside out and backwards. But this lobby critter invented a whole new take on corruption in government. The briber is innocent. It’s the bribee whose at fault.


Amazing Scientific Discovery.

Scientists at the Sardo Institute of Genetic Research have discovered a gene possessed by rich people that renders their immunity systems incapable of recognizing any notion of corruption from birth to death.

double helix

A depiction of the double helix, the molecular structure of DNA.

The gene produces a hormone that effects brain’s ability to implement conscience. And without conscience, the rich are peculiarly unable to recognize behavior patterns associated with corruption.

So for the rich, it’s not that they don’t give a fuck about everyone else. They are simply genetically incapable of caring about anyone but themselves.


See No Evil.

Tribalist: Blind loyalty to a group or cause of like minded people.

For example, tribal Democrats are loyal to Bill Clinton even though the former president usurped the label of Democrat. Clinton, you’ll recall was one of the most economically conservative presidents in history. He executed a right wing agenda that it is still impacting the world economy – NAFTA and bank deregulation – and placed in dire jeopardy the nation’s entire middle class. For his efforts, he has been richly rewarded by the world’s 1%. He used the presidency as a stepping stone to enormous wealth – some estimates of his newly found riches number in the tens of millions of dollars.

see no evil

A variation on the Here, See, Speak No Evil theme, adds Do No Evil.

Despite his chicanery – to say nothing of his zipper shenanigans – the man is simply adored by tribal Democrats who can see no evil.


Heeeee’s Baaaaaaaack!!!

What’s the old saying, you can’t keep a bright, rich man down.

That goes double for Larry Summers. He’s both.

Yet it’s amazing how dumb so many brilliant people can be. And then be totally oblivious to obvious stupidity. But if you’re bright and rich, an MIT grad and a Harvard professor, what else or who else matters.

 tragic triumvirate

The Tragic Triumvirate.

Summers was an apostle of Robert Rubin, the deregulation deity who became Treasury Secretary under President Bill Clinton. Rubin is a man of enormous wealth who used his position in Treasury as a stepping stone to even greater wealth. So wealthy in fact that the substantial riches of Clinton and Summers together pale in comparison to the deity of deregulation.

But let’s not underestimate the destructive policies of Summers, who as head of Treasury in the waning years of the second Clinton administration, championed even more harmful bank deregulation. The Commodity Futures Modernization Act permitted banks to bundle mortgages into packages, a practice that nearly destroyed the so called “too big to fail” banks and the American economy as well and it was a Summers’ bullying advocacy of the legislation that buried opposition in the administration and eventually led to Clinton’s signing off on this atrocity.

By the way, and this fact isn’t widely known, but the CFMA led directly to the Enron implosion, the collapse and bankruptcy of the giant auditing firm Arthur Andersen and the loss of lifetime pensions and careers for thousands of ordinary workers.

So what does this boondoggle get for Summers. Well, untold riches for one thing. And then an appointment as President Barack Obama’s chief economic adviser.

Moreover, the former Treasury secretary is campaigning for the chairmanship of the Federal Reserve soon to be vacated by the retiring Ben Bernanke. Incredibly, he is said to be the frontrunner on Obama’s short list and the president’s preferred choice.

Abject failure certainly has its advantages in Follyland.

The president went so far as to order a staffer to anonymously leak Summers’ name as the White House choice.

That balloon, however, has apparently popped. The criticism and opposition to an appointment of this Harvard professor has been so widespread, that alas for Larry the fairytale may not come true.


In related news, the president said the new Fed chairman should consider ordinary people.

Uh, don’t get too excited about that statement. For one thing, it’s good public relations. And for another, Jamie Dimon, he president’s favorite bankster, has veto power over any nominee.


Our American Heritage.

Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.


Somewhere Over the Rainbow – The Wizard of Oz

(1/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD – YouTube


April 7, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 04/07/13

How To Destroy the Democratic Party in One Easy Lesson.

Barack Obama has once again shown himself determined to continue the dismantling of the Democratic party, a movement set in motion by former president Bill Clinton, whom we all know affectionately as Wild Willy.


You’ve probably checked out the president’s budget by now. Call it the Master of Disaster Strikes Again. For surely this creature from the White House lagoon will do as much damage to the Democratic party as the president’s sneaky triangulation about the public option did during the election of 2010.

An unnamed White House staff member leaked portions of the Obama budget to the newspaper of record (aka New York Times) and the paper published the details. Naturally, it was a planned “leak”. Every White House selects compliant journalists and media outlets to disclose sensitive information in order to gauge its impact and allow time for criticism to subside before the actual release.

And what exactly is so sensitive about the information contained the newly unreleased budget?

Well, for one thing, it offers cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits considered drastic and unnecessary by huge numbers of the president’s base. Uh, to say nothing of seniors whose monthly benefits are about to be slashed and who vote voluminously in off year elections and who will surely realize that Obama’s actions represent only a first step in the direction of future benefit cuts.

And that’s bad news for any Democrat running for office in 2014.  And maybe even 2016.  Hillary take note.

Obama has been perversely driven to cut the social safety net since his election in 2008.  And therein lays his longing to destroy the legacy of the greatest Democrat of them all, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  If Obama’s distorted dream of a Grand Bargain succeeds, it will leave that once great party in shreds.

Some pundits believe the president is obsessed by a self-consuming desire to raise cash. After all he did do rather well in the payola department for his campaign, raking in over $700 million. Not bad for a deprived kid from Chicago.

And the president will need some cash after he leaves office. I’m not talkin’ bucks to support his and his family’s elite lifestyle. He’ll pull in millions of dollars of easy money for that task.

I’m referring to big bucks he’ll need to build his personal monument (the modern day pyramid known as the presidential library). He’ll need a coupla hundred million for that project-minimum. Can’t wait to see this souvenir to egregious ego erected. Should be a memorial the size of which would turn a pharaoh green with envy.

Taller than the obelisk honoring George Washington? Your guess is as good as mine.

And now that he’s giving wrinkled old billionaires wet dreams about social safety net cuts, Obama’s sure to see his very own dream of a monument to the ages come to life.

Hey, a million here, ten million there, and pretty soon you’re talking some money.


An artist’s rendering of the Obama Monument. Notice how it skews distinctly to the right.

Meanwhile back at the White House, let’s take a sneak preview at the president’s wet dream for conservatives.

The Master of Surrender strikes again.

First, he’s teasing us all with a $600 billion tax increase for rich folks. Then there’s $1.2 trillion in spending cuts. Centrist????? That’s about as fair and balanced as a Fox News TV report.

Obama won’t get the tax increase because Republicans won’t stand for it. But Obama already knows that. And the spending cuts aren’t deep enough. Obama already knows that.

So here’s my version of an Obama compromise: Divide the tax increases by ten and double the spending cuts. Voila! The real Obama budget.

But that’s not all.

The president’s jets are on after burner as he continues his stealth attack on Medicare. His combined cuts to the program could make it so unaffordable for health care practitioners that many will refuse to accept patients who then won’t be able to find a doctor willing to treat them. When this condition prevails, patients who can afford private health insurance will be forced to buy expensive policies and those who cannot will simply go without health care and pay IRS fines until they die.


Obama Defends Budget.

President Obama defended his budget by saying it is not his “ideal plan.”

I think we all know that. It’s nobody’s ideal plan. Which proves that you can please none of the people all of the time.


The Obama budget, supposedly the rocket to the North Star, fails at launch.

His ideal plan comes after he surrenders to the Republican plan.

Brace yourselves. It can only get worse.


Nobody Asked You To Marry A Man.

Golly gee, Matilda, you coulda married a woman.

Eric Cantor, the beloved right wing extremist of voters from Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, engaged in a squabble over his refusal to support gay marriage.

The verbal brawl occurred on CNBC, of all places, when program host Joe Kernan told Cantor that “no one was asking him to marry a man.”


Eric Cantor, such a cutie.  Who knew?. And his hair is to die for.

True enough. Of course, no one asked him to marry a woman either. He simply chose to.

Nobody asks a woman to marry a man – unless she wants to. She may choose to marry a man – or a woman. In most cases, not all, her preference is generally known beforehand.

Either way, who anyone chooses to marry is nobody’s business but his own – or her own.

Nothing could be simpler than that.


To Run Or Not To Run??? Is She Is, Or Is She Isn’t???

Well, it’s finally unofficial. Hillary Clinton may be running for president.  

If she does and has any chance of winning in 2016, she better dump the Obama budget and fast.

But birds of a feather….

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


Clinton Backs Clinton For President.

Well, Hillary hasn’t declared yet. But her troops are circling the wagons. They, at least, expect a fight to the finish.

One thing in her favor: Bubba will be in her corner.


Budget To Revive Middle Class.

President Obama intimated in his radio address that his budget will revive the middle class.

Our top priority as a nation…must be doing everything we can to reignite the engine of America’s growth: A rising, thriving middle class. That’s our North Star….”

Well, the president has always been out ‘dere on his plans to reinvigorate the economy. He’s the nation’s leading austerity advocate whose intentions seem to be nothing short of bringing from sea to shining sea the doom and gloom of Eurozone stinginess.

Not surprisingly, the first stop on his newest rocket ship to the stars is another massive cut to working class benefits. And all this on top of his Obamacare provider cuts and the sequestration castration of the economy.

Orwell could not have imagined the skill with which Obama can manipulate words. Yet none of the president’s oratory skills can turn an economy strapped by an austerity budget into a nation with a thriving middle class.

Hello, Barack? Barack, are you there? Come in, Barack.

Houston, we have a problem. Barack Obama is lost in space.

September 8, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 09/09/12

Ready for another ride on the GOP Wacky Wagon.

An example of a GOP Wacky Wagon stuck in the mud. A member of the party is about to make a statement.

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett of Maryland equated student loans with a slippery slope that could lead to another Holocaust. I can’t conceive of the path a mind takes to get from student loans to the Holocaust. But some brains can make that incredible leap faster than it takes light to travel in a second.

Once he realized the stupidity of his remark he apologized. However, as a famous comedian once said: “You can’t fix stupid.”

OK, so he apologized. But like all statements from Republicans who bought a ticket on the Wacky Wagon, Bartlett’s remark offers a macabre view into the deep, dark recesses of the GOP brain. There’s just something wrong there and it’s scary.


The GOP mind has done the impossible and broken the Einsteinian barrier in the process. The Republican brain can go from numb to stupid faster than the speed of light.


In accordance with its policy of denying scientific truths, the Republican party declared Einstein’s theory unconstitutional.


The Obama campaign suffered a setback this week as job figures indicated only 96,000 created. Most of those jobs were in the low paying service industry as manufacturing jobs declined. Overall, the figure was a disappointment for Obama.

The unemployment rate did however tick downward to 8.1%. Critics quickly pointed out that the drop was due largely to removing from the rolls all those unemployed who have been without work for so long they are considered no longer looking for employment.

Under the circumstances, the administration has ordered the Bureau of Labor Statistics to consider anyone who has been out of work for more than ten minutes as no longer looking for employment. The Obama campaign anticipates a precipitous drop in the unemployment rate for September.


In contrast to the BLS statistics, ADP reported 201,000 jobs created in August. Given the better ADP numbers, Obama ordered the Labor Department to disband the BLS and begin using numbers generated by the payroll firm.


Bill Clinton criticized Paul Ryan in the speech he made at the Democratic National Convention. During the spiel, he used the word “brass” to describe Ryan’s criticism of the cuts to Medicare mandated by the Affordable Care Act pointing out that the VP candidate’s own program called for the very same cuts.

Moreover Big Dog’s remark was a valid crack at Ryan’s confused approach toward spending and tax cuts in general

The inference was of course that Ryan is so hypocritical he has “brass balls” to think he can get away with his numbers legerdemain. The statement is truth personified. 


Courtesy DonkeyHotey

But I wonder if the former president was referring to another word that rhymes with brass. Ryan is, as we all know, the back half of the Romney ticket.

As for me, I would in no way ever infer that Ryan is an “elephant ass.” Even though an elephant has a very large posterior, it doesn’t seem quite large enough to describe Ryan and his budget antics. Whale’s ass, whale’s ass, whale’s ass. Hmmmm. We’re getting closer.


The “brass” word drew a reaction from Ryan. No matter. After all party conventions are little more than multimillion dollar pep rallies. So the expectation is that criticism of the opposition will ensue. .

Bill Clinton said Ryan has brass. 

But Paul speaks out of his ass

He took Federal funds

So much that it stuns.

Then prayed for a fail at each Mass.


He’s a hypocrite all the way through

He stands for cuts with the few .

We know he’s a fake

For cash he will take

And drag it back home by the slew.


Janet Granholm, former Michigan governor, gave a barn burner of a speech at the DNC. So much so that she made the guys look like a bunch of pussies. We shouldn’t be surprised though. I mean, let’s face it, they are Democrats.


A Republican appeals court declared unconstitutional a Minnesota law requiring corporations to make disclosures about their campaign advertising. In a lot of words, the GOP members of the court said the disclosure law represented an infringement of free speech.

The question I have always asked is that if speech is supposedly “free” why does it cost so much to advertise it on TV, and radio that only the rich elite can afford to pay for it. The public, after all, owns the airwaves over which speech is transmitted. And those airwaves should be available to all responsible parties to get their points of view across to the public and the should be, well, free.

Given the outlandishly high cost of advertising and the fact that the most effective method of putting views before the public is through electronic means, speech in America is no longer “free” at all. You need a bundle of cash to pay for it.


Greedy geezer Alan Simpson can’t seem to keep his name out of the news. Here is a man who sucked at the government teat for most of his life and is still sucking at a government pension; who was appointed to the Cat Food Commission by a president determined to make cuts to the social safety net; a man who co-chaired a committee that failed utterly to achieve a consensus report; this man’s name and his disastrous recommendations are still out there for consideration.


Greedy geezer Alan Simpson has sucked at the government teat for most of his life, first as a senator and now collecting an extravagant government pension. On his back is co-chair of the failed Cat Food Commission, the aristocrat Erskine Bowles. (Courtesy DonkeyHotey).

Even the once avid Democratic defender of Social Security and Medicare, Nancy Pelosi, embraced the repudiated Simpson-Bowles calamity,

But the corpse keeps rising from the grave like some supernatural movie monster. Now called the “grand bargain”, it is still being touted by a so-called Democratic president who foolishly supports it even at the peril of his presidency.

Pelosi, by the way, was almost certainly strong armed by Obama into supporting the president’s cat food proposals by threats to her leadership position. If she were bumped from the top spot, the right wing “Democrat” Steny Hoyer would become the next Speaker of the House should his party win back that branch.

So the repudiated report of the Cat Food Commission, rejected by the committee members themselves, lives on with the name of the nasty Simpson still associated with it.

But let’s not forget that it lives only because a Democratic president continually breathes life into it.


Are we better off today than we were during the Bush years? Of course we are, despite the fact that we have a president frightened of right wing criticism at the helm.

The economy has stabilized and the fear of collapse has receded. The president’s policies, half-way measures at best, did indeed prevent an even greater disaster than the one we face today. .

Yes, we’re better off now.

The prez deserves a bow.

Yet it hasn’t been fun

Left a big job undone.

Now bipartisanship he must disavow. .


Yes, we are better off now.

But Keynes the prez must avow.

His deficit coddling

With GOP throttling

Caused pain we should never allow. .


Yes, we are better off now.

But the prez must continue to plow

Through a Senate blockade.

Despite efforts he made

He could not dissuade

The Tea Party from the plans they endow.


Yes we are better off now

Though supply side’s the sacred cow.

But stimulus he’ll pursue

While deficit he’ll eschew

And to no one again will he ever kowtow.


Are we better off now?  Yes, we are.

The market is soaring afar.

But we cannot desert

The people who hurt

So reach he must for a star.


Are we better off now? Yes, we are.

Though we still can’t go to a bar.

Our town is dry

So a drink we can’t buy

For libation we travel too far.


As a liberal, this election presents a choice as poor as any since Clinton-Dole in 1996. The options in November are between the dangerous duo, Romney-Ryan and a Wall Street sugar daddy in Barack Obama.

Yes, a Wall Street sugar daddy. From the very beginning, his appointments reflected a strong bent toward his benefactors from the banks and investment firms.

The patsy Tim Geithner and avid deregulationist Larry Summers sent the message to the Street that it had nothing to fear from an Obama administration. His Justice Department refused to prosecute, he lent luke warm support to pretend financial regulation and rejected effective support to homeowners facing foreclosure.

And where did this kowtowing to the Big Money Boys on the Street get him?  Apparently, he hurt their feelings for not rejecting outright any and all forms of regulation.  And because of the mere appearance Dodd-Frank lent to the idea that they somehow may have been responsible for the near collapse of the world economy, they’ve forsaken the president.

While he left many of his supporters in the lurch, Obama simply could not do enough to earn once again the payoff money lavished upon him by Wall Street fraudsters in 2008. They’re now supporting Romney.

I guess it’s true. What goes around comes around. Obama learned too late that the President of the United States is a servant, not of the people, but of the monied elite. And Mitt Romney is their boy in 2012.


Mitt Romney has an image problem. He appears to many voters as a straight laced, starched collar, investment bank fraudster.

I wonder why.

His wife’s speech before the Republican National Convention was intended to dispel that notion that he’s an uncaring automaton.

Well, the effort failed.

The mention that when Romney has a muffin for breakfast he eats the top and discards the rest was supposed to reveal a human touch of the man. Go figure. His whole aura just seems to get worse. He’s robot man.


In order to boost Mitt’s appeal

He started his own brand new deal.

A muffin a day

Throw the bottom away

To reveal not conceal a robotic schlemiel.


According to Andy Borowitz, the presidential race is close among viewers with no TV sets. UPW polling numbers differ somewhat. The worldwide news outlet reports that viewers with no TV sets preferred Obama by 66-2/3 % versus Romney’s 33-1/3%.

All three viewers said they planned to buy at least one TV in the coming weeks – adding significantly to the rise in the consumer confidence index of 17% reported by Gallup.

When asked by a reporter from a competing news organization how someone without a TV set could be described as a viewer, UPW Senior Correspondent Marcy Popindick flipped him a bird.

This report comes to you from Unreliable Press Worldwide, surpassing the mainstream media in bringing you worthlessly useless news the world over.

You can read the real report by the most astute political observer in America today by clicking the link below:


I mentioned above that the 1996 choice between Clinton-Dole was one of the worst I had ever faced during a presidential election.

I voted for Clinton holding my nose as the saying goes.

Clinton, after all, signed off on NAFTA, a really crummy deal crafted during the administration of Bush I. Bush of course was too slick a politician to sign off on the pact during his first term.  That act would almost certainly have lost the election. So he left the dirty deed for his second term.

Ross Perot’s entry into the race changed the calculus in 1992 so the notorious deed was left to Clinton.

That trade agreement is still causing incalculable damage to the economy of the United States and has had a disastrous effect on the lives of millions of people in Mexico. According to some economists, NAFTA is partly responsible for the wave of starving immigrants rushing into the U.S.

Add to that Clinton’s perfectly awful second term – deregulation, the big corporate mergers that hastened economic oligarchy (telecommunications, Exxon-Mobil, the banks), his attempt to privatize Social Security in a deal with Newt Gingrich and much more – and you have arguably one of the worst presidents of the twentieth century.


Democrats give him a 69% favorability rating. Think we’ve been smoked?  No doubt about it.  And remember, up from Clinton’s ashes grew Barack Obama whose attack on the safety net is unparalleled for a so-called Democratic president.

So there you have it. Once again one of the worst options in recent American elections. The choice between the dangerous duo of Romney-Ryan or the less dangerous Obama.

Only in America.

May 21, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley

The JPMorgan Chase fiasco highlights the gullibility of Bill Clinton who swooned over the deregulation scams engineered by the notorious Senator Phil Gramm and supported by his ill-advised appointments of deregulation addicts Robert Rubin and Larry Summers to Treasury.


Dimons are the Streets best friend.

File:Hope Diamond.jpg

The Hope Diamond, a gem worth more than the Jamie (Courtesy of David Bjorgen).


Masking tape alert!  Mitt Romney said something to the effect that young people don’t understand the workings of banks.  Not a good thing to say during an election year since a lot of young people vote.  Evidently someone in the Romney campaign forgot the masking tape and Mitt was able to open his mouth – again.

Jeez, can’t they just get the guy to read from a teleprompter.


JPMorgan Chase just invented a new derivative.  It’s called the Jamie.  You buy and it loses $2 billion dollars.


The Woolworth Building built in the days when high finance could still work for the good of the people. (Photo courtesy of Derek Jensen (Tysto).


Speaking of Clinton and swooning, too many Democrats still gush adoringly over this millionaires’ best friend.

William Jefferson Clinton – otherwise known as Wild Willy – was a guest once again at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s Fiscal Summit in Follyland.  Clinton, a backstabbing Democrat who has been a right wing extremist on economic policy at least for two decades is, as always, happy to rub elbows with his fellow multimillionaires.

Wild Willy, the man with the fastest zipper ever to occupy the White House, long ago turned his back on his fellow working class Democrats.

File:Bill Clinton 1995 im Parlament in London.jpg

Why these middle class workers still pay homage to this brazen turncoat is a mystery of unfathomable proportions.  He is the president who signed off on NAFTA, the disastrous deregulation agreements and, except for his zipper problem, would have made a deal with then Speaker Newt Gingrich that might well have opened the floodgates to the demise of Social Security.  He, in the person of his chief of staff, the aristocrat Erskine Bowles, was open to the idea of cuts to the Democrats’ most revered program and was set to open negotiations with the Speaker.  Then along came Monica who performed a service for which we all owe her a huge debt of gratitude.  She should only know.

And, by the way, Clinton defiantly bragged to his fellow millionaires that he wanted to cut Social Security by 10%.  He was, however, prevented from doing so by a coalition of Democrats and some rational Republicans (I know it’s hard to believe, but there was a time long, long ago when such a thing as a rational Republican actually existed on the planet.  Archaeologists have found fossil evidence to support this theory).

For all of these reasons, the Clinton presidency should be viewed as the miserable failure it was for working Americans.

Clinton points to the strong economic growth that occurred during the years when he occupied the Oval Office as his legacy.  But anyone could have been there and the same growth would have ensued.  Clinton simply got lucky.  The boom in telecommunications and information technology would have happened whether Clinton was in office or whether his pants were up or down.  And the tech bubble, which burst before he left office, also contributed to the false sense of prosperity that occurred when he just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

It’s time for honest Democrats to recognize this quisling for what he has always been – a right wing conservative on economic issues and a millionaire’s best pal.

Where would I place this so-called Democrat among a ranking of Democratic presidents?  Well, I guess somewhere above James Buchanan.  I guess.


Earlier in the week, Mitt Romney said the economy should be creating 500,000 jobs a month.  I say it should be creating a million jobs a month.  Neither of us knows what the hell we’re talking about so I guess that makes me a better bullshitter than Romney.  And that’s not an easy thing to do.


California is set to win the JPMorgan Chase Challenge for money losers.  That’s gotta be worth something.

Gov. Jerry Brown announced the state’s debt has risen to something in the neighborhood of $16 billion dollars.

So how’s all that job outsourcing working for ya?

The state government has hundreds of departments – all of which provide good jobs for millions of residents.

The jobs created by these departments are probably among the few remaining good paying jobs in the state.

Now here’s a thought.  If the state would just outsource all of the jobs created by the government or just eliminate them outright, the departments could be consolidated into just three:

The California Department to Feed the Hungry

The California Department to Clothe the Naked

The California Department to Shelter the Homeless

That last department wouldn’t be needed in the warmer parts of the state.  People could just live and die in the streets.

The point here is when private enterprise abandons its people out of malicious greed the people then must depend on its government for a livelihood.  And the people’s government must recoup the tax base it so casually gave away to pay for worthwhile services.

Instead, what we are witnessing is government abandoning its people by eliminating jobs and aggravating an already intense depression.


Too many North Carolinians hate government because it spends too much money – mostly on better wages and benefits for workers.  The wages and benefits are much better than those received by workers in the private sector, for example.  Yet instead of advocating for better conditions in private industry, great numbers of North Carolinians vote to degrade conditions for government employees – in fact they’re quite satisfied that many are simply getting fired.  Schadenfreude anyone?


Scientists have discovered a fungus in the Amazon rainforest that can live on polyurethane.  Apparently it eats, digests and then degrades the product into its basic elements.  I guess that’s a good thing.  Now if they could only find a fungus that degrades Styrofoam; it takes planet Earth a million years to perform that function – give or take a millennium.


According to the Wisconsin State Journal, the state is leading the country in the percentage of – say what!!!!! – job losses!!!!!  How can that be?  Gov. Scott Walker gave businesses tens of millions of dollars in tax cuts.  Weren’t the cuts supposed to create jobs?

Guess all those tax cuts aren’t working out so well.  At least not for the average worker.  Guess what Scottie really wanted was two yachts in every rich man’s garage – paid for by cuts in public sector jobs.

But private sector jobs declined as well.  Musta had all those yachts built in foreign countries, right Scottie.

So how’s all that deregulated free enterprise working out for ya?

What’s really astounding, though, is that Walker leads his opponent in the recall race by six points according to some polls.

File:Scott Walker 2010.jpg

At least half the state loves those tax cuts for rich people.  As for the rest, well, let them eat rice.  It’s good for ya.

Wisconsin job losses highest in nation for last 12 months, federal report says


The F-35 joint strike fighter is turning out to be private enterprise’s biggest taxpayer rip-off in the history of taxpayer rip-offs.  Yes, even bigger than the big bank bailout rip-off.

The entire program is estimated to cost about $1.5 trillion dollars.  But it will probably cost more.  They can’t seem to get the thing to work right.  It keeps killing pilots.  Not to worry though.  A few multi-billion dollar tweaks here and there and the plane should fly – and stop killing pilots.

 File:Aichi Val DF-ST-91-10602.JPEG

A replica of a World War II Japanese aircraft – a plane that flies.

So who do we blame for this multi-trillion dollar boondoggle:  The government or private enterprise?  Should we blame Lockheed Martin – the manufacturer of this not quite ready to fly trillion dollar death trap?  Or the government that bought into the scam?

If it was up to me, I would tell Lockheed Martin to go fly a kite.  If it didn’t cost a billion dollars to get them to build one, that is.

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the Most Expensive Weapon Ever

November 6, 2011

Ex-Pres. Pens New Tome

I voted for Bill Clinton twice, the second time somewhat reluctantly because of his support for NAFTA. And while he may be a likeable fellow, his actions as president did great harm to the country.

Official White House photo of President Bill C...

Always liked the guy. And no one can say he wasn't faithful to his wife and many mistresses. Image via Wikipedia

He’s published another book, his third. I haven’t read it yet but reviews indicate that his latest effort focuses on the country’s economic problems.

Whatever his solutions may be, Bill Clinton can’t ignore his own contributions to the mess the economy is in today.

He appointed two of the worst secretaries of the Treasury in the country’s history – Robert Rubin and Larry Summers – both of whom were compulsive deregulationists.

He signed off on two of the worst pieces of legislation ever to befall the country: The Financial Services Modernization Act (also known by the names of its Republican sponsors, the notorious Phil Gramm and fellow Republican extremists in the House Jim Leach and Tom Bliley). And he signed into law the now infamous Commodity Futures Modernization Act. Taken together, these two laws led directly to the massive abuses by the financial industry and were a leading cause of the meltdown.

In addition, he foolishly reappointed Alan Greenspan, a Republican, to the Fed Chair at a time when a Democrat might have brought a more disciplined approach to Fed policy.

He, and his DLC companions, convulsed the Democratic party, turning it away from the common men and women who have supported it for decades and transforming into the corporate toady that it is today.

And last but not least there is the NAFTA disaster, a pact which he should have vetoed. Barring that action, he could have insisted on revisions to make the agreement more favorably disposed to the needs of working people.

For these blunders, Clinton must answer to history.


The Nobella Prize Committee has just announced the nominees for its newest award: The Shit Eatingest Grin of the Decade.

And the nominees are 1) Phil Gramm; 2) Alan Greenspan; 3) Robert Rubin; 4) Lawrence Summers; 5) And some Chinese guy.

For the first time in its history the Nobella Committee is permitting public voting. You can cast your vote below.



Image via Wikipedia

White House portrait of Lawrence Summers.

Image via Wikipedia

Image via Wikipedia

October 30, 2011

Nobella Committee Awards Prize

The Nobella Prize Committee Announces Winner in Duplicity Category.  Recipient Said to be Elated.

The Nobella Prize Committee today awarded the Schmuckup Prize in Duplicity to former US Speaker of the House and current GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich.  According to the committee, the former speaker has not only shown an extraordinary capacity for fornication; he also excels at prevarication.

Gingrich's official portrait as Speaker

Latest winner of the Schmuckup Prize, Newton Leroy Gingrich. Image via Wikipedia

Yes, indeed he’s an expert. One momentous example should suffice to expose Newton Leroy’s expertise in the Duplicity category. As a representative from Georgia, the Newtster voted numerous times for huge defense outlays that expanded the Federal deficit while presently decrying the deficit to which he and his Republican party cohorts were humongous contributors.

The committee decided to point out a second reason for awarding Newton Leroy the prize for Duplicity. It was just too juicy a tale to pass up.

File:Schweif eines Friesen.JPG.

Newt Gingrich is considered a “dark horse” candidate for the GOP presidential nomination. The photo is of an actual dark horse not to be confused with the former Speaker. (Photo courtesy of 4028mdk09).*

As Speaker of the House the portly pol giddily supported the impeachment of President Bill Clinton for his indiscretions while as speaker he remained quietly in the background during the proceedings. Largely due to his own blazing marital offenses and after his transgression were exposed, his in flagrante delicto behavior became scandal sheet headlines.  Being caught with his own pants down forced the Newster to keep his mighty mouth shut, a painful condition for this tongued gusher.  Under the circumstances the spicy speaker had little choice but to curl up in a corner with a blanket over his head during the entire impeachment debacle. He nevertheless secretly cheered his holier than thou GOP prosecutors on and on.  That kind on behavior, the committed noted, is Duplicity beyond the pale and another excellent reason for Newton Leroy being awarded the prize.

The Schmuckup Prize consists of a statuette called the Little Schmuckie. It is made of rusted metal stolen from an auto junk yard and is awarded while supplies last. Unfortunately for Newt Gingrich supplies just ran out.

Don Alfredo Vito Nobella established the Schmuckup Prize to recognize the achievements of liars, cheaters, crooks and thieves in the fields of finance, insurance and government. Over the years hundreds of thousands of members in these fields have been presented as nominees. The committee noted that tens of thousands in Washington, DC and on Wall Street qualified in 2010 alone.

Don Nobella wished to share with miscreants throughout the world some of the notoriety he earned in his insurance business. The Don still holds the record as the world’s best insurance salesmen. It was said of the Don he could close a sale with a simple knock on the door. The Don’s motto became famous across the length and breadth of Sicily: “You buy or you’re never heard from again.”

*As always, click the photo for link.

October 26, 2011

Are You Rich Yet?

Ronald Reagan brought you supply side economics.  Are you rich yet?

Bill Clinton reformed welfare.  Are you rich yet?

George Bush gave you two tax cuts.  Are you rich yet?

Alan Greenspan lowered the prime interest rate to near zero.  Are you rich yet?

Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Gr...

After committing one of the most monumental screwups in world history, the Maestro is awarded a thingy by George Bush who hasn't yet received his thingy for all of his screwups. Image via Wikipedia*

Barack Obama extended the Bush tax cuts.  Are you rich yet?

Ben Bernanke purchased trillions of dollars of worthless CDOs from Wall Street banks.  Are you rich yet?

Official portrait of Federal Reserve Chairman ...

Nice beard. Oh, yeah right. He's that Fed Chairman guy.

Obama gave you a payroll tax cut.  Are you rich yet?

Obama saved Wall Street for the sake of Main Street.  Are you rich yet?

All of the above actions enriched the richest 1% and saved them trillions of dollars in bank assets.  Are you rich yet?

Wall Street outlaws pay millions of dollars in protection money to the mobsters in DC we euphemistically refer to as Congress. And there’s a lot more scratch where that came from so long as the mobsters continue to play ball. There’s no indication the crooked game will ever end.

Alan Greenspan – Ayn Rand cultist, compulsive deregulationist and everybody’s favorite candidate for the mangled English prize –  committed a spectacularly monumental blunder by failing to recognize a housing bubble almost as big as his nose, until the damn thing burst in his face.  President Bush is seen awarding Alan the Baronial Medal of Stupidity, I mean the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  You actually get an award for being one of the central characters that caused the collapse of the global economy.*

*(Alan Greenspan was also honored with the Schmuckup Prize in Economics awarded by the Nobella Prize Committee in September 2009.

The Committee, whose hideout is located in Pasta Fagioli, a village nestled deep in the Italian Alps, grants awards from time to time to deserving individuals in the arts, sciences and government or just about anything else whenever it feels like it.

The Schmuckup Prize consists of a statuette known as the Little Schmuckie and is made of rusted metal stolen from an auto junk yard.  The Little Schmuckie is given to winners of the award while supplies last.  Unfortunately for Alan supplies ran out the day he was awarded the prize.

Alan has also been nominated for Shit Eatingest Grin of the Decade.  We stand breathless awaiting the committees decision on the winner).

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