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September 3, 2012

GOP Proposes Senior Diet

GOP Diet Plan for seniors.

The basic diet consists of dry cat food, generic brand (it’s cheaper). Eat a small bowl for breakfast every day. Water may be added if utility bill payments are up to date.

Cat food for sale at an Istanbul animal market

Cat food for sale at an Istanbul animal market (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seniors will be gratified to know that the variety of cat foods is almost inexhaustible. Comparison shopping is essential however and generic brands are always cheaper.

Join together in groups of five and buy a fifty pound bag of dry cat food. Always buy off brand. Can’t be too cost conscious when living on a starvation budget. Then divide the contents equally. Buying in bulk always saves money.

Eat dry or, if your teeth are bothering you from lack of dental care, mix with water and wait for the vittles to soften.

If seniors save their money, at Thanksgiving and Christmas they can buy a tin of canned cat food. Or, for a real treat, dog food, which when water is added, produces a savory gravy.

Heat on the stove if the electicity hasn’t been turned off due to late payments.

And, by the way, don’t count on the kids for help. They’ll likely be moving in before long if they’re not alreay there


Paul Ryan’s habitual lyin’

Has poor momma soulfully cryin’

To heaven this critter will never arrive

He’ll be headin’ straight south his last day alive


For Ryan it’s just too late

St. Peter will shut the gate

About this there’s no denyin’

In Hades his toes will be fryin’.


Of course it won’t keep him from tryin’

To land in the White House before diein’

He is for sure a good talker

At heart though just a squawker


His Vouchercare he’ll hawk

But mostly it’s empty talk

Yet truth reveal he’ll not dare.

For it will surely doom his Vouchercare.


Increase it will insurance stock

While care the plan will certainly block

As patients suffer round the clock.

And leave a nation in total shock.


How could they fall for blatant lyin’

Too many have there’s no denyin’

New laws for seniors he’ll be applyin’

By sleight of hand that’s slick Paul Ryan.


You just gotta love the way the pretend media in this country treats the seriously serious budget of seriously serious Paul “Lyin” Ryan.

These media imposters call him courageous. I haven’t quite figured out exactly what is so courageous about cutting taxes for rich people or wasting more money on war spending.

I guess these pundit posers believe it’s “courageous” too starve the poor and elderly, deny medical care to tens of millions (including little children) and cheat hard working Americans out of their earned Social Security benefit.

Ryan is nothing short of a fiscal phony. Yet in these United States, such vile behaviour on the part of Paul Ryan is considered “courageous” by a media as phony as the phony they’re protecting.


Whatcha call your “Defense” Department has suspended training of a police force in Afghanistan until trainees are screened for possible ties to the Taliban.

It’s absolutely flabbergasting that the most powerful empire ever to exist on this raped planet can’t train a police force – a goddam police force fer chrissakes – in ten years of occupation.

We’ve had generals with four feathers in their caps, all kinds of shiny, metal thingies on their shoulders and piles of bird shit on the visors of their caps in charge of that exploited country for a decade and they can’t train a police force!!!!!

What an empire??? Is it any wonder the country is in such dreadful condition?

Trillions wasted for war making capability; then they go chintsy for treatment for wounded men and women, deducting millions from the paychecks of maimed soldiers for food they receive in military hospitals while recovering from the wounds of war.

These acts are no doubt decisions made by those generals with the bird shit on their caps I mentioned a few sentences ago.

Those guys have been at the military game for decades and they’re still trying to win a war. Problem is, they’ll never stop trying. We need to find a country they can invade and conquer and then let them pound their chests in victory. Like maybe Eritrea; or Haiti after a hurricane. Then we keep our fingers crossed so that they don’t fuck it up.

Losing all these wars is getting discouraging for the subjects of the empire. Trillions spent and the Einsteins at the top can’t train a police force let alone win a freaking war.


You’ve seen these numbers before but they’re worth repeating. Below are the clowns (aka presidents of the U.S.) who are most responsible for the modest debt the nation now carries. Yes, the debt is both modest and manageable despite the phony hysterics drummed up by the rich whose sole purpose is to destroy Social Security and Medicare so they can get their hands on the money.

The clown responsible for the largest increase and the president beatified by the Republican Party is none other than small government guru Ronald Reagan. He is followed by the president who caused more damage to the country than all other presidents, the one, the only George W. Bush. This guy is followed by his daddy. The two Democratic presidents during this era created less debt combined than George’s daddy alone.


Courtsey of Bartcop, here is a comment by Maureen Dowd, columnist for the New York Times, revealing the phony nature of the man just named VP candidate for the GOP.