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November 4, 2011

The Folly Trolley

Facebook Raids Panty Column. Claims Crotch Exposure Too Risque For FB Members. Squelches Article.

Love the little number called The Bow Back Lace Thong. It’s really cute. The color is to die for. Itches a little though.

Gives me some ideas for a designer jock strap. Sequins anyone.

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A jockstrap viewed from the side.

That thar thang is a jock strap.  Could use a little sprucin’ up don’t ya thank?


Image via Wikipedia

That thar is a thong.  Best not get your thangs and your thongs mixed up.  That goes double for football players.


Tony Perkin, president of the Family Research Council (FRC) and CNN pundit today awarded deadbeat dad Joe Walsh (who in addition to being a deadbeat is also a Repub. Congressman from Illinois) a 100% rating for his unconditional support of families for all families except his own. The FRCins gave the deadbeat the True Blue Member of Congress award for supporting family values.

For the FRCins, stiffing your own kids is of no consequence. The FRCins are a very understanding group as is readily apparent by the presentation. After all how can a deadbeat dad provide for his own kids’ needs after he’s just spent some heavy bucks on a vacation on the Italian Riviera with his new girlfriend. Yes, indeed. Very understandable. Right, FRCins. Next award from the family values organization is sure to be “Let’s Give Deadbeat Dads a Break.”


Don’t look now but Nancy Pelosi has just become a Blue Dog Democrat, what I call a BS Dem, BS for Backstabber. She said the other day that cuts to the social safety net may be necessary if the rich – like Nancy Pelosi – are to pay higher taxes. What she means of course if taxes for the wealthy are raised a tinsy winsy bit, the 99% must chip in a boatload.


Pelosi and Obama before they stabbed each other in the back.

Pelosi and Obama before they stabbed each other in the back. Image via Wikipedia

Pelosi now joins other backstabbing Democrats ala Barack Obama who will gladly diminish the social welfare of the vast majority of Americans so the rich can skate.

I wonder who whispered in her ear? The right wing White House no doubt. Play ball on this one Nancy or you get no support from us – the Russ Feingold treatment no doubt.

It seems the only politicians the White House strong arms are the liberals.


Have you heard? Republicans want to tax the poor to help save the rich who are so overburdened with taxes they might have to reduce the protection money they pay to the mobsters in Congress. That’ll be the day.


Republicans are complaining about wasteful spending. One of the projects they called wasteful was a turtle tunnel in Florida. Sounds a little weird, a turtle tunnel.  But not so fast.

The turtle tunnel saves the lives of turtles who would otherwise  cross a highway that divides two lakes. I would imagine the tunnel saves the lives of thousands upon thousands of turtles every year and quite possibly eliminates a road hazard.

In any case the tunnel represents the kind, humane and gentle nature of mankind.

There is a dark side to humanity. It is on view in the photo that accompanies the article.


McConnell is a species unto himself. Scientists need to analyze his DNA to determine exactly where along the evolutionary scale he belongs. If I had to venture a guess I would say somewhere below the insects. 

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NASA says if life exists on Mars it is probably underground. When they dig, I hope they don’t find oil. We’ll send troops if they do.