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November 13, 2011

The DC Folly Trolley

Facts were never a GOP strong point. RNC chairman and chief Republican propagandist Reince Priebus said that the GOP is not looking out only for the rich.

Do they even know that other classes exist??? And if they do, have they ever cared about anyone but the rich for the past 150 years?

What the fuck you talkin’ about.  We love our poor folks, those making between a half and , oh say, a million or so a year.  We want to do everything we can to help them along.

He (I don’t want to have to type his name again – or pronounce it for that matter) evidently believes like all good Repubs that Reagan’s Jobs Falling Out Of The Sky economic theory (also known as supply side) will help the poor and working classes.

The guy is a regular comedian. Can’t wait for election year to hear more of his jokes.

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Two Pots in Every Garage

Police in LA are finding stashes of marajawanna plants in foreclosed homes – in jars and naturally flower pots.

Ah, yes. A tribute to free enterprise.

Neither high taxes nor harsh regulation­s can dampen the American entreprene­urial spirit. You gotta admire ambition and initiative during hard times.

Republican­s should be sending awards.

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Banks refer to a default on a mortgage as an “involuntary prepayment.” Sounds a lot better than “foreclosure” on a financial report.


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

The oligarchs are getting jittery about the Occupy movement. If you can stomach it, check out the comments of the right wingers on Fox News Sunday. They used such words as “un-American” and “undemocratic” to describe the occupiers. And holy cow dung, Batman, they even used the Foxers favorite turd word – “Marxist”.


If Obama believes the Iran issue will become a soft spot during an election year, he will strike. He may hide behind the skirts of the Israelis, but he will strike.


Libertarianism is rubbish. It can exist only in theories and the slick pages and sanitized graphs of $150 economic textbooks. Human intervention utterly destroys any possibility of genuinely “free” markets.  Ron Paul is kidding and the jokes on us.


Uncertainty Gambit Exposed

Nobody believed the “uncertain­ty” gambit to begin with – with the possible exception of those who blindly follow the Fox News Pied Piper. Certainly Congressio­nal Republican­s never believed it. It was always rubbish, a talking point. However it is now and will continue to be spun endlessly.

At he heart of the spin is the idea that the wealthy are beset by high taxes and if they are given one more tax cut – just one – jobs will fall from the sky.

The second part of the gambit is that corporatio­ns, that is, the wealthy, are laboring under a crush of regulation­. If we would only deregulate­, guess what, jobs will fall from the sky.

It is such a good gambit that the Backstabbe­rs Wing of the Democratic party has embraced it. It gives them the excuse they need to support more tax cuts for their wealthy donors and deregulati­on for their corporate sponsors.  After all the big money boys are having pangs of insecurity about taxes and regulation.  Oh, the scary nightmares the rich must be suffering from.  Worse than a Halloween boo.  

It is, of course, and has always been, a ruse.  The only uncertainty is no uncertainty at all.  Folks with no money aren’t going to buy.  Get it. Demand for products has tanked.  So why invest? Well, you don’t.  Best to sit on a couple trillion as the corporations are now doing.  

Now here’s a formula you might want to consider: Uncertainty equals GOP bullshit.

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October 28, 2011

Libertarian Ideas: The Phony Philosophy

The 1% would never permit truly limited government or a free market to exist.  It would mean the elimination of NAFTA, CAFTA and all the other trade agreements as well as the downsizing of the War Entitlement Complex.  Wall Street would have a collective fainting spell.

Carlos Salinas (left), George H.W. Bush and Br...

Prusumably under a Libertarian system trade agreements such as NAFTA would not exist. A so called "free" trade agreement is signed into law. Image via Wikipedia

Because there would be far fewer laws, such as those that offer patent and copyright protection, judicial protection would be minimized.  The judiciary itself would shrink.

 Transportation would suffer as rail and air facilities became “free market enterprises.”

Police and fire protection would be profitized and would be available only to those who could afford to pay for it.  Education would be profitized and “free market” corporations would be free to educate their own workforces.

Oh, wait.  You mean libertarians would retain all of the above government benefits –those  that protect the !% and permit the !% to achieve that status in the first place?

Could it be that the only government regulations libertarians would eliminate are those that protect the 99%?

Perhaps we could summarize the regulations libertarians would apply to the 99% in a very short statement:  “Shut up and keep working, fella.”  Now wouldn’t that make Wall Street happy.  Think the powers that be would never let it come to that?  Think Asia.

Outcome of union elections based on threats to...

A lot of the factories moved anyway and more are going. Image via Wikipedia