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February 10, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 02/10/13

Committee Establishes Amgen Charity.

The Senate Corporate Welfare Committee voted to continue offering taxpayer charity to a corporate political donor.

The corrupti* in Congress never felt so sorry for rural citizens who are suffering through the Great Recession. Those citizens, as well as many others, have had their lives destroyed by loss of jobs, foreclosures and cuts to safety net programs.

But half a billion to a campaign donor – not a problem.  That’s the donation the pharmaceutical company Amgen received from the Follylanders in our nation’s capital.


Hatching crooked deals in the Senate. When it comes to payola, Orrin can sniff a payoff for miles around Follyland. And when a lobbyist whispers a need for government charity, he’s all ears.


Votes in Congress are like an auction.

Five thousand dollar bid, dollar bid, dollar bid.

Got it.  Who’ll give me ten?

Ten thousand dollar bid, dollar bid, dollar bid.

Got it.  Who’ll give me twenty?

No doubt whatsoever that the members of the Senate Corporate Welfare Committee aimed deliberately to hide this charity provision in the fiscal cliff chicanery because they feared doing so openly in a separate bill would the raise ire of the American people.

And rightly so.

Two of the culprits responsible for this taxpayer handout are Max Baucus (D-MT), chairman, and Orrin Hatch (R-UT), ranking member of what is sometimes referred to as the Finance Committee.

They much preferred to sneak behind the backs of the people as lawmakers have done so often in the past.

This time they got caught and are making feeble excuses to cover their crooked asses devious behavior.


Mussa et a touch a bad caviar.

Thirty thousand dollar bid, dollar bid, dollar bid.  Thirty thousand dollar bid.  Who’ll give me forty?

*Corrupti n. Plural of corruptus. A politician who accepts payola in exchange for votes.


Immigration Reform???

Reform??? Seems to me I’ve heard this song before. And from Harry Reid. Look for another whitewash.

Remember filibuster reform? Whatever happened to that?

Oh, yeah. Right. Senators can now text one in from the fifteenth hole at the country club.


Coulter Rants.

Ann Coulter ranted again on Fox News. Each one sets a new record. This outburst about gun control contained a “screw you” remark directed at President Obama.

Just in case anybody out there still cares about anything this woman says, here’s the link to the Huff Post article.


Hello, Earth. Earth, are you there? Come in, Earth.

Kyle Cassidy (identity confirmed)


Coulter’s unladylike rant
Arises from thinking too scant
It’s nothing new
Just a witch’s stew
She roils a brew with a shrieking chant.

‘Beltway Deficit Feedback Loop’

That’s how Greg Sargent refers to the inclination among the illiterati* in Follyland to clone an erroneous idea and ping pong it back and forth and around to each other until it becomes something akin to the inerrant word of God himself.

Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize winning economist, points to a military phrase called “incestuous amplification” which defines an idea that everyone in the know uncritically accepts as infallible truth, but which is nevertheless wrongheaded. He uses as an example the belief among the Allies at the beginning of World War II that Germany would not attack west through the Ardennes, which is exactly what the Wehrmacht did.

And so it is in Follyland Call it feedback loop or incestuous amplification, once a dumb notion takes hold it gets batted around by the illiterati to the illiterati and back again forming the continuous and unassailable loop regardless of how goofy the notion may be.

And that is what is happening right now with the “deficit” mania gripping the discussion among the New York-Washington mainstream corporate media.

Hence, it is incumbent upon us all to accept the true faith and embrace the dogma that the deficit is about to destroy the nation.

Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth. The reality is that there is a conspiracy among the country’s elite to exploit a nonexistent “deficit crisis” to bring about drastic cuts to the social benefits Americans have earned all of their working lives.

As the plot thickens it leads us directly to the austerity schtick – the dangerous and destructive notion that sharp decreases in government spending are the only means to save us from the imminent decline and fall of the American empire.

In fact, the opposite is the case. Dean Baker has noted many times on his website,Beat the Pressdeficits are needed to fill the spending void created by the private sector to prevent the jobs recession from growing worse than it already is.

The real cause of current deficits remains the collapse of the housing bubble and Wall Street malfeasance. And the future drivers are out of control costs of health care and health insurance.

Government spending is actually declining, now somewhat less than a trillion dollars a year and the debt to GDP ratio, never a concern, is improving

That’s it in a nutshell. The austerity schtick is a ruse invented for the purpose of destroying the social benefits people have spent their entire lives earning.

Deficit hysteria” is a gambit with the same devious motive – to cut earned social benefits for the “small people” or the peasants, as our betters once referred to us.

*Illiterati n pl of illiterata.Reference to people in Follyland who can read and write but who refuse to think for themselves. Many receive huge salaries from corporate paymasters and are eager to do their bosses’ bidding. Also do favors for elected official in exchange for access to insider information.


Our American Heritage.


From left: Gable, Grant, Hope and Niven enjoying a laugh. (From Douglas Bennett).


It must be all in the neck. And for this I waited the whole day.

December 30, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 12/30/12

In a magnificent display of seasonal bipartisanship, Sen. Mike Crappo (R – ID ) got drunk. Getting plastered is about the only bipartisan activity that remains in that once laudable legislative body we refer to as The Senate.


Teetotaler (sorta) Mike Crapo (R-WY).


According to Unreliable Press Worldwide Most Honorable Senior Correspondent Marcy Popindick, Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) is preparing legislation requiring senators to appear on the floor intoxicated at least twice a week while votes are being held.

The effort by Baucus is said to be a means of increasing bipartisanship in the upper chamber.


Republicans aren’t the only demons in the Senate. Pictured is the Honorable Max Baucus (D-MT) at one of his Senate office parties..

Since many are drunk more than twice a week, the measure is garnering widespread agreement among senators.

However, a small group of Democrats is withholding support. According to an exclusive received from a highly placed anonymous source, Ms. Popindick reports that the wavering senators believe Republican obstruction will continue even when they are hammered.


What do Christians do on Christmas?

A turkey in the oven roasting
Guests arrive whom we are hosting
Pour the drinks for holiday toasting
Then off for skiing and downhill coasting.
Open gifts with pretty wrappings
Save the bows for next years trappings
From gifts the kids shred pretty paper
Only once a year this noisome caper.
Some may actually go to church
After leaving religion in the lurch
For all the year’s days previous
Hypocrisy revealed so devious
What do Christians do on Christmas
Invoke a god whose word they dismiss
Till next year when they wait in lines
Fight crowds and traffic for bargain finds.


Here are a few things Christians can do every day of the year. Who needs Christmas? And you don’t have to be Christian.


A fellow was sipping some port
For a holiday treat of a sort
He finished with disdain
Said this is insane
To the scotch and soda he’d resort.
A woman was sipping some port
So much did her actions distort
She arrived at a party
Kissed the fellows too hearty
And in bed she went down like a real good sport.

File:Glass of wine.png

Great stuff. But it sneaks up on you.


President Barack Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi are reportedly preparing a cookbook filled with recipes that offer cat food as the main ingredient.

The book will be entitled Feline Cuisine: 365 Ways To Prepare Dry Cat Food.

The joint effort will include daily menus that seniors can follow in order to savor the tempting treats for an entire day.

For the elderly who can no longer afford to buy ground coffee, one item describes how to prepare a tasty substitute from dandelion leaves seniors can pick in their back yards.

The book will also include instructions on how to steal powdered milk and sugar from the grocery store.

The president and Ms. Pelosi are said to be excited about the publication of their joint writing effort.


I can’t find a single media source – blog, TV station or newspaper – that reported the world did not end on Dec. 21. Therefore it must have ended.

If the corporate media omits reporting crucial information, chances are it’s extremely important for the economic well being of the nation. So what could be more important than the end of the world?

What does it take to convince people that we aren’t here anymore!


Paul Krugman has something to say about prophets of doom in his New York Times column. Alan Greenspan, the failed former Federal Reserve chairman, for example, prophesied in 2009 impending economic doom if large budget deficits continued.

As we know, the impending doom never impended and the Alan later went on to say that it was regrettable that his doom didn’t impend on the schedule he predicted it would because it “fostered a sense of complacency.”


Alan Greenspan on one of his bad days. We have since learned that he had many such days. But the joke’s on us.

The Alan, by the way, played a major role in the destruction of the economy and decimation of the middle class with his loose Fed policies and his muscle constricting explanations about why it would never happen. He was also incompre-hensively oblivious to the multi-trillion dollar housing bubble that burst shortly after he left Follyland for good.

Well, maybe not for good after all. Alan is now a prime player in billionaire Peter Peterson’s Fix The Debt Coalition. That’s Peterson’s cut, cut and cut some more everything in the economy that’s crucial to the well-being of working people.

Anyway, His Lordship the Alan, the chief architect of the debt, is now lecturing us on how to fix his boondoggle before we all come to an unhappy economic demise. Follyland just can’t get any follier than that. Fa la la la la la la la la.

And then there’s right wing aristocrat Erskine Bowles, inveterate Social Security cutter and potential Obama Treasury secretary. Another Follyland fiscal doomsayer, His Lordship the Erskine confidently predicted that the empire would decline and fall with two years if we didn’t get our fiscal house in the order he ordered. Actually, the Erskine began predicting these predictions about three years ago.

Oh, well. Just because in didn’t happen doesn’t mean it won’t. Mayan doomsayers take heart!

You can read Krugman’s column in The New York Times twice a week, Mondays and Fridays. Don’t miss it.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


The worst Democratic presidents in history:

Bill Clinton – his zipper malfunctions aside, he must answer for NAFTA and deregulation.

Barack Obama – will probably become the worst before he’s done. His policies could well open the floodgates to vast changes in the social safety net. Keep in mind he’s not finished negotiating and that’s a frightening prospect.

James Buchanan – history’s worst before Clinton and Obama. He dawdled while the nation teetered on the precipice of a war between the states. It went over shortly after Buchanan left office.

Lyndon Johnson – New Deal warrior hoisted on the Vietnam petard of his own making.

Jimmy Carter – decent man but a casualty of circumstances he never seemed able to manage. And evidence is mounting that he was the victim of treasonable acts by Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush involving trading weapons to Iran in exchange for detaining American embassy prisoners until after the 1980 election.

Woodrow Wilson – a dreamer who failed at every turn to realize his vision for world peace. Also, a Southern racist.


There are sharp distinctions between liberals and Democrats. Some Democrats are liberals; some are right wing conservatives, particularly on economic issues.

All liberals are liberal.


Republicans hold a veto over all actions in the Senate. It’s called the filibuster but it’s a veto power unparalleled in the history of that pathetic legislative body.


Republicans think they’re all quite nerdy.
They’re not they just play extremely dirty.
Projecting their far right wing wiles.
Covering dark deeds with cynical smiles.
In the cloakrooms they all cluster
To plan their next filibuster.
The nation’s progress they willfully deny
The will of the people with joy they defy.
We’re sinking into the GOP mire
So tax cuts all must soon expire.
The recklessness of their spending
Barack Obama will soon be ending.
He must only hold their toes to the fire.