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November 24, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 11/24/13

Gouge Granny Campaign.

Also known as Fix the Debt, the Gouge Granny Group (GGG) is at the forefront of a diabolical campaign to slash social safety net benefits for grandmas, grandpas, the poor and the sick.


A holiday gift to grandma from the Granny Gougers.

The devils in the GGG are multi millionaires and billionaires who are beside themselves with envy over the paid-for benefits American workers receive when they retire. The goals the Granny Gougers are seeking are an increase in the retirement age to 70 years and means testing for Medicare which could mean persons having incomes over the poverty level would receive a reduced benefit or be disqualified entirely.

So deep is their hatred for Social Security and Medicare that they formed the Gouge Granny Group solely as an organization to lobby Congress to cut benefits to American workers during retirement.

Here are the names of just a few of the Granny Gougers: Baron Alan von Simpson and Baron Erskine von Bowles, the co-founders. Prince Peter G.Peterson, the former Blackstone Group CEO and daddy bucks behind the GGGers. Also, Prince David Cote (Honeywell), Prince Larry Merlo (CVS), Prince Jeffrey Immelt (GE) and many, many more.

These Granny Gougers, so diabolically eager to cheat retired workers out a few measly bucks a month, will themselves retire with funds reaching into the high five and low six figures annually and could well receive more in one month than granny takes home in an entire year.

Smug, pompous and niggardly, these aristocrats deeply resent having to return a small portion of their astronomical wealth to the nation that gave them the largesse they are now reaping, much of which is the result of unconscionable tax breaks granted through corrupt government tax policy.

Their motto: Less For You; More For Me.

Is this what right wingers mean when they refer to “compassionate conservatism?”


A few members of the Gouge Granny Group.

CEOs Against Grandmas | Common Dreams


Jobs Slasher To Jobs Czar.

Gouge Granny Group member Prince Jeffrey Immelt, GE CEO, is arguably the greatest jobs exporter in American history. He has a lot of competition for the honor, no doubt, but he’s certainly up there at the top of the list.

Guess who’s the czar of Obama’s jobs thingy? If you guessed Prince Jeffrey and you’re an employee of GE you win a voucher to your pension benefits. Hold on to that voucher. It may be worth something someday when you retire, that is if Prince Jeffrey ever catches up the $32 billion GE owes to your pension fund.


Jeffrey Immelt, who gained super wealth status destroying the livelihoods of tens of thousands of working people, proves you don’t have to be a genius to get rich. Just cruel.  (Original photo by SarekOfVulcan).


Did I mention that Prince Jeffrey is a massive jobs exporter? The jobs czar has exported thousands upon thousands of GE jobs. So if you’re a GE employee and you just received a voucher, you might as well hang on to it. Just in case it’s ever worth something. Ya never know.

In any case, Prince Jeffrey may be, at this very moment, sneaking behind your back conspiring to move your job elsewhere and force you into retirement with an empty pension voucher all the while hatching plots to cut your Social Security benefit.

Which brings us back to Obama’s jobs thingy. I believe it’s called the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Prince Jeffrey the Czar is gonna create a whole lotta jobs as the head of the commission.


And just where might that be?

If you guessed Asia and you’re an employee of GE, you win a voucher to a pension plan that’s mega billion dollars in arrears.

By the way, the jobs part of Obama’s jobs thingy got a lot of rousing press attention. The “competitiveness” part is the typical Obama backhanded slap in the face to workers and that portion was largely ignored by whatchacall your mainstream media. Could “competitiveness” mean dollar an hour wages without benefits for American workers? If so, Prince Jeffrey the Czar is the right man for the job.


More Software Issues.

In heaven the gates had a line.
A woman waiting started to whine.
I’ve been good all my life.
Don’t deserve all this strife.”
Said St. Pete, “We do it online.”
In heaven the software is slow.
God contracted a firm far below.
He accepted the blame
For what was a shame.
The free market has lost all its glow.


You’re not gonna believe this, but it’s absolutely true. According to a heavenly source who spoke under conditions of anonymity, God contracted with a software firm to provide a website that would quickly process entrants through the Pearly Gates. After the rollout, the lines became so long God had to start feeding the starving souls. Luckily, He has this guy who can multiply loaves and fishes.

As you might have guessed by now, God foolishly trusted the same firm that Obama used to develop the site for his health care thingy. And He is one pissed off deity.

The execs at the troubled firm are said to be really scared about their celestial fiasco. It’s OK to screw a president of the United States, said one. He’s just another sap to take advantage of. But fucking around with God!!! Holy shit!!!


God was pissed to the rafter
About his new website drafter
When they get up to Me
He said righteously
From heaven there’ll be no laughter.”

When God Gets Pissed, Run For Cover by Bonifacio de Pitati. Actually, God The Father Over the Piazza San Marco by Pitati (1487-1553).

In line was a gal from New Bern
Who waited so long for her turn
That she grew a mustache
Then said with panache
The longer I wait the less I will burn.”
The gal from New Bern heard the chime.
It was time to face up to her crime.
You’ve been a bad girl,” said St. Pete.
On your husband you often did cheat.”
But come up and see me some time.


Texas School Board Set To Drop 2 Rs.

The Texas Board of Education plans to drop Algebra II as a requirement for high school graduation.

A spokesman for the board said: “If it ain’t in The Bible don’t nobody in these here parts give a damn?”

A member of the board also noted that Jesus couldn’t read and write and that plans are being drawn up to eliminate those two Rs from the school curriculum. Math is being retained, however, because it is widely believed that Jesus could count – especially the donations his movement received from the poor.

Also under consideration was the inclusion of Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke, as a requirement for graduation.


(Don’t be too shocked, but the Lord did accept donations. The need for charity to pursue his mission is mentioned in The Bible and it is often used as an excuse by TV preachers to justify collections from the needy. The plea for bucks is accompanied by the promise that the more you donate, the faster you’ll receive the Lord’s reward-usually a monetary gift and you get it in this life.  Get it?).

Texas Board Of Ed Votes To Drop Algebra II Mandate


Detonation Politics; Alibi Politics.

Well, Harry finally did it. Reid, that is. He, as you may, know is the Senate Majority Leader and what he finally did was to trigger the “nuclear option” and end the filibuster in that once illustrious and now lugubrious legislative body.

Well, he didn’t really end the filibuster. He just discontinued the exploitative practice for presidential nominees for the executive and judicial branches. Not for the Supreme Court, though. Or for any legislation. Senators can still abuse that anti-democratic and extra-constitutional rule by invoking it to forestall all legislation and high court nominees that come before that enfeebled body.

But at least it’s a start. And it’s worth considering that Reid was forced to take the action largely due to the intransigence of Republicans and the woeful behavior of Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who repeatedly reneged on agreements with Reid to limit the use of obstructive tactics against presidential nominees.


The bedeviled McConnell took a hit to the chin and one to the nose when Harry Reid dropped a bomb. The Minority Leader earned the snub by his unparallelled display of duplicity welshing repeatedly on agreements with Reid.

The filibuster was introduced into Senate affairs as a means of protecting the rights of the minority. It was intended to be used only in the direst of circumstances. As practiced by the GOP, however, the filibuster was employed routinely and became an obstructive tactic that quickly morphed into rule by the minority.

Democrats opposed the rule change largely because on many issues they were able to use the filibuster umbrella for cover and ofter hid under its shadow.

For example, secure in the knowledge that progressive legislation would die when trapped by the GOP blockade, Democrats could feign support for laws their liberal base embraced.

President Obama himself often used Republican obstruction as an excuse for backing away from his supporters by simply invoking the lame excuse that a policy could not pass the legislative process.

The president has now lost his alibi for not placing in nomination the candidates supported by the liberals still in the Democratic family.


I Told You So.

Yes, Obamacare is a swamp. The only swamp worse is the swamp we have been living with for most of our lives.

Some say we should not be gloating over the Obama Obamacare predicament. But we should all be gloating precisely for and because of the president’s public option double cross. Obama could have had single payer; it was within his grasp. But he spurned it. He has no one to blame for his mess but himself.

In the past, we have had precious little to gloat over given the president’s cavalier behavior. If Obamacare was his only misguided policy, the misstep might be forgivable.

But, given his campaign populism, he has had too many policy flip-flops to elicit sympathy at this point.

To name just a few of the prominent ones,

  • His administration is negotiating rigged trade deals in deep secrecy.
  • He turned his back of the suffering of foreclosed homeowners.
  • He gave the backhand to labor unions by refusing to support the Wisconsin protesters.
  • He abandoned the unemployed when he embraced austerity.
  • He stubbornly supports cuts to the safety net in exchange for a perverse “grand bargain.”

Given his Wall Street anointed policies, could there be any doubt that this president is firmly ensconced among the 1 % and perhaps within a few years will join the elite one tenth. He’s certainly on the path to untold wealth.

Single-Payer Advocates: It Hurts To Say I Told You So

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June 9, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 06/09/13

Bad News For SS. Outlook Is Improving.

Well, once again our right wing wealthy are gloomy. And once again all the gloom is about the looming Social Security disaster.

And why are they so crushed? According to the latest reports the Social Security disaster isn’t looming as fast as they had hoped. In fact, it isn’t looming at all.


LBJ lookalike His Lordship Baron Erskine von Bowles crushed at the news that the outlook for the SS and Medicare funds is improving.

You see, the Social Security Trust Fund will pay full benefits until at least 2033. And even more tragically, if the economy improves, the Fund can pay its full obligation even beyond that date.

Oh, woe is they. That’s not even the worst of the latest news. Because at the very worst, Social Security will pay close to 80% of its benefits even if absolutely nothing is done to improve its finances.

And, God forbid, if the payroll cap is lifted – an act that represents a teensy, weensy adjustment – the Fund can pay nearly 100% of the benefits guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.

And worse yet, if action isn’t taken in the next few years to finally destroy the program, it will begin to get even stronger than it already is.

angela 4

Oh, ferchrissakes. Obama’s fucking up again. We’ll never sell this austerity shit if he doesn’t get on the stick.” (Statement by German Chancellor and Austerity Beauty Queen Angela Merkel as recorded on NSA secret listening devices. Report filed by UPW News Senior White House Correspondent Marcy Popindick).

Here’s why.

Now some of you may not know this, but everybody is going to die. Sorry to have to break the bad news to you but that means you as well. It also means absolutely everybody in the baby boom generation. And as they begin to die off, the SS Trust Fund will begin once again to achieve a reasonable balance between payees and retirees. Once that happens, the fund can no longer be attacked for being a threat to the financial security of the U.S. economy.

So action to destroy the SS program must be taken now, immediately, if not sooner, because we’re running out of time. Before you know it, the Fund will be in surplus again and nobody will want to get rid of it.

So all in favor of destroying Social Security and profitizing retirement funds by handing your payroll deductions over to Wall Street schemers, say I.

Hello out there. Say I.



Despite the fact that Social Security is on a sound path, Barack Obama is determined to fix what ain’t broken, His “chained CPI” cuts could leave the program vulnerable to even more drastic cuts in the future.

Guess the propaganda program perpetrated by the right wing wealthy isn’t working as well as they had hoped.

Now if we could only convince Barack Obama to pull in his claws and stop tearing into SS….



Daddy, I don’t care if you are president, you shouldn’t be listening in on Mommy’s phone calls.

Daddy’s the president that’s for sure.
He’s the man we all adore.
But daddy’s doing a very bad thing.
He thinks that mommy’s having a fling.
So he bugs her phone and wires her door.


More Bad News.

Oh my gosh. Just when you think the news can’t get any worse, it gets worse. If the news about SS improving isn’t bad enough, the news about Medicare is even more disturbing for the right wing wealthy. You see, the Medicare program is improving as well. And so are health care costs as a whole. So now it will be harder than ever to convince people to profitize the government’s senior health insurance program.

Son of a bitch. What is this country coming to?


We always wanted a president who would listen to us. Now we know we have one. Jay Leno.


Reinhart-Rogoff Constant.

Hate to keep harping on the quasi-scholarship of these two pseudo-economists but it seems their flawed study keeps popping back up in the news.

Some right wing, that is austerity, economists and wealthy wingers in general, are actually trying to resurrect the study and pronounce its findings correct after all.

Their efforts remind me of another constant, this one in real science. It is what Einstein called the “cosmological constant” and which he referred to as his greatest blunder.

The constant was a force whose presence Einstein predicted was necessary to oppose the inward pressure of gravity. The so-called force kept the universe from collapsing upon itself and kept this massive creation of nature static.

However, when Edward Hubble discovered that the universe was expanding at an increasingly accelerating rate, Einstein’s theory of a constant collapsed and humanity’s premier scientist called the idea his greatest blunder.

But not so fast. It now appears that Einstein’s greatest blunder was calling his constant a blunder in the first place.

Scientists now refer to the force that causes the universe to expand as “dark energy” and call it a “constant”, a theory that supports the great scientist’s idea of a cosmological constant. So Einstein was indeed wrong. But only about calling the constant a mistake. Turns out he was right again.


Mankind’s greatest scientist.

Reinhart-Rogoff aren’t so lucky. You’ll recall they postulated that economic growth slows when debt reaches 90% of GDP. Not only did they make a silly arithmetic mistake on a spreadsheet but they got the causation exactly backwards. Increasing debt, as they misunderstood, does not cause slow growth; slow growth causes increasing debt.

Therefore, the way to avoid slow growth is to increase growth. Pretty simple economics when you get causation right.

And the best means to achieve that outcome in a demand deficient economy is a temporary increase in government spending sufficient enough to increase demand to the point where economic growth is sustainable. And, a reality which cannot be denied except by austerians, growth increases revenue which reduces debt. Now that’s putting the horse before the cart where it belonged before R-R reversed the position.

And what do austerity wingers say to this great R-R blunder. “So what!” Even if austerity causes an economy to collapse upon itself, it must be imposed to, well, keep the economy from collapsing upon itself – a virtual impossibility of course. And therein lays the greatest blunder, economic wise, that is. R-R placed the cart before the horse and keeps it there until it exhausts itself.

Such behavior among the austerians seems irrational. As you might have guessed, however, that is not the case. Austerity can make the wealthy, wealthier and there are a number of means to bring this about, one of which is reduced wages in a languishing economy. Think not. Have you checked the stock market lately?


Not All Bugs Are Insects.

Hello, Batman. Is that you?

Robin, get off the damn phone. I’m working a couple of bugs on the White House communications system.


The Dynamic Duo from a 1966 TV episode.

Holy, insects, Batman. Is that what bugs are?


Good News. Unemployment Is Up.

Not all news is bad news for millionaires and billionaires. Unemployment is up and that’s good news if you’re rich. The latest Bureau of Labor stats reflect more workers for fewer jobs and that means lower wages. Lower wages increase profits.  Now that’s   bad news if you’re a working person.  Good news if you’re rich.

lions 2


Listening in is a big time bore.
So far he’s gotten an occasional snore.
Now a captive of NSA fools
He’s used as one of their many tools.
A warrior in a war we all deplore.


Third Way BS.

Third Way, the right wing billionaire funded propaganda group trying to pawn itself off as a moderate think tank and centrist – itself a contrivance – organization, has a membership composed of Wall Street and corporate very rich Social Security haters.

third way

The Third Way monster eager to devour innocent Social Security.  The image is by Eleanor Abbot from The Two Brothers, a fairy tale not to be confused with Third Way horror stories.  

Reality is of no concern to this wild eyed group of deficit hysterics who continuously churn out a message of doom for the Social Security program.

Currently on the website is this line of baloney:

There are a lot of charts, numbers, and projections in the annual report released by the Social Security Trustees Friday, but they really boil down to this: Social Security’s trust fund has 20 years to live.

You can read the link if you like but be assured the article is a mish-mash of Social Security hatred propaganda.

The italicized statement above which leads the article is a lie of course, overt mendacity being the method of choice of this group to spread hysteria about the collapse of SS.

The reality is the Fund will pay nearly 80% of its benefits for the next 75 years and those benefits will be greater than the checks of today because inflation has been included in the calculations for future benefits.

Now here is the basis for the lie. Benefits will begin to exceed revenues in about 20 years. At that time the Fund will begin to draw on savings from U.S Treasury bonds, backed by the full faith and credit and the United States Government, savings that add up to nearly $3 trillion.

What these brazen Social Security haters are advocating is that government simply refuse to pay the debt it owes to the fund, that is, the government default on the debt.

At any suggestion, however, that government default on its debt to private bondholders such as the Chinese would raise a howl of fury from these hypocrites.

Yet, to dump the debt owed to American citizens seems a perfectly natural goal – as you would expect because that eventuality would lead to greater wealth and security for the nation’s super rich.

So be aware that the Third Way moon walk away from the government’s debt owed to we the people comes with a raised middle finger pointed directly at the working class.

Beware the call of the siren. The allure is bewitching. But the tempting message is booby trapped.  (Photo:  Elmo Love, Fort Lauderdale, United States).


Hello?  President Obama? Is that you? Excuse me. I’m trying to make a phone call.


So Congress knows he’s snooping about
To catch an imaginary terrorist lout
He snoops and launches deadly drones
As the watching world with pity bemoans.
The endless war to whose cause he’s devout.
Congress declares his actions legal
So does his primary legal eagle.
So snooping about the country proceeds
Discarding the people’s privacy needs.
The president you see wears a crown now regal.
April 7, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 04/07/13

How To Destroy the Democratic Party in One Easy Lesson.

Barack Obama has once again shown himself determined to continue the dismantling of the Democratic party, a movement set in motion by former president Bill Clinton, whom we all know affectionately as Wild Willy.


You’ve probably checked out the president’s budget by now. Call it the Master of Disaster Strikes Again. For surely this creature from the White House lagoon will do as much damage to the Democratic party as the president’s sneaky triangulation about the public option did during the election of 2010.

An unnamed White House staff member leaked portions of the Obama budget to the newspaper of record (aka New York Times) and the paper published the details. Naturally, it was a planned “leak”. Every White House selects compliant journalists and media outlets to disclose sensitive information in order to gauge its impact and allow time for criticism to subside before the actual release.

And what exactly is so sensitive about the information contained the newly unreleased budget?

Well, for one thing, it offers cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits considered drastic and unnecessary by huge numbers of the president’s base. Uh, to say nothing of seniors whose monthly benefits are about to be slashed and who vote voluminously in off year elections and who will surely realize that Obama’s actions represent only a first step in the direction of future benefit cuts.

And that’s bad news for any Democrat running for office in 2014.  And maybe even 2016.  Hillary take note.

Obama has been perversely driven to cut the social safety net since his election in 2008.  And therein lays his longing to destroy the legacy of the greatest Democrat of them all, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  If Obama’s distorted dream of a Grand Bargain succeeds, it will leave that once great party in shreds.

Some pundits believe the president is obsessed by a self-consuming desire to raise cash. After all he did do rather well in the payola department for his campaign, raking in over $700 million. Not bad for a deprived kid from Chicago.

And the president will need some cash after he leaves office. I’m not talkin’ bucks to support his and his family’s elite lifestyle. He’ll pull in millions of dollars of easy money for that task.

I’m referring to big bucks he’ll need to build his personal monument (the modern day pyramid known as the presidential library). He’ll need a coupla hundred million for that project-minimum. Can’t wait to see this souvenir to egregious ego erected. Should be a memorial the size of which would turn a pharaoh green with envy.

Taller than the obelisk honoring George Washington? Your guess is as good as mine.

And now that he’s giving wrinkled old billionaires wet dreams about social safety net cuts, Obama’s sure to see his very own dream of a monument to the ages come to life.

Hey, a million here, ten million there, and pretty soon you’re talking some money.


An artist’s rendering of the Obama Monument. Notice how it skews distinctly to the right.

Meanwhile back at the White House, let’s take a sneak preview at the president’s wet dream for conservatives.

The Master of Surrender strikes again.

First, he’s teasing us all with a $600 billion tax increase for rich folks. Then there’s $1.2 trillion in spending cuts. Centrist????? That’s about as fair and balanced as a Fox News TV report.

Obama won’t get the tax increase because Republicans won’t stand for it. But Obama already knows that. And the spending cuts aren’t deep enough. Obama already knows that.

So here’s my version of an Obama compromise: Divide the tax increases by ten and double the spending cuts. Voila! The real Obama budget.

But that’s not all.

The president’s jets are on after burner as he continues his stealth attack on Medicare. His combined cuts to the program could make it so unaffordable for health care practitioners that many will refuse to accept patients who then won’t be able to find a doctor willing to treat them. When this condition prevails, patients who can afford private health insurance will be forced to buy expensive policies and those who cannot will simply go without health care and pay IRS fines until they die.


Obama Defends Budget.

President Obama defended his budget by saying it is not his “ideal plan.”

I think we all know that. It’s nobody’s ideal plan. Which proves that you can please none of the people all of the time.


The Obama budget, supposedly the rocket to the North Star, fails at launch.

His ideal plan comes after he surrenders to the Republican plan.

Brace yourselves. It can only get worse.


Nobody Asked You To Marry A Man.

Golly gee, Matilda, you coulda married a woman.

Eric Cantor, the beloved right wing extremist of voters from Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, engaged in a squabble over his refusal to support gay marriage.

The verbal brawl occurred on CNBC, of all places, when program host Joe Kernan told Cantor that “no one was asking him to marry a man.”


Eric Cantor, such a cutie.  Who knew?. And his hair is to die for.

True enough. Of course, no one asked him to marry a woman either. He simply chose to.

Nobody asks a woman to marry a man – unless she wants to. She may choose to marry a man – or a woman. In most cases, not all, her preference is generally known beforehand.

Either way, who anyone chooses to marry is nobody’s business but his own – or her own.

Nothing could be simpler than that.


To Run Or Not To Run??? Is She Is, Or Is She Isn’t???

Well, it’s finally unofficial. Hillary Clinton may be running for president.  

If she does and has any chance of winning in 2016, she better dump the Obama budget and fast.

But birds of a feather….

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


Clinton Backs Clinton For President.

Well, Hillary hasn’t declared yet. But her troops are circling the wagons. They, at least, expect a fight to the finish.

One thing in her favor: Bubba will be in her corner.


Budget To Revive Middle Class.

President Obama intimated in his radio address that his budget will revive the middle class.

Our top priority as a nation…must be doing everything we can to reignite the engine of America’s growth: A rising, thriving middle class. That’s our North Star….”

Well, the president has always been out ‘dere on his plans to reinvigorate the economy. He’s the nation’s leading austerity advocate whose intentions seem to be nothing short of bringing from sea to shining sea the doom and gloom of Eurozone stinginess.

Not surprisingly, the first stop on his newest rocket ship to the stars is another massive cut to working class benefits. And all this on top of his Obamacare provider cuts and the sequestration castration of the economy.

Orwell could not have imagined the skill with which Obama can manipulate words. Yet none of the president’s oratory skills can turn an economy strapped by an austerity budget into a nation with a thriving middle class.

Hello, Barack? Barack, are you there? Come in, Barack.

Houston, we have a problem. Barack Obama is lost in space.

March 10, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 03/10/13.

Speaker Rushed To Hospital For Tests.

House Speaker John Boehner was rushed to Bethesda Naval Medical Center this morning when a staff member discovered that the Speaker had misplaced his brain.


When I came home last night, I know I had a brain. 

Neurologists at Bethesda, using the most sophisticated scanning devices available to the medical profession, reported that they had located a mysterious dark spot in the vicinity of the Speaker’s cranium.

After conducting a battery of tests, specialists determined that the tiny spot was indeed the Speaker’s brain and that it had not been misplaced after all.


Some say Boehner has a functioning brain
Possibly true but it’s certainly lame.
If he had an idea that was worth a cent
Unkind it would be for us all to resent
When a mind worth a halfpence he’d proudly proclaim.


The Sting Is Set.

When the choice in an election is between a Wall Street swindler and a Chicago hustler, better to vote for the conman from the Windy City.

That may seem like an unkind characterization, but the con is on and we’re the marks. The sting is about to be unleashed.


Did you catch on to the sting before the trap was sprung?

And exactly what is that sting? You don’t have to be a seer to know that cuts in Social Security benefits are on the table. As is the increase in the eligibility age for Medicare. The age may not go as high as 67 but anywhere between the current level and 66 years and 364 days, except leap year when it’s 365, is on the table.

Obama, we must all realize by now, has more tables than an inauguration caterer.

So when the White House says raising the Medicare eligibility age is off the table you have to ask which table? Because sure as the sun rises in the morning, there’s a table it’s still on.

Which table is it on? Is it Table 1, Table 2 or Table 3? Pick the right table and win a cut in your Social Security benefit.

Actually the Medicare age doesn’t have to be raised to destroy the program. A better way, and far more stealthy (are you aware of this scheme), is simply to cut payments to providers (aka doctors) to a level so low no provider will accept a Medicare patient.

That scheme is the best method Medicare benefit haters have devised to slow down spiraling medical costs. Just keep sick, old people from going to a bunch of greedy doctors and soon enough the docs will want nothing more to do with the “old geezers.”

Let’s back up a minute. Most doctors, as you know, are skilled and dedicated professionals who provide excellent care at a manageable cost. Most operate large, efficient practices earning wages far above average.  And most deserve the rewards they receive because they’re good at what they do.

However, there is that greedy bunch mentioned above. They over test, overcharge and in too many cases just plain cheat the program. This group, even though it is relatively small, nevertheless dramatically inflates costs for the entire system.

Because those shady providers need to be controlled, the system requires strict regulation, frequent auditing and enforcement of laws already on the books. The best way to accomplish these goals is through a single payer plan like Medicare for All, a program that already has simplified administrative and billing procedures, tools now in place that could save billions.

While the group of cheats represents a significant portion of soaring medical costs, it is by no means the largest factor in an out of control system..

Have you seen or heard about a hospital bill lately? Don’t laugh, but $10,000 a day is modest.

Have you seen or heard about a private or employer provided health insurance policy? These high deductible, high max out of pocket profit engines should become known as bankruptcy specials. For if you have one of these cash-for-shareholder shams and you get sick, chances are you’re headed for the busted zone.  Single payer eliminates this worthless middle man.

And let us not overlook prescription drugs costs in the U.S. They’re the highest in the world.

Not to worry though if you can’t afford insurance and treatment. You might just wake up dead one day. And the rich will be all the richer for it.

You see, there’s always a bright side.


Filibuster Reform.

Do what?

Have you heard? Harry Reid wants to reform the filibuster.


Harry has a knot in his shorts tighter than the one in his tie. And it’s all Mitch’s fault.

No, really. I’m not kidding.  Harry intimated he wanted reform.

Currently, a senator can text a filibuster from any barroom or massage parlor in Follyland that happens to have reception.

Harry wants to ban filibuster texting from massage parlors.

Read the real article at:


Life Insurance Coverage For Drone Death Unnecessary.

According to the White House, President Obama won’t kill you with a drone strike. A drone costs over $6 million and you’re just not worth that much.

Unless you’re a Medicare patient who needs an overnight stay in a hospital. In that case, a cost analysis might be beneficial.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


Vice Presidential Wisdom.

We all know the vice-president has hair trigger lips. He is, nevertheless, a likeable sort of a guy.


Biden breaks Einstein’s law: lips clocked moving faster than the speed of light. Brain often locked in reverse. Nice smile though.

But let’s look at nice guy Joe Biden’s advice on how a woman who is threatened in her home should react to such a situation. The veep’s recommendation: fire two shots into the air from a shotgun.

Well, that oughta scare the rabbits. Other than that, the advice presents some serious logistical and location problems.

First, the woman would need to grab the shotgun from a place where it is safely kept, remove the trigger lock, find the box with the ammunition, load the thing, then run outside to fire the two shots.

If an intruder had manners, he would hold the door open for her. More likely, being really rude, he might try to prevent her from leaving the house and inflict some form of harm.

The woman of course could fire off the two shots inside the house. But there are two obvious drawbacks to that circumstance. First, the insulation in the walls would muffle the sound and then the two holes blown in the ceiling would be in need of expensive repair.

Now here comes that bright side that’s always there. For example, a federal program could be implemented that would provide low interest loans to homeowners for roof repair. And better yet, the program would provide much needed stimulus money to the economy.

Now for the really good part. Add an amendment to the legislation to provide shotgun ownership assistance and the bill would garner instant backing from the NRA and receive full support from Republicans. It would pass Congress by huge majorities.

There are a dozen or more articles pertaining to the veep’s shotgun follies.  One is below.


Gravity Suffers Setback.

Getting a dildo stuck up one’s ass has proven an immutable law of physics to be flawed. What goes up doesn’t always come down after all.


Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


Sneak Attack.  And You’re In The Crosshairs.

Worth repeating.  Medicare payments to providers (aka doctors) are shrinking and there are plans afoot to decrease them even more. At some point, providers (once called doctors) will refuse to treat Medicare patients. Those patients then will be forced to purchase private, profit health insurance, with a voucher if needed.

Can you say “stealth attack on Medicare?”

August 19, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 08/18/12

Ryan Knows Where The Nose Goes.

Paul Ryan’s classmates voted him the school brown noser. Since graduation he’s gone on to perfect his technique.

He’s spent a lifetime perfecting the technique.

And that boys and girls is how he acquired that shit eating grin.

Paul Ryan Voted “Biggest-brown Noser” by His Senior Class: Nothing’s Changed

By Mark Karlin at Buzzflash.


Paul Ryan who was voted brown noser

Went on to become a slick  poser.

His mates took him down

They knew him a clown.

And now he’s the Medicare disposer.


His plan should be called VoucherCare.

To dispute it the pundits don’t dare.

They’ll idolize Ryan

Who’ll have seniors cryin’

By leaving their cupboards all bare.


His plan will take Medicare down.

Leaving us all with a frown

But profits will soar

As he laughs with a roar

While with cronies his nose remains brown.


What Democratic Congress critters call congeniality, Ryan’s classmates recognized as brown nosing.

He’s just sharpening the knife.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

It’s should be obvious by now that this guy is a purely political animal tainted by vast amounts of hypocrisy.

His VoucherCare, for example, will further impoverish seniors (which all of us will be one day). The issue was one he dared not mess with during a Republican presidency.

By the way, Paul, is dry cat food healthier than canned?

Sure, just add water. Then, skip lunch and have a beef flavored doggie bone for dinner.

Thanks, Paulie.


Romney Supports Ryan’s VoucherCare.

This Dangerous Duo’s VoucherCare will doom us all to a sick, painful and shortened retirement. That’s a by product of the plan.

Shhhhhh. ‘Cause it’s a secret. Don’t repeat it to a soul.

Sadly, enough people may do just that.

In any case, here’s hoping each and every one of you become seniors some day and can live your younger years knowing that the covenant between the generations will be honored by our government and that you are comforted by the fact the benefit you have been paying for all of your working life will be there for you when you need it during retirement.

Incidently, Medicare, just like Social Security, is not an “entitlement”. It’s a benefit you paid for. You earned it. It’s yours. And you must not allow some greedy government bureaucrats in Congress and the White House to cheat you out of it.


Post Calls Romney “Tax Plan” Garbage.


That’s two for two for the Dangerous Duo: Ryan’s VoucherCare and Romney’s Tax Scare. Both are frightening and rightly called “garbage.”

That’s how the Washington Post referred to Romney’s tax mythology.

It’s becoming more apparent every day that the GOP is depending for victory on the vote from those whom they refer to as the “greedy geezers.” These are the folks the Dangerous Duo believe their ideas coincide as in “I got mine; screw everybody else.”

File:Duchovní cvičení.jpg

 Greedy geezers??? The GOP thinks so. Are the seniors across the U.S. aware of this fact. If they are not and vote for the Dangerous Duo they will be heaping on to their children and grandchildren an enormous amount of suffering.

I simply can’t believe the GOP’s “greedy geezers” could be as cruel and insensitive as Republicans seem to think they are.


You’ve heard, I’m sure, that egg yolks are bad for your health. Those little bubbles of jiggling yellow contain excessive amounts of artery clogging cholesterol. Block an artery with enough of that stuff and you can suffer a myocardial infarction or cerebral ischemia.

Now if that doesn’t scare the shit out of you how about an arteriosclerotic aneurysm.

And all that just from eating a couple of goddam eggs a week.

But the good news is, I’m starting a campaign among friends, neighbors and relatives urging them to send a dozen eggs to each of their Congress critters.

That’s one sure way of getting them out of office. Certainly a lot quicker than elections.


So smoking’s as bad as egg yolks

Especially for elderly folks

Now be a good fellow

And stick all that yellow

In the trash and avoid all those strokes.

3 egg yolks

3 egg yolks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By the way, oral sex lowers bad cholesterol.  My LDL has always been great.  So stop eating those nasty ole egg yolks.

Thank God beer is still OK. And wine. And Scotch.  Or, if you prefer, tequila.

I’ve heard that downing a couple of alcoholic beverages every night is good for your heart.

So, if you have twice as many drinks could you still eat egg yolks? Probably not, but you wouldn’t care as much for sure. In any case, na zdorovye.


A tattoo on the anus.  This practice could give the expression “kiss my ass” a whole new meaning.

Maria Louise Del Rosario.

Uh, careful around the tattoo please.”

Gives me an idea for a Christmas gift.


Rumor has it that this young lady had her boyfriend’s name tattoed in that very private place. His name: Alessandro Baldasarre Piazzalugga.

Two things come to mine: Either a very talented tattoo artist or a huge….


I once knew a girl named Louise

Whose skirt flew up in a breeze

When to my surprise

Before my shocked eyes

Her tat read “free lunch but I’m really a tease.”


A girl who had a tattoo

Completely hidden from view

Would show her sweet prize

To all of her guys

Then winked and left them to stew.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


Take your adviser’s advice Mr. Ryan: Don’t campaign on specifics. But especially when you don’t know what they are.

Ryan faulted President Obama for closing a GM plant in Janesville, WI. The plant actually shut down during the Bush administration.  So who knew?

The episode raises a question however: Is Ryan just plain dumb; or was he lying?

What did he know and when did he know it???

Personally, I’m convinced of the former. Anyone who could concoct a budget as full of balderdash as that Ryan catastrophe has to be short a zero on the IQ scale.

Message for Paul Ryan:  “How do you like your eggs, sir.”

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

May 6, 2012

Random Musings

As you’ve heard Paul Ryan had a very bad week.  First, he felt compelled to renounce patron saint Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, the wrong-headed notion that selfishness and greed are mankind’s greatest virtues.


The new Master of Disaster.  Henry Aaron, Inventor Of Paul Ryan’s Medicare Reform Concept, Explains Why It’s Wrong.  At Huff Post.

And then the guy who devised his plan to destroy Medicare said, in so many words, that the whole thing was bullshit.  Of course, most of us already knew that.  Except for the mainstream media who wouldn’t know bullshit in a cow pasture.


You may have read about the Rev. Sean Harris, a North Carolina preacher who advocated beating kids who may show homosexual tendencies.

Actually, the pastor of Berean Baptist Church is just being kind to kids.  A little punching around is no big thing compared to what The Bible commands of the fundamentalist.

“For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death…”  (Leviticus 20:9).  I can’t wait to hear the pastor’s sermon on that verse.

File:Moses speaks to the children of Israel.jpg

Moses:  The man to whom God handed down the laws we can now read in the Old Testament.

Fortunately for all of us, the law of man supersedes the will of God, at least as it is interpreted and handed down to us by radical fundamentalist Christians.

In the same vein, the kids of Judson Baptist Church in New York City sent “Cards of Hope”, a message of tolerance, to the members of the Fayetteville, NC church.  A nice gesture on their part but it isn’t likely to help.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


The next time a pretty gal asks if I have the time, I think I’ll say “Not at the moment, but maybe in an hour or so.

Now such an answer will probably piss her off royally, in which case I’ll explain that my watch is at the jewelers for repair.  It should be ready in about an hour and then I’ll have the time.

My luck, she’ll wait and want five hundred bucks for her time.


Time is a funny thing.  Einstein tells us that we all exist in a space-time continuum.  Now I have no problem with the space part of that theory.  You can look up at the sky and see space day and night.  Also, believe it or not, humans have the ability to create space.  Just go out to the garage, move a few boxes, throw away a few pieces worthless junk you’ve been saving and, viola, you’ve created space.

But you can’t go into a closet, remove a few boxes and create time.  Time just doesn’t work that way.

So I’ve been thinking about ways human beings can create time.  Einstein also tells us that the faster we travel, time slows down, until we reach the speed of light, in which case time stops completely.  Yep.  That’s right, it flat out stops.  No more time.  So in that situation, when you wife asks you to do your chores, you can truthfully say “Sorry, honey.  I don’t have the time.”

Another funny thing about time is that very few human beings actually have the exact time.  If you need the exact time, you have to place a phone call to the United Kingdom to a small town named Greenwich where the exact time is measured at the Royal Greenwich Observatory.  The United States Naval Observatory, as well as several other institutions, also keep the exact time, down to several millionths of a second.  And when all of these time clocks differ due to variances in the force of gravity, an average time is calculated.  So precise are these time measuring devices that, when it becomes necessary, leap seconds are added to a year.  The next leap second will be added on June 30, 2012 on which day there will occur a minute with 61 seconds or, dare I say it, a leap minute.

Aerial view of the U.S. Naval Observatory.

Aerial view of the U.S. Naval Observatory. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We got tax cuts from Bush and tax cuts from Obama and then pumped them straight into the gas tank.  The next time somebody says the rich got most of the tax cuts the response should be “No, they got all of the tax cuts.”  And if there should be another cut, they’ll get that one too, all of it.


Supply side economics – the greatest and most evil Ponzi scheme of all time.  It’s based on the ridiculous idea that if you give rich people enough of the hard earned money of working people, the rich will create even more jobs and pay hard working people even more money.  Such an idea is, of course, unmitigated balderdash.  But unfortunately for most of us, just enough poor people fall for the scam to make life miserable for millions upon millions of Americans.


How are all those tax cuts for the “job creators” working out, by the way?  Not so good it would appear, at least judging by the latest anemic jobs report.  And the jobs that are being added are at the lower end of the economic scale.  “Would you like cheese on that burger, sir?”


State governments, mostly under the rule of Republican governors and legislatures have fired more than 600,000 hard working employees.  The loss of these government jobs is an offset to stimulus, works against economic growth and contributes greatly to the Great Recession.  Well, they’re Republicans.  What did you expect?


Worth repeating.  We here the droll repetition of how the Social Security fund is going broke.  Everyone should know by now that such a statement is beyond propaganda.  It is an open, bald faced lie.  Any columnist, pundit or TV host or commentator or corrupt politician who repeats that statement in any form is lying and he (or she) knows he is lying.

Social Security is not going broke.  In fact, it is resting on a 2.7 trillion dollar trust fund – a fund that consists of the safest investment on the planet and that is US Treasury bonds.

In about 25 years the fund will come up short but will still be able to pay 75 to 80% of all benefits.  And those benefits will be larger than they are today because of increases to offset inflation.

Now here is an even greater lie regurgitated by DC media puppets:  That in 75 years the fund will accrue a 7 trillion dollar debt and that such a debt is unsustainable.  Of course, that is media hogwash.  The debt is easily sustainable and readily fixable.  Raising the salary cap and a small fee on stock transactions would more than offset a 7 trillion dollar debt and by taking these small actions, the fund would pay 100% of its obligation in perpetuity.  And that’s the scary part for the Social Security haters.  The window to destroy the program is closing.  SS must be demolished in the next ten or so years or people will come to realize that it is easily sustainable forever.


Now let’s look at something the media marionettes are forbidden to repeat.  In 75 years, the Bush tax cuts will cost the nation 14 trillion dollars – twice the amount of the Social Security shortfall.

Now, want to hear a truly startling figure.  The projected cost of war spending 75 years out is forecast to be in the neighborhood of $90 trillion dollars.

Taken together, the Bush tax cuts and the war spending will cost the nation more than 100 trillion dollars over the next 75 years.  Talk about an unsustainable figure!!!!!

No!  Better not talk about it, at least if you’re a media marionette.  Because someone in the executive suites will cut your strings and you’ll be fired.  And you can bet your sweet little ass on that.