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March 3, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 03/03/13.

Packing Heat On Campus.

Lots of talk lately about teachers packing heat in schools.

Well it seems to me, if teachers can carry guns on school grounds, we should also give the right to carry to the students. I mean, like, shouldn’t students have the right to fire back.

And carry rights for students could really lighten up the homework load.

Think about the benefits for a minute. Second Amendment rights could give rise to a whole new curriculum. A kid could major in quick draw (five courses, three credits each). And I’m not talking rapid pencil sketching here.

Required courses for the new program would include:

How to modify an AK-47 from semi to fully automatic. (3 credits).

Adapt a fully automatic Glock handgun to a 30 round magazine. (3 credits).

Uses for armor piercing ammunition. (3 credits).

Laser gun sights for fun and profit. (3 credits).

Operating and maintaining a .50 caliber sniper rifle. (Elective).

How to become a Mafia hitman (woman). (Elective).

Promoting your firearms skills. (Elective).

Now, no snide remarks. Let’s give the curriculum a chance. After all, kids could graduate from high school fully prepared to defend themselves in a well armed society.


Courses.include books and material.

Who could ask for anything more?


Marco Comes A Calling.

Marco Rubio went calling in the Big Apple this week for, what else, payola. Yes, he was out grubbing for cash for a purported run for the presidency in 2016.

Well does he know that in American politics you gotta have the geetus. You can’t with without a fat wallet and there are no fatter wallets than in Apple Town, NYC.

Peter King (R-NY) dissented. You can’t vote against everything the city needs and expect a payoff for it.  King criticized fellow Republicans and Rubio for their votes against aid for NYC after it suffered the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy.

I guess Marco figures “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Marco who???


The travels of Marco. Not Rubio in NYC, but Polo in the East. (Artist unknown).


Marco Rubio’s a real pip.
Hasn’t even become minority whip.
Yet look what he says
He’s running for prez.
Yet for people he couldn’t give a rip.
In the Big Apple he shakes down for dough
Making ready for a really big show.
A King says he nuts
But the guy’s got some guts.
He’ll snatch the dough then town he’ll blow.


When Fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross. Sinclair Lewis.


Right Wing Court Activist Signals Vote.

Another guy who just can’t seem to keep his name out of the news is Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and Right Wing Extremist Antonin Scalia.

He’ s no dummy, but must be an embarrassment to his alma mater, Harvard Law School.

He is one of the most activist justices in Supreme Court history and has voted to overturn numerous acts of Congress. Fortunately for the nation, he has been in the minority in many cases.

His ideology is what is known as originalism, that is, interpreting the Constitution literally, as it was written by the guys known as our Founding Fathers and cast in iron, immutable, unchangeable.

Therefore, this radical activist opposes such notions as affirmative action, the program intended to give a break to minorities who’ve suffered from diminished opportunity all of their lives, abortion rights for women (he voted to declare Roe v. Wade unconstitutional but was in the minority) and recently voted in favor of broad application of gun carry rights (except for shoulder-borne weapons that could take down airplanes). Who knows, he could be on one of them.

Other votes based on his 18th century interpretation included sexual orientation rights (null), Miranda rights (null), the death penalty (constitutional).

In each of these cases, Scalia voted to strike down existing law making him one of the most activist justices ever.


Seeing the world through a different lens.

And based on his statements during the recent rights case before the Court, he is certain to vote to strike down The Voting Rights Act.


A Little Night Hanky Panky.


I’m really tired of these one night stands. And I’m not even a senator’s daughter.

Republican values apparently permit a senator to screw another senator’s daughter, provided it’s a one night stand.

I won’t mention any names, but if you Google Pete Domenici and Paul Laxalt you’ll learn the sordid details.

November 1, 2011

The Folly Trolley

Mayor Bloomberg Blames Fannie and Freddie.


Mayor Bloomberg said today that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are to blame for the blizzards that occurred in NYC shortly after he fired several hundred sanitation workers. He said Congress forced Fannie and Freddie to take such actions.

This year, the mayor vowed, the city would be handing out snow shovels at fire and police stations. Check your local newspaper for times and locations.

The mayor is reported to have said: “So global warming came a little late last year. Couldn’t happen two years in a row. So I’ll fire some more sanitation workers.

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Hello, Mayor Bloomberg. Are you there, Mayor? Come in Mayor Bloomberg.

Houston, we have a problem. Mayor Bloomberg is lost in space.



Donald Trump is planning a new reality TV show called Three Ring Circus. He’s hiring an elephant and training it to be master of ceremonies. Anything to pay the bills, right Donald.


A fellow who just let it slip

That he took a cold skinny dip

With a girl who was eager

But laughed at his meager

Sad little leaguer that fit on a microchip.


No nation can survive half prosperous and half poor: Half in the upper classes who dine on good food and fine wine and the other half who wait the tables and clean up after.


Herman Cain, such a pain

Viewed two women with disdain.

Much to his forlorn regret

They’ve come back with spear and net


Advice to this big a king of pizza

When a woman you next a meetsa

Best say madam s’cuse mum

I’ll a keepa my hands where you can a sees ’em.

Somebody is running a background check on this guy and finding skeletons in the closet.

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