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June 30, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 06/30/13

Southern Bells Toll.

Actually, the Southern belle for whom these bells are tolling has gotten herself into quite a fix. And the hollow metal devices with the clapper in the middle that causes a persistent clanging as it strikes the sides, are ringing out all over the world.


Ah moan git me some frinch fries with that thar super burger.

It all began when she spouted racial slurs. Who knows how many times, to whom and when. But her blathering revealed a deep rooted racial bias.

The outcome of the revelations: A canceled TV show; her overpriced, made in Asia cookware brand dropped by a dozen retail outlets; and her new cookbook canceled just before its scheduled publication date. Woe is she.

As a sidebar, and just to rub salt into the wounds, many of the recipes featured on her shows may have been pilfered from the cooking of the people she demeans.

Oh, just in case you’re returning from an intergalactic mission impossible space trip, her name is Paula Deam, Dean, Deen. Well, one of those anyway.


Other News.

Yes, there were other newsworthy stories that seeped into the corporate media this week.

For example, right wing troglodytes on the Supreme Court reversed decades of legal precedent by overturning a section of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The right wing trolls demanded that Congress erred when it applied the previous formula that determined which states must submit voting laws to the Federal Government for approval. So much for stare decisis.


In a sharply worded dissent, Justice Antonin Scalia referred to homosexual behavior as sodomy. Apparently, the webs remain in the brain even after one emerges from the cave.

To everyone’s surprise, however, the Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act and declared California’s Proposition 8 unconstitutional thereby providing equal rights to same sex couples who wish to marry.


Fix The Facts.

As the facts crumble the organization before their greedily bulging eyes, the members of the right wing Fix the Debt have morphed their message to Fix the Facts.

When the propaganda panic fails because of evidence to the contrary, not a problem. Simply rearrange the evidence to coincide with the propaganda.

Sorta like what’s being done at the Reinhart-Rogoff School of Errant Economics at Harvard.


Right Wing Descent In NC.

Right wing Republicans in North Carolina emerged from their caves this week to enact a Neolithic agenda.

Extremist NC Governor Pat McCrory sneakily repealed a law that ended executions in cases where racial bias is evident.


Gov. Pat McCrory achieved fame for bringing tons of out of state payola into North Carolina and implementing a far right wing agenda.  (Original photo courtesy of Hal Goodtree).

According to a report by Unreliable Press Worldwide Super Senior Correspondent Marcy Popindick covering political affairs in the Tarheel state, some GOP legislators are seeking to reinstate the firing squad in capital cases.

A spokesperson for the NC Cavemen’s Society said the firing squad uses less energy than an electric chair, is environmentally safe and will not contribute to global warming.

The use of lethal injections in executions has been rejected by members of the Society on the grounds that some religious groups object to medical interventions.  None, however, have any objections to firing squads.

In other news, North Carolina has become the first state in the Confederacy Union to refuse Federal funds to assist the state’s unemployed. It has also reduced state unemployment benefits to a maximum of twenty weeks. NC has already cut the weekly benefit. The state has the fifth highest unemployment rate in the nation.


Rudeness On The Court.

Samuel Alito is not only an extremely activist right wing justice on the Supreme Court. He is also a boor. So much so that he may be one of the rudest individuals ever to serve on the High Court.

This week, he was observed crudely rolling his eyes while Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg read her stinging dissent to the Court’s overruling of the section of the Voting Right Act of 1965 that required states with restrictive voter registrations laws to report any changes to Federal authorities.

Alito has been profoundly rude on other occasions as when, for example, he shouted out during a presidential address.

As the justices were leaving the courtroom, some observers noticed a bulge in the robes of Justice Alito suggesting he may have inadvertently doubled dosed on Cialis. Others thought he was surreptiously flipping a bird to Justice Bader Ginsberg.


In another vein, Alito is guilty of lying to Congress during his confirmation hearings. At the time, he stated to the Judiciary Committee that was an advocate of stare decisis and would respect legal precedent set by previous Court decisions.


During his tenure, Alito has been one of the Court’s most activist jurists, showing at every turn a profane disregard for precedent.

The lie before the Committee places Alito in contempt of Congress and makes him subject to impeachment.


Neanderthals In State Legislature.

North Carolina isn’t the only state with a legislature and executive branch occupied by lawmakers recently emerged from the cave.

The Ohio legislature and Gov. John Kasich are taking huge leaps back in time. Both are on an obnoxious quest to restrict women’s reproductive rights.


A spokeswoman for Gov. John Kasich stated the governor is not impotent. Just needs a little help every once in a while. Also, the governor has vowed to be the first patient to undergo the ultrasound test that involves inserting a four inch metal tube into the anus in order to ascertain the health of the prostate gland should the bill requiring test past the legislature. The comment from the surprised Kasich was “I said that!!!”

In an ironic twist of events, Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner introduced a bill to regulate men’s reproductive health. The proposal would require men who sought medications for erectile dysfunction to seek therapy for the condition, undergo a heart stress test and present a notarized statement from a spouse confirming impotency.

Interested parties also suggested men suffering from ED undergo an ultrasound test to confirm that a prostate condition is not the cause of the ailment. During the test, a four inch probe would be inserted into the man’s anus and twisted repeatedly to ensure prostate health.


There once was a man from Lake Placid
Who at a critical moment went flaccid.
He explained to sweet Alice
I’ve used up my Cialis.
I need a quick dose of antacid.
When you lose it and must desist
At the moment a woman can’t resist
When you must take a pill.
In the jar there is nil.
At John Kasich you should really get pissed.

Not to worry.  The bill is certain to fail in the male dominated legislature.


 And from Mad Kane:


March 17, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley

The Bible doesn’t deny people the right to earn money. The idea that “money is the root of all evil” is usually misstated.

File:The Golden Calf (Bible card).jpg

Worshiping the “Golden Calf”, practiced by too many in the modern world.

The actual phrase from the Bible is “Love of money is the root of all evil.” There’s no doubt that the 1% are consumed by such lust. Lusting for riches is the sin and the wealthy are obsessed and possessed by this evil.

The obsession of the church is less understandable and unforgivable since it uses all manner of deception in its quest for the so-called tithe.


Price Allen, The Peanut Man, who earned a living selling peanuts in Chicago, while preaching The Bible to his customers.


A billionaire named Ken Griffin said in an interview with the Chicago Tribune that the ultra-wealthy in this country don’t have enough influence over government.

They already own the government lock, stock and barrel. That, of course, isn’t enough. Only the vast majority of Washington officialdom suck up to the rich. But the rich will never be satisfied until they transform every member of government into a suck up.

Shouldn’t take much longer either.


So Mitt Romney, y’all, said that students who want to go on to college should “shop around” for the cheapest one they can find in order to avoid the catastrophic accumulation of debt that most students are currently burdened with.

Or else join the military. And if he’s elected and you’re not killed in a Romneywar, you might just, as Mitt would now say, “git you a loan from the gubmint” to pay for some of the extravagant cost of a college education.

Romney’s plan would increase the amount of the loan depending on how many people a soldier killed. Innocent people count as well.

Actually, I just made that last part up.


Romney lost the cornpone election as his campaign went down to defeat in Alabama and Mississippi. I guess you could say he failed to “git ‘er done.”


Taking a cue from Republicans in Congress and the ubiquitous right wing effort to control a woman’s uterus, the commissioners in a North Carolina county said they refuse to help women who can’t keep from spreading their legs. So they turned down a state family planning grant, that is, free money for a birth control program, to assist these women. Men however are still free to open their zippers whenever they feel like it.

The commission has five members – all male.

According to the Star-News of Wilmington, NC, the statement from Chairman Ted Davis was something to the effect that if young women didn’t have sex in the first place, we wouldn’t have this problem.

Sounds like a man suffering from a severe case of anal constriction. He should seek immediate medical attention.

Jonathan Barfield, a Democrat on the commission, said he regretted his vote after his wife “explained” to him the error of his ways. I hope she sews up all his zippers. Would serve him right.

These men are trying to do something every society has failed to accomplish since the birth of civilization in the fertile crescent – inhibit mankind’s sexual nature.- while turning a blind eye to the fact that for every woman who parts her knees, a man pulls down his pants.

The undeniable fact is that men really do want women to spread their legs.

Now some measure of control is desirable, of course, and I would call that “birth” control.

Absent that, I would respectfully suggest to the commissioners that they forbid men from having sex with women.

And good luck with that one.

File:Franklin Street Chapel Hill NC.jpg

A photo taken by Caroline Culler of a view in Chapel Hill, NC, home of one of the finest educational institutions in all of Western Civilization, the University of North Carolina. The citizens of the state, whose views were politically moderate, seem to be taking a sharp turn to the right.


The word “slut” has re-entered our vocabulary once again thanks to right wing radio extremist Rush Limbaugh. It was, as it always has been, applied to a woman.

It seems to me the word “slut” lost any meaning way back in the sixties when the birth of the sexual revolution – a truly historic event largely made possible by the invention of the pill – freed women to have sex purely for pleasure. To apply that vile word to a woman since then, however, is a symptom of deeply rooted misogyny.

If “slut” has any useful meaning today, it should be applied to the “hit and run” dad. Now there’s a crud if ever there was one.


Rick Santorum took his campaign to Puerto Rico where he told its Spanish speaking citizens to learn to speak English if they wanted the island to become a state. That statement assumes that the majority of Puerto Ricans want statehood in the first place. There are a few advantages to remaining a commonwealth. For example, the citizens of the island are exempt from paying Federal income taxes – at least one good reason not to join the Union.

Santorum also ignored the fact that English as a second language is taught in all schools through the 12th grade. So citizens have some knowledge of the English language.

Also ignored was the fact that Puerto Ricans cannot vote in presidential elections even though they are citizens of the US and are represented by delegates at the Democratic and Republican conventions.

So why would a citizen of the island care one twit about whose running for president if they can’t vote in the general election? Well, they probably don’t care. And a candidate who campaigns there is revealing a desperate attempt to collect – what else – delegate votes for the convention.

If they want to vote for Santorum, however, they better learn to speak English first. Right, Rick.