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September 17, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 09/15/13

Neocons And The Bible.

The Gospel according to neocons: Strike first the other’s cheek; and when he turns, strike again.


Paul Wolfowitz, who neoconed his way to wealth during the Clinton and Bush II administrations, is a renowned neoconservative and the author of the Wolfowitz Doctrine which stipulates that unilateral, preemptive war is justified to prevent potential military threats to the nation.


Maximum Corruption.

Not satisfied with the bang for the buck that their payola is achieving, the Koch brothers have announced the hiring of an accounting firm to maximize their corruption pay offs.

The firm’s offices are located in a back alley of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

ho chi

Ho Chi Minh City by day and night; a theater and a museum. What a difference the absence of war makes. (Photo credits Iostream01, Jorge Lascar)

Well, they’ve offshored manufacturing jobs. Might as well kill the accounting profession while they’re at it.


Hart To Nobody.

From time to time former senator and failed presidential candidate Gary Hart posts a post to Huffington Post. Most of the posts he posts are worthy of note.

His latest however, doesn’t make much of a point. It seems to me his advice is something like “we should when we should and we shouldn’t when we shouldn’t.” Good advice no doubt. But do you really need to expend several hundred words to give it.

Oh, I almost forgot. The post is about the proposed attack on Syria. I think.

Hart gave his effort to solve the debate the title “Certainty and Doubt” as in “should we should or should we shouldn’t.”

gary hart

Gary Hart pictured in headier days.

Well, here’s a thought on that thought. We’ve been fed a pack of lies by our government for decades. The trust has been broken.

When you don’t know who to trust, you trust no one. And that includes Obama.

Here’s another thought on that thought. Does even Obama know the truth of the matter? I wonder.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


Oh, Oh, Obamacare.

The Repubs are voting to repeal Obamacare.


Yeah, for real.

Actually, if they do so, it will be the 42nd time, count ’em, that they’ve pulled this caper and if you haven’t heard you are no doubt skimming across the surface of the planet Mars searching for a phone booth to call home (I wonder what the toll would be?).

If the vast majority of voters in the country don’t believe the Repubs are making fools of themselves, then there’s something wrong with the voters of this nation.

There are many things to dislike about Obamacare, not the least of which is that it represents a sellout to the health insurance industry. But these ridiculous votes merely shine the light on GOP right wing extremism (madness?).


Here’s something else not to like about Obamacare. For instance, if you are single and earn $30,000 a year, you will pay no more than $325.00 per month ($3900.00/yr.) for a health insurance plan. But wait. It gets better. While you must pay the required amount each month, you will receive whatcha call your tax credit when you file your income tax return.

That’s because Obamacare mandates the maximum amount an individual must pay for health insurance is based on income. Get it.

Sooo, someone earning $30,000 a year picks up the tab for 8.37 per cent of the total premium which is $3,900 or $2512 tab per year. The tax credit amounts to the difference between the total premium paid during the course of the year less the Obamacare mandated amount of $2512 or $1388, the tax credit that is.

Those figures apply only to example above and to the Silver Plan. If you pay more (or less), then the numbers will change accordingly. And they differ from area to area and plan to plan.

Did I mention plans?

Well, believe it or not, you actually get to choose your very own plan. And here they are – drum roll please – the Bronze Plan, the Silver Plan, the Gold Plan and the Platinum Plan. Seriously!

Let’s just look at the Bronze Plan for another moment and then we’ll get out of this mess.

The Bronze Plan mandates a 60/40 split, the individual pays the 40. Deductibles are expected to be around $5,000.00.

bronze coin

An ancient Roman coin made of bronze with the Emperor Diocletian pictured. It wasn’t worth much in its day. Sorta like the Obamacare Bronze Plan, now being referred to as the “bankruptcy special.” (Photo: Wikimedia).

Sooo-, if you are unlucky enough to require health care that costs $30,000.00 (a modest amount by today’s standards), your take will be $12,000.00 (40%) plus deductibles (as much as $5,000.00).

Now that rubbish can whack a dent in anybody’s budget and can put the $695.00 penalty and emergency room treatment in a very favorable light.

Did I mention the penalty….???

Here’s some of the fine print. A tax credit is credit against taxes paid. You never receive a refund for more than you’ve paid. Therefore, if you pay little of no Federal Income Tax, you get little or no credit regardless of how much your Obamacare health insurance premium may be. 


Who Says We’re Exceptional?

President Obama, that’s who.

You should however, know that, among other things, there seems to be some confusion in the White House about the “values” the American empire is broadcasting to the world.

Given our government’s penchant for making war, a vast majority of the population on this fragile planet has come to the conclusion that our “values” are not much better than Putin’s. That would be Vladimir Putin who President Obama has accused of not having the same values as us exceptional folks right here in the good ole US of A.

Well, if you didn’t before, you know now – YOUR EXCEPTIONAL!!!


What Am I Bid For This Chair?

How about a million bucks? At least that’s what Larry Summers is willing to put up for a shot at the chairmanship of the Federal Bank.

Actually, he’s not sliding a mil across the table. He’s decided to give up speaking fees which, if your Larry Summers could quickly add up to that preposterous amount.


Larry took a dive for the prez.

So, in essence, the man is willing to pay dearly to snatch that Fed job.

His actions,by the way, are a good indication that he’s still No. 1 on Obama’s list.

breaking news

It’s not really breaking news, but alas for poor Larry the news is a bust.

It seems our boy from Wall Street was not only opposed by liberals and Repubs but by the boys from the Street. Summers learned too late that the only thing you can count on the Street for is to cheat and back stab. And the residents of that infamous locale do it so well.

And all of this occurred after Japan’s Nikkei news reported that Obama had indeed chosen Summers as his Fed Chair nominee – according to an anonymous source, of course, of course. So much for getting info straight from the mouth of a horse, of course, of course..

However, it took a meeting with Sen Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), the woman for whom Summers dashed all hopes of becoming Chair of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, only because she’s honest.

elizabeth warren

It is my distinct pleasure to present to you the next President of the United States……Yes, I’ve been having illusions. I’m convinced it’s something in the scotch.  One thing for sure, she’s got my vote.. 

Warren, no doubt, gave the former Obama economic adviser, a piece of her mind.

Finally, Summers and Obama saw the handwriting on the wall – the nomination, if it occurred, was dead on arrival in the Senate.

What is especially irritating about the whole fiasco is that after a month of vehement opposition to a Summers nomination by liberal supporters, the president stood ready to give the back of his hand to his patrons. It was only when defeat in the Senate became clear that Obama threw in the towel.


Ever wonder why they’re rich and you struggling. Check out the slide show.

Infographic: Why The Rich Stay Rich | Co.Design | business design


Non Sequitur.

Just a little limerick fun to end this dreary post.


There once was a man from Nantucket
Who bumped his head on a bucket.
That rusty old pail
It hung from a nail.
Were he nimbler he could easily duck it.


There once was a man from Nantucket
Who got his ass stuck in a bucket.
I’m sorry to say,
It spoiled his whole day.
His butt from the bucket he couldn’t unpluck it.


There once was a man from Nantucket
Who got his head stuck in a bucket.
Oh what a sight
As his head it stuck tight.
And no one could hear him say fuck it.


There once was a gal cooked a stew.
She did it while sipping a brew.
It went to her head
In a moment of dread
She saw birds from the stew whence they flew.


A fellow was trying to fix
A gas engine making loud ticks.
He lit up a smoke
The end was no joke.
There are much better ways to get kicks.


A woman who needed a fix
Walked the street while plying for tricks
She got caught by a cop
Who told her to stop
Then cuffed her with several quick clicks.


A man who demands a quick fix
Was told by his honey nix nix
It’s time for a nap
Stop being a sap
Whack your stick on a pile of bricks.


The last three were also posted to Mad Kane’s blog: