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March 31, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 03/31/13

Chicken Politics.

The one-percenter who owns Popeyes chicken stores claimed his full time employees would resort to working part time to avoid having to pay for health insurance mandated under Obamacare.

Actually, his statement sounds more like chicken shit politics than a complaint by a sorry fried chicken millionaire. Everybody, you see, part time, full time or no time will be required to carry some kind of health insurance, good or bad, cheap or costly, useful or worthless. Doesn’t matter. Everybody has to latch on to a policy.


We all remember Popeye’s cartoons. As for the fast food store, fuggetaboutit.

Ralph Bowers, Popeyes’ El Presidente, reveals he just doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Hopefully, he serves up better chicken biscuits than the chicken shit politics he’s pushing. ‘Cause he’s just mouthing off.

Kinda like that Papa John’s fella, the multi-milliionaire with a private golf course in his backyard. He claimed Obamacare would force him and his franchisees to increase the cost of his mediocre pizza by a dime a pie.

So for just ten cents more a pie he could have been offering his employees decent health insurance for all these years and he has cruelly refused to do so. What a creep!

Although to pay ten cents more for a Papa John’s pie might just be the sausage that broke the pizza’s crust.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


Vagina Sagas Continue.

A high school teacher in the backward state of Idaho has been reprimanded for uttering the V-word in the classroom.

I wonder what word he used to describe the P-word.

Back in the day when we were discussing the s-word, all of God’s creatures so blessed had MROs and FROs or male and female reproductive organs – even worms had them although all did not possess Vs and Ps.

Actually, many creatures lack V-words and P-words. They utilize methods of reproducing without resorting to those unmentionable S-word organs.

But if you live in a backward state, better to skirt the issue and take care not to use explicit language in the classroom.


When I was in school certain words went unheard.
 One of course the verboten V-word.
 Yet even more prohibited
 For those of speech inhibited
 Was the word unheard we called the P-word.
 Although a word we’d dare not say
 ‘Twas a place when found we’d readily play.
 On an evening quite chilling
 We’d warm the girls willing
To put their V-word on open display.
 With delight the girls would squeal
 While all around the bush we’d feel.
 Pleasure for sure that caused no harm
 In tall grass near the barn of a farm
 There their charms the girls would reveal.
 Not to fret for it’s fun to pet.
 And these are times we’d n’eer not forget.
 So of these moments don’t despair
 In love we know that all is fair.
 In years to come we’d have no regret.
 When movement afar I’d one day spy.
 My girl and I had a ready reply.
 We came to see a circling crow
 And watch the pretty daisies grow.
 But rumpled grass did our lie deny.


Warning: Sexually explicit content below. You must be over the age of 18 to continue reading this article.

Just in case you’ve never seen one, that’s a girl’s woo-woo down there for everybody to ponder.


As for the rest of the stuff depicted, you’ll have to look it up for yourself. The language is Danish. Held og lykke.


Judd Gets The Boot.

We all knew it was coming. Ashley Judd bowed out of the race for the Senate seat in Kentucky now occupied by right wing extremist Republican Mitch McConnell.

Judd is a Democrat who belongs to the Democratic wing of the Democratic party. She is not by any means a right wing conservative like the Clintonistas who now dominate the party.

Judd represented a real challenge for McConnell and raised so much fear that his reelection chances might be doomed, that right wing Republican operatchiks were already hard at work trying to discredit her credentials. And she hadn’t even officially declared her candidacy.

But more than that, Judd represented a threat to control of the party by the corporatist wing – the Clinton faction and the White House – both of which tightly manage party affairs.

These factions would much rather put up a sure loser to run against McConnell than risk electing another Elizabeth Warren type threat to their domination.

So gear up for a losing campaign with Alison Grimes, currently Kentucky’s Secretary of State, as the candidate. And should she happen to win in an upset, a pair of pom-poms is awaiting her arrival in the Senate where she will join the girl’s Obama cheerleading squad.

Barack, Barack, he’s our man. If he can’t do it no one can.


Gov. Nixes $200 Mil. In State Funds.

Who cares about Pennsylvanians? Certainly not their governor Tom Corbett. Turning down Obamacare aid could cost the state a neat $200 million smackaroos. But don’t cry for you, Pennsylvania. This action by Corbett will set the gov. up for a spot on the 2016 Republican presidential ticket. That’s what really matters.


Tom Corbett-Space Cadet, an old 1950s program. Has nothing to do with the governor other than the fact that he’s a right wing Republican whose really out ‘dere.


Wonder Drug On The Threshold.

A wonder drug under development by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine promises a potential cure for a broad spectrum of cancers. The continued research is being funded by a grant from The California Institute of Regenerative Medicine.

So what happens when the pharmaceuticals get hold of the formula? Anybody care to guess? $1000, $2000, $5000 a pill. After all, drug companies will have to recoup the cost of research or they couldn’t develop such wonder drugs. Right?

The market will soar to 30,000, the pill will become a platinum mine for the one percenters.

A little payola to Congress and the White House and, voila, Pharma gets a patent on the drug. Add a touch of sugar and the patent gets extended.

After all, pharmaceuticals must recoup the cost of research or they couldn’t develop such wonder drugs. Right?

And exactly how much does research cost Big Pharma? Has anybody ever asked? Are we entitled to know? Is a twelve year patent on a new drug justified by the cost to develop it?

Oh, well. It really doesn’t matter. Executives would lie and cheat from hear to kingdom come. Just like they do now. Right?

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


Honey Bee Fornication.

Sexually explicit content. Adults only.

So you don’t think honey bees can fornicate. Well, wait till you read this and you’ll surely change your mind.

Honey bees as you know are pollinators. The bees latch on to a gametophyte, or male pollen (you’ll be shocked to learn that honey bees are both gay and straight) which it then transports to a stigma. The stigma of course is female which makes the honey bee a bisexual creature.

honey bee

Can’t really tell if the bee is engaging in sexual activity with a male or a female. They go both ways, ya know.

Now here’s the rest of the story. The male gamete then grows down a tube called a style, the female part of a plant analogous to the V-word we learned about above. It then joins with the female gamete to form what we all know as an embryo.

Given the fact that a male and female plant along with a bee are involved in the process of plant fertilization, it occurs to me that this little buzzing insect is guilty of nature’s first menage a trois.

Now get this. The bee has been engaging in this illicit activity for millions of years, billions of time a day.

Holy fundamentalist Christian, Batman.  Let’s get this filth out of the classroom.


Limericks. Naughty Or Nice? We Makeup; You Decide.

A gal who was rather ill-bred
For some reason likes to bake bread
Rolls dough ‘tween her fingers
Has dreams while it lingers
Then sticks in the oven instead.


A gal who liked to bake bread
On which she always would spread
A gob of cream cheese
For her fellows to please
One bite would bring things to a head.


A man who was rather ill-bred
Had a fetish for gals who baked bread
With fantasies wild
The gals always smiled
As he fed them the bread while in bed.
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